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small question. with the Galra everyone seems to be comparing them to cats. (which i kinda see?) but when i first saw them my first thought was they looked kinda like bats. i was wondering what ur opinion was on their appearance.

To be honest, when I watched it I didn’t think that hard on it, they were an alien race and this is what they looked like and that was it for me. And then fandom started doing the cat thing and I just rolled with it.

But Nonny, now that you point it out I can totally see it!

I mean


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Another design cleaned up!  This time, it’s the sweet young Mary Mire, the one who woke up the ancient being Golden Bat.  With this version of her design, there wasn’t much to change beyond the general drawing style–actual design changes are minimal, with the most drastic part being her hairstyle.  Rockin’ the low pony, Mary!

Since I don’t have much in the way of exploratory sketches from this design, the bonus for today is one that’ll be appearing for all characters from now on: a height comparison!  Is Mary short, or is Golden Bat just tall?  We’ll have to wait until a few of our adult characters are finalized to know!

Next up is Yamatone Takeru!



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Bates Motel | 4.04 

+ bonus - literally the night before this conversation