Angst Jason and Batman observation

You know what I just realized something awful in which no one in the fandom ever really acknowledges? Or, at least in some canons in the fucked up continuity that is DC comics. Batman straight out tried to murder Jason.

Like, to get him to drop the Joker in their first major confrontation, Batman threw a batarang at Jason’s neck. Sure, you can argue that Jason moved and messed up the targeting, but I feel that that would be depreciating Batman’s abilities and feats. A hit to the neck is always bad; at minimum it is a loss of breath and at most is death. 

10 points to the first person who can tell me what a batarang -a specifically cured, sharp weapon meant more for trapping targets and acting as intimidation; or for attacking Gotham’s worst or eldritch creatures, to the neck of a normal human would do? Spoilers: A blade sharp enough to cut the common carotid artery would no doubt lead to almost immediate bleeding out, especially in a situation of high stress, shock, and adrenaline. 

And no one ever talks about this? A lot of fanon artists and authors will even draw or mention the scar, but not what caused it. First of all, this is a hella lot more sympathy to Jason. After all, to him: he was picked up off the street after his mom OD’d’ killed; his killer walked free; awoke from the dead and wondered Gotham for years braindead; was thrown in the pit; found out that he had been replaced literally 6 months later; and then his adoptive father not only didn’t kill his killer, but purposely saved him and risked Jason’s life to make sure that his killer was fine. Like goddamn.

But it gets worse. The thing is, the fandom and Batman aren’t the only ones not to bring it up; Jason doesn’t ever mention it either. It’s never really brought up amongst anyone. When Jason does go on a rant about Batman, this is never mentioned.

It’s never mentioned because Jason doesn’t think it’s worth mentioning. Jason doesn’t see his almost-murder by Bruce a big deal. Someone he loved and prayed for in a coma-like state. Someone that took him off the streets and into a home. Someone that became not only a mentor, but a father tried to murder him and Jason doesn’t even think twice about it.

After all, his first father beat the shit out of him. His mother OD’d. His birth mother was an accomplice to his murder. Why would his adoptive father be any different?



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