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happy birthday, lee howon ♡

¿Todo se puede reparar?
Ahora no estoy bien y, lo digo en serio.
¿Cómo podría estarlo?
Me rompieron, no, no me rompieron,
Me destruyeron, como una bomba destruye
Todo lo que ve.
Me traicionaron, me engañaron, me usaron.
¿Cómo estar bien?
Ahora mis inseguridades son más grandes,
Ahora ni siquiera puedo verme al espejo,
Y si lo hago, no pararía de llorar.
Perdí todo.
¿Qué es el amor? Y ¿la felicidad?
Ya no sé qué es eso, solo podría decirte que es un sentimiento,
Pero ¿en verdad existe?,
Para mi es algo objetivo.
Ya nada es como antes, antes creía en todo,
Pero, para mí ahora todo es objetivo, algo inexistente.
Siempre cuando me sentía así, decía: “Voy a estar bien”,
Segura de eso, pero ahora… ¿en serio voy a estarlo?

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PLEASE tell me more about noah and gregory's friendship (relationship?) noah seems like a dick, greg is prob in love w him, it seems all very annoying jock boy relationship i just wanna know more have they drunkenly made out yet


basically… Noah is really intelligent but he’s lazy. Greg is like, Not Smart, and so uninterested in school, ‘cause whatever right? Not like he’s not going to inherit like half his dad’s fortune. Noah and Greg both had tough upbringings, they’re both privileged and white, their parents are never home, and they met during one of Noah’s dad’s parties. 
Noah’s dad owns a chain of big luxury hotels, one near Portland. (Peninsula Gardens) And he’s planning to open another one in Blue Crests. Greg’s dad is a business magnate. (miners.)
Typical lonely, rich boys. Greg’s dad was all, Approving of his friendship with Noah, and at first, Noah didn’t seem like he cared Too Much about Greg, but
see, Mr. Hawkins often berates Greg.
“Noah should have been my son. Why can’t you be more like him.”
“your sister is excelling at her school, look at you.”
Stuff like that. One time Noah overhears Mr. Hawkins calling Greg a stupid oaf for breaking something at their home. Noah immediately defends Greg, saying stuff like, “it’s not his fault, the vase was placed too near the edge!” 
And it made Greg go !!!!!!! 
because no one had ever defended him before. Ever since then, he’s rarely left Noah’s side. Even though a lot of the kids at Willow Grove call him Noah’s henchman, he’s the only one who can stomach how much of a snob and a “weirdo” Noah can be. On the field, Noah’s 5′10 height might seem unimpressive, but he’s Untouchable thanks to his bff.

someone: oh yeah, back off, from you and what arm-
Greg and his 6′5 ass: *glare*
someone: alright alright jeez
Noah: *huffing with pride* see that?? See that Greg?? He was so scared of me.
Greg: yeah, I saw it. You’re pretty terrifying.

Borra su número, fotos y deja de estar revisando su perfil. Qué te valga mierda lo que está haciendo así como a él le valió mierda lo que sentía tu corazón.
—  Versuasivo.

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I LOVE Tyler!! Tell us more about him! What are some of his favorite things? Does he have a crush on anyone?? (Parker?? Blake?? 👀👀)

Tyler and Dallas used to be close friends, to the point Dallas briefly considered coming out to Tyler when they were still friends, But Dallas freaking out on Blake Truly made Tyler Drop Dallas. Tyler’s lives with his dad, who is a teacher at Willow Grove. His mom and dad are divorced. Ty didn’t really understand?? Why Dallas acted the way he did, until he became friends with Blake, who is eerily similar to Dallas. Blake could explain his MI far, far better than Dallas can, and Ty felt awful for leaving Dallas when Dallas needed him the most. He briefly considers building up their friendship again, but Dallas has Malek and Poppy now, and Blake really, really needs him. 

Yeah, he has a crush on so many ppl but he doesn’t want to act out on it. He has a lot of things to think about first.

i am so goddamn sick of the reylo and kylux fandoms turning harmful shit into “Hot sinful kinks”

reylo incest week? there are fucking incest survivors in your fandom who dont feel safe because you decided to be a fucking jerk and romanticize their trauma

internalized homophobia? c*nt boy hux? this is why i left the fandom because of homophobic transphobic shit like this.

People’s trauma is NOT for your disgusting “”“”“"aesthetic”“”“”“”

You wanna stop being called problematic? Stop doing problematic shit.

Quiero creer que tienes algo que decir antes de irte, que no te llevarás mis sentimientos y me destrozaras el corazón, quiero creer que todo esto es un mal sueño, que me sigues amando, que no soy tan frágil, que no me quebraré en mil pedazos cuando te vayas, que no me dirás adiós. Quiero creerlo, pero a quien voy a engañar, ya se como termina esto.
—  Todos los cuentos son hermosos hasta que terminan.