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More Unusual Questions for your Muse

🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?
🙊- How good are they at keeping secrets?
🎖- Is your muse the “forgive and forget” type or do they hold grudges?
⚖️- If your muse had superpowers, what would they be?
📐- Did your muse get an education? What was their best subject in their studies?
🖋- If your muse was an author/poet, what kind of stories would they write about?
📕- What “Banned Books” could you see your muse reading?
🔖- When they shop, does the price or product matter more?
🐶- If your muse was forced to get a pet, what would they get?
✌️-How often did they get into trouble as a kid?
⭐️- What’s their favorite constellation in the night sky?
🍼- Would your muse raise an abandoned orphan they found or opt to relocate them to an orphanage instead?
🏄‍♀️- What kind of leisurely sports do they partake in on their downtime?
💐- What are their favorite flowers?
👑- How would your muse react if they suddenly found out that they were the long-lost heir to a rich kingdom?
👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?
💥- if Your muse wakes up with complete amnesia, how would they react? How scared would they be? What caused it?
🍳- What does your muse’s typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like after their larder has been fully replenished?
🎣- Would your muse go fishing for any reason? Would they catch-and-eat or catch-and-release?
🎼- What part in a choir would your muse sing? Soprano (½), Bass, Tenor, or Alto?
🎬- Pick three movies you could see your muse watching (and enjoying)
🎨- Find two famous pieces of artwork you think your muse would enjoy.

.A Million Lifetimes.

 In honour of Remus Appreciation Day I have written this little (long) Young!Remus imagine. 

A/N: If you don’t like rough, Remus smut then I suggest you leave silently and sit in a corner where you have reevaluate yourself. (I’m kidding, you do you.)

Word Count: 3,121.

((This gif inspired the whole thing))

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Each sign has its own way of reaching achievements. Its own, individual pace of walking in the world, of overcoming their fears and insecurities.

Aries dares, throwing their head forward without caring about what awaits on the other side.
Taurus waits, takes precious time to weigh which key will open the right door, which will work at all.
Gemini shifts, peeking from any possible corner of the room, speaking and thinking every world.
Cancer feels, the pouring of time, the smell of love and beauty, using embraces as portals to others’ souls.
Leo asks, for the most small things to the greatest of them all, always leaving room for more.
Virgo reflects, with the eyes of their mind reading through rows of “maybes” and “what ifs”, in a life of careful planning.
Libra plays, accepts challenges of all sorts, picks dreams and portrays them as bats of butterfly wings.
Scorpio fluctuates, with great waves storming down into quiet puddles, the occurrence eternal.
Sagittarius enjoys, purely and deliberately setting their eyes and soul on anything bright, warm enough for their gaze.
Capricorn formulates, putting in clear schemes every move, preferring to simulate the board mentally before anything else.
Aquarius climbs, always feeling halfway from the mountain’s peak, the ground so far away they’re seeing only clouds.
Pisces aspires, to live the beginning and end of everything wonderful, to have their hopes answered.

Surprisingly Sweet

Request: Could I trouble you to write a story about the reader being Stiles’ older sister who’s ina  relationship with Derek, and Stiles&Scott and the pack are always really shocked when they see the grumpy sourwolf being all adorable and cuddly? Dont stress though, youre probably overloaded with reqyests!

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Word count: 2368

Author’s note: First things first: Happy Friday the 13th, Cinnamon Rolls! :3 Also, I’m going to be including a link to my Masterpost from now on, so it’s going to be easier to find for everyone :) I also hope this imagine turned out fine, especially because the Anon who sent it in was such a considerate sweetie that I melted the first time I read the message. I really put everything I’ve got into this, exclusively for You, you adorable Anon!


I’ve always considered myself a rational being, which is why I’ve never been the type to believe in the so-called butterflies that start batting their wings viciously in your stomach whenever you see your crush – but then again, life is about being proven wrong for the sake of getting to know the truth, no matter what about, and my beliefs regarding love were shattered to pieces not long ago when I met one Derek Hale.

It all happened during the last day of school before we graduated. My best friend, Lydia and I, had plans for the afternoon before starting our heavy study sessions in the upcoming days, but out of the blue, she said it wasn’t good for her after checking a text message that she had been sent seconds ago.

After our last lesson, I walked to the parking lot with her, where she said goodbye to me before approaching a man who was leaning against his black car, hands tucked away safely into the pockets of his leather jacket, sunglasses hung in the collar of his grey V-neck shirt. The sunbeams gleamed on the hood of his car and since the burning celestial body was behind him, it highlighted his features appealingly – his sharp frame, chiselled face and his hair that was straining upwards messily in haphazard directions.

He had an overwhelming charisma to him that trapped me the second I saw him, and there went my theories about love at first sight being a hoax. There was a tingle in the pit of my stomach, an itching hotness started to churn in my lower belly, and my heart leaped into my throat as though trying to choke me. I could hardly breathe, and I didn’t realise I was holding back my breath until Lydia left me. The only thing that registered in my mind was the feeling that something was still hanging in the air – either Lydia’s words, or my sudden numbness, or feeling frazzled, or my empty thoughts – I couldn’t tell which one was it.

I couldn’t, because at that moment, nothing else existed to me besides the fact that the guy was boring his eyes into me. It didn’t matter that it was more like an unfriendly glare than anything, because it was directed at me, and it showed me that he recognised me, and nothing was more important than that. My body always responds with a shiver whenever I recall how we maintained eye contact sternly, neither of us wanting to break it like it was a competition between us, as pathetic as that sounds.

That was my first ever time meeting Derek.

The second time came around when my younger brother, Stiles, offered to take me home from my workplace, being paranoid that something might happen to me. He threw me a text just minutes before the end of my shift that something had come up, and he wasn’t coming to pick me up, so he asked Scott to do it instead. I shrugged it off and proceeded to wipe the coffee maker and counter clean, arrange the cups nicely on the shelves, then take the mop and clean the floor. I was sweaty and I was irritated with myself and the entire world by the time I finished everything, mentally cursing myself for telling Heather she could go home earlier and I’d close up the shop. All I wanted was a nice foamy bath and my bed.

With my hair dishevelled, entire being reeking of caffeine, dark circles decorating the underside of my eyes and my cheeks dusted with patches of ground coffee, I left the shop and closed the door. Scott was nowhere to be seen, so I opted to pull my book out to read while waiting, but just as I was rummaging around in my bag, a familiar vehicle rolled down the street, halting in front of me. My eyes widened to the size of a saucer. What was he doing here? Especially when I look like this?

Mortification engulfed me in a fraction of a second, and I could only pray that my cheeks weren’t getting red, albeit I could feel them heating up. I forced a smile on my lips as I did my best to refrain from yelling at Scott. I didn’t want the man to think I’m a lunatic or something for shouting with Scott for no apparent reason.

What shocked me was that both of them got out of the Camaro – Scott to greet me with a hug, whereas the man to introduce himself to me. I was thrilled that I could finally touch him skin on skin as we shook hands, and the contact sent a jolt of electricity zigzagging through my entire body, prodding and twinging my very soul.

From then on, I kept glimpsing Derek at random times, at random spots of Beacon Hills – mostly around my home and my workplace, though. He started coming to the shop in the mornings, and since he ordered the same thing for a whole week, I knew what to prepare for him by heart. He always arrived half an hour after opening, just like clockwork, and spent hours and hours there, sometimes merely sitting there, watching his environment and sipping his order, sometimes working on something, sometimes reading. And sometimes, when the traffic flattened in the shop, he came up to me to talk.

They were all light conversations, mostly small talk that I normally hate, but with him, I didn’t mind it, because we were speaking to each other. After a while, he boldly asked me about my work schedule, and since then on, he always came to pick me up when I finished at an ungodly time and it was too late for it to be safe to let me go home alone.

Then the small talks took a turn and they eventually switched to being more serious topics. The change was gradual, both of us wary and careful not to push the limits of the other and not to cross any kind of line of discretion. We started sharing more personal details about ourselves, and we realised we had a lot in common, hence more and more topics came up that we could converse about, including series, books, music and so much more.

Before we knew it, we were a couple. At first, we didn’t notice it for what it was – it was Heather to call Derek my boyfriend, and I immediately felt a spark of hotness inside me. I protested, but we kept getting similar comments and looks from our circle of friends, and so, he ended up asking me out for a real date.

I was clued in to the supernatural not long after. I had gone to his flat the previous afternoon, and I slept in his bed with him spooning me for the whole night. Turned out he’d already invited our common friends over, which I got to know when I staggered down the stairs, still rubbing my eyes drowsily, determined to make a beeline for the kitchen to ease the demanding growling of my stomach, only to find myself face to face with the others. Needless to say, I instantly blushed and wanted to turn around to make myself look more decent and presentable to them, but Derek chuckled and, with a gentle hold around my wrist, pulled me down, right into his chest so that my hands were trapped between us, resting on his chest as he hugged me.

He insisted I stayed and listened to everything they had to discuss, and so, when Stiles mentioned something supernatural for the first time, my eyebrows shot up, and I was sure they disappeared in my hairline. They calmly explained everything to me, and when I asked Derek why did he share it with me so soon, for it being quite personal, he said, ‘Because I’m afraid that if I get too attached to you and tell you about it too late and you can’t bare to stay with me afterwards, I wouldn’t be able to let you go.’

That was also the most romantic thing anyone had ever said to me, and I couldn’t help but kiss him giddily in front of everyone, still wearing my pyjamas and my ridiculous fluffy pink slippers, hair still yet to be brushed and freed from the loosened messy knot on the top of my head. I threw my arms around his neck and he returned the gesture, closing me into his embrace by placing a broad palm on the small of my back, the other combing through the stray tresses that escaped from the rubber ring overnight.

As for now, my phone is ringing with a new text message that Lydia sent me.

When are you coming? Derek is going nuts over here, and he’s more annoying than your brother.

I chuckle, knowing exactly how much Stiles can push Lydia’s patience, so I increase my momentum and hurry down the streets to the block of flats where Derek lives. Even down there, in front of the gargantuan building, I’m aware that Derek can already hear my heartbeat. As if on cue, his burly shape appears behind the huge window, and I squint to be able to see him better. I wave to him with wide motions, and he greets me, too. I couldn’t hide my zeal even if I wanted to, taking off to jog to the entrance and up the stairs, straight to his door, where he’s already waiting for me when I arrive.

Without missing a beat, he pulls me inside with a palm spread on my waist and reels me in for an impassioned kiss, which I return with ardent fervour, his plush pink flesh curling up against mine blissfully. He cups my hips and curls his fingers under my chin to keep me where I am, my fingers raking through the short spikes of his hair, elated to be welcomed by him again.

We flutter away from each other when someone clears their throat sharply. Derek reluctantly relinquishes and retreats from me, but doesn’t fail to keep his arm wrapped around me, asserting his territory to the others, ignoring they are already well aware of it. He leads me to the sofa and has me sit next to him closely so that our thighs aren’t just touching – they are plastered together. He continues to rub small circles into my skin through my cardigan as the pack meeting goes on, with Derek intermittently littering tiny kisses all over my temple and cheek, making me grin stupidly in happiness.

Noticing that Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Scott, Isaac and Malia are all watching us, I crane my neck to bury myself in the crook of Derek’s strong neck in an attempt to hide my face, giving myself the impression of a scared ostrich that’s first instinct is to dig its head in sand when something startles it. The only one to roll his eyes at our affectionate fumbling is Peter, but none of us gives him much credit. As for Derek, he tightens his hold around me and just draws me even closer to him, close enough for him to curl his other arm around me, too, holding me protectively, lovingly.

“You know, dude,” Stiles speaks up. “The first time we met I honest to God thought you were a serial killer or something. So seeing you being all cuddly and gentle is really puzzling me, you know. That’s why I was wary at first when I got to know you were dating my sister.”

“Serial killer?” Derek asks in amusement, his low voice rumbling through his chest, travelling into me through our contact. It puts me at ease, like a distant brontide.

“Yeah, with the leather jacket and mysterious attitude anyone would have thought that,” Stiles hedges, flailing his hands in a self-preserving manner. “I mean, not to be rude here, but I should have probably taken a picture. You’d understand what I’m talking about then, man.”

“I feel you,” Scott chimes in. “I was scared when you first approached us in the woods. I was thinking, ‘Oh God, this guy is probably going to kill us or eat us alive’.”

“Eat you alive?” Derek echoes, apparently tasting the words, rehearsing what it feels like on his tongue. “I’m not that intimidating.”

“Yeah, you are,” the boys oppose at the same time, making most of our team chuckle, excluding Peter, who crosses his legs and arms as he leans back on the couch, making himself comfortable. On the other hand, I nestle myself deeper into Derek’s embrace like a kitten, and my boyfriend’s instinctual response to that is to tilt his head to the side to rest his cheek against the top of my head after kissing my hair and inhaling my redolence.

“He isn’t that bad,” I offer, smiling up at him. In return, he arches a brow at me and asks me teasingly, playfully, “Oh yeah? ‘Not that bad’?”

“You know I like that about you,” I say, pulling his head down to peck the tip of his nose.

“Holy mother of God,” Stiles flails, baffled. “Who would have thought that Derek Sour Wolf Hale is capable of being adorable and affectionate? Who knew he had feelings?”

“Hey,” I chide him, smoothing my palm over the breadth of Derek’s sculpted ribcage, smattering of dark chest hair peeking out from under the collar of his Henley where it’s riding low due to my ministrations. “He isn’t a sociopath, of course he has feelings.”

“Thankfully. Just so you know,” Stiles threatens, turning to the werewolf I’m lounging on. “If you hurt her in any way, I’m going to hunt you down. I know where you live, and I have a best friend who can find you by your scent, and whose girlfriend is a huntress who knows how to hunt you down.”

Derek narrows his eyes at him, “How could you kill me?”

Stiles dismisses him with a shrug, “I have my ways.”

Derek snorts under his breath, then kisses my forehead, murmuring against it, “Don’t worry. I could never hurt her, and never will.”

When you come from a place

Where holiness seeps through your skin to sing in your veins,

Being here begins to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

“This world doesn’t compare

To the sanctity of ho

Like getting to witness infinity in all its unending glory

And being expected to return to mundane normalicy,

Nothing will ever quite manage to meet your expectations;

It’s never good enough anymore.

“I can’t remember the last time

I was truly hap

Once you know transcendent grace like Heaven,

Beauty will begin to make your chest tighten,

Birds, Bats, and Butterflies will drown you in envy;

“They get to keep their wings,

Why can’t

When you see a certain flower, you will weep for Eden.

When that note in that song plays,

Your heart will swell and you will sing

“But this voice can never

Quite get it rig

The sky will make your shoulders ache,

A gust of wind will feel like home when you close your eyes

But when they open again, you will be thousands of miles away.

When you bleed, it will make you sick

“It should be gold;

It’s not right, I’m not rig

Once (if you’re lucky) you will see a face in a crowd,

You will lock eyes,

And you will know that you are one and the same.

“We will both continue walking.

Someone who understands hurts worst of a

-Ambriels Lamentations

anonymous asked:

A scenario with deku and his male s/o whos taller and picks up deku and just showers him in kisses?

(When the request is so cute you can’t help but squeal) More fluff coming right up!

Word count: 591

Midoriya Izuku:

“Izuku, are you okay?” [Name]’s concerned voice brought the dark-haired male from his intense train of thought with a questioning hum and wide eyes. His lover frowned softly, breaking the silence in the living room. “I asked if there is something troubling you.”

“No, not at all,” he answered, waving his hands in front of him, a sheepish smile pulling at his lips as he laughed awkwardly. A small blush appeared on his face, and, as he noticed the blood rushing to color his flesh, he hoped it wouldn’t be noticeable.

“Okay,” his lover smirked, getting up from his seat in front of Izuku and towering over him. [Name] was always tall, but with his lover sitting down, he was taller than ever. The shorter boy’s breathing picked up, as did his heartbeat, as he tried to avoid eye contact. “Then why were you looking at my lips?”

“I-I-I wa-wasn’t… uhh… I-I…” stuttered Izuku, his face flaring an angry red as he mentally slapped himself for not finding the right words.

“Did you want to kiss me?” He breathed, smirk widening as Izuku shrunk in embarrassment. What was he to answer?

Yes, he was looking at his lips. Yes, he wanted to kiss him. One of the reasons why he hadn’t done it yet was because he didn’t know how [Name] would react to his straightforward move. The other one was because [Name], as mentioned before, was tall. Or at least, given Izuku’s own height, tall enough for him to have problems to reach up.

He was sitting earlier, he had a chance to do it, Izuku scolded himself. If something, he was acting cowardly. His eyes shut slowly and he gulped down the tight lump in his throat.

“Yes, I wanted to kiss you,” he squeaked, opening an eye to see [Name]’s smirk replaced by a sweet smile. “C-Can I?”

“Why didn’t you do it before?” The taller boy stifled an amused laugh, and Izuku bit his lip in embarrassment, standing up on his tiptoes and reaching his arms to place his hands on his shoulders, yet his face never came closer to [Name]’s.

“You’re tall,” he laughed a little at the obvious statement, and [Name] playfully rolled his eyes.

“I was sitting back there, you know?”

[Name]’s hands placed themselves on Izuku’s hips, and he easily lifted the boy up to his weight; Izuku’ hands gripped his shoulders tighter, and his legs, seeking for support, wrapped themselves around his waist, only realizing their position seconds later, the blush spreading to his ears.

“S-Sorry ab-” Before he could squeak out his apology, [Name] had pressed a loud smooch to his lips, his smile evident against them. Pulling back, he wasted no time to press kisses to his cheeks, forehead and nose, repeatedly, his lips like butterflies batting their wings across the boy’s heated skin.

“You’re so cute,” chuckled [Name] as he leaned in to rub his nose against Izuku’s in a small Eskimo kiss before kissing him on the lips, with gentleness and love. “I love you.”

“I-I love you too,” Izuku smiled as he pulled away, one of his hands reaching to cup [Name]’s face as he slowly returned his previous gestures: two gentle kisses on each cheek, a brief one his forehead, another Eskimo Kiss and a chaste kiss on the lips. [Name] chuckled, putting him down again and smiling softly.

“If you ever want a kiss, just don’t hesitate to ask,” he winked, and Izuku’s seemingly forgotten blush came back, framing his joyful smile in vivid red.

I have a sudden obsession with Solarpunk and I keep thinking about headdresses. Art Nouveau artists loved to depict women wearing awesome headpieces with wings (butterfly, dragonfly, bird, bat, you name it) and/or giant flowers. Sometimes they looked ethereal and elven, sometimes they looked like badass battle helms, sometimes both.

I imagine a Solarpunk future with EVERYONE wearing awesome headdresses, not just the women but guys too. The wings and petals are solar collectors. There’s view-screens like Google Glass that are attached. There’s communications built in and earphones for your tunes and a Siri-like AI to give you directions - everything your smartphone can do now.  It monitors your health, reminding you to drink if it detects you’re getting dehydrated or eat if your blood-sugar it low and it acts as a pedometer.  You put on your awesome headpiece in the morning the same way people now grab their cell phone - except you don’t have to remember charge it because it charges itself as you walk around.

If you decide you’d rather have flowers instead of dragonfly wings today?  All the decorative parts are detachable and inter-changeable so you can customize it for however you feel that day.  We carry tech around with us everyday so it may as well be beautiful, individual and make a statement. And, provided it’s light enough, it’s convenient to carry it on your head. No need to fish it out of your pocket every time you want to use it, no need to have pockets It’s right next to your eyes and ears when you want to see/listen to something, totally hands free tech.

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🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?

((The professor would probably have moth wings. I know this technically wasn’t an option in the question… But it fits best in my opinion… He’d love to have wings tbh. And I might finish this drawing later.)

frost and snow elementals in the sidhe

(applies only to the closed realm of the Fae that I spend time in, etc)

Siocarach are the elementals of frost and ice, the attendants of winter. They are inherently fairly small and not terribly powerful spirits; they are frost patterns and icicles, not glaciers or snowstorms. Siocarach can move through frozen material, so in Winter lands that do not thaw (which is not all Winter lands, for the record) or in places that freeze during the winter, they make excellent spies or messengers. They are also playful and pretty to have around. They can freeze things in a very small area – if there is ice or frost for them to materialize in, they have a limited range of motion from that and can, given enough time, extend the frost. Siocarach materialize or take visual form (“visual” is not always the same as “tangible”) as very slender, nongendered humanoid forms, often winged; as vague winged shapes somewhere between butterflies and bats; and rarely as creatures somewhere between ferrets and mongeese that bound along the ground.

Eirconin are the elementals of snow, both as it is falling and especially as it is on the ground. They are common in Winter areas and in all areas during winter where there is snowfall. They tend to be gentle and affectionate, though when they are hurt or angered, frostbite tends to result. They can also (and often will) make small snow sculptures. Often, a person can tell that there are snow elementals around because odd shapes or patterns keep appearing in the snow. Eirconin often materialize or take visual form as rabbit or fox-like creatures.

Something as large as a glacier will have a multitude of siocarach and eirconin in it, but it will also almost certainly have its own elemental. Significant forces of nature – glaciers, probably volcanoes, mountain ranges – not infrequently develop an elemental that is larger and more powerful than the ones with which most people interact. They still tend not to be much more intelligent than, say, a particularly trainable dog or a particularly clever cat, but they can take more action on the physical world and can understand somewhat more complex ideas. These elementals almost always take their own distinct forms, so trying to generalize would likely be an exercise in frustration.

( @spongeofmalphas - more for you?)

scarletxcross  asked:

🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings? 👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave? {{Alex might take notes here.}}

More Unusual Questions for your Muse
((Hahaha! Oh boy. I need to make a tag for his angel verse. Better yet write it up and have it linked for you all to see lol))

🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?

If Sean had wings, they would be feathered. And like so ridiculously soft. (As mentioned before he does have an angel verse but I haven’t put it up yet…)

👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?

A first date… Depends on the person really. He might go the classic routes and take them to the movies if it is mentioned that they both want to see the same movie or a nice dinner. For the most part, though, he waits until they say something about what they want and/or like and then look for the right moment.

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So, as you can probably see, my inbox failed to display the symbols.  XD But I believe I have interpreted them to be: 

🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?

I am all for feathered wings, because how could you not love feathered wings??  But in the Worst of All AUs™, the wings that suited Blakk the most were the bat-like kind, although they have feathery, downy fluff at the base. X3

⚖️- If your muse had superpowers, what would they be?

The ability to become invisible.  Also possibly teleportation.  Not unlike Nightcrawler, I suppose. X3

📕- What “Banned Books” could you see your muse reading?

Books describing the Jedi and the nature of the Force.

🐶- If your muse was forced to get a pet, what would they get?

So, Blakk will end up with a varactyl (courtesy of @askcarminelegacy‘s Seran) and very very eventually an akk dog.  But if he was forced to get a pet right now, he would probably choose … something reasonable, tame, and very low-maintenance, like a fish.  Or, better yet, a holopet, something like a squall or a tooke.

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What are good offerings to air/wind spirits?

Hi there! Incense, any form of smoke. (I often burn a chant or blessing on paper, let it burn slowly and use a raven feather I have to direct the smoke.) If you can, sounding things like wind chimes, bells, horns or woodwind instruments like flutes etc work well. Any form of sound. Feathers, wands, athames, brooms, yellow, blue, pastel colors, even your own breath. (The act of blowing on things can be powerful.) 

Anything to do with winged creatures like butterflies, bats, owls or other birds and flying insects. Lavender (I grow my own and often burn dried lavender as incense), lemongrass, anise and birch.  I also work with runes so for offerings or air/wind related magic, I like to use the Elder Futhark runes Dagaz, Tiwaz, Raidho, Eihwaz and Ansuz.  Also, from tarot decks, the suit of wands or swords correspond well with air and wind! ^.^