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KNOW YOUR BATS: Emballonuridae family

Emballonuridae is a family of bats commonly known as sheath-tailed or sac-winged bats. I’m surprised these bats aren’t better known, because they have very uniquely appealing little faces. I think it’s the perpetually upturned nose.

They also have a stunning variety of colors, from the pure-white northern ghost bat to the dark chocolate of the Hill’s sheath-tailed bat.

Among them are some excellent camoflaugers, such as the proboscis bat, which looks like a bit of lichen or damaged bark on a tree.

In fact, many species in Emballonuridae roost on the trunks and branches of trees, in broad daylight, depending on their camouflage to keep them safe. They like to do it in neat little lines.

Sometimes they also stack.

You may have noticed their short little tailed. They’re sometimes called sheath-tailed bats because these tails protrude out of the membrane between their back legs, which can be pulled up to “sheath” the tail. Here’s a video if you don’t quite understand what I mean.

As I mentioned earlier, they’re also called sac-winged bats. This is because they have special pouches near their wrists designed to release pheromones into the air when they flap their wings. Below is a close up of the pouch, closed and then opened.

For the most part these are very small bats, with weights as low as three to four grams- one of the smallest, the proboscis bat, can get caught in spiderwebs and eaten.

Aside from roosting in trees, these bats roost in caves, crevices, and occasionally, human-made structures like wells or stone tombs. Because of this, several species are known as tomb bats. They’re pretty adorable little harbingers of death if you ask me.

Photo credits:

Main set (species in photo caption): Bat Conservation Intl / Jasmine Vink / University of KwaZulu-Natal / Merlin Tuttle / Michael Penney

Emedded in text: Bateleur Nature Reserve / ARKive / Riley Pearce / PSUNHM / Christian Ziegler


The true depths of strength, of resilience, of honor and loyalty.

I didn’t think the others gave him enough credit—for noticing the shift in someone’s emotional current. To command legions, I supposed, he needed to be able to read that sort of thing, judge when his soldiers or enemies were strong or breaking or broken.

“I’m a warrior. I’ve walked beside Death my entire life. I would be more afraid for her, to have that power. But not afraid of her.” He considered, and added after a heartbeat, “Nothing about Nesta could frighten me.”

Cassian had been born for this—these fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation. I’d never seen anything like it—the skill and precision. It was like a dance. I must have said it aloud because Mor replied, 
“For him, that’s what battle is. A symphony.”

Cassian’s own voice broke as he said, “I never got to repay your mother—for her kindness. Let me do it this way. Let me buy you time.”

We know Rhys, Az and Cass are roughly the same age but who is the oldest and who is the baby?! I feel like they would definitely bring that up as a winning argument whenever they bicker: ‘Shut up, I’m older than you!’. This is important stuff I need to know. 

Nessian WIP inspired by this fic: The Perfect Storm by @tacmc

Never drawn Nessian (or either of them separately), or wet people/a shower scene, so this was a fun new experiment for me! I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but I wanted to at least get the water and the steam thrown in haha

oh and I forgot his tattoos but… AT LEAST WINGS.

my kink: azriel dipping his head in silent thanks or letting a ghost of a smile appear on his lips or when slight color blooms on the cheeks of his golden brown skin anytime someone compliments my fav overgrown bat bc he is too cold and hard on himself and deserves to feel loved and cherished despite what his evil step mother and half brothers told him !!!

  • Aries: Like fierce dragon wings.
  • Taurus: Wings made of twigs and leaves, they are functional, natural, aesthetic.
  • Gemini: Colorful butterfly wings like their varied personality or airy fairy wings.
  • Cancer: Silver and white feathered-wings that glitter in the moonlight.
  • Leo: Wings of gold.
  • Virgo: White, brown, and grey feathered-wings like a song bird or maybe even insect-type wings for efficiency.
  • Libra: Angel and devil wings. Maybe they switch with their mood. Or whimsical fairy wings.
  • Scorpio: Dark scaled wings much like a dragon or flaming wings of a Phoenix. Or maybe wings made from ink!
  • Sagittarius: Blue or purple flaming wings or wings made out of metal so they can soar and reach great heights.
  • Capricorn: Bat wings or raven-feathered wings, this is serious business.
  • Aquarius: Dragonfly wings, wings made from peacock feathers, or rainbow wings made from an alien material.
  • Pisces: Have you ever seen wings made out of water? Wings made from glitter and white feathers. Wings made from magic paper.