bat villain

we always see all these female villains try to seduce bruce - talia, selina, ivy sometimes with her poison and phermones but like. we never see any male villains do this. talk about a double standard.

i demand a story where we see one of the male batman villains awkwardly trying to seduce batman.

routine reminder that barbara gordon, cassandra cain, and stephanie brown are (or were, pre-flashpoint) all interesting, complex, empowering female characters who are at least as brave, capable, and selfless as any male member of the batfamily, and that I love them even if dc doesn’t. 

I love how chill all the bats are with their villain regulars. You know what I bet is a thing? Batkids being so done with Bruce’s bullshit that they snitch to the villains, and then Bruce gets told off by literally everybody he knows.

“Batman, I am a trained psychiatrist, and I’ll have you know that you are screwing them up like seriously how dare you??”

“Riddle me this! You know who I saw today? Nightwing! IMAGINE THAT.”

“Looks like I’m not the only no-good, two-faced, double-crossing, secret-keeping bastard around here after all!”

“You know, maybe I do occasionally encase this entire city in ice, but AT LEAST I’M LOOKING OUT FOR MY FAMILY.”