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Auston Matthews - Underestimated

Word Count: 1526

Warnings: One curse word?

Request: Hello, it’s the anon that asked if your requests were open. Would you mind doing an Auston Matthews imagine Where he tries to teach the girl to play baseball but she already knows and shows him up or something like that? If not that’s okay.

A/N: I used to play softball so I actually really liked writing this one! I hope you like it as well!

You were currently lying in bed scrolling through your phone as the bright Arizona sun bled through the window. It was currently off season and Auston invited you to his hometown to reside at his old house. You loved hanging out with him and his family so you didn’t hesitate to agree to the trip.

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Joker: “I taut I taw a Batty Bat! Tee hee hee…”
Batman: “Joker…”
Joker: “I did, I did taw a Batty Bat!”
Batman: “Shut up!”
Joker: “Tsk, tsk. Such a rude behavior! If I were your Mother I would definitely wash your dirty mouth with a bar of soap!”
Batman: “I’m taking you back to Arkham…”
Joker: “Same old, same old…You know, I’ve been there lately. Nothing new. Well, maybe besides the upgraded ECT device. They finally turned up the watts. You should try it, old friend. Nothing better to get rid of all the bats in the belfry than a sizzle through your frontal lobes. At first you’re a bit dumdum, but it actually helps clear all those pesky neurotransmitters…”
Batman: “Your choice, Clown. We can do it the old way, but you know exactly how it’s going to end.”
Joker: “Oh, p-lease. Again, with the Big Bad Bat story. Don’t forget, Darling. This time you’re on MY territory. The Sun is beginning to rise, but the fun is yet to begin. Now, be a good boy, and try not to ruin the moment. Afterall, it’s just you and me…”

I’m currently tryin’ to build up my resume… XDD

Drawlloween Day 14. Bat.

Beatrix is a demon-bat girl who screen-prints all her own T-shirts. With her own screen-printing studio, she’s proudly entered the entrepreneurial world with her own start-up clothing branding, Eye Don’t Care and usually gets her friend Benny to photograph her awesome products. And she’ll always give free shirts to her homie, Raven when she make them.

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You know, one of my favorite things about Zakk Tomorrow has got to be the villain dynamic with the chief of the Time Police, Timm Tempo.

Like, he was the antagonist in at least half the episodes if I counted, but he was always on such good terms with Professor Hadron and that always cracked me up. (I mean, they became really good friends before the Time Protocols were enacted, and instead of hating each other, they just became…really good enemies.)

There was one episode, I think s1e3 “A Wrinkle in Timm”, where Hadron fell under suspicion for the Time Schisms cropping up around town. (Dammit Zakk). And in the cold open, Tempo raids his lab, SWAT team and dogs and everything. He twists Hadron’s arm behind his back and presses Hadron’s face into the table top and then he just

“Sorry Ron, should I loosen my grip a bit?”
“No no you’re quite alright Timm. I haven’t seen this uniform before. New?”
“Yeah, the whole department got upgrades.”
“Delightful. Say we haven’t gotten coffee in a while. How’s this Saturday? Oh Jamie has tee-ball on Saturdays doesn’t he. How’s the season going?”
“Same old same old. They’re just little munchkins and they don’t know how to hold the bat properly. The tee pitched a perfect game 3 weeks in a row.”
“It is. You should see Jamie’s over-sized helmet.”
“I just might. What time is the game Saturday?”

Then one of the SWAT raiders comes and taps Timm on the shoulder and says “Sir, I don’t think you should be conversing with the suspect like that.”
“Shut it. I pay your salary.”

Then Alexa shows up, still in pajamas and still blinking sleep from her eyes, looks around at the raiders and at Chief Tempo, and mutters “Should I put the coffee on for everyone?”

And Hadron answers “That would be delightful.”

Mannnn, I wish I could find the episodes online because I would gif that scene in a second. It cracks me up every time.

Dan and Phil: Existential Crisis

Dan is having an existential crisis and his daughter tries to cheer him up.

Sarah was typing away on her computer, writing a paper for English class because every other thirteen year old with no life was doing the exact same thing at 3 pm on a Sunday when she heard a thump come from the hallway.

She quickly pulled off her headphones, her minor case of paranoia getting to her as it always did. She hated that the simplest sound from another room gave her a minor heart attack.

“Dad?” Sarah called. Her Papa and her brother were in town for the day and her Dad was editing a video.

She quickly picked up the closest thing towards her happening to be her tee ball bat when she slowly walked out towards the hallway. She clutched the end of the bat but was surprised when she nearly tripped over her Dad, laying out on the floor.

“Dad, oh my god, are you okay?” She asked, bending down to see if he was okay.

“Physically, anyway.” Dan said, rolling over to face his daughter kneeling down beside him.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah asked, she hadn’t seen her Dad like this before and it kind of scared her to be honest. It reminded her of the really dark and depressing kids in school who just sulk everywhere.

“I’m just thinking.” He said with a sigh that sounded so empty.

“About how having a bigger butt might make you more famous than Nicki Minaji. That makes me cringe just thinking it.” Sarah said, and she heard her Dad laugh.

“Nah, I’m just thinking about the future.” Dan said, leaving out the part of the inevitable death of us all.

“Oh. Hm, now why would the future make you sad?” Sarah laid down on the floor of the hallway next to her father. She was facing the ceiling with her hands under her head like she was staring at the stars.

“Just because.” Dan didn’t like talking about this stuff with Phil and the kids because they didn’t understand and he didn’t want them to ever have to.

“Well Dylan wants to be president. Are you thinking about the inevitable doom of America?” Sarah asked gaining a smile from him this time.

“How many more of your jokes do I have to sit through?” Dan asked, playfully.

“However many it takes for you to cheer up.” Sarah replied.

Dan turned on his side to face his daughter staring up at the ceiling and something in that moment of her trying to cheer him up while laying on her back in the middle of the hallway made him forget why he was sad at all.

“Hey, let’s go see what there is for lunch.” Dan said abruptly. He stood up, then helped his daughter up and smirked at the smile on her face that she had succeeded.

They walked into the kitchen and Dan was searching the fridge while she checked the cupboards, Dan reached for something and accidentally dropped the ketchup bottle onto the floor.

A split second that, he heard a thud and a muttered. “Bloody hell.”

“Sarah, you okay?” He turned around to see the cupboard door closed and his daughter holding her head.

“Sorry.” She apologized.

“Nerves again, sweetheart?” Dan asked and Sarah just nodded. Dan walked over to her wrapping his arms around his daughter’s small frame and he smiled when his daughter hugged back.

“How about we have some cereal and watch a movie?” Dan asked and Sarah just nodded.

Dan was flipping through Netflix when he finally just decided on watching Doctor Who instead of a movie because he knew Sarah liked it just as well. Once she had finished her cereal Sarah cuddled up to her Dad quickly falling asleep.

A little while later Phil and Dylan came home to see Sarah and Dan asleep on the couch with empty cereal bowls on the coffee table and Doctor Who still playing on the TV. Phil shut it off and walked over to Dan, kissing his forehead.

“How’d it go today?” Phil asked, knowing very well when he had left this morning Dan was a bit sulky.

“Really good, actually.” Dan mumbled.

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Song prompt thing. All too well by Taylor swift from Chloe's pov

Ah, some T-Sway up in here. Enjoy. 

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow.
And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house,
And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.

The graduation gown doesn’t do much to keep her warm, because even though it’s almost summer, the spring breeze is still enough to make Chloe shiver. Beca’s wearing her high heels, grinning at her from where she’s standing at the table with her parents, and she thinks about all the sweaters the other girl has stolen throughout their four years together. She wonders if Beca’s already packed them all in the moving boxes, and whether she even wants to ask or not.

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Spooky Style

6 ways to get in the Halloween spirit without wearing a costume

It’s that time of year when everyone keeps asking, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Rather than succumbing to the costume norm, be different but stay spirited in eerie-inspired clothing. From a Topman cobweb sweatshirt and River Island bat print socks to a Cheap Monday skull tee and American Apparel glow-in-the-dark skeleton leggings, shop some of the best creepy pieces from across the web below. 

Rather than succumbing to the costume norm, be different but stay spirited in eerie-inspired clothing.


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