bat tea

foggy cemeteries or abandoned churches?  black silk or black velvet?  tea leaf readings or tarot card readings?  black cats or black bats?  haunted houses or haunted forests?  ghost stories or urban legends?  seances or ouija boards?         

All heads turned to look at you and you simply brush off your suit. The moment you take a step forward, almost everyone takes one step back as they still continue to gawk at you. The reporter who had just grabbed and pulled you looks at you in cowering fear.

“I apologize for snapping at you.” You pull the reporter up and you can feel him trembling in fear. “You were so blatantly wrong; I couldn’t help myself.” You mutter as you pretended to brush dusts away from the reporter’s shoulders.

“Let it be known from today onward that any words that may taint my family’s imagine will be taken down.” You narrow your eyes at the rest of the reporters that had been crowding the building. All you wanted to do today was just get a damn cup of coffee. “My brother might be too nice to actually do anything but that’s the difference between my brother and I. I will actually do something about it.” You release the reporter’s shoulders and he immediately falls back down on his ass.

You turn to look at the rest of the reporters. “I will not tolerate slandering towards my brother and his family.” You huff before simply walking towards the coffee shop you had been wanting to go to since they bombarded you outside of the building.

adorablecrab  asked:

I have a theory that Enjolras and Montparnasse bond over their extremely sugary and fancy coffee orders.

“You didn’t say mister Loud and Blonde was coming too,” Montparnasse complains.

“Shush,” Jehan smiles. “You like this coffee shop.”

“I’d like it better without people being loud and blonde at me,” he grumbles, holding the door open for Jehan.

“Oh they’re here already!” Jehan chirps happily and they wave towards the table where Grantaire and Enjolras are sitting. Well, Enjolras is sitting at the table. Grantaire is sitting on the floor on his knees, trying to coax a tabby cat out from underneath a bench.

“Can you order for me?” Jehan asks, eyes immediately focussed on the cat. “I’d like a mint tea.”

“That isn’t really tea, Jehan,” Montparnasse grimaces.

Jehan makes a kissy mouth at him and skips off, giving Enjolras a hasty hug from behind before dropping to their knees besides Grantaire.

Montparnasse walks up to the bar and nods at the barista. He does like this place, the guy knows his way around a coffee machine. “A fresh mint tea and a caffé mocha, please,” he says.

“Usual obscene amount of whipped cream?” the barista grins.

He hums approvingly.

“Here you go,” he says, sliding a tall glass with a sprig of mint soaking in boiling water towards Montparnasse. “I’ll bring yours over in a minute.”

“Thanks,” Montparnasse nods and he joins the others, which means sitting down opposite Enjolras, while Grantaire and Jehan make purring sounds at the cat.

“Hi,” Enjolras says stiffly.

“Hi,” Montparnasse returns in kind as he places the cup of tea next to a cup of nondescript black liquid that he supposes is what Grantaire considers coffee.

Jehan makes a content squealing sound from behind a chair and Grantaire gets to his feet with the cat in his arms. He sits down and Jehan follows, scooting their chair closer to Montparnasse’s and pulling the tea glass towards them. “Thank you, love,” they hum.

Montparnasse leans his head towards theirs for a moment and looks at Grantaire. The cat is now sprawled out across his lap, letting him pet her tummy. “You’re creepy, you know that,” he says. He’s seen people try to cuddle the shy tabby before and it never works.

“You’re one to talk,” Enjolras says. “And R is just good with cats.”

“Awesomely good with cats,” Jehan grins, stretching out their hand to scratch the cat under her chin. She purrs in approval.

“So, what’s new with you guys,” Grantaire says, taking big gulp of black coffee.

“How can you drink that as is,” Enjolras horrors and Montparnasse has to admit that’s basically what went through his mind.

“We can’t all be cleansed souls like Jehan,” Grantaire says, unconcerned.

Jehan sips their tea and bats their eyes wholesomely.

“What’s up is several things I won’t talk about,” Montparnasse says, sitting back. “Because I don’t feel like listening to a lecture about my ‘lifestyle’.”

Enjolras rolls his eyes.

“He promised not to do that though,” Grantaire grins. “Can’t guarantee he’ll make it of course,” he says with a wink.

Jehan gives Montparnasse an expressive smile. So he’s not the only one that has to be bribed and instructed into these hangouts. The idea of Enjolras having to agree to behave is kind of funny though.

“Here you are,” the barista announces his presence, walking up to the table with two cups. “Two caffé mocha’s with extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream.”

He puts the cups down and Jehan thanks him. Montparnasse and Enjolras don’t, instead they are staring at each other with a very uncomfortable realisation on their face.

“Well,” Montparnasse huffs. “At least you have better taste in coffee than your- Than Grantaire.”

“I resent that,” Grantaire says with a face completely free of resentment.

“He’s right for once,” Enjolras snarks. He gives a small shrug with his shoulders. “And…we’ve decided to actually go by boyfriends now.”

“Really?” Jehan beams. “That’s awesome! Aw, but I also really liked your ‘we’re together, fuck your labels’.”

“That still applies,” Enjolras says.

“Except now I can also tell literally everyone I meet that the blonde tornado of justice is my boyfriend,” Grantaire says triumphantly.

Jehan snorts.

“Stop nicknaming me after natural disasters,” Enjolras says, hiding a grin. “Drink your disgusting bitter insomnia juice.”

“I think it’s cute,” Jehan says, eyes twinkling. “What would you be, Parnasse. One of those forest fires that you don’t see coming?”

Montparnasse gives him a sideways glance. “Drink your boiled weed, Jehan.”

Jehan laughs and they and Grantaire wonder out loud whether Bahorel could be classified as a hurricane or a tsunami, while Montparnasse picks up his cup. He glances at Enjolras across the brim of it and smiles ever so slightly. Enjolras pulls a face in return and they both take a sip. At least this is getting your money’s worth.

Good Girl Ch 19: New Friend

“Can I go explore?” I ask from where I still sit on the couch. It has been two hours of nothing but Xiumin typing on that goddamn computer and shuffling papers around.

He looks up at me, “Explore?”

I nod, “I’m bored.”

“Take a nap.”

“I already did.”

“Eat something.”

“I already did. I just want to walk around.”

He huffs, “This is a business baby, I don’t want you wandering around and getting into trouble.”

“I’m a good girl.”

“That’s what we thought, but apparently you like causing trouble.”

I pout, “Only when needed.”

I’m happy he chuckles at that, a small smile graces his face for the first time since we’ve been in here, “Baby, please just give me a little more time and I’ll show you around the building.”

“Can I go ask Mark for more tea?” I bat my eyes at him cutely.

He sighs, “Go a head.”

“Thank you.” I hop out of my seat and speed walk out the door to the lobby. Closing the door behind me I gain the attention of the three men sitting at separate desks in front of the three doors. Mark is the closest, I’m guessing he’s Xiumin’s secretary, I don’t know why I find it so satisfying that he’s not some pretty girl.

“Hello again Miss Jooyoung,” Mark stands and bows, the other two follow suit.

“No need to be so formal,” I smile at them. “Call me Joo.”

“You already know I’m Mark, this is Jinyoung and Jaebum.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I bow to them.

“We should be saying that, the chairmen have been talking about you a lot,” Jaebum comes over to Mark and I.

“What can we do for you?” Mark asks.

“I was wondering if I could bother you for some tea,” I hold up the empty cup from earlier that he gave me.

“Of course, you can go back inside, I’ll bring it in to you when it’s ready,” He takes the cup from me.

“Can I wait out here? Xiumin oppa seems like he really needs to focus on his work and I feel like I’m bugging him.”

They all nod, “You can sit in the waiting area.”

Just than Jaebum’s phone on his desk rings, he rushes to answer it, “What can I do for you Sir?” He pauses for a minute, listening to whoever his boss is. “I’ll be right in to help you with that.” With one last nod he hangs up the phone, “This is going to be fun, he seems extra upset today.”

“Why is he upset?” I ask automatically concerned for which ever of my daddies was on the phone.

“It’s just that we are doing a merger with another company and that means lots of paper work and meetings and many other things. Not to mention the fact that you’re here and they can’t even leave their offices to greet you.” Jaebum explains.

I blush, “They told you that?”

He chuckles, “They’ve been grumbling about it all morning.”

“You should go in before Luhan comes out,” Mark warns. Jaebum nods before rushing in, closing the door behind him, not even giving me a chance to see Luhan. Glancing at Jinyoung I feel a bit of pity for the very nice looking man, he reminds me of Jin with the warmth his smile gives off.

“Are they nice bosses?” I ask still leaning from foot to foot, not wanting to go sit over in the waiting area to be bored again.

Mark nods, “They are nice, but they can get a little cranky when things get stressful. Luhan is usually the calmest of them all so Jae has it pretty good.”

“Who is the meanest?” Even though I can already guess, especially when we hear Kris yelling for Jinyoung.

“Kris can get a bit crazy,” Mark answers honestly, waving as his friend disappears into the office.

“What about Xiumin oppa? Is he mean to you?”

He shakes his head, “Hyung is really nice, lately he’s been a little frustrated with all the things going on and not being able to get his dose of his baby, as he likes to say.” The phone rings, “Yes?” He nods a couple of times before hanging it back up. “I’ll get your tea then feel free to hang out in the lobby, he hasn’t asked for you yet, so you’re still free for a little bit.”

I nod as he disappears behind a door, returning soon after with a cup of steaming tea. After thanking him I slowly wander over to the sitting area, settling into one of the chairs after I turn it around to be pressed against the floor to ceiling windows. Staring out I feel so small compared to the massive city view in front of me. My wanders to far away places as I sit there, thinking about where Jihyo could be, her family always goes on amazing vacations when she has a break from school, something I usually join in on but not this time, probably never again. I wonder about what my daddies could be doing, stopping myself right as the thought popped in my head. I don’t want to know what could be going on.

Thankfully my thoughts are interrupted by one of the men from before, the smaller one who looks friendlier than before with his arm resting on the back of my chair. My alarms don’t make a sound, I shrink away from the small smile he gives me, instead I give him one in return.

“Hello again beautiful,” His voice warms me.

“Hello to you too. What are you doing here again for?” I ask, hoping not to sound rude.

“I’m here to meet a different chairmen, Kris-ssi.”

I nod, “Where is your friend?” I get up on my knees to look over the back of the chair to find the empty lobby.

“Just me, why did you like him more?” He pouts cutely.

I shake my head and answer honestly, “You just seem different without him around.”

“Seunghyun hyung does bring out my mischievous side.”

“You could probably go knock on the door so they know you are here.”

He shrugs, “I’m a bit too early, I would much prefer to sit here and talk to you.”

“I don’t think my oppas would like that,” I nibble on my lip as I think of their reaction to me interacting with anyone, let alone a boy.

“I promise to be good, I’m sorry I was kind of scary earlier.”

“Pull up a chair I guess.”

He smiles wide before grabbing a chair and placing it facing me, “You are a much better view.”

“No flirting,” I say sternly.

“What? I’m not flirting,” He smirks at me, but my glare doesn’t falter.

“If you are going to do that, I don’t want to talk to you.”

He sighs before holding his hands up in surrender, “Fine Beautiful, you win, I will behave.”


“So what are you doing out here? Still waiting for one of your prince charmings to finish?”

I nod.

“You don’t seem like their normal type of girl. You are different,” He says almost to himself as he stares at me.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You aren’t shaking in your boots. Every girl I’ve seen anywhere near men like us is shaking in their heels, only spreading their legs when their life is at risk.”

I stare at him, “Men like you.”

He nods with a smirk on his face, “So you do know. Hyung thought you were just some brainless fuck toy, but I knew the moment I looked at you that you are much more than a pretty face.”

“I’m not supposed to talk about it,” I tense and look back out the window.

“No worries Beautiful, I’m like your oppas, I know what’s going on,” He tries to relax me with one of his smiles but it doesn’t work.

“If you already know, we don’t need to talk about it,” I snap back.

“You’re a smart little girl.”

I sit up fully in my spot, my little mind stepping aside so I can deal with this guy as my real self. “I’ve been told.”

He blinks at me for a minute, “That was interesting. You seem different.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Beautiful please, I’m sorry, can we start over? Please? I will behave, no flirting, no teasing, no questions about your oppas, just me talking to a girl.”

I sigh, crossing my arms over my chest, “Last chance.”

“So tell me, how old are you?”

“I’m 17, I’ll be 18 in a couple months.”

He nods, “So you’re in high school. You must go to the school Suho-ssi runs.”

I nod.

“I’m really bad at small talk, I’m sorry.”

“I have no right to judge, I’m pretty socially awkward myself.”

“So how about we cut the crap and have an actual conversation, none of that awkward shit?”

I nod, relaxing into my seat, “Please go right ahead.”

“I’m the head of one of the biggest mafia’s in Asia and I am here to discuss what to do with the snitch that was giving information to the police, not just about my group but also your oppas’ group. “

I pause for a minute blinking at him, he stares at me waiting for some kind of reaction, “Well shit, I didn’t know we were getting this real, goddamn.”

He laugh, “That wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“Sorry to disappoint.”

“It’ alright, I’m just happy you aren’t running for the hills.”

I shrug, “I watched an innocent man be murdered right in front of me then smiled right up at the murderer and got into his car with eleven other guys I didn’t know. Now that I think back on it, one of them was carrying a body, and I’m pretty sure that person was alive when they were in the back.”

“I also have this snitch in the back of my car that is down in the private parking garage, screaming his lungs out,” He raises his perfect brow at me, as if daring me to one up him.

I cross my arms over my chest, “I now live with these twelve men and have to follow their ridiculous rules as if I’m a child, letting them dress me like a doll.”

“That isn’t that weird when you’re someone’s hostage.”

“I have to call them daddy.”

He cracks up, “That might be a little weird.”

“Tell me about it, but it’s my own fault, that whole situation. I could have ran,” Looking out the window I sigh at my wasted attempt at freedom.

“Why didn’t you?”

I shrug, “I didn’t really have anything going on in my life.”

He busts out laughing once again, “So you signed up for a life of violence and crime?”

“Nope, I signed up for a life where I’m not even allowed to cook because it’s too dangerous. I can’t go outside alone, I can’t walk around the house alone, they don’t like it when I’m left alone in general, this is the first time I’ve been out of the house in a whole week. You are the only person I’ve had a full conversation with since I’ got out of school, that I haven’t had to worry about what I’m going to say. Am I going to make you mad? Should I say daddy one more time to make it sound extra cute?” I groan.

“What a shame a pretty bird like you is locked in a cage.” I feel him watching me intently as I continue staring out at the city line.

“At least the view is always pretty.”

“You don’t seem like the type to be controlled easily.”

“That’s because I’m my normal self, but as soon as one of them come around the little girl in my head pokes her fucking head up at the opportunity for attention.”

“They are good to you?”

I nod.

“It is only natural to want those who are warm to you to give you attention, especially when it’s not something you are used to. Once you have something like that, it’s hard to stop wanting it.”

I glare at him, “What makes you think I’m not used to it.”

“You didn’t have anyone in your life worth sticking around for so I can’t imagine you got much attention from them.”

“Will you stop being so philosophical? You are a gangster, act like it.”

He chuckles, “I’m not some basic gangster, Beautiful, I’m the head. You have to be smart to get to where I am.”

“I figured you would have to be cold blooded too, but you seem too nice.”

Again, he chuckles and gives me a small smirk, “There are very few who get to see this side of me, I’m not always this charming.”

I scoff, “Charming?”

“Only those I take a special liking to get to see such a nice side.”

Feeling brave I ask, “How hard would it be for me to not be included on that list?”

He raises a brow at me, “Why? Do you not like being in the good graces of another leader?”

I shake my head, “I just want to know how much I can tease you before I end up with a bullet in my head.”

“You are a very interesting girl, no wonder they kept you. I’m jealous, are you sure you don’t want to come with me?”

“I’m good where I am, thanks for the offer.”

“If you ever change your mind, here’s my card.”

I accept the black and card presented to me, with a beautifully decorated dragon on the front I read the perfectly printed letters out loud, “Kwon Jiyong.”

“The one and only.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you.” He offers his hand that I shake.

“It’s a bit late for introductions with the conversation we’ve had.”

“Well it gave us time to get our dirty laundry out there before this friend ship could begin. It gave us time to bail without knowing the other that well.”

I nod, “I might start off all my friendships out like that now.”

“With, ‘I call the twelve men who basically kidnapped me, daddy?’”

I glare at him, “It’ nothing compared to, ‘I’m the leader of the mafia.’”

“Let me rephrase yours’. ‘I’m not only living with twelve men that I call daddy, but these men are also leaders in one of the two biggest mafias in Asia.’”

“Mr. Kwon?” Kris growls from behind me. I turn around in my seat to see Kris standing there, his chest heaving in anger at the sight in front of him. Jiyong stands up, fixing his suit before giving me a polite smile.

“Sorry our conversation was cut short, I was very much enjoying it.” I raise a brow at his sudden formalness that makes the man bust into a massive grin, “I’ll be free after this meeting, we can talk more after since your oppas will be busy with this new mess.”

“I’ll here. I won’t be picked up till around lunch time Xiumin oppa told me.”

He nods, “Great.”

“What the hell is going on?” Kris growls. “Joo, get over here.” I crawl out of my chair into his open arms, happy to be in his warm embrace. He strokes my head gently, peppering kisses in my hair. “Are you okay? Did he hurt? Scare you?”

“I’m fine, he was just keeping me distracted while you guys are finishing your work, “ I stare up at him innocently.

“Are you sure?”

I nod, “I like Mr. Kwon, he’s nice.”

“Jiyong oppa,” Jiyong corrects.

“I don’t like that you think you know each other that well to be so informal,” Kris snaps.

Jiyong looks at Kris, I watch as he does exactly what I’ve seen my oppas do many times. His eyes turn cold and vicious, something you would expect from a mobster. “I don’t like when you interrupt our conversations but I didn’t complain. Now before I let my temper get the better of me, I came to talk about something important. Could we talk about it in your office?”

Kris gives me one more kiss, this time on the lips, “Go back into Hyung’s office, we don’t want you out here all alone.”

“I want her to come along,” Jiyong decides.

“I don’t know why you seem to think you have a say in it.”

“Because the information I’m giving to you is out of the goodness of my fucking heart, so you should listen when I make such a small request,” He growls before looking to me with a much softer look in his eyes. “Plus Jooyoung was bored in there, this will be much more exciting for all of us.”

Friendiversary with @vederlicht / @ask-the-eccentric-botanist is this month! ^^ I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we started talking, RPing, and being silly beans together. May we continue to enjoy bats, botanists, and tea as we continue our adventures through the good times and bad. <3 Thank you for reaching out and starting this wonderful friendship with me!

Tea for Two Plus

So did you guys know that at the end of May, Mars came really, really close to Earth? Well. Who could say no to playing with that?! A little drabble for @cinensis, who is awesome.

As always, credit for the Eclipse!AU goes to him and @stickydoona. <3

Note: cut for length, not for content.

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“…and the guy gets stuck on Mars for, like, years,” Saitama explained.

Badd glowered at him. “What.”

“That’s what Mumen said. And he has to, like, grow potatoes and whatnot, and everybody on Earth thought he was dead.”

“No way, man. Ain’t gonna happen. Those guys’re lucky if one of those little robots doesn’t glitch up. No way some schmuck is going to last. Sorry.” Badd leaned back and yelled in the general direction of the Earth. “I’m not buying it! That’s dumb!”

“Shit, my ear.” Garou rubbed his temple, elbowing Badd in the side from where he sat next to him. “Is there anybody louder than you?”

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I held a fun suggestion pool on Instagram for ideas for a Halloween themed Valiard pic. Werewolf Theodore, Zombie Gangfield, and Bat Dennis, as well as the idea of a graveyard tea party, totally got my imagination going!

Happy Halloween, everybody! ^u^


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