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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 17) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Roommate, Part II”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Jordan Parrish, Sarah Millin, Cora Hale, Malia Tate, Ethan, Zachary Pillit & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Cursing probably, some blood and stuff.

Summary: The vampires have forced the Pack’s hand when they break into Y/N’s apartment and abduct your roommate, Hanna.

Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Seventeen - Chapter Eighteen

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Scott walked in the door to see Y/N, Sarah, and Stiles sitting on the couch, Isaac standing behind them, and Parrish shaking the hands of the police officers who began filing out the front door.

“If you hear anything from her or the attackers, please contact us immediately.” The lead detective said to the group.

“They will, Detective. I’ll walk you out.” Parrish said to the man as he began walking out the door.

“Hey, Scott.” Parrish paused in the doorway and nodded his head the direction of their friends.

Stiles and Isaac saw Scott first and walked up to him. Stiles closed the front door behind Scott, then hugged his best friend. He left it unlocked to let Parrish back in again.

“How’s Allison?” Isaac asked.

“She’s okay. Mr. Argent and I have been catching her up on everything that’s been happening, monitoring her, so far, she seems okay.” Scott updated them. He peered over Stiles’ shoulder at the girls on the couch, holding hands but not speaking. “How are they?” Scott asked.

“Shaken up, upset…. Y/N got a little bruised, but that crack in the wall is from the other guy, so I’d say they’re doing okay.” Stiles whispered, ruffling his hair like he did when he was anxious. “Scott, Sarah saw everything… We have to fill her in on what’s going on. I promised her that we would in exchange for her not telling the police what really happened.”

Parrish walked back through the door and joined their conversation. “The detective thought that they would take it better coming from me, but he wanted me to tell them that they can’t stay here tonight. This place is a crime scene and they could both still be in danger.”

“We’re all still in danger.” Isaac chimed in.

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Like many–I was there during the Zutara vs Kataang wars. Years down the road I finally decided to get back into the series and attempt to rekindle my love for it. Due to being shamed for my shipping preference by the creators themselves and fans, I sort of let my love for Zutara die. Thanks to my significant other and her found love for it, I found myself loving it just as I had when I was younger. Soooo being on the Zutara side of the shipping spectrum, I of course paid a visit to that tag first, before anything else. I read posts by the wonderful people of tumblr and found out all these years later that seeing something there wasn’t just part of my imagination. That it WAS going to be canon and…idk seeing that makes me feel validated again??

Like from the beginning I was always accepting that Katara would end up with Aang, in fact–I saw it coming and was never hopeful or even thought that Zutara would be end-game in a million years. I wasn’t spiteful towards Kataangers bc I thought the shipping wars were dumb in the first place….

Still, there was a chance and somehow, even though it DIDN’T happen in the end? I still feel like that sort of DOES make it canon in its own way?

So in the end both sides of the shipping war kind of won? IDK. I was never one of the bat-shit insane Zutarian’s who threatened to take their lives over the ship… Nor did I cry and rage at Bryke. The only time Bryke made me feel a bit upset at them was when they immediately started disrespecting a huge portion of their own fanbase, MOCKING them and poking fun at how terrible the Zutara ship was and how it was impossible.

Thinking back on it–Now that I’m not just a teenaged fangirl and I dabble in writing myself? Calling anything in your own story impossible? It’s a sign of your incompetence when it comes to writing. Seeing the bad writing in the LoK ( which I still did like but feel it could never surpass its predecessor series ) proved that to me.

I’m sorry but as a lesbian myself? The way the K/o//rra///s/a//mi pairing was played out and claimed to be a thing from the beginning was total BS to me. I felt like it was a sad attempt to cover up inconsistencies and bad story telling, shoving a pairing in our face and claiming it was planned from the start so that we’ll be happy because OMG THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!!!!

So I guess I wrote this all just to say? I’m happy. Happy that in some alternative version of the story that the amazing Aaron Ehasz allowed our babies to end up together. That in SOMEONES eyes, Katara wasn’t just a prize to be won. She wasn’t just “the avatars girl”. She didn’t SUDDENLY figure everything out in such a short amount of time and decide that Aang was the ONE for her even though she’d previously JUST claimed she was confused and unsure.

That in some alternative world, there was going to be some build up and not just ‘omg zuko ilu lmao’. A real love story–Something Bryke seems incapable of writing. SIGHS.

Sometimes I wish that Bryke would give him the rights to add that season he’d been planning.. They could even claim it to be non-canonical if that’d make them more comfortable. It could be a netflix exclusive and everything but it would definitely breathe new life into the beloved series and let everyone be happy. I know they won’t and it’s impossible given what they set in stone—but it’s a nice dream. LOL.

Still even if it never happens. Zutara WAS canon in several of the writers and artists true vision and that’s good enough for this fan.


❛ I love it when a plan comes together. ❜
❛ Oh hell yeah, Hannibal! This is it right here! ❜
❛ This is bat shit insane! It’s perfect. ❜
❛ This is beyond nuts, boss. ❜
❛ It gets better. ❜
❛ Aw hell naw, I ain’t steppin’ foot in any type of aircraft. ❜
❛ Now get in there, we’ve gotta finish the escape! ❜
❛ Man up! Man up and get in there! ❜
❛ I’m ______, and you’re gonna be unconcious. ❜
❛ Where’s the plan boss? ❜
❛ You actually sound worried. ❜
❛ You pancaked my van! I’m gonna kill you, fool! ❜
❛ This is a mistake! ❜
❛ You can’t park there! That’s a handicap zone! ❜
❛ This is a heck of a beautiful place. ❜
❛ I’d like to get into… ❜
❛ I believe that no matter how random things may appear, there’s still a plan. ❜
❛ That’s how we deal with heat seekers, chaps! ❜
❛ You… are not permitted… in my… ❜
❛ So, Satan walks into this bar. ❜
❛ _______, what did I tell you? ❜
❛ My bad. ❜
❛ Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? ❜
❛ They’re trying to fly that tank. ❜
❛ Close the door! ❜
❛ I know you’re airborne rangers, but that was ridiculous! ❜
❛ But how do you maintain your face? ❜
❛ I like your bed, ______. ❜
❛ Never mess with the face. ❜
❛ You spin me right round baby, right round! ❜
❛ I wanna try something I saw in a cartoon once! ❜
❛ So you’re Army Intelligence? ❜
❛ You seem to be stuck in some tires. ❜
❛ Is that gas? Is that you? ❜
❛ There’s a plan in everything, kid. ❜
❛ You should see these bullets in 3D! ❜
❛ It’s like we’re actually being shot at! ❜
❛ We are getting shot at you crazy ass fool! ❜
❛ We returned the plates, we can hold our heads high. ❜
❛ We did the right thing. ❜
❛ We trusted the system, and it turned on us. ❜
❛ Can’t finish the movie! Do let me know how it ends! ❜
❛ Sorry boys/girls, gotta run! ❜
❛ top! Stop, stop, stop! ❜
❛ Reverse now! ❜
❛ Son of a bitch! ❜
❛ Move your ass now! ❜
❛ Face, your girl/boyfriend’s back. ❜
❛ What is this? Will it knock me out? ❜
❛ It better knock me out because if it don’t I’m gonna knock you out. ❜
❛ Technically, we’re not flying… ❜
❛ Would you think I was crazy if I told you I had one of these? ❜
❛ There’s something wrong with your eyes, man. ❜
❛ Overkill is underrated. ❜
❛ Why does it feel like I fell on my face? ❜
❛ That’s good enough for me. ❜
❛ I’m not gettin’ on a chopper with this nutjob! ❜
❛ Give me a minute, I’m good. Give me an hour, I’m great. Give me six months, I’m unbeatable. ❜

the song they played [when i crashed into the wall] (eric)

Words: 870

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of abuse (?)

Requests: I crash, you crash pt 2 please, like you won’t forgive him so fast. Maybe a month later?

omg can we please have a part 2 to eric hurting you !!!

(Y/N) didn’t wake up from the sound of the door opening and Eric sitting down, it was the early rays of sunlight that cracked through the blinds, shining over her eyes that finally woke her. She rolled over, throat catching when she saw Eric sitting by her, immediately sitting up.

She touched her fingers to her nose, which twitched in pain.

“Good morning.” She looked down at her hands. “Can I help you?”
“Look, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, I need you to forgive me.” He begged, gripping onto her hand. She pulled it away, standing up out of the bed.

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remustheravenclaw  asked:

As someone who used to work in a bookstore, I have nightmares about the Rush Limbaugh books. One time my co-worker found one and decided to read us the back cover. Imagine a 6 foot 5 red headed Viking-like guy lying in the narrow aisle, tears running down his face, as he tried to get through reading about the guy who's taught about the meaning of love and sex by a museum dress mannequin. There were others. I'm pretty sure I blocked them all out.

Ha ha WTF?! Did the ghost writer drop any pretense that these were aimed towards children and just decided to go bat shit insane with it?

There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I’m broken
So I call this therapist
And she said, “Girl, you can’t be fixed just take this.”

I’m tired of trying to be normal
I’m always over-thinking
I’m driving myself crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy?

And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just ‘cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy?
Yeah, I’m gonna show you

Loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
Mental out my brain, bat shit, go insane,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you
Yeah, I’m gonna show you

I’ve been searching city streets
Trying to find the missing piece like you said
And I searched hard only to find,
There’s not a single thing that’s wrong with my mind

Yeah, I’m tired of tryna be normal
I’m always over-thinking
Driving myself crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy?

And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just 'cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy?

I’m gonna show you

Loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
Mental out my brain, bat shit, go insane,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you

Crazy, crazy, yeah I’m gonna show you…
Crazy, crazy, yeah I’m gonna show you…
Crazy, crazy…

Tired of tryna be normal
I’m driving myself crazy

And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just 'cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy?!

Yeah, I’m gonna show you

Loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
Mental out my brain, bat shit, go insane,
Yeah, I’m gonna show you
I’m gonna show you
Yeah, I’m gonna show you

anonymous asked:

Are you able to elaborate on the whole Euron is Bloodravens former protege theory. I know there is the dream where Euron mentions of a crow, and it's clear that Euron has magical ability, but it's also clear that Euron has been bat-shit insane from the get go. Even someone like Brynden Rivers who firmly believes in 'achieving the goal at any cost' would have seen Euron never had any interest in saving the world. So why is there such a popular opinion that Bran is Anakin to Euron's Count Dooku?

Discussed here, here, and here

Here’s my thinking, which is somewhat different from @poorquentyn​‘s theory. I don’t think Euron was contacted by Bloodraven as an adult, any more than Bloodraven waited for Bran to become an adult before he contacted him.

I think Euron had some sort of health crisis/near-death experience at a young age - a drowning, an illness, etc. - that acted as a shamanic calling. Bloodraven contacted him in that moment, and showed him this:

And he looked past the Wall, past endless forests cloaked in snow, past the frozen shore and the great blue-white rivers of ice and the dead plains where nothing grew or lived. North and north and north he looked, to the curtain of light at the end of the world, and then beyond that curtain. He looked deep into the heart of winter, and then he cried out, afraid, and the heat of his tears burned on his cheeks…

Bran looked at the crow on his shoulder, and the crow looked back. It had three eyes, and the third eye was full of a terrible knowledge. Bran looked down. There was nothing below him now but snow and cold and death, a frozen wasteland where jagged blue-white spires of ice waited to embrace him. They flew up at him like spears. He saw the bones of a thousand other dreamers impaled upon their points. He was desperately afraid.

Whereas Bran’s vision has compelled him to seek out the three-eyed crow and try to cancel the apocalypse, Euron became a metaphysical nihilist - because in the face of the truth of the heart of winter, all gods are lies - and confirmed the non-existence of divine judgement from an early age

This face says so much.

Pain, anger, frustration, the feeling of just narrowly avoiding an untimely death and having your short life flash before your eyes - there’s so much that can be read into it.

I wonder how much Steve resents Pearl. After all, she is the ultimate reason he’s almost been dead twice, whether she intended it or not, and I think Steven would give almost anything to not die at the ripe age of, like, 12. And I think this is the reason he’s climbing these roots and heaving himself up on this chunk of floating earth and needs to confront Pearl right now - he needs to give her what for and set her straight, because he doesn’t want to nearly die again any time soon.

Now don’t get me wrong - I know that Steven loves Pearl for Pearl, and I don’t think he’d trade her for anything in the world. But I bet that Steven has had some trouble separating the Pearl he loves from the Pearl who’s bat shit insane, and I bet he’s had moments where he realizes he should have just ignored his gem powers and lived in his dad’s van like a normal kid. 

This is all in addition to the pain he feels from having pulled himself up using only his upper body strength. Those work-outs with Garnet have helped, but those arms are gonna be sore for days.

About the artist of le lewd Murdoc:

Name: theblackvixen (You can call me vixen!)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Interesting facts: Primarily a furry artist, vocalist, voice actress. Loves cooking, wine, cider, birds (especially parrots), reptiles, and gaming. Drinks her own weight in energy drinks everyday. Owns a small YouTube channel. Bat shit insane. cabbage. THE FALL IS A GOOD ALBUM.

We Bring the Boys Out! (Special Ch.8)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

➳ Pairing: Seokjin x OC (feat. in dream sequence - Seokjin x Sojung [GFriend])
➳ Genre: COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Friendship, Comedy, Slight-Fluff, & Slight-Romance, (WARNING)
➳TRIGGER WARNING: Implied Cheating (it’s small but I still wanted to warn you.)
➳ Words: 2,822
➳ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Love and War
➳ POV: 3rd Person

Summary: While walking home one night, Kim stopped to enjoy the calming atmosphere that is the snowy season, Winter, however, as soon as she starts to walk again, she notices a familiar face hugging an unknown woman. Wait.. was Seokjin cheating on her?!

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out!
Season 2: B.O.Y

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Moving on the villains of the Wonderland Au! The first major antagonist is Merabi, the Pawn of the Dark Sages and the “Queen of Hearts”. She is the double agent for Judge Determinor working as the Queen since Valentio is still too young to rule. To say that she’s a bat-shit insane psychopath is an understandment. All she wants to do is kill Alice and the Prince in cold bloody murder. Her weapon of choice is a scythe that is poisonous. 

Hetalia High School AU

The Tsundere Trio (England, Romano, and Norway) are a bunch of angry punks that have a metric shit ton of piercings each and like to do things like throw water balloons filled with mayonnaise on people because they’re little shits like that. Most people are scared of them even though the only that might actually kick your ass is Norway.

The Bad Friends Trio are the popular guys. France is a teen idol. Spain is captain of the soccer team. Gilbert is the class clown that pulls epic pranks and all the teachers hate him which basically means he has the respect of every kid in school.

America, Canada, Sweden, and Denmark are all nerds. They like comics, computers, all the stereotypical geek stuff. They each have their own hobbies or interests (America likes archaeology, Sweden has his wood-working, etc.) but they’re all pretty accepting and protective of each other.

Germany and Italy are outcasts. Italy is the lonely artist kid that everyone thinks is a weirdo and Germany used to be a bully when he was younger and even now that he’s changed, no one wants to be friends because they’re scared of him.

Lithuania is the all around good guy. He’s not as popular or well-known as the BFT but he’s the kind of guy most people secretly hate for being so nice and cheerful all the time.

Austria, Hungary, Estonia, and Finland are all choir nerds. Austria is the president of the chorus because he’s the best piano player and is able to take charge and Edward is the vice president.

Poland is the obviously out gay kid that everyone is kind of amused and slightly bewildered by.

Russia, Japan, and Greece are the kids that are social pariahs by virtue of being smart. They’re the kids that fuck up the curve on every test and nobody really knows how to approach them anyway.

China, because he is old as shit, is a teacher. He’s the one who is kind of crazy and probably only has his job because of tenure. He will push you if he sees potential in you and all of his students at least have grudging respect for him.

Ukraine is the mom/wannabe psychologist who wants to help everyone. She’s the one to go to if you’re sad or in a fight with someone because she will totally mediate for you.

Belarus is the girl with a reputation for being hot but bat-shit insane so she doesn’t have a lot of friends.

Belgium and Seychelles are the nice, girl next door type that are popular with the boys.

Netherlands is the guy that has connections. Wanna score some weed? Go to Netherlands. Wanna know the bars that don’t card you? Go to him. Who’s hosting a crazy, sexed out booze-filled party every weekend? That would be Netherlands.

Iceland, Latvia, and Lichtenstein are all little freshman dweebs just struggling to find their niche.

What Went Wrong: Proxies/Slenderman

I’m starting a new series, in which I will take a subject that used to be good, and now sucks, and discuss why this happened. Today, I’m discussing proxies, and Slenderman in general.

Spoiler Warning: Marble Hornets major spoilers.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Slenderman was created by Eric Knudsen on SomethingAwful forums in 2009. He’s a being who stalks children, lures them in the forest, and then impales them on trees.

And then these beautiful bastards came along.

They created Marble Hornets, and along with it, the Operator.

And here’s where thing’s went to shit.

This is something I must state over and over again, The Operator and Slenderman aren’t the same thing. That’s yet another reason why Masky and Hoodie aren’t proxies.

Unfortunately, people don’t understand that, so the Operator and Slenderman
got mashed together to create what I’m going to call Operatorman.

I want to state this now, it’s not Marble Hornet’s fault. While I know the intentions of Jeff the killer weren’t to spawn 200000 shitty killer OCs, I can still blame it because it got popular off of complete laziness. Marble Hornets got popular off of doing a shit ton of work with the budget of a saltine cracker and a juice box.

Even if you are going with the bullshit AU that Marble Hornets was a creepypasta, well…

Jay’s dead, Alex’s dead, Brian’s dead, Jessica’s alive (but who honestly gives a shit about Jessica), and we don’t know what happened to Tim. Sure, he threw away the Masky mask, but if he does ever become Masky again, he’ll either make a new mask or get the old one. The cycle will continue.

What’s wrong with Operatorman and proxy OCs?


This symbol, which is the Operator’s, not Slenderman’s symbol. For anyone who’s watched Marble Hornets, you can agree with me that this symbol is used in three ways: In the drawings, occasionally in a totheark video, and once or twice in the scenery. No one ever wears it, has it on their skin, or anything like that. So why does ever Operatorman proxy OC (excluding Ticci Toby) have it on their clothing and/or burnt on their body?

This symbol ENRAGES me. I get more angry that if someone misused mental illness and rape in their story. I can’t look at Marble Hornets without cringing because this symbol has been misused so bad. I hate this symbol.

The only thing I hate more than the Operator symbol.

The Operatorman Mansion.

Every time I see something like this

I have to remind myself that the only reason I haven’t gone full on bat shit insane is that there may be hope.

So what’s the problem?

Slenderman has been washed down, mixed with the Operator, making them just one two headed faceless being with no distinguishing factors from each other, the proxy OCs are dull, bland and recycled, and the Operator symbol has been repurposed as a shitty OC trait.

How can we fix this?

Separate the Operator and Slenderman, make Slenderman back into the faceless being who stalks children, and make the Operator back into whatever the hell he is, get more original proxies, and use the Operator symbol correctly.

But I want to have a proxy of Slenderman!

Then use a different canon.

Like what?

You have the Collective from Tribe Twelve, a group made up of proxies, and the Slender games have proxies. Stop putting them in the Marble Hornets universe.

Join me in part 2, where we look at proxy OCs and I try not to gouge my eyes out.

Coming September the Never. (No seriously, I’m not doing it.)