bat portrait

Halloween scenery.

Aries: A vampire’s manor. Exciting. Filled with a cluster of bats, old portraits, a long red carpet leading up a wooden staircase, a strange iron smell…

Taurus: A cozy house open to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Lively laughter of children, smoky scent of mist, carved pumpkins. Familiar.   

Gemini: A witch’s house in the middle of the woods. Enthralling. Fireflies illuminate the spot, audible rustling of leaves, wolves’ howling.

Cancer: Old abandoned asylum. High pitched laughter, weird red scribbles on walls, oil lamp light, hidden passages. Metallic scent. Nostalgic.

Leo: A pumpkin patch. Scarecrows hang around and so do hoards of crows. Smells like cinnamon. Crescent moons, lantern light. Dazzling.

Virgo: A forest. Tall trees that smother sunlight, orange/red leaves flurry on the ground. Poisonous mushrooms forming circles, fairies, gentle streams.

Libra: A proper mansion in a forest overgrown by wild roses. Sweet scented candelabras brighten the skulls decorating the place. Lovely.

Scorpio: A candy shop filled with caramel-apples, cake pops, liquorice… cats often stroll around. Homemade decorations, hazy candlelight, sugary scent.

Sagittarius: Inside a witch’s house. Warm by firewood, a black cat on your lap, soft sounds of a kettle boiling. Magic spells and odors of zany herbs.

Capricorn: A werewolf’s domain. Fire wood scent. Silver light of moon brightens the spot. Buzzing silence, cracking branches, fresh breezes. Lively.

Aquarius: A haunted house full of filmy ghosts. Gentle noises of creaking wood. Streaks of moonlight pierce the shrouds of darkness. Hazy.

Pisces: A graveyard filled with ancient tombstones, misty grounds, the frisky scent of dead leaves… Moonlight lightens the place. Magical.



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Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (1865-1953) , 

Tower in Bruges, 1930

Le silence, 1895

La Sorcière (The Witch), 1897

The Revelation of the Alpha and Omega, 1898

Salome, 1896

 Fantasmagorie, 1900-1905

Portrait of the One Who is All (2015)


Cassandra Cain is such a compelling character, I really feel like I need to pick up her Batgirl comics but they’re so hard to find here! I love how the theme of redemption is so deeply ingrained in her stories. I love how she’s part Asian. I love how her instinct regarding murder is so completely free of the fact that both her parents are ruthless assassins. I love how she’s one of the best martial artists in the DC universe. I love learning about these characters as I draw them.

This is her as the Black Bat, though I do feel that it’s very easy to mistake her for the Huntress here, sorry about that. I modeled her after Kiko Mizuhara who plays Midori in Norwegian Wood, knowing full well that she’s Japanese of Korean descent and that not all Asians look the same.

[Edit: This presumptuous ignoramus just assumed she was Japanese because of her name and that she was in a Japanese film, even though a quick Google check would’ve informed me that she’s actually Korean-American. Thanks targaryenna for pointing this out in your tags! (yes, I see all your notes)]