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Help I’m in middle-aged domestic AU hell with Codywan. I’m so smitten with them just quietly holding hands and politely spooning and reading the newspaper in bed with their legs casually entwined and hiking in the afternoon with their dogs and wearing terribly blah sweaters unironically and swing dancing on the weekends and doing their taxes and grousing about things being untidy and taking turns rubbing each others’ shoulders and feet after long days of trying to corral schoolchildren and rookie cops who may as well be children.

5-seconds-of-solitude :: MASTERLIST (up to date)

This is only temporary until I can figure something a little more efficientout

Smutty = ♬ // Italics = my favourites



The way he kisses you

How you met/How he asks you out

At the concert




Pool Party ♬

He hits you


Comfort when your best friend dies

Daylight (song preference)



A girl hits on you

She looks so perfect



He comes home early

High School Boyfriends

You surprise them on tour (Text message au)

You have a kid together (Text message au)

He asks you out (Text message au)

Shower/Pool/Bat/Hot tub ♬

You turn him on in public (Text message au)

You have a house together (Text message au)

They text you while they’re sick (Text message au)

All of them:

Deaf (part one) // (part two)-preference

Beside You


Tour bus period

“It’s just a crush” (Luke and Ashton)

10 Things I Hate About You (mostly Calum and Michael)

Luke // ONE SHOTS:

Best Friends

My brother’s bandmate

The break up (part one) // (part two)

Leave it on (fratboy Luke) ♬

Good Girl ♬

Loser ♬

Show me your moves ♬

Mute (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) //
(part six) // (part seven) // (part eight) // (part nine) // (part ten) (the fanfic)

At Last ♬

Thinking of you

Complicated (part one) // (part two)

I’ll stay (part one) // (part two)

I miss you (part one) // (part two)

I’d never hurt you

Drunk Love (part one) // (part two)

Late night drive ♬


Finishing Quickly ♬

Age Gap

Stomach Flu

Questions and Slow dancing

Small Bump

I hate you (part one) // (part two) ♬

Virgin ♬

The Best Birthday

All Yours ♬

I just do

Subway Girl ♬

Wait and See ♬


Lazy ♬

The red dress ♬

Couldn’t hold up ♬

Disconnected ♬


Piano ♬


First Dance

Perfect ♬

Snapback ♬

“I don’t even like Christmas”

Only if you want to ♬

Kindergarten (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

Michael’s Sister (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) ♬

Tent Romance ♬

If You Don’t Know (part one) // (part two)

Goldie Locks


Unfamiliar ♬

Lifts and Falls

Bus Bunks ♬

Wildest Dreams

Wasted Time ♬

You deserve better ♬

Easy ♬

The Roaring Twenties

Get out

Cold Feet  ♬

Let me teach you a thing or two

Stress Release ♬

1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, HOME RUN ♬

Take a Break ♬

Roommates ♬

Calum // ONE SHOTS:

The delivery girl

Valentines Day

Hung up (sort of fratboy Calum) (part one) // (part two) ♬

The Storm

“She means business” (part one) // (part two)

'It’s good to be back’ ♬

The Girlfriend

Happy Birthday ♬

Meet the Parents


That’s enough


So what ♬

Fingers Crossed ♬

The Dynamic Duo ♬

Scratches and Bruises (part one) // (part two)

Sex ♬

Mister Quiet and the Roller Skates

I didn’t mean to scare you

Band class ♬

Relapse (trigger warning)

If theses sheets were the states

Territory ♬

Muscle Memory ♬

Close as Strangers ♬

Cuddles and Pouting

Stranger ♬

Voodoo Doll ♬

Good Job

Inexperienced ♬

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off ♬

Just one chance

Desk Writer

Soulmates // the fanfic

Roadtrip ♬

The fidgety gamer ♬


Young and Beautiful

The one before the one

Michael // ONE SHOTS:

The dinner

The reunion tour

Pick up lines and condoms (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four)


20 questions (fratboy Michael) (part one) // (part two) ♬


Friends with Benefits (part one) // (part two) // (part three) // (part four) // (part five) ♬

“Hold tight, princess” (part one) // (part two) ♬

Carnival (part one) // (part two)


Forced Friendship ♬

Lessons ♬

Scum of the earth

Feisty Fans

The Stairs

Youtuber of the year

Good Girls are Bad Girls ♬

Guitars and Tears

Not a size zero ♬




“He’s a dick” ♬

Concert (part one) // (part two)

Sleepover ♬


Secret Softie ♬

You Suck

A little hot for teacher thing ♬

Unfair Dare ♬

No1 Fan

Colour Blind


Far Above Average

She Will Be Loved

Fumbling Buffoon

“Kiss me”

Surprises ♬

Help ♬

Ashton // ONE SHOTS:

The Test

What about your mother?

Photos ♬

The Waiter ♬


New Glasses ♬

Not good enough

Babysitting ♬

Off Limits

Crash (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

Blind Date (part one) // (part two) // (part three)

“You’re an angel” ♬

Best. Night. Ever ♬

Cheater (part one) // (part two)


Medical Student ♬


Players (part one) // (part two) ♬

Punishments ♬


Robbers (part one)♬ // (part two)

Drummer, not a kidnapper

Too Late ♬

Competition ♬

Trying something new ♬

Be careful what you (don’t) say

Drugs and Alcohol

Sigma Phi Epsilon ♬

Princess Protection Program


Surfing the Sunrise

Beginners Badluck ♬

Thinking Out Loud

Beside You

5 stars ♬


Luke ‘I never really liked him’ [completed] // Sequel ‘Let’s start over’

Calum ‘Beauty and the bass player’ [completed]

Calum ‘First’ [completed]

Calum ‘KitKat’ [completed]

Calum ‘false exterior.’

Ashton ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ [completed]

Calum 'Frat Wars’

Luke 'Mute’

Calum Soulmates

The Bucket List (coming soon)

Disney!5sos series:

Cinderella (Michael)

Beauty and the Beast (Luke)

Aladdin (Calum)

Peter pan (Ashton)

Aristocats (Michael)

Sleeping Beauty (Luke)

Non-romantic bromance-y thing:


“We made it”


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PMW’s Favorite Albums of the 2016 Half Year

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool // Bat for Lashes - The Bride // Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow // Day Wave - Headcase/Hard to Read // Pat Moon - Don’t Hide from the Light // David Bowie - Blackstar // Kristin Kontrol - X-Communicate // Plastic Flowers - Heavenly // Pale Dian - Narrow Birth // Mitski - Puberty 2