bat like glasses

Dig those X-Ray Bat-Glasses. 

It’s like some alternate universe where Bruce Wayne was the heir to The Wayne Novelty Company and equipped himself with all the stuff in their comic book mail-order ads to aid in his fight against crime. 

Ten bucks says there’s sneezing powder, pepper gum, and exploding cigarette loads in that utility belt.

Carl Burgos & Carl Hubbell, September 1966

So went to the 1:35pm Dapper Dan Piano Set on Sunday for Bats Day. Sat in the front near where the bassist stands. It was Peter, Jon, Jason, and Jim. As me and my friend sit there, shes looking at her phone, Jon looks at us and makes a glasses motion to her and makes a heart. So I told her and she looked up to Jon doing the rock on sign then continued to sing. We are both confused by that still. But so next interaction is during Cony Island Baby. I was the girl who dresses neat with big feet and then when Jim would do his solo Jon goes “Wait…-comes to our table- can I borrow those -meaning the glasses-”. So she passes them to him and he puts them on Jim and he does the Solo like that. Jon also picked her to dance later on. Made me happy cause that was her first coke corner set to go to ever and maybe like the second time that Jon has been lead when shes seen them. But so end of set I told Jon we needed a photo of him in the glasses he liked so much. 

So here it is ^^ Cause I thought everyone needed to see this.