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If you argue that pedophilia can be explained via neurological disorder, then draw parallels to homesexuality, then doesn't it kind of imply that homesexuality is also a disorder? I hope I'm not coming off as rude and I understand your argument but there's no conclusive evidence to suggest that attraction to the same gender is in anyway stemming from a disorder and as someone who's had to deal with alot of homophobia I'm kind of worried about the negative implications of your view

[for those curious, this is the post @finndamrron is referring to]

no, my view does not imply that being gay stems from a disorder just because pedophilia may stem from a disorder. anyone who makes that jump in interpreting my argument would be wrong to do so.

similar effects can have different causes. think about convergent evolution: the independent evolution of similar species in different lineages. bats and birds are similar in that they both fly, but the cause of bats’ flight is not the same as the cause of birds’ flight.

analogously, pedophiles and gay people are similar in that neither group can control who they are attracted to, but the cause of a pedophile’s attraction is not the same as the cause of a gay person’s attraction.

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Why are there no flightless bats?

I discussed this in a lot more detail in my article on the pekapeka (a bat from New Zealand that spends about half its time on the ground), but in general, here are the reasons:

1. Compared to other flighted animal groups like birds and insects, bats are relatively new on the scene evolutionarily. They evolved flight about 52 million years ago. Compare that to birds, which have had about 150 million years to get comfortable with flying- only a few have ever lost it in that time.

2. Flying is a powerful antipredator defense and allows bats to get at resources they wouldn’t normally get, like flying insects and high-hanging flowers and fruit. This means there is currently strong evolutionary pressure for bats to retain flight in most parts of the world. One example where there was not was New Zealand (until recently). Even then, the pekapeka and its relatives retained the ability to fly.

3. Compared to birds, bats may simply be too specialized for flight to go back to being completely terrestrial. All living bats have modified hindlimbs and pelvises for flight, because their legs actually make up part of their wings.

It may be difficult to tell from that picture, but a bat’s hind legs are rotated at 90-180 degrees (depending on the species) around from where an ordinary mammal’s would be. In other words, their knees point backwards.

(This is different from a pterosaur, by the way- pterosaurs had wing membranes that attached to their hind limbs as well, but retained forward-pointing knees.)

This makes walking on the ground very difficult for them, and is related to why they roost upside-down. (In fact, some species of bats CAN’T walk on the ground at all!) Even when bats have regained the ability to be good walkers, like the vampire bat has, the style of locomotion is very different from all other living animals, like so:

Originally posted by bundyspooks

It’s not a BAD way to get around, but energetically, it’s not as efficient as regular quadrupedal walking.

So, for a bat to “de-specialize” from flight completely might require extreme evolutionary pressures that don’t exist on earth right now. Not that I don’t think they could do it- but a flightless bat would end up looking really, really weird, compared to the mammals we’re used to.
Bat Bot is an autonomous drone that mimics a bat's flight
Meet "the holy grail of aerial robotics."

For roboticists working in the field of biomimetics, copying a bat’s complex flight patterns has been a difficult problem to solve. Or, as Caltech professor and Jet Propulsion Laboratory researcher Soon-Jo Chung put it during a press conference, “bat flight is the holy grail of aerial robotics.”

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how would you classify a hippogriff




Yeah, Silver Flight, do the fangs get in the way when you are smooching on Morgana’s sister? Who happens to be your squad leader.

Hunter actually doesn’t know these non-cast-members-I-should-work-harder-to-keep-off-the-blog. But the pack instinct is strong, especially when a member is getting teased about something.

A Partial Guide To Legendary Sites...

Legendary sites, similar to magical locations, are areas with special properties or effects from which a character might gain a significant benefit.

Magical locations are areas that have been crafted by mighty magic or imbued with ancient power. 

They are hard to find and harder to use, and confer their powers but rarely. 

Legendary sites, in contrast, are places where great works have been wrought and where seemingly impossible deeds have occurred. 

These locations have a lesser kind of power. 

A site such as a sandy beach where an explorer stepped for the first time, or a plaza where a long-fallen marvel once towered, pulses with its own renown, if not with true magic. 

The stories that inspire these places and make them famous lend them reputations that can be shared by those who brush with such a site’s notoriety. 

Characters who visit these sites of historical import, incredible acts, mystery, and great danger come away changed, not just in the eyes of the public but in their own hearts as well…

Such legendary sites need not be unique. 

Their inspirational effects might develop wherever a spot becomes imbued with a momentous event or spectacular achievement.

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In regards to my trip to the US

I feel fucking awful having to make this post and from it starting this way I am sure the majority who will even read this will know where it is going. 

I have my unrefundable flights booked for my trip to the united states (to be specific, Ohio)  in just a few weeks time and recently have been hit by  some unexpected costs which I am currently very much struggling to cover.  it is with no small measure of repulsion at the situation  that I must at least try and ask for the help of any of my followers kind enough to donate to this cause.

   I have not visited this beautiful country for a full decade and am greatly looking forward to seeing it again and once more experiencing real freedom. Trust me, I need to breathe some free air as a citizen of Orwellistan (I.E. England).  In estimation I need about £200($260-ish) to be able to cover my costs with no worries or struggle.  I am afraid I cannot offer anything in return apart from my eternal gratitude, I don’t have anything I can produce as  ‘tit for tat’ as it were. 

I would not make this post if I felt it was not an actual need. I understand that merely the making of this post will lower the opinion some of those who follow me hold but at this point one must swallow one’s pride and seek aid.

If you are interested in helping, please message me and I will get you the details of my direct-donation paypal. I would use gofundme or some similar site but I am unfamiliar with their use and i don’t know if I could trust them to process funds quickly enough whereas I know paypal is expedient. 

Thank you to those who take the time to read this. 

            My hands are covered in scars, and they smell like dust. The scars are from the things I love; cat claws and plant thorns and spattered cooking oil. A mosquito bite I got while camping and couldn’t stop scratching. A shiny patch on my palm from where I fell off my bike and got road rash. A line across the knuckle of my right middle finger, where my mom’s puppy bit me during his rebellious teenage months. A yellowjacket sting on my wrist from the summer I spent researching bees at a nature preserve. Most of my scars are so faded, only I can tell where they are.

            I came to Elsewhere University for a job. I’d burned out at my previous job at a vet’s office, too socially awkward and too trapped by my OCD to be consistently competent. Needing work and desperate to no longer live within my stepmom’s sphere of influence, I applied for the posting at EU as a research assistant for whoever needed one in the biology department. Now I spend my days on my laptop, compiling reference lists and background research for other people’s papers, or in the library, tracking down articles published in obscure journals that only have the abstracts available online. My not-quite-faculty status means I have my own office in the basement, in between the display of stuffed songbirds and the adolescent chimpanzee skeleton.

            I’m good at my work, but it’s all dry, dead things. Theses written by students who have no further record in academia. References mentioned in one paper that don’t go anywhere because the original journal no longer exists. Even when I get to work with real things, it’s just drawing small animals’ skeletons for the student who swears he’s found new morphological evidence for how bats evolved powered flight. Everything’s dead, and dusty, and my hands smell like dust.

            I’ve heard that you can trade things, and I think I know how. I can find my way into the depths of the library, where the floors don’t match up. More importantly, I can find my way back out, and I’ve learned how to follow the stacks to come out of the door near my office that leads to the greenhouse if I go through it in the other direction. There are always students working at the carrels along that route, but their eyes don’t close and their books aren’t real, and I know they can tell me where to go to make my deal. They know who I can give my scars to as payment for making sure my hands never smell like dust again.


A view so few get to experience unless they are food, foe, or veterinary professionals. This is “Bacardi”, one of our resident female Amazon Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus) displaying typical defensive behavior. A very clear view of the oral cavity shows the powerful muscles and rows of long, needle-like teeth that this arboreal snake uses to capture its preferred prey mid-flight- bats & birds.  This species is completely harmless, but tries its best to compensate with a mean attitude to match their beauty.

Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince or Wonderbat FanFiction

Bruce Wayne/Diana Price or Wonderbat is one of my favorite pairings along with Brutasha, Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanov, Cole/Cassie and Shoot to name a few.  I have already shared some of my favorite Brutasha FanFiction, so I thought it was time I did the same for Bruce and Diana.  I am sure there are many Bruce/Diane FanFiction stories I have not read yet, but so far the stories below are my favorite.

Empathy by The-Lady-Isis, Rated T:  Diana’s greatest strength is being used to destroy her - and the only one who can save her is the League’s resident emotional black hole…but the problem is falling in love with her was not part of the plan. And could cost Diana everything.

The World of an Amazon by Coldbee, Rated T:  Batman deals with mortality issues while Wonder Woman’s Gods gather to decide if he truly deserves her love or not.

Heart of Darkness by theamerican91, Rated T:  After Batman and the Justice League cut ties with each other, a vengeful enemy returns and cripples him. Now it is up to the Founders to save their former friend. But to do that, they will have to undergo a journey like no other where they not only discover the buried secrets of the Dark Knight, but find their own weaknesses and strengths being tested. 

Doomsday Sanction by BruceDiana, Rated T:  What happened after Diana turns off the light in Bruce’s room in the Watchtower Medical Bay? 

A Wonderful Woman by Richie Cunningham, Rated M:  Diana visits Bruce in the Batcave and he seems more than a little wound up. How can a gal relieve all that tension? 

Trials and Tribulations by preston-gal, Rated K:  Its not easy living with Bruce Wayne, even harder living with the Batman. 

Just Breathe by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Wonder Woman and Batman both struggle with their growing feelings for one another. 

Mended Hearts by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Wonder Woman is severely injured in an attack forcing Batman to finally face his feelings for her, but how will Superman react?   

Not So Blessed by R-dude, Rated T:  For some, immortality is a wistful dream, a fantasy. For others, it is an ambition, an unattainable goal. For Diana Wayne, it is nothing but a bitter reality. 

All You Never Say by BruceDiana, Rated M:  Diana wants Bruce to just tell what he really feels for her, but will he ever? 

Baby Makes Three by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Diana has some news that she’s not so sure Bruce is going to like to hear. 

Just One Night by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Against her better judgment, Diana reluctantly agrees to be auctioned off for a charity benefit. Who will be the highest bidder for just one night with the Princess? 

Kiss and Make Up by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Superman gets fed up with Batman and Wonder Woman’s constant arguing and decides to do something about it. What happens next is not exactly what he had anticipated. 

Started With a Whisper by LOTSlover, Rated M:  One-shot prequel to Baby Makes Three and Raising Nicholas. It all started with a whisper, but quickly escalated from there and ended with Batman’s jealousy getting the better of him, forcing him to finally admit he’s in love with a certain Amazon Princess. 

Morse Code by annaoi, Rated K+:  ONE SHOT. Green Lantern sees that two of his colleagues/friends are sending secret messages to each other. 

Smile Again by LOTSlover, Rated T:  One-Shot set sometime during Season Two of Justice League. Batman tries to comfort a depressed Diana who misses her home.

Letting Go by LOTSlover, Rated M:  “If you love something, let it go.” Unfortunately, whoever wrote that never had to give up an Amazon. 

Healing Touch by LOTSlover, Rated M:  After suffering a traumatic event on patrol in Gotham, Batman goes to the one person he knows who can help him heal. 

Eye Spy by annaoi, Rated K+:  The Justice League has a habit of spying on two of its members 

Yearning For the Real Thing by AlwaysMoreMe, Rated M: “At first, it was just on the security cameras. But after awhile, watching him through a camera, it wasn’t enough. I needed to watch the real thing.” Diana has always had feelings towards Bruce, but when a mission doesn’t go as well and Bruce seeks release through work outs, can Diana just sit by and watch the show?

A Time of Mourning by batwheelsz350, Rated T: Purely from the JL/JLU setting. This story takes place during Amanda Waller’s flashback with the Royal Flush Gang and Ace’s untimely demise. 

Tried and True by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to my fic Mended Hearts, Bruce and Diana’s relationship is put to the test when Luthor enlists the help of a fellow villain in an effort to take down the Justice League starting with Wonder Woman.

Father of the Bride by LOTSlover, Rated M: Sequel to my fic Tried and True, Diana continues to struggle with the aftereffects of Luthor’s brain chip as her wedding to Bruce approaches, but things don’t go as planned when an unexpected visitor threatens to destroy their happiness as well as their future.

Raising Nicholas by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to my fic Baby Makes Three, Bruce and Diana learn firsthand the ins and outs of marriage as well as raising a baby. 

The Wayne Family Chronicles by LOTSlover, Rated M:  This is a series of one-shots based on Raising Nicholas.

Family Matters by LOTSlover, Rated M:  Sequel to Raising Nicholas, Bruce and Diana have their hands full with two toddlers, but matters only grow worse when Sienna plots to get revenge on the Wayne’s.

The Bats and Wondy Smutabet by SinisterScribe, Rated Explicit: Apocalypse,
and Home is coming soon…The long awaited repost from ffnet (dicks, the lot of them).Basically a collection of smutty oneshots in which Bats and Wondy have a ripping good time (sometimes literally, that poor uniform). Will be posted all as one work on this site but all previously posted chapters shall make an appearance.I own nothing, no suing.

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part II)

Word Count: 4329

Authors Note: So this is part two of our collab Beauty and the Beast AU, Lin x Reader fic. We’re very excited to be sharing this part with everyone and we hope that you enjoy it.

Part I

“Goodbye, Papa! Good Luck!”

You yelled after your father as he and his invention traveled to the fair, which you were sure would make him the world-famous inventor that he wanted to be.

“Goodbye (Y/N), and take care while I’m gone!” Jefferson yelled as he steered Icarus and the cart away from the house.

Normally the route to the fair was long and tedious, just barely interesting enough that he didn’t fall asleep at the reins. But he was alone this trip, with just Icarus to keep him company. So when he found what he thought to be a shortcut to get there faster, he took it, despite Icarus protesting the entire way.

A sudden movement in the woods beyond the small gravel path caused Icarus to back up, his eyes wide and scared. At the sudden wolf howl, the back of the cart rammed into a hollow tree, and the bats residing within took flight obscuring Jefferson’s vision as he encouraged the horse to go.

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