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My very silly, Canadian stereotype OC that I use for literally nothing but laughing at.

He’s the Canadian Yukon Batman, and he aptly lives in the Canadian Yukon. He’s an avid player of all Canadian winter sports, so he has several uniforms: one for curling, one for the luge, one for skiing, etc., but he’s usually seen in hockey pads.  He wears red and white and the bat emblem on his uniform suspiciously resembles a maple leaf.  His cape is the Canadian flag, and he’s usually clad either in snowshoes or crampons.  He’s three inches shorter than the average Canadian man but he’s in very good shape from all the winter sports.  He lives in an igloo near the Alaskan border and sustains himself through ice fishing. When he’s not doing sports, ice fishing, or being Batman, he likes to chat with the Alaskan border control, on both the American and the Canadian sides.

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Donald Trump Says "I'm Batman" to Kids at the Iowa State Fair

… Okay, let me take a moment to talk about Batman.

Yes, Batman is traditionally billionaire Bruce Wayne. Yes, Batman is a rich guy with lots of fancy gadgets and toys that he uses to try to make his city a safer place. In the vaguest sense of the character, Donald Trump shares those similarities to Batman.

However, Donald Trump does not embody the spirit of Batman. I’ll get to that in a bit.

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This is Lenny Robinson. For those of you who were around on the Internet in 2012, you may remember him from a video in which he was pulled over by police while in full Batman costume because his Lamborghini had Bat emblems on it instead of actual license plates. It was later revealed that Mr. Robinson was on his way to a nearby Maryland hospital to visit sick children while dressed as a superhero.

This is something he did frequently. Lenny Robinson had been visiting hospitals in the Baltimore area since 2001 as Batman. After the video went viral and his fame grew, Mr. Robinson’s visit increased to one hospital a day. Shortly after his story became known, Mr. Robinson sold his cleaning business and dedicated his time to his charitable activities, eventually becoming president of the organization Superheroes for Kids and a prolific supporter of the charity Hope for Henry. Lenny Robinson has brought his Batman across not just his native Maryland, but across the rest of the United States and to thousands of other kids around the world. Every year, Lenny Robinson spent thousands of dollars for his hospital visits, buying Batman-related gifts for sick children.

On Sunday, August 16th, Lenny Robinson was killed in a car crash after his Batmobile broke down in the fast lane of I-70.

In his lifetime, Lenny Robinson earned himself the nickname of “the Route 29 Batman.” Many kids knew he wasn’t the real Batman.

But when it comes to Batman, the man under the mask isn’t the man who matters. Bruce Wayne understood this. Dick Grayson understood this. Terry McGinnis understood this. Jim Gordon understood this. Anyone who had ever put on the cape and cowl understood that Batman is a symbol. Like the Bat-Signal that was used to summon him, Batman is a light to look up to so that we can be reminded that the darkness of our world will never win. Batman is the pinnacle of the human potential for good.

Lenny Robinson was Batman. Donald Trump is just a rich man with a loud mouth.

R.I.P., Mr. Robinson.