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Other people and Cartoon Network themselves don’t seem to understand WHY people hate Teen Titans Go

If you bring up TTG and your dislike of it, you’re either greeted with people who agree with you, or people who say ‘You’re living in the past’ or ‘It’s a KIDS show get over it’ or ‘This is different, it’s not meant to be taken seriously’

This is what people and Cartoon Network themselves fail to understand: We get that and pretty much fully accept this is not OUR Teen TItans

It’s not that we’re opposed to the idea of a comedic reboot of something we love at all, I mean it’s worked amazingly in the past! Sonic is really benefiting from it with the new cartoon series, and even something as serious as BATMAN turned into Batman Brave and the Bold, and a lot of people love that series!!

So it’s not the fact that they turned Teen Titans into a comedy: It’s the fact that they did it wrong on so many levels, and the fact that the show runners and the network itself act like literal children when it comes to criticism.

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Here’s my submission for this week’s writing prompt from the Wolfstar Introvert Club @introvert-club​. This week’s prompt was:

“You see, Remus here has had a crush on me since first year, so he just can’t help himself.”

Reminder that prompts are posted every Saturday, and are open to everyone. Just be sure to #wolfstar introvert prompt or tag the club so we can find your work!

Read it under the cut, or check it out on AO3. Thanks for reading!

March 1976

“You see, Remus here has had a crush on me since first year, so he just can’t help himself.” James grins as he drops down onto the bed next to Remus, throwing arm around his shoulders, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek. Remus rolls his eyes and continues in his heckling of James’ new pants. The pants with snitches fluttering across them. The pants which he is currently wearing. The pants that made Peter tease about Remus checking out James’ arse.

Sirius narrows his eyes. James is a fucking prat. Remus does not have a crush on him. That would be ridiculous. Remus does not get crushes, he’s never even had a date. Or a kiss. Sirius is basically his closest mate, so he’d know. And if he ever did have a crush, it certainly wouldn’t be on someone who once got himself charmed stuck to the Quidditch goal post while starkers. Evans is smart enough to know that James is a complete wanker, and Remus is smarter than Evans, so there’s no way he’d be daft enough to-

As James gets up to find his trousers, he ruffles Remus’ hair. Remus laughs and shakes his head. Sirius clenches his fists. As James walks past Sirius, he flashes an infuriating smirk.

So Sirius slugs him in the gut. Hard. James falls to the ground, choking and gasping. Sirius kicks him in the shin.

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Hello tumblr, I hope you want the next bit of Luke Sunborn Has A Really Bad Time At A Fancy Elf Party, because here it is:

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It was amazing what a difference having Elliot at the party as well made. Before Luke had felt bored and awkward and vaguely worried he was doing the wrong thing. Now he had something to watch, and even though he was still standing awkwardly by himself not talking to anyone, having Elliot to watch made him forget all about it.

Elliot was clearly having a fantastic time. He flirted shamelessly, batting his eyelashes, ducking his head, smiling little tremulous smiles which Luke knew were nothing like the real thing. At one point he was actually twining a stray red curl around a finger as he talked to a woman twice his age. A year ago Luke would have been watching the whole thing with a vague undirected irritation that he would probably have shouted at Elliot about later. It was weird to recognise that past feeling as barely squashed jealousy. Luke didn’t feel it now. Instead he watched Elliot cutting a swathe through the room with admiration. He was so good-looking, and he was having such a good time. Part of Luke still wanted to lash out at the women who were leering at Elliot and then hide him up a tree somewhere, but that part was small next to the part of him that thought Elliot should always have a roomful of people to impress. He seemed almost to shine. Luke himself could not have done anything like it if he tried.

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Shadows of Hellfire (chapter 4)

Sorry this is a bit late, but, to make up for it, this chapter is almost twice as long as the others! That said, enjoy!!

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TW: Fire, night-terrors, background character death.

We were just kids, we weren’t supposed to be heroes. But the stretch-marks, the scars on our soul… they burn from necessity, not from choice.
The wailing of the dying rang through his ears as cries for help cried shrill.
Virgil panted, his lungs trying to push out the ash caught there as he ran the barren streets, calling out for survivors. The village one filled with life had now been fled, the fiery rubble of what had once been his home taking with it so many lives as it crumbled.
The dry smoke wafted up through a sunlit sky, gathering like storm clouds from the fires that his panicked spells could never hope to douse.
The tears that burnt his eyes, franticly wiped away with the necessity to see, were no use to cure his stinging vision.
He knew saving the survivors wouldn’t bring his mother back to life, but he still had to at least try to help them. He had to, he had to, he had to he had to he had to he had to-

“H-Help! Please!” A little boy’s voice rose above the others, he let out a plaguing cough. He was on the second floor of a house that, bathed in roaring fire, had begun to fall apart.

“Hold on!” Virgil exclaimed, his eyes frantic as he thrust open the door to the house only for a cloud of smoke to beat into him. He winced and stumbled backward from the heat, loud coughs overwhelming his form as, from inside, the child continued to scream and cry out for help when suddenly-
A crash, the support beam to the house snapped and the cries for help from inside, went silent.


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Oh My Princess! (Rap Monster Scenario)

Genre: modern, slight romance, princess AU

Word count: 2 367

Warning: none

Summary: Her wish is his command.

She walked calmly although surrounded by people and only followed the unseen direction of the leader of the group until the door closed behind the two of them, the rest of the group stationing outside in front of the door.

“I’m sooooo tired,” she instantly threw away her high heels. “I think the stylist is an assassin,” she frowned with one of the shoes in her hand.

“She’s not. We’ve checked,” the bodyguard that was in the room was checking the windows and wires, secret cameras.

“Then how do you explain that she’s always making me wear this killer, high heeled stilettos?”

He looked at her only for a second. “Because you’re short.”

“Short?! Short. You’ve just called me short. Me! The princess. Your princess! Future mother of the nation. Last and sole heir to the throne –”

“Do you really plan to add ‘mother of dragons’ as well?” He just cocked an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed with her outburst. This which made her frown and throw the shoe at him.

“Well, if there were dragons, I’d be their mother as well. I’m leaving the bathroom door open while I take a shower,” she then slipped inside the bathroom. “You know what I would like to do if possible?”


“Go to that festival in the center of the town. I think they’ll have a fair and cotton candy and all those pretty lights…” The shower sound covered her excited voice for a second. “Do you think we could sneak away for tonight?”

“You know that’s not possible.” His voice was clearly pointing out to the things she knew as well: it was dangerous to be outside without a group of bodyguards to secure the ground and protect her. She was the sole heir to the throne and thus a clear target for  any foreign spy. And Kim Namjoon wasn’t know to have gotten his job and position for pleasing the princess anyway, so that sentence alone cut all her hopes before getting too high.

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Five little Robins went out one day, over the skyline and far away.
Daddy Bats said “Justice is served!”
But only four little Robins came back.

Repeat x4

Daddy Bats went out out one day, over the skyline and far away.
Daddy Bats said “I swear if you don’t get back here this instant you will all be banned from patrol indefinitely.”
And all of the little Robin’s came back.

anonymous asked:

Could you do some head cannons of the foxes exploring abandoned buildings? Thanks!

I actually waited to do this headcanon until after I had gone exploring an abandoned building myself. Now I feel like I am certified to speak on this topic.

  • For a team of ”””badasses””” the Foxes actually have a bunch of basic ass fears.
  • Which is why going to explore an abandoned factory turns out to be extremely fucking hilarious.
  • It happens because Neil takes up a photography class. And as expected all the foxes support him 10000%.
  • “I’ll model for your photos, Neil,” Allison had declared with a flick of her hair.
  • Which caused Nicky to stand up and argue, “Puh-lease Allison. If anybody is going to naked model for Neil, it will obviously be me.”
  • “Literally nobody said anything about being naked, Nicky. And besides, Dan obviously would be a better model than the both of you,” Matt says, crossing his arms, and winking back at Dan.
  • He couldn’t help but stir the pot a little.
  • But anyways, this week’s assignment is to take photographs at an abandoned building.

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Batman/Elmer Fudd Special (2017-) #1

After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, Elmer Fudd’s obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City. Welcome to Bat Season! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns. - $4.99

2 versions of the story. The DC version and the Looney Tunes version. BOTH GREAT!

anonymous asked:

Can I have a Jihoon and his boyfriend as like paranormal explorers?? (I'm in need of some spooky times)

this is cute 

-so jihoon didn’t initially want to go check out this abandoned hospital you found on an urban exploration app but a good amount of begging (and treating him to thai dinner) had him more okay with it

-and he laughs at you when you suit up with all these home remedies and even strap some salt into your fanny pack for easy access

-’jihoon i won’t love you anymore if you get possessed by a demon’ 

-’good thing you have your baggie of salt then’ 

-but for talking all big he looks pretty pale when you two pull into the gritty little side parking lot 

-and starts making a lot of excuses for why you two shouldn’t go in

-but now you’re the one talking him down like c’mon the salt is just in case i swear i won’t let you get possessed by a demon would you feel more comfortable if you got to carry it here

-and when you accidentally knock over some plywood he s c r e a m s 

-and you pretty much go deaf for a minute 

-so the rest of the time in the hospital he’s really close to your side and kinda gross-scared 

-like he’s channeling the fact that he doesn’t want to be here into thinking it’s all too gross to be around 

-and you play a game where you freak him out

-see some chipping red paint? ‘hey jihoon look at that blood stain’ 

-’jihoon bats can kill you duck!’ 

-’did you hear that giggling down the hall’ 

-and it’s all fun and games for a while while you explore the hospital but you start to really hear things 

-like there’s something coming after you down the hall??? 

-and there are these shadows moving??? 

-o fUK 

-so you two just book it  out of there and lock yourselves in the car and when jihoon reaches over to hug you he accidentally spills the salt 

-’i told you that i wouldn’t let you turn into a demon’ 

-and that thought is so stupid that he kisses you to stop you from saying anything else