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Other people and Cartoon Network themselves don’t seem to understand WHY people hate Teen Titans Go

If you bring up TTG and your dislike of it, you’re either greeted with people who agree with you, or people who say ‘You’re living in the past’ or ‘It’s a KIDS show get over it’ or ‘This is different, it’s not meant to be taken seriously’

This is what people and Cartoon Network themselves fail to understand: We get that and pretty much fully accept this is not OUR Teen TItans

It’s not that we’re opposed to the idea of a comedic reboot of something we love at all, I mean it’s worked amazingly in the past! Sonic is really benefiting from it with the new cartoon series, and even something as serious as BATMAN turned into Batman Brave and the Bold, and a lot of people love that series!!

So it’s not the fact that they turned Teen Titans into a comedy: It’s the fact that they did it wrong on so many levels, and the fact that the show runners and the network itself act like literal children when it comes to criticism.

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Batman/Elmer Fudd Special (2017-) #1

After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, Elmer Fudd’s obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City. Welcome to Bat Season! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns. - $4.99

2 versions of the story. The DC version and the Looney Tunes version. BOTH GREAT!

I love living in the country

We may have few gyms and pokestops but theres nothing quite like catching murkrows while crows are cawing in the trees, or psyducks next to the lake in which actual ducks are wading, or a zubat at dusk right after seeing a real bat flittering overhead.

One time I stopped to catch a stantler, and when I looked up a family of deer were crossing the road.

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Could you do some head cannons of the foxes exploring abandoned buildings? Thanks!

I actually waited to do this headcanon until after I had gone exploring an abandoned building myself. Now I feel like I am certified to speak on this topic.

  • For a team of ”””badasses””” the Foxes actually have a bunch of basic ass fears.
  • Which is why going to explore an abandoned factory turns out to be extremely fucking hilarious.
  • It happens because Neil takes up a photography class. And as expected all the foxes support him 10000%.
  • “I’ll model for your photos, Neil,” Allison had declared with a flick of her hair.
  • Which caused Nicky to stand up and argue, “Puh-lease Allison. If anybody is going to naked model for Neil, it will obviously be me.”
  • “Literally nobody said anything about being naked, Nicky. And besides, Dan obviously would be a better model than the both of you,” Matt says, crossing his arms, and winking back at Dan.
  • He couldn’t help but stir the pot a little.
  • But anyways, this week’s assignment is to take photographs at an abandoned building.

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Five little Robins went out one day, over the skyline and far away.
Daddy Bats said “Justice is served!”
But only four little Robins came back.

Repeat x4

Daddy Bats went out out one day, over the skyline and far away.
Daddy Bats said “I swear if you don’t get back here this instant you will all be banned from patrol indefinitely.”
And all of the little Robin’s came back.


I haven’t done a Throwback Thursday in a while - let’s go back four years, to when I did Polyvore portraits for the first time!

The top four are all my own characters (some retired), the other two (Autumn and Moscow) belong to lolautumn and doggables.

My art has really changed a lot since then!

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What's taxidermy old guy fox name? 😀 Do you have a lot of taxidermy stuff? Oh no, now I'm worried I'll lost you to taxidermy community!! Please, don't leave me! 😲

Lol you’re all stuck with me, I’m not going anywhere 😘

I mostly have small stuff (bats, ducks, a lil gator head etc) and bones and various stuff like that. Now that i have space I’m gonna be looking for bigger pieces!

My fox is usually just called Mr. Fox but his actual name is Lucifer! He’s now on top of my bookcase because my living room ceiling is no longer 6 feet high lol

Out of Town Part 1: Teen Wolf

This is from the request here. 

Because they weren’t specific I am gonna do different part for each fandom.

It’s probably gonna end up being four or five parts

You dumped your bag on the floor of the new apartment and sat on the floor. It had been a long journey but you had to get away from that place. When your parents figured out what you were you had to leave and you just ended up here in Beacon Hills.

You opened your laptop one of the few possessions you had left and started looking into schools and jobs around town. You found an easy job at a coffee shop and filled out the paperwork to transfer schools online.

**** next day ****

Changing into your least dirty clothes and cleaning yourself up the best you could you started off to Beacon Hills High School to meet with the principle.

*Stiles Point Of View*

I was talking to Scott when she came in. Her skin seemed like it was glowing and she looked absolutely kissable in the worn out clothes she was wearing.

“Dude,” I hit Scott on the arm and gestured towards her as she came down the hall. Her hair was down and swung around her shoulders with every step she took.

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Fight You For It

My entry for Gadreel’s Gigs for @kazchester-fanfiction!!!

UFC Fighter Gadreel! Yasss!

“Trust me, Y/N! You’re gonna want to see this.” Cait drug you into the gym, your protests falling on deaf ears. She pulled you close to her side, dropping her voice. “Look at all this man candy, girl. Muscles left and right!”

Your eyes took in the MMA gym, where about fifteen guys were at various stages of workout; some on the speed bag, a few working with punching bags. You could hear the clank of weights as they were taken off and put back on their respective stands. What caught your eye was the boxing ring in the back corner, where a small group of men watched two others as they circled each other.

You dropped your gym bag and watched curiously. “Who are they?”

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Aks meme, I got tagged by @nekopatoridesu !! Rules : answer the questions and tag 20 accounts you want to get to know better

Name: Sarah
Nickname: Sasa, Sarou, poulette (it’s like the feminin way to say chicken ), lady (by internet friends )
Height : 171 cm
Ethnicity: Caucasian, French
Favorite Fruit : BlackBerry, pineapples (not on pizza tho), litchi, raspberry
Favourite book : Planet of the Apes, the silver eyes (FNAF book yeah )
Favourite Flowers : Roses and cactus (it’s more of a plant but I love them )
Favourite animal: duck, bat, sloth, dog, cat
Favourite beverage : lemonade and coke (and coke with lemon in it)
Favourite fictional character : Geez there’s a lot… Rick sanchez, Gaston (and Lefou and Stanley too), Mettaton, Garnet , Jughead, Tom (in star vs foe ). The list keep on going but I won’t continue x)
Number of blankets you sleep with: it depends, from 1 in summer to 5 in winter
Dream trip: One of the country in the north like Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc. .
Blog created : in December 2016, just to shitpost and posting my drawings
Number of followers : 393 !! Again in less than a month I have a 100 more followers xD But I’m not at 400 yet. Please help me

I’m tagging @mothbyte @lisasbasket @personeh @cabonet @banana-cakes-k @tallulasphoto and @danathedancingbanana !! And if you want to do it, says I tagged you o/

Bow to the Queen (Joker/Reader Imagine) •12•

Request: Hello. Can you write a joker/reader where harley gets jely and starts a fight. Reader puts harley in her place.

Request: can u do a fic where harly gets jealous of the reader because j gives her more attention the harly?


Ever since the Joker and Harley had called it quits, he had always put his attention on you. You were a new hire to Mr. J’s elite team of hitmen, and had become the second woman to ever work for the Joker. You knew Harley didn’t like you, especially after J asked you to be his girl, well more so told, but either way you had said yes. The two of you were inseparable, and you had the marks to prove it, but you had kept them hidden to make sure Harley wouldn’t actually to try and kill you.

You looked down at your phone to see a text from J.

Meet me outside in five, got a new game to play

Got it x

You smiled at the technology in your hand and quickly put on your clothes. There was going to be a huge heist tonight, you had heard the men talking about it and Joker had just confirmed the huge rumor. Shoving your legs into your black leather shorts, you grabbed a ripped black tank top and threw on your dark green bomber jacket. Quickly running to the door you laced your heels, and armed yourself the essentials. Gun, knife, mini explosivesi, and lipstick. Giggling you opened the big wooden door to see your J siting in the purple lambo.

Jumping in you laced your arm through his, “Let’s have some fun!”

Only twenty minutes after you left, you found yourself battling ten guards at the Solvest manor. Your long leg made contact with one of their faces, cutting their cheek with the sharpened edge of your heel. Giggling you turned, and gasped, “BATSY.”

J’s face turned to look at you and you immediately pounced on the batman, wrapping your legs around his neck, slamming him to the floor. The dark knight flipped you over and cut your chin with one of his bat shaped knives.

“You know, your name is batman, I don’t think you need to have all the batshaped things, we get it.”

He growled and tried to punch you, but you flipped his arm backwards, getting to your feet, quickly aiming your heel onto his neck.

“You make one move Batsy and you die here and now.”

Struggling against your foot, you pressed down stabbing his neck. He went still and you pulled your foot free.

Shit, J was gonna be so mad.

You looked behind you and saw him standing there, not moving a muscle. His shirt was ripped and his green hair was slightly tussled.

Suddenly he moved and quickly made his way over to you and slammed you against one of the mansions walls.

“Sweetheart I could fuck you here and now, I fucking love you.” He gripped you face in his large hands, his body pressed against yours. “You’re not mad?” J kissed your neck and then your lips roughly. “Mm honey, you just killed my most hated enemy in the sexiest way right in front of my eyes. No I’m not mad, I’m impressed.”

“HOW DARE YOU!” A shriek sounded from the door. Harley stood soaked to the bone, red and blue makeup running down her face. “YOU BITCH, YOU STOLE MY PUDDING AND BATSY, IM GONNA KILL YOU.”

You pushed away from Joker and snarled, “Quinn, I’ve been waiting for this day since I first fucked your man, but he was never really yours now was he?”

She snarled and ran toward you with her bat in hand, but as she approached you used her rage to your advantage. She was unfocused, and as she swung her bat you ducked and grabbed the inside of her wrist pulling her down to the floor. And just like with the Bat your heel was at her throat ready to kill.

“Look where you are now, where you belong. J is mine, he’s done using you, get that through your thick skull.” 

And with the last word instead of ending her you used the top of your shoe to kick her head, knocking her out. Panting you backed away, and looked over at J. He was smiling from ear to ear. 

“Come on baby, let’s go home, I have quite a few rewards for you.” 

You giggled at the green haired man, and placing you hand in his took off into the night. 

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"Alright, I will say hello to Duck." -The bat smashes into your face, knocking you on the ground.-

“Mun-chan” has retired!

Duck-chan has now claimed ownership of the blog!

Quack quack quack. quack quack quack quack….but quack quack quack quack quack! Quack quack quack quack!

Caught In Winter - Part 1-Prologue

Originally posted by amjeth

Killing is all they’ve ever known. Bucky and (Y/N) were both captured by Hydra and turned into their prized killing machines. Memories wiped, Bucky and (Y/N) have turned into Ava and Jamie, and Hydra will do anything to keep the pair in their grasp. How far is Hydra willing to go to retain the pair as they begin to learn about what’s really going on?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2.4K

Warnings: Killing, Death, Language, Violence/Abuse(Some Graphic), Angst. So much angst. Probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

A/N: This part is a bit slow I guess, but the rest of the story isn’t like this, I promise.


My finger made an odd noise as the metal drummed on the table. I was sitting in a small café, waiting for my partner to give the signal that he found our target. My dull eyes scanned the crowd surrounding me. It seemed like everyone was clueless about the world around them. They were only concerned with their lives in the current, not about anyone else or what could really be going on right beside them. Tap. Tap. Tap. I glanced to the window beside me, and my partner was standing on the other side. He motioned to the host standing behind his podium at the entrance to the restaurant. With a nod, he stalked out of sight, blending into the crowd outside the café.

I focused on the suit-clad man standing behind his podium. That was our target. Apparently a man who knew a little too much about Hydra. My partner and I were sent here to take care of our loose end. Keeping my expression blank, I stood from my booth and grabbed the mask that rested on the booth seat. Tugging the stiff fabric over my face, I started forward, heading straight for my target. My goal would be to get him out back to deal with. Less witnesses.

In my peripheral vision, I could see everyone in the café watching me with unbidden curiosity. I was only steps away from my target when he finally caught sight of me. He held his hands up and began backing away slowly. He knew what I was, and why I was here. His eyes widened, and the man spun on his heel and took off running. Shit. I picked up my pace, able to keep up with him easily. I was hot on his heels as the man slammed through the kitchen doors. He flung them closed behind him, hoping to slow me down enough to let him escape. It was no use though. I pushed the door out of my way and caught sight of the man running out the back door.

He’d fallen for my trap easier than I’d expected. Jamie should be waiting on the other side of the door and that would be that. Only, I didn’t hear gunshots when I should have. My eyes narrowed, and I rushed through the door. Throwing the door open, I skid to a stop when my feet hit the uneven pavement. The was no sign of either Jamie or the target. “Son of a …”

My vision blurred when something heavy slammed into the back of my skull. I crumpled to the ground almost instantly, but within seconds, I was back on my feet. I spun to face the offender. The target took a small step backward, waving the aluminum bat before him. I cocked my head to the side, causing my long, (h/c) bangs to fall across my eyes. I began forward, my Vibranium arm reaching for the man’s throat. Suddenly, a set of images flashed through my mind. There was a train. And … Jamie? What was he …? I shook my head, refusing to let the visions cloud my mind.

I started forward again, rushing the man. He swung the bat, and I ducked. Before he could prepare for another swing, my hand was around his throat. I watched as his hands shot up, clawing at my hand. It was odd really, seeing his nails scraping at my appendage, but not being able to feel a thing aside from the pressure. Already tiring of hearing the man sputtering as he tried to draw air into his lungs, I felt slightly merciful. Increasing the pressure around his neck, I heard the telltale sound of bones snapping. His hands dropped away from mine, and I released his now limp form.

Mission complete.

I ducked my head and began to walk briskly out of the alleyway when I was hit with another wave of unwanted visions. My hands clutched at my head, fingers weaving their way into my (h/c) strands. I dropped to my knees and curled in on myself. Images flashed through my mind. I was laying in snow. My body was battered and broken. There was a man lying beside me, and around us, the snow began to turn a vibrant red color. In the present, my hands curled harder into my hair. The images didn’t stop there. There was another man. We were in … a train. Snow flew past us outside the small windows. The blonde in front of me spoke, but I couldn’t hear him.

Everything sounded like I was underwater. Nodding, I turned from the blonde in front of me and met the gaze of Jamie. A strangled cry broke free from my throat in the present. It felt like my mind was breaking in two. Who was the blonde? What was I seeing? Why did I feel overwhelming sadness? I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling anything. My (e/c) orbs were wide, and I felt something warm trailing down my cheek. I lifted my flesh and blood hand to my face and swiped at my face. It was wet. Was I crying?

“Ava!” a familiar voice called. Heavy footfalls rounded the corner, and my head snapped up. I took in the masked features of Jamie’s face, and another wave of sadness overtook me. I wanted to say something, but I choked on my words. What was going on? More warmth leaked from my eyes as I stared at the soldier in front of me. Jamie’s eyes narrowed as he took in my crumpled form. “What’s going on?” he demanded. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Finally, he strode forward and dropped to his knees in front of me. Jamie was now at eye level. He grabbed my chin and tugged my face upward. “Are you … Crying?”

I swallowed hard. “What’s happening to me?” I asked. Something wasn’t right. I was broken. Or was I? Isn’t this how people are supposed to feel? I wasn’t like them though. Sure I felt small things, but nothing like sadness. I couldn’t feel such a thing when I was completely surrounded by death.

Suddenly, Jamie’s hand tightened on my jaw. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused on his blue eyes. “Tell me Ava, what happened?” If I focused hard enough, I swear I could hear concern in his tone.

My eyes fell shut, and I took a deep breath. “I don’t know what’s going on. If I did, I’d say.” Shaking my head, I freed myself from his grasp. Shakily, I pushed myself off the ground and stared down at Jamie still kneeling on the pavement. “Whatever it was, it’s over now.” I nodded back over my shoulder. “The target’s dead. We need to get back now.” Jamie gave a quick nod in affirmation and stood.

“If you say so.” Jamie spun and disappeared around the corner. I was still a bit shaken about the odd visions. Jamie was there. What if … What if they were memories? I had to have a past. I couldn’t just be this … thing. With a heavy sigh, I followed the path Jamie had taken out of the alley.

I was currently sitting in one of the briefing rooms in the small Hydra base. My fingers made small pinging noises as they bounced off the metal of the table. I wasn’t listening to a word the male was saying as he paced about the room. Instead, my mind drifted to the images of Jamie and I facing each other in some far off world. I replayed the scene over and over, focusing on Jamie’s lips, trying to understand what he was saying. So far, all I had was, “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” What were we doing on the train? “Soldier!”

My breathing stopped, and my eyes snapped to Karpov who now stood in front of me. “Yes Sir!” I replied automatically.

“Are you listening to me, Soldier?”

This couldn’t end well. “Yes, Sir,” I stated again, though not as firmly as the first time.

Karpov’s eyes narrowed at me, and he leaned in close. “What did I just say?” I had no answer, so I simply kept my mouth shut. A second later, there was a sharp crack, and I was no longer facing Karpov. Almost instantly, my cheek began to burn, but I remained obedient to the man. I turned to face him yet again. “That’s what I thought, Soldier. Pay attention.” I watched as the male stepped back and began his speech again.

I tried to pay attention, I really did, but my mind drifted yet again. I quit trying to figure out the message and just relived the scene. Jamie smiled at me, and something in me shifted. “We’re gonna stop Hydra. Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. So just calm down, alright (Y/N)?”

Rolling my eyes, I gave my friend a pointed look. “Do I look panicked, Barnes?”

He chuckled. “Not particularly, but maybe I want a chance to calm you down.” Barnes gave me a wink and a smirk.

Back in the Hydra base, my eyes went wide. Jamie and I were going to stop Hydra? But, we work for them now. What was going on here?

“Ava!” Karpov shouted my name before he came into my line of sight again. He only used my name when he was pissed. Usually I’d be worried, but right now, I couldn’t care less.

I stood from my chair and took a step toward Karpov. “That’s not my name,” I stated plainly. Karpov’s eyes went wide for a second before his face fell blank again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His voice was now strained and his form rigid.

“What’s going on here? Where’s Jamie, or should I say, where’s Barnes?” I used the name I’d pulled out of my subconscious. Karpov’s face paled. He obviously didn’t like what was going on. I reached forward with my right hand, my entire being aching for the cold Vibranium to close around his windpipe like I’d done to the man earlier. “My name is (Y/N), isn’t it?” When Karpov didn’t answer, my metal fist clenched, and I swung at him. “Isn’t it?” I screamed. My fist swung forward and caught Karpov in the jaw. The man stumbled back, his hand shooting up to nurse his wounded jaw. “Why don’t I remember who I was?!” I moved forward again, closing in on the man.

Rather than beating him to a pulp like I craved, I took my chance and rushed the door. I flung the heavy metal back and bolted. Moments later, an alarm shrieked, and I could hear Karpov yelling in the background. “Soldier loose! Capture her and get her wiped! Ava has become non-complacent!” His words echoed in my head, but I only had one goal at the moment: Find Barnes and get the hell out of here. I don’t know what we doing before, but this sure wasn’t what we were supposed to be doing now.

My body ran on autopilot. Guards spilled from doorways, but I took them out with ease. It only took a good swing from my right arm, or a swift kick with my left leg. The men around me dropped to the ground like sacks of bricks. Apparently flesh wasn’t very strong against Vibranium. After landing a heavy punch to a guard’s temple, I rounded a corner and ran smack into a hard body. The leather vest adorning the chest before me was familiar, and I knew before even looking up that I’d found Jamie. “About time. We need to—“

I was cut short by a flood of guards rushing down the hallway. “Seize her! I order you to seize Ava!” the man leading the charge called to Jamie.

Jamie cocked his head and stared down at me. His blue eyes narrowed slightly. “What did you do Ava?”

I swallowed hard. “My name isn’t Ava, and yours isn’t Jamie.” The words seemed to tumble past my lips before I could stop them. “I don’t know why they call us those names, but I’m (Y/N). Your real name is Bucky.”

Jamie-er-Bucky’s features hardened. “You’re mad.” The crowd of guards had finally reached the two of us, and they converged on me. I wasn’t going down without a fight. Hands reached for me, and I began swinging madly. Both my metal and flesh fist made contact with soft flesh. The space surrounding Bucky and I had turned into a mad fray. Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed the nape of my neck. The pressure he owner applied was intense—much more than a human hand could exert. Bucky had a hold of me.

“Bucky, what are you? We need to go!” The grip on my neck tightened, and pained cry slipped past my lips.

Brown hair brushed my cheek as Bucky leaned in close. “My name is not Bucky,” he growled into my ear. His warm breath disappeared, and I was left stunned. “You said to capture her. What now?” Bucky held me at arm’s length, swinging me around, trying to figure out who to hand me off to.

“Bring her this way,” a familiar accented voice demanded. Bucky strode forward with me still in his grasp as he followed Karpov into a bone-chilling room that resembled a laboratory. Hydra men milled about, preparing for my arrival. “Place her in the chair and leave.” Bucky did as he was command and dropped me in the chair that sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by machinery. Instantly, men rushed forward, strapping me against the chair.

My former friend didn’t wait around to see what happened next. He was already striding out of the room, and my heart dropped at the sight. “Bucky!” I began fighting against my restraints, not caring about the pain as the metal dug into my left wrist. Suddenly, there was a hand in front of me, and something was crammed into my mouth. Behind me, I heard mechanisms whirring to life. My eyes widened as I could do nothing but stare as Karpov eyed me like a caged animal.

“Begin,” was the last thing I heard before the pain started and everything went blank.