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Top ten ships? (Friendship, relationship, etc)

1. Mchanzo - Overwatch. God. My life, my blood, my reason for living, my heart, my everything. This. Them.

2. Reaper76 - Overwatch . Grouchy dads in love, what’s not to like? The angst and pain that comes with it is just a plus.

3. JayDick - DC. Dick Grayson is Love. Jason is Life. I adore them as bros or as a romance. Just…leave me here to die, I’ll be fine.

4. Sheith - Voltron. I’m so weak. So much love. Whether it’s as bros or otherwise, just let them be happy.

5. SuperBat - DC. The eternal ship. If I one day decide to stop shipping them, it won’t matter because they’ll continue to ship themselves. I ship the bromance and the romance. 

6. Angbang - The Silmarillion. My weakness…Dark Lords banging.

7. Pharmercy - Overwatch. HAVE YOU SEEN PHARAH?? DAMN. I love the contrast of this ship, they’re beautiful.

8. Sidlink (Slinky) - LoZ. Idc what the official name is, Slinky is cute. As Bros or romantic ship, I ship.

9. Gencio - Overwatch. So green. so shiny. so pure. Great tunes. I also ship McGenji about as much as I ship this.

10. Stucky - Marvel. See a trend here?? Bros or romantic couple, it’s until the end of the line with these boys.

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So I hope this isn't weird but your Gabe priest au reminded me of when my dad was studying at his then childhood church to become one, half way through teachings he met my mom and he became friends with her but then realized he had fallen in love with her so one day he told me he prayed to god for a sign if he should continue or be with my mom and like a romance movie my mom showed up to invite him out for coffee and like imagine jack and Gabe au like that idk sorry >n<

ahhh that’d be a cute au fanfic actually!! T_____T aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <333

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Top 5 reasons you like Bucky Barnes?

5. he’s a smartass lil’ shit sometimes
(okay maybe more than sometimes) [x] [x] [x]
4. he whispered ‘holy cow’ while at a science fair. what a cute nerd! [x]
3. he’s selfless [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
2. he’s brave (and a badass) [x] [x] [x}
1. despite all the horrible stuff he’s been thru, he’s still KIND. like, MCU!Bucky didn’t even get revenge on the people who hurt him (even tho i was 100% on board with the idea of Bucky’s REVENGE 2k14 - 2k16) and i … *tries not to cry* …he’s just such a good person *ugly cries* [x]

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Your drawings always have the best expressions, I love them so much! Thank you for letting us see them : ) do you find yourself making the same faces you draw?

Thank you so much! Giving characters lots of expression is one of the main goals I aim for in my work, so I’m really glad you’re enjoying them :)

I haven’t caught myself making the same faces (yet), but I do make them on purpose while I’m drawing them and also when I’m figuring out dialogue in my head. I was making snarling faces and wild grins while stuck in traffic a few days ago because I was thinking up some Jason lines, and I’m pretty sure the driver next to me thought I was going through some weird form of road rage. So there was that.

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So I hope this isn't weird but I found your fics on AO3 and I think I binged through all of them? Over the span of three days and I just wanted to first, thank you for your stories, and second, praise your writing! The words paint very vivid images, the emotions are felt (I got sad in the sad fics) so brightly, it reminded me how good fics can be. The fact that you wrote about one of my OTPs is a bonus on top of bonus. So thank you again! Keep up the amazing work!

Not weird at all!!!! Messages like these make my day and make the time and effort spent writing the fics worth it!! :) You are so, so, so kind. Thanks so much!!!!!