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5 times that no one realized that Dean and Cas were dating and the one time it’s fucking obvious. 

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Dean was pouring over the magazine at the table.  Sam was sitting across from him eating some weird healthy breakfast shit.  Dean was eating about a half-dozen eggs and a pack of bacon.  “So, I can’t find any good male, two-person costumes.”  He glowered at the page.

Looking up, Sam’s eyebrow scrunched up.  “Isn’t that weird; I mean, who do you plan to wear it with?”

“Cas.”  Dean licked his thumb and flipped the page.

Sam put the paper down.  “Uh, okay, but people may get the wrong idea if you go to a party in a paired costume.”  He quirked an eyebrow in skepticism.

Dean glared at him. “Why is-” His alarm went off.  “Shit, I’m going to be late for Econ.”  He grabbed up his jacket and bag in one hand and picked up his paper plate and fork with the other. 

Going back to the paper, Sam called out.  “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”  He laughed lightly.

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