bat alicorn


Happy nightmare night!

Just a random idea that popped into my head and omg too adorable to pass up.
I’ll let the story and implications of the setting here remain up to your imagination X3

Oh and please excuse the moon going against the light source, it was too cool not to leave in so I added a lantern to be the hopeful source of the shadows XD but i don’t think it worked. oh well.



This took.. FOREVER TO MAKE!!!
But I’m getting closer to Dulcet’s defeat. :)

Answers for
And askskypethepony

Also I didn’t feel like redrawing Discord’s arm and I was lazy -_-.

Happy Birthday Vanillie!

Her OC’s from top left to bottom right:
- Celia the Bat Alicorn, who like to write children storys and like to telling it to little foals.
- Elise the orphan changeling.
- Lightning Wing, the energetic Pegasus.
- Night Shadow the bat pegasus, and Glowing Star. They were rivals when they met but late they became close friends.
- Cloverlee, who likes the natur.

All OC, and the pictures © Vanille913