bat alarm

Abducting Time Off

For weeks her staff had whispered and laughed, often falling silent when she came too close. Despite being leaders in a dozen different specialties within the medical community, it was neigh impossible to keep from office gossip, or even office politics. It was no surprise that the favorite topic of discussion was their favorite head of medical research and the attention she got from the head of Blackwatch. She knew that much.

Angela groaned and batted at the screeching alarm at her bedside. She successfully knocked two books and a file folder to the floor before she finally found the alarm clock. Today she was scheduled to scrub in for a particularly complicated surgery involving more moving parts than she normally had to keep straight. She’d yet to meet the patient, but her staff had provided the necessary charts and scans to be ready. At least she wasn’t the principle surgeon. Eventually she padded into the surgical wing with a nutrient bar hanging out of her mouth as she tried to put her hair up into a bun.

One of the nurses scurried after her. “Doctor Ziegler- wait!” Angela paused, a question on her face, her mouth still full. “You’re needed at helipad 4- there’s already a team on their way, Reyes called ahead. I don’t know more than that, but they will tell you more when you get up there.” Angela paled. “I’m on my way.”

The doctor arrived at the helipad, her Caledeus staff in hand. She gasped for breath, her wild eyes searching for the emergency medical team that was supposed to precede her. Her eyes fell on the only figure waiting for her.

“… Where is the emergency?”