Who’s sitting in MY chair??

Benedict arrived onstage at Sherlocked 2016 & found the talk host sitting in ‘Sherlock’s’ chair, so they swapped places so Ben could sit in his rightful place!! (and then a couple of minutes later he realised that half the audience could only see the back of his head, so he shifted his chair round a bit. such a thoughtful bloke!). Please don’t edit or repost these pictures, ta.


And here is the Moriarty video from John’s blog which has also been deactivated. Especially interesting in the light of TAB.

“Asexuality” and “celibacy” are not synonyms. Like a religious figure who takes a vow, Sherlock Holmes disconnects himself from emotions because they cloud judgement or, in the BBC version, they lead to “heartbreak, pain, loss, death” (HLV). To make the choice to disconnect from such human instinct is a very emotional decision, as Moffat has before pointed out. Sherlock Holmes is a man with impulses and a past, which he mulls over in his mind palace. He’s haunted by the personification of homosexuality in TAB. He doesn’t care enough to remember John’s girlfriends’ names but he needs to know everything there is about Major Sholto and his relationship with John. “Girlfriends” are not his area and “the fair sex” is not his department. He dreams of someone urging him to elope with John and John thinking it over and eventually agreeing. Victorian Sherlock dreams of a comfortable future that he and John can live in together. Sherlock calls Irene’s nakedness “boring” but puts John’s face on the Vitruvian Man. He’s flattered by John’s interest but tells Irene not to be flattered by his intellectual grasp of her figure. Sherlock is celibate in this version of the story. It is by choice that he does not indulge in those impulses stirring within the dark corners of his mind.

I loved it! …I loved not having to deal with the ‘Curly fu hair’. I loved not being in the make-up chair longer than Amanda. I’m usually there longer than any of the women in our series with my beautiful womanish hair.
—  “What was it like to film the special?” Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)
How Season 4 will go down
  • Episode 1
  • John :I can see five Thatchers.
  • Sherlock :No John, there is one hidden under the elephant in the room. There are six.
  • John :AMAZING!!
  • Sherlock :*Blush*
  • Episode 2
  • Sherlock :John I am dying.
  • Sherlock :Sorry I was lying.
  • John:ASSHOLE !
  • Episode 3
  • Sherlock and John :Runs into the sunset together while holding hands..
  • Tumblr :sobbing and laughing maniacally.