Let’s take a moment to think about flexibility, love, and Rhinopoma spp.


  • six species of flying cave goblins
  • they are bat beanpoles. arms fo days. legs fo mins. please nourish yourselves
  • echolocate through their noses but subtly
  • genus name means “nose fruit” (???? they’re not even fruit bats)
  • they actually kind of suck at flying but have been known to chase beetles on foot
  • that tail though
  • roost in the goddamn pyramids, that’s right, these are actual tomb bats
  • here’s a picture of two having an argument:
  • that looks fake but okay
  • also they are small

In conclusion, if you didn’t know that these bats existed, you do now and your life is improved.

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Even though it’s only September I’m definitely in a Halloween mood :D So I whipped up these little batties and thought I’d share the pattern with you ♥
It’s a .pdf pattern that’s one part photo instructions and the second part is a printable template.
I would give it a 3/10 stars in difficulty, so sewers that have made an easy plush or two might be able to give it a try! I hope you all like it!