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@milkteamiku‘s Seven Days fic forever changed my life. Literally one of the best writers ever so check out their stuff. 

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I just need a tutorial on how to draw Zane's hair :|

Side View

1. Draw your face.
I personally don’t outline the hair, I wait until I know for sure where the eyes are because it impacts where the break in his hair is. Do draw him like he’s bald though, and keep it at a light shade you can easily erase later. That will help you know how long to make his hair. 
2. Sideburn Outline.
This is where the eyes come into play. Make sure this is on a different layer, or light so you can erase it. It’s just an outline, nothing fancy. The bridge of the nose and the bottom of the eyebrow is what I use to determine where the part in Zane’s hair is. I use the bottom of the eye to tell where it stops on the ear. (If you don’t want to do that part, just say it ends before the ear connects to the face).
3. Separation
Just make a simple arch from the part to the forehead. Make sure to leave a pretty big gap between the eyebrows and where the hair starts. 
4. Shaved Part
If you have a circle tool (if you don’t, make your best circle) starting from where the ear connects to the face to the neck. Then, draw a line between the two points. This will be the basis of where the hair ends on the neck. 
5. Flow
After I finish lining where the hair ends, I figure out the flow of his hair. I have it go up basically flat against his head and then kinda flow out from his face and up. 
6. Back of the Head
I stay pretty much as flat to the head as I can here, and then when I get towards the top branch off to show a little bit of fluff and length.
7. Tuft Outline
Going from where the head reaches it’s highest point, draw a line straight up Then, where you drew the outline of the separation on the forehead, draw an arch to the line. 
8. Top of Head
Use the outline to tell where the hair should go and how it flows. I add a few spikes here and there to show fluffiness, adding more can create untidiness. 
9. Sideburn details
Now that you know where the hair parts at the forehead, you can finish the hair at his forehead. Draw the sideburns with a little tuft at the break to show where the hair kind of breaks off.
10. Forehead
This is where I struggle the most. I make spikes near the sideburns to show that the hair is shorter, but as I get near the top I just kind of draw curves in order to show the hair is being pulled upwards. I then add a few hairs poking out to show untidiness. 
11. Finishing Details
Finish the line for the forehead and neck if you haven’t already, followed by a few spikes in his hair to show fluffiness. 
12. Tada!

Front View

The same general rules apply for this. Draw your face, use the bridge of the nose and eyebrows to find your break. Create your outline for the forehead separation. Draw the hair going upwards and towards the center. Then you add the details of the forehead.


I think what we need to rediscover right now in this really divided, divisive climate of “us” and “them” is personal connection. I know that can sound a bit hippy-ish and hokey-ish. Ultimately, the whole basis of any art is the idea that, deep down, “me” and “you” are actually the same.There’s no “us” and “them”, just “us”. We’re all in this mess together. - Riz Ahmed by Jeff Singer for Deadline


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

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Can we get some more Félix and Bridgette kisses? I feel deprived.

how could i refuse someone deprived of the best kind of kisses???

sometimes felix tries to take advantage of his height to stay in charge, but bridgette just plays dirty