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I think what we need to rediscover right now in this really divided, divisive climate of “us” and “them” is personal connection. I know that can sound a bit hippy-ish and hokey-ish. Ultimately, the whole basis of any art is the idea that, deep down, “me” and “you” are actually the same.There’s no “us” and “them”, just “us”. We’re all in this mess together. - Riz Ahmed by Jeff Singer for Deadline


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

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my magnum opus


365 Wonderful Paper Crane Creations From The Diary Of An Origami Enthusiast

Cristian Marianciuc is an artist with an obsession for creating origami cranes. As a New Year’s resolution for 2015, the artist had taken up an art project to devise a unique origami crane every day. Rather than focusing on the technical complexity of pleats and folds that go into making these paper birds, the artist has explored making them creative and whimsical. The challenging origami project is a diary for the artist to craft his emotions, experiences and document them on a daily basis through this addictive art.

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You’ve got some options here: either this is the first Valentine’s Day/Nursey’s birthday they’re together and Dex is awkwardly waiting like a nervous dweeb, OR this is some unspecified future Valentine’s Day/Nursey’s Birthday and Dex has a ring in his pocket.

(yoooooooooooooo you asked for this like a million years ago but I A) wanted to post this closer to Nursey’s birthday and B) couldn’t stop my mind from going “put Dex in lingerie put Dex in lingerie put Dex in lingerie–”

I may still put Dex in lingerie, but my art isn’t typically too NSFW and I didn’t want to blindside anon with it ;) )

10 Reasons Why All Creative People Should Keep an Art Journal:

1) A written journal documents the facts of our experiences, an art journal documents the inspiration we glean from these experiences, and the creative process of acting on that inspiration.

2) Adding an entry to an art journal every day gives us a reason to use our creativity on a daily basis.

3) An art journal is a place where we can experiment with new mediums and techniques without fear of failure or judgement.

4) Art journals document the way our creative ability progresses, we can look back on old ones to see how much our styles have improved.

5) Art journals help us preserve every aspect of a memory- small trinkets like ticket stubs and receipts can be complimented by a creative expression of how we felt at the moment being documented.

6) Our journals give us an excuse to save all the little things we would otherwise have had to throw away- a flower from behind an ear, a note left by someone we love.

7) Because creativity comes from the world around us, art journals allow us to include more of the outside world than written journals. Newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, and magazine articles can be included to provide the context in which each art journal is created.

8) Because of their disorganised nature, art journals can serve many functions. Your journal can be a class notebook, a sketchbook, a diary, a day planner, a scrapbook, or anything else you might need to use it for.

9) There’s an amazing art journal community on Tumblr that can give great feedback and criticism on the entries that you choose to share and also provide inspiration for sufferers of artists-block. Its a great way to get involved with a creative community.

10) Finally, a well loved art journal becomes an extension of your soul. It gives comfort when it is near and is a source of personal pride. It is as close as we can come to preserving ourselves, and is therefore a necessary part of the creative individual’s life.

The truth has to come out, that’s the basis of art. But that’s not to say the world must see it. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to draw the secret things. No one said art was always a zephyr; sometimes it’s a hurricane. Even then you must not hesitate or change course. Because if you tell yourself the great lie of bad art - that you are in charge - your chance of the truth will be lost. The truth isn’t always pretty.

Stephen King,     Duma Key

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oh wait, papyrus and undyne (and frisk) probably always destroy the house when theyre training. this is normal. hm.


Since I don’t have a valentine for myself, I drew my friends for Valentine’s Day. You’re all nerds and I love you. Left to right (top to bottom): Wheeler, Tex, Ally, me, Jenny.
Ps. I’ll color this eventually.