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Very important- please read

Hey guys. I’ve been keeping some things from you.
I’m currently homeless, living in my car. Speaking of that car, I have a flat tire, no gas and my battery is dead, so getting a job is really difficult at the moment, though I have applied to places within walking distance, but until I actually get a job, I’m really uneasy, and borderline panicking right now.
I’ve run out of money, like I’ve got maybe a dollar in my bank account.
I don’t like begging for money, call is pride or me feeling like a burden, so please, let me ask.
My paypal is
Please, even if you can’t help me can you at least reblog this?
I don’t have anything to really offer you, I’m not necessarily good at art or writing, but if you want, I’ll do my best to draw you a thing or a write you a happening.
I’m quickly running out of options and I don’t know what else to do.
Again, my PayPal is
Every little bit helps, including reblogs.
Thank you so much.
I hope you don’t mind, but I’m tagging larger blogs who have a bigger audience than me, to help spread the word.
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Sé que no soy una persona normal, que vivo acariciando la locura, que tengo innumerables defectos. Sin embargo, creo que en mi vida merezco a alguien que entre tantos defectos, encuentre al menos una razón para amarme; y con eso le baste para quedarse.

Bast was tired, that was the long and the short of it.

Trevor had been arrested, and it felt… Unsatisfactory, somehow. And besides, everyone was still hurt. Katie now most of all, but everyone else as well. It didn’t change much, he found.

And he was so tired.

He knew Kelsey was coming over so he got himself around to be more of a functional human. But he hoped his girlfriend was in a mood to do something low key.

face/time // kelstin

Austin was having a weird couple of days, beginning with two of his oldest friends straight up not knowing he’d been in town for a month, and ending with a particularly close encounter of the third kind. But after hanging out with two of the three, Austin realized it had been a weirdly long time since he’d had some face time with his other best girl friend (and the best, truthfully). So he’d texted Kelsey earlyish in the day to find out a time that would work for her.

He didn’t insist that Bast not hang around–the guys had managed somehow to become friends–but the other man was busy with something or other and wasn’t around when Austin showed up. So Austin knocked and waited for Kelsey to answer the door. He was excited to see her, he found, and more than usual. Weird.


Jung Yunho?
Don’t ever say that name in front of me.
I HATE that rich Bast*rd!!!
I HATE how handsome he is.
I HATE his annoying SMILE;
And the way it makes me feel
I HATE everything about him!

At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

“Hate To Love You” - A Yunjae Hate/Love-Story. ^^


My gifs/edits.
Credit: Youtube.