bastos ka

I feel bullied by the universe rn, kase ano.. yung dalawang kasama ko sa pag-uwi may susundo sa kanila mamaya dito sa office,at niyayaya nila akong maggala jusq edi fifth wheel ako nun bessyyy. Fifth wheel mygawd ! hahaha hindi ano hahayaan ko na lang silang mag double date tapos ako, pwede naman akong lumamon mag-isa, maggala mag-isa at umuwi na rin mag-isa HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

what the! Anuna Universe? Wag mo naman sana akong binubully ng ganito. Bastos ka din e

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much (1/5)

To commemorate my first month as dakilanglumpia and getting 100 (pero 111 na ngayon) followers, I bring you a Mabinaldo modern!AU. This is dedicated to @theflyingbluepanda @durch-artist @crejapasta @anditoakoparamagkasala @earlgreymints​, all my followers, to all in the Heneral Moon fandom, and most especially, those who have been taken aback by the recent issue. Stay strong! Love kayo ni Ate/Tita/Mama/Nanay/Inay/Ninang Cielo/Lumpia <3

Listen to this song while reading (Diyan ko din nakuha yung title HAHAHA so medyo songfic???). Pampa-hype lang siguro ng feels? Kayo bahala.

“Emilio! Monday na Monday, back too soon?” Isabel called out from behind the counter as I entered the café.


“Bastos ka, alam mo yun?” She gave me the stink eye as I walked over to where she was.

“Mahal mo naman ako e.” I winked.

“Shh. Baka marinig ka ni Tonio.”

“Tigilan mo nga ako, Isabel!” A voice boomed from the kitchen.

“Pabayaan mo yun,” Isabel laughed. “So, anong meron ngayon? Paper? Exam?”

“Paper. Due next week, pero gusto ko na tapusin para di ako matambakan.”

“That’s good, ipagpatuloy mo yan.”

I glanced at the overhead menu boards, thinking of ordering something new. I looked up, only to see the usual writings, unchanged and plain as ever. The menu doesn’t really look convincing to me.

“Alam mo ba, natutunan ko sa isa sa mga prof ko, mas effective ang menu kapag maganda yung graphics or kaya yung typography, lalo na kung may gusto kayong ipa-try na bagong flavor o pastry.”

“I never thought of it that way. Akala ko kasi pag ganyan lang, okay na. Medyo bagay kasi sa theme ng cafè eh,” She looked at the boards. “I’ll tell my boss about it. Thank you. Upo ka na para makasimula ka na. I’ll have them prepare your usual order.” I said thank you before walking to my usual table and set my laptop up.

Two hours into my stay, the chimes by the door swung and made a sound. A chorus of, “Hi, sir!” resonated throughout the café. Curiosity washed over me and I looked at their boss. Sa tinagal-tagal kong pumupunta dito, ngayon lang kami nagpang-abot.

You could just imagine how surprised I was. Di naman sa bastos ako, pero di ko lang akalain na lumpo siya.

He nodded in acknowledgment as he wheeled himself around, looking around for a free table. Sadly, wala. Na-conscious ako dahil wala naman akong kasama sa table, pero pang-apat, kaya inayos ko yung gamit ko to let him know na okay lang kaming mag-share.

Antonio saw me clearing up space, so he volunteered to wheel him to my table. He took away one of the chairs and positioned his boss in front of the table. Inilapag niya yung leather satchel niya sa mesa. Nilapitan kaagad siya ni Isabel na may bitbit na isang mug ng kape.

“Sir, the usual.” Isabel smiled. Their boss smiled back as he took the mug from her hands.

Up close, dun ko nakita nang husto ang mukha niya. He looked relatively plain, save for the glorious cheekbones. He’s probably in his early 30s, judging by the faint laughter lines and crow’s feet on his face. He looks like he could be a charmer, but his eyes said so otherwise. Mukhang pagod siya at walang oras sa mga walang kwentang bagay.

“Sir, ito nga po pala yung kinukwento namin sa inyo na regular customer natin na halos magsara na ng café,” I smiled sheepishly. “Emilio, this is our boss, si Sir Apolinario Mabini.”

“It’s nice to finally meet our most loyal customer,” Hearing him talk makes a very big difference. His voice may have sounded a bit raspy, like he has been talking all day, but it was rich and husky. “Excuse my voice, kaninang umaga pa ako nagtuturo.”

“Ayos lang. Teacher ka pala.”

In a sense, oo. Part-time lang, para ma-practice speech skills ko.”

I didn’t know what to respond with so we stopped talking after that. He brought out small but thick books to read while I slaved on my paper. I glanced quickly at the spines of his books and inferred that he teaches Law at my university.

The sun eventually set and darkness soon took over the sky.

I was broken out of my trance when I heard pens clattering on the floor and a muffled string of curses. I crouched to pick all of the pens up and came face-to-face with Apolinario when I returned his pens. He muttered a ‘thank you’ as he took the pens from me. That’s when I saw his little black book opened to a page full of typography drills.

“Ang ganda,” His ears turned red as he muttered another ‘thank you.’ “Judging from what I’ve observed since we met, I’m assuming na lisensyadong abogado ka na and you teach at a Law school. Tapos magaling ka pa mag-calligraphy? What can’t you do?”

Walk, apparently.” Oh shit.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” He chuckled.

“Ano ka ba, okay lang. Ako naman humirit eh. What’s life without a few jokes here and there at my expense?

“Buti ka nga marami kang talent e. Ako, eto, flat tops lang.” There it is again, that ticklish sound.

“PMA graduate turned Philosophy major?” Tinaasan niya ako ng kilay.

“Close enough. Tama ka na sa una, pero Political Science.”

“Eto na lang, para sa Social Science 2 yung papel mo, no?”

“Kasama ba ang manghuhula sa resumé mo?” He just laughed at me.

“Grabe ka naman. You’re the one who’s been whispering, ‘Punyeta, ano bang pake ko sa state of nature ni Rousseau eh may sibilisasyon na?’” I awkwardly scratched the back of my neck. Nadali ako dun ah.

“How do you like your coffee?” Napa-kunot yung noo niya.

“No, it’s okay. I can have them fix me another cup.”

“I insist. You’re good company, and makakadagdag ako sa sales ng coffee shop mo pag ibinilihan kita.”

“Black. No cream, one sugar.

I stood up and walked over the counter. Isabel took our order and Antonio served them to me.

“Never ko pang nakitang nagdala ng kaibigan yan dito, wala ring kinakausap yan bukod sa staff. Pero kahit samin, medyo malamig pakikitungo niya,” I looked over to Apolinario’s direction. He was quietly scribbling on his doodling book. “Baka ikaw na magpabago sa kanya.”

I nodded solemnly, took the tray of drinks and walked back to our table. Apolinario and I talked about a lot of things, mostly related to school. Nung medyo nawawalan na kami ng pag-uusapan, nag-volunteer siya na tulungan ako sa paper ko. Andami niyang binigay na magagandang insights, at dun niya na-reveal na bukod sa nagtuturo siya sa College of Law, nagtuturo din siya ng Social Science 2 every other sem. Binara-bara ko lang yung papel ko, pero pagkatapos naming pagtulungan, ramdam na ramdam kong mau-uno ko na yung requirement na yun. If only magaling din ako sa exam.

People came and go, and soon, it was just the two of us, save for the staff who were now cleaning up the place.

“Alam mo, ang ganda ng café mo. Hindi mukhang mainstream kaya ramdam na ramdam mo yung comfort. Maganda yung ambiance, bale.

“Yun ba yung dahilan kung bakit madalas ka dito?”

“Actually, oo. At tsaka, ang sarap talaga nung chicken pasta salad ni Isabel.”

“True. Yun ang madalas kong kinakain dito.”

Napatingin ako sa relo ko. Hala ka, 11:00 na. Nakipagdaldalan lang ako, pa-hatinggabi na.

“Apolinario, medyo late na kasi, kailangan ko na mauna. Maaga pa kasi ako bukas. It was nice chatting with you. Next time ulit, pag maganda schedule ko.” I said habang inaayos ang gamit ko.

“Likewise, Emilio,” He said as he put away his things, too. “Oh, and, Pole, my friends call me Pole.

Miong na lang din,” I waved goodbye before walking out the door. Not more than ten steps have I taken when an idea popped in my head and I came back to the café. Dumungaw lang ako pagkabukas ko ng pinto. “Mas maganda siguro kung gagamitin mo yung calligraphy skills mo sa menu boards niyo. Pangit sulat ni Antonio eh.” Pole just laughed.

“Gago ka talaga, Aguinaldo! May araw ka rin sakin, kita mo!” I let out a chuckle as I walked away.

It took me two weeks before I had the opportunity to visit the café. I went back on a Monday, the same time when I met Pole, and when I went inside, the boards were revamped. The plain and scratchy handwriting in white chalk was replaced with elegant loopy typography.

“Uy, Emilio! Tagal nating nawala ah?”

“Medyo naging busy kasi ako. Pasensya naman, Isabel.” We shared a good laugh.

I looked around for a familiar man in a wheelchair but found none. Instead, I noticed the amount of typography art framed on the walls.

“Si Sir Mabini? Nasa ibang bansa siya ngayon,” I probably looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she mentioned him. “Nasabi mo pala sa kanya yung tungkol sa menu, no? Tama ka, mas naging ma-benta yung café nung inayos yung menu. Naglagay din siya ng mga artwork niya sa dingding. Galing, no?”

“May kakaibang talent talaga siya.”

“Yep. At tsaka, uy, alam mo ba, na-feature kami sa iba’t ibang blogs tungkol sa mga must-visit na café dito sa Manila? Whimsically inventive and artsy daw kami.

“Congrats sa inyo, Isabel.” I ordered my usual, a hot caramel macchiato and a plate of Isabel’s to-die-for chicken pasta salad.

“May ipinapabigay pala si Sir Mabini sayo, Emilio.” She said as she handed me a note with my name in neat cursive. It read:

I heard you dropped your Social Science 2 class last week. If you’re still interested, 2435-6 - SocSci 2 TTh 1000-1130.

We didn’t see each other again for the whole semester, but I was sure as hell excited for the next.

Is their relationship platonic? Is it romantic? Who knows?

CoffeeShop!AU masterpost.

Bus Ride

So tinopak ako. Imbes asikasuhin ang TSIB and TMEUAS updates, nagdecide ako na gumawa ng AU ficlets about first meetings // or what if ganito sila unang nagkakilala?

This one’s something new. You’ll know why.


Prompt: idk you but you fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus and the only reason i’m letting you stay there is bc you look very comfy and i’m a good person - it’s totally not bc you’re also possibly the cutest and most precious human being i have ever seen hahah okay maybe a lil” au

Facebook Group Chat


Andreau Cortez: Why?

                             At nasan ka na, Anya? You’re late

Zade Pascual:   Wag ka ngang masungit, Andreau. Parang di ka nalelate ah

                           What’s wrong, Anya?

Anya: Guys I think I’m in trouble

Andreau: Trouble!?

                 What trouble?

Zade: Sabi ko sayo sumabay ka na lang kay Dan kanina eh!


Anya: Bus. Traffic. That’s not the problem

Zade: Eh ano? Nasan ka na ba?

Anya: May kuyang nakasandal sa balikat ko guys help

Andreau: Sus akala ko pa naman kung ano. E di tulak mo

Zade: Bastos ka talaga kahit kelan Francisco

Anya: Nahihiya ako omg

          He looked so tired guys

          And studious. Nakatulog siya hawak yung handouts ata niya?

Andreau: Handouts?

Anya: Ugh he’s reading Nick Joaquin. Kay Prof Dimalaan.

           Siya yung terror prof ng lit diba?

Zade: Oohh.. schoolmate pala natin yan! Nice!

Andreau: Itulak mo na, Anya. Baka chansing na yan

Zade: Wow alam na alam mo ha

           Malamang gawain mo kasi

Andreau: Ignorning you, pascual


Andreau: kanina ko pa nga sinasabi sayo na itulak mo na

                  Try mo rin kasing hindi maging mabait minsan

Zade: Yeah, Anya. Take the advice of the grumpiest person in the world


Zade: Ewan ko sayo

Anya: Guys he stirred! Akala ko gising na siya

          Kaso shit natulog ulit!!!!!!

          Nahihiya ako guys sarap ng tulog niya

Zade: Gwapo ba?


          Cute siya in fairness

Zade: Eh di go lang! kung mukhang harmless naman pabayaan mo na

Andreau: mga gawain mo talaga zades

Zade: Tapos paggising niya make him super uncomfortable para hindi ka na niya kausapin

          Ignoring me pala ha

          Mukha mo

Andreau: Anya wala bang pangalan yung handout niya?

Anya: Wait lemme check

           Shit meron kaso natakpan ng braso niya

           He maybe cute and all pero ang bigat ng ulo niya ha

Zade: Take a selfie! Patingin si kuyang cute!

Andreau: zades! Respect the guy will you?

Zade: Sus kung si Roldan ang nasa pwesto ni anya ikaw pa tong magsusuggest sa kanya ng selfie jusko

Anya: in fairness may point si zades dun

          Wait lang naghahanap ako ng maayos na angle

Takes a selfie of her and the sleeping guy



             PINAASA MO AKO


          Dumaan kasi yung kundoktor. Ang sama ng tingin sa’kin

           And he’s snoring. God andreau sana ganito ka humilik


Andreau: Ha ha ha fine gang up on me

                 The guy looks cozy, anya. Watch his hands, baka mamaya kung saan yan mapunta

Zade: Ugh you and your protective crap, cortez

          Isa pang selfie!!! I wanna see his face!

Anya: ZADES!!! Last na yon!!!

          Grabe he looks so peaceful. Naaawa ako. may eyebags na siya shet

           At andreau hindi siya mukhang manyak ok

Andreau: sus sa una mukhang hindi manyak yang mga ganyan

Zade: maniwala ka kay andreau, anya

      Based from experience yang sinasabi ni andreau

Andreau: back to ignoring you pascual

Anya: he stirred again! Kaso mas sumandal pa siya uhuhu

        And still snoring. Ang cute ng snore niya

Andreau: ugh need I remind you guys na hindi to girl chat. I’m here

Zade: don’t be such a spoil sport, cortez

Anya: Lean ang name niya

Zade: Lean? As in payat?

          What kind of name is that????

Andreau: wow nagsalita ka ha

Zade: shut up ignoring you

          Walang last name? isesearch ko sana sa student database

Anya: natakpan ng braso niya yung last name

          Batchmate natin omg!!!!

Andreau: plot twist: hiniram lang niya yung handout sa iba at two batches younger satin yan

Anya: Bwiset ka Andreau cortez

          No wonder hindi ka sinasagot ni Zades


Andreau: Hindi naman ligawin yang si pascual ano

Anya: hahahaha so cute guys

          Omg gumalaw na rin kami hallelujah!!!!

          Siguro mga 20 minutes nasa terminal na ako

Zade: hoy gising na ba si kuya???

          Don’t forget to get his name!

Anya: he sleeps like a rock

          I’m afraid na tulo-laway siya huhuhu org shirt pa naman tong suot ko

Zade: uy may DNA yan!!!

Andreau: saan mo ba nakukuha yang ideas mo, pascual??

Zade: not important



Anya: Nahihiya nga ako!!! I’ll just ignore him later

           Okay guys gtg palowbat na ako. see you sa mtg ok??? Don’t kill each other.



20 minutes later

Andreau: Anya??? Still there??

                Saan ka na?

5 minutes later…

Zade: Anya??? Yoohooo 25 minutes na!!! where are you???

3 minutes later

Anya: Guys sorry!!!!! Nakicharge pa ako sa powerbank ni Lean eh!!!


Andreau: WHAT


Zade: Anong yeah ka dyan?? Wru???

          You’re still with him!?????

Anya: Oo nga!!!

          A funny thing happened earlier

          Right after kong patayin phone ko nagising siya

          And he apologized profusely. He’s so cute about it

Andreau: more girl stuff I see

Zade: andreau kung ayaw mo sa usapan libre magleave group ano

          o tapos???

Anya: Ayun he asked if okay lang daw ba na ilibre niya ako ng brunch

          Nandito lang naman kami sa mcdo. Paalis na rin kami

Zade: wow he’s smooth! Kinikilig ako!

Andreau: lagi ka namang kinikilig eh

                Hoy dalhin mo yan dito ah. Pakilala mo samin. Papunta na rin si dan dito

Zade: yeah bring him here!!! Dali baka marecruit natin sa org hahaha!

Anya: baliw kayo

          Okay you might see him

          Ihahatid daw niya ako dyan


          Girl, last na. pwede selfie??

Andreau: what’s with you and your selfie obsession? Btw idedelete ko na mga selfie mo sa ipad ko

Anya: mamaya na lang daw in person

          Para pamysterious! See you guys!!!


Much to Andreau and Zade’s surprise, kilala pala nila si Lean.

Si Leandro Abarquez, ang student assistant nila sa Phil Lit. Ang klaseng hindi nila pinasukan that morning dahil sa meeting nila.. kuno.

Nahingi ng pambayad sa school ang apo ng isang ’No Read, No write’ na lola…

LOLA: Magkano ba ang kailangan mo, apo?

APO: P150 po.

LOLA: para san ba yun?

APO: Bibili po ako ng subject at predicate. (sabay abot ni Lola sa apong matalino)

Kinuwento sa akin yan ng tatay ko, pinariringgan siguro ako. Sobra kasing daming bayarin sa school, at hindi niya alam kung binabayad ko talaga yon o binubulsa ko lang. Alam kong iba ang tingin ngayon ng mga matatanda sa kabataan ngayon, at sumasalamin yon sa bawat isang kabataan.

Sobra na tayong bastos, nawawala na ang ‘edad’ ngayon. Masyadong mabilis ang pagtanda. Hindi porke’t maloko yung ibang mas nakakatanda eh, sobra mo nang tratuhin na parang katropa.

Alam ko, bastos din ako, minsan. At gumagawa na ko ng pakonti-konting moves para maiwasan ang kabastusan. 

Kapag pumasok ka sa buhay ko, hindi ka na pwedeng lubas at umalis ng basta basta. Unang una ikaw ang kumatok, pinagbuksan lang kita. Pangalawa, pinapasok kita ng buong puso. Pangatlo hindi kita pinilit ikaw ang kusang dumating. Pang-apat sa pagdating mo nagbago ang buhay ko. Panglima, kung aalis ka madadala mo ang puso at pagkatao ko na napalapit na sayo. Kaya sana naman wag kang bastos, huwag ka basta basta mang-iwan at umalis ng biglaan at walang dahilan.