Colour: mainly found in various shades of green, although can also be found in black, green, grey, lavender, orange, pink, or white.

Found in: numerous locations.China, UK.

This gemstone gets its name from the resemblance of its colour and markings to the skin of a snake. Highly valued marbles such as Connemara (Ireland) are mixtures of Serpentine and marble from Roman times used until well into the Middle Ages has been used to protect against disease and sorcery. “Fright stones” were carved from Serpentine into ugly faced amulets, which were supposed to protect against frightening things. It was also said to guard against poisonous creatures, regulate milk supply in nursing mothers, resolve conflicts and establishes boundaries. It is said to inspire respect for the elderly, longevity, retrieval of ancient wisdom and remembrance of past lives. In general, the Serpentine has the same effect as Jade. Attracts love and money. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation.

Health: Physically serpentine eliminates parasite infections. Said to ease menstrual pains. Removes toxins from the body, and calms infections and fever. Good for bites, stings, and skin problems. Said to be helpful for animals to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Also said to be helpful in regulating blood sugars when worn continually by a diabetes sufferer. Carry or wear this stone when suffering with a magnesium deficiency.

Chakra: Intuitive sources say Serpentine emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. It is said to assist in opening the heart chakra.

Star sign: Scorpio, Gemini.

There are various forms of serpentine, which are briefly mentioned here.

Antigorite - a member of the Serpentine family which grows naturally in columns.

Bastite – a form of Serpentine similar to Enstatite.

Bowenite - Light yellowish green containing colourless fibres. Said to protect against snake bites. Calms hypoglycaemia.

Chartreuse Serpentine - pale yellow or Chartreus green. It is said to reduce allergic reactions, and in particular those relating to organic species such as animals, birds, fish, reptiles and many other pets as well as the meat, poultry and fish which can be eaten or ingested.

Cheetah serpentine -aids meditation and spiritual exploration. Clears the Chakras and stimulating the crown Chakra. It helps you feel more in control of your life and corrects mental and emotional imbalances.

Chrysotile - silvery and Fibrous Serpentine.

Green Serpentine - from Australia, some may also have small amounts of Stichtite

Green snakeskin serpentine - colours ranging from yellow-green through to deep green and almost black.

Infinite stone - light-green serpentine.

Leaf Serpentine or Antigorite - green Serpentine

Lizardite - similar to snakeskin serpentine.

Leopard Skin Serpentine - pistachio green with darker patches

Marmolite – a version of Antigorite which is composed of small plate-shaped crystals.

Ophiolite – a huge version of Antigorite which is found in a mottled pattern.

Picrolite - a Serpentine which grows in similar columns to Antigorite

Retinalite – Antigonite with a wax-like lustre.

Serpentine Jade - a misleading term for green variety of serpentine, which resembles jade in colour and texture. Used as an ornamental stone.
Silver Eye - grey-green with cat’s eye effect.

Williamsite – a transluscent pale green Serpentine.


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