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For the dear artists who need height comparisons of the Overwatch crew

based off this (x)

Dark blue: Reinhardt 7′4, 2.23m

Pinkish: Bastion, Roadhog, Winston 7′3, 2.2m

Red: Junkrat 6′6, 1.98m

Yellow: Zarya 6′5, 1.95m

Green: Reaper, McCree, Soldier 76 6′1, 1.85m

Light blue: Pharah 5′11, 1.8m

(Next picture)

Dark blue: Widowmaker 5′9, 1.75m

Pinkish: Zenyatta, Hanzo 5′8, 1.72m

Red: Mercy, Symmetra 5′7, 1.7m

Yellow: Tracer 5′4, 1.6m

Green: Lúcio 5′3, 1.6m

Light blue: Reinhardt 7′4, 2.23m

Unknown: Gengi and :P

and of course:

Torb (4′7, 1.4m) vs Reinhardt(7′4, 2.23m)

@rnidgar replied to your post “if this face invokes a mixture of primal fear, intrigue, and nostalgia…”

we had something like this on blackgate but not creepy. her name was rika akiba and she always stood in front of the bank in LA with this spiky fruit and no shoes. ppl would make alts that looked like her and stand with her with the fruit she was ALWAYS THERE

holy shit blackgate was my third? server (i cant remember if i went to darkhaven or henge of denravi first but those two were first, then blackgate, then TC but in a very small span of months around the launch of gw2 when server transfers were free) but i wasn’t around for her… that’s amazing hogfjhkjsdfm

Reblog if you think Blizzard should make an Overwatch animated movie.

List of Overwatch Short films 
*Cinematic Trailer ft Tracer, Winston, Widowmaker & Reaper (6:00)
*We are Overwatch *introduction of Hereos (1:12)
*A moment in Crime Special Report ft Junkrat & Roadhog (1:57) *picture style*
*Are you with us? Cinematic Trailer ft Winston (2:18) 
*Recall short film ft Winston & Reaper (8:01) 
*Alive short film ft Tracer & Widowmaker (6:25)
*Dragons short film ft Hanzo & Genji (8:03) 
*Soldier 76 Origin story *picture style* (1:15)
*Hero ft Soldier 76 (6:42) 
*The Last Bastion (The last Disney Princess) ft Bastion (7:22) 

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