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Now I listened to the original song of Warmth by Bastille, but I felt that the live acoustic version of the song worked much better. Here’s the link. Thanks to @branchescuttheskyopen for the request! I don’t know if the story is too repetitive of a theme but it’s all I could think to do. You’ll let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!


Prompt[s]: Could you do a pre-Thor!LokixAsgardian!Reader based on the song Warmth by Bastille? Please?

Sometimes there was no talking to Loki. The rising sun flickers with light like a tossed coin. Heads, he is sociable and good-humoured. Tails, he’s cold. Unresponsive.

Today was a tails day.

You stood outside Loki’s door and knocked gently. There came no response despite you knowing that he was in there.
“Just another one of those days,” you sighed to yourself, readying to admit defeat.
“One of what days?” came a muffled response. Either Loki had shrunk by 5 feet or he was on his knees, whispering through the bottom of the door. Knowing neither was especially likely, you moved on.
“Are you going to open the door?”

“No. One of what days?” He asked again. You sighed and lowered yourself to the floor, realising shortly afterwards that he must be doing the same.
“You’re a cannon, Loki. Some days you’re all firing, all blazing, and there’s no stopping you. Other days you’re…”
“Empty,” he mumbles. “No fire.”

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shoutout to anakin skywalker, professional disaster (listen)

best day of my life - american authors // uptown funk - bruno mars // handlebars - flobots // can’t hold us - macklemore // luck - american authors // victorious - panic! at the disco // untouched - the veronicas // i love it (i don’t care ) - icona pop // little secrets - passion pit // bulletproof - la roux // trouble - neon jungle // death - white lies // no one’s here to sleep - bastille // heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs // we are never ever getting back together - taylor swift 

Oblivion - Part 1

I’ve been having trouble recently coming up with ideas for fics, so thank you so much to all the lovelies who gave me prompts - I now have ideas coming out of my ears! I would like to thank the anon who requested this fic, and I hope you like it!

Could you write a story based on the song oblivion by Bastille? - Anon 

I have decided to make this a two-parter based on different lyrics of the song. Hope you all enjoy!

When you fall asleep, with your head upon my shoulder. When you’re in my arms, but you’ve gone somewhere deeper.

It had been such a stressful day at the hospital for both Owen and Amelia, and they were ready to retire their lab coats for the night and return back to their home together. Hand in hand, they both made their way into their home, and up to their bedroom. Amelia had been wanting to see this movie for ages, so Owen had surprised her a week ago with the DVD for them to watch together in bed. The only problem was that they had been so busy with work that they hardly had the time to even spend time together, let alone watch a movie together, but finally they had an evening to themselves and they intended to spend this evening watching this movie together.

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