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The first time Annabeth Chase meets Percy Jackson is much more anticlimactic than she imagined.

It’s not that Annabeth spent a lot of time actively thinking about someone she’s never met, but being a student at Pine Senior High School means that an active education in the ongoings of Percy Jackson’s life is inevitable. Annabeth is aware that something similar happens on the other side of town, with her name instead. That’s the nature of the rivalry between the only two high schools in Olympus; every sports team and club is pitted against their sister school of Jupiter. Akin to the rivalry between Poseidon and Athena, this one between the Spartans and Gladiators was born of hormonal adolescent egos and mutual loathing.

Annabeth has experienced being caught in the crosshairs of the ill-fated rivalry more times than she can count. Being one of Pine’s star athletes guarantees that her high school uses her as ammunition and bragging grounds every chance she gets. While she has as much- if not more- school spirit as the next girl, she has no desire to participate in the cutthroat barbs and practical jokes that the majority of the student body takes so much joy in. She makes it a point to attend all major school meets and games against Jupiter, if not for her interest in the sports themselves then for her fascination of how the rivalry makes her already arrogant and hypermasculine peers even more conceited and stupid. It’s at these basketball games, swim meets, and track meets that she glimpses him at first. She always sits at the very top of the bleachers with Reyna (except during track season where she has her own events to worry about, thank you very much) so that they can make fun of all of the posturing and go over schoolwork together.  Annabeth can admit that he’s an incredible athlete; right up there with people like Frank Zhang and Jason Grace. She knows that he’s the only junior in Olympus that has a faster mile than her, but she’s never had a desire to seek him out after a track meet or her occasional volleyball games she spots him at. They simply existed on different worlds.

It sometimes seems like both of them were riding different trains on parallel tracks- fated to glimpse the other occasionally, but never to meet. That’s partially why she is so surprised when she spots him at Chiron’s Stop and Shop- very much on the Pine section of town. Chiron’s has always been one of her favorite places. It’s owner was an old family friend who taught her how to deal with her dyslexia when she was younger. He’s always been a mentor and father figure to her, and she picks up shifts at the store on weekends. It’s not that people from Jupiter aren’t allowed on this side of town, but they aren’t exactly expected. Percy Jackson with his shock of black hair and sea green eyes is utterly recognizable- not to mention that he’s wearing a purple hoodie with the words JHS Gladiators emblazoned on the front. It’s like painting a target on your back while simultaneously walking into a war zone. She considers walking away, but he spots her first.

“Hey! You’re Annabeth, right?” he calls out just as she was about to begin her retreat. “You do soccer and track and stuff at Pine.” The way he’s rocking back and forth on his heels reminds her entirely of Leo, and she wonders if he had ADHD too. It’s certainly a big part of why Annabeth’s so involved in sports- it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the restlessness she always feels. She’s suddenly aware of the fact that she hasn’t brushed her hair all day, or bothered to conceal the circles under her eyes

“Soccer and track and stuff. That’s me.” she answers “and you’re Jupiter’s swimming god.” He’s a couple inches taller than her, and even more tan, like he spent all his free time at a beach instead of a tiny town in Virginia.

“So that’s what they call me on this side of the creek, huh?” he questions. “You know, people say that you’re the best forward that the town has seen in years.”

“So what, pray tell, is one of Westbury’s revered athletes doing on this side of town?” Annabeth prods “You know, if any other student had noticed you you’d have been immediately sentenced to death by overzealous high schoolers.”

Percy lets loose a quiet laugh at this, and she can’t help the sliver of satisfaction that snakes through her body. He looks oddly embarrassed, and the sheer normalcy of his accompanying flush goes against all her prior expectations of this boy. She takes in the way he bites down on his lip as he unfurls his right wrist to reveal a small cellophane package filled with… dolphins?

“You… risked your well being in order to buy candy dolphins?” Annabeth can’t help the astonishment in her voice. Percy looks deeply offended

“They’re gummy sharks.” He protested “and they’re my lifeblood. Seriously, Annabeth, gummy sharks are the food of the gods.” he continues, “my cousin, Nico is supposed to supply me with them, since this is the only place in town which sells them, but he’s on some stupid date which means I have to do everything myself as per usual.”

By the time he’s finished with his tirade, his eyebrows are knitted together in concentration and his hands are still moving to finish his latest dramatic gesture.

“Nico Di Angelo?” she questions “He’s your cousin?” Thanks to her longstanding friendship with Will, Annabeth cannot go 24 hours without hearing him ramble on and on about the gorgeous brunette with the gorgeous dark eyes that- oh god annabeth they make me want to melt he’s so out of my league. It took Will an entire semester of pining from a distance before he finally made a move and Annabeth has spent the entirety of the last two weeks helping Will plan an overly complex date meant to woo his pants off, in his own words.

“You know him?” Percy questions

“Indirectly. My friend Will has spent so much time talking about his enormous crush that I probably know more about your cousin than I do myself. Will’s probably setting off heart shaped fireworks as we speak.”

“Ah. So he’s the blond haired casanova that Nico hasn’t been able to shut up about for the past few months. It’s gotten quite concerning, really.”

Their conversation continues and she finds herself enjoying his personality more than she’s willing to admit. She tells him about her visions of becoming an architect, her soccer team, her qualms and praises of the most recent star wars installment… and before she knows it, her phone chimes with a text from Piper asking why in the name of all that is holy, has it taken her over two hours to buy a jar of salsa. She quickly excuses herself from the conversation, and grabs a couple extra jars of queso just to appease Piper.  

She mulls over the conversation as she make her way around the block to Piper’s house. It’s odd, how instantly comfortable she was with him. It took her weeks before she had felt that close to any of her other friends. It’s not until she is comfortably nestled between Piper and Reyna, deep into the Goblet of Fire, that she notices the small pale yellow post it on the side of the salsa jar. Scrawled (almost illegibly, she notes) are 10 digits, signed PJ. Piper instantly leans over and lets out a low whistle, her chestnut colored braids brushing Annabeth’s face.

“Damn, Chase has game!” Annabeth squints at her and swats at her hair. This catches Reyna’s interest and she turns away from the screen.

“Who’s PJ?” she asks as she shoots her a smirk. She knows that they’re trying to be nonchalant about it, but the glimmer in Piper’s eyes tells her otherwise. She hasn’t done anything remotely romantic since her historic crush on Luke in middle school which resulted in one date freshmen year before he moved away. Piper has been begging her to go on a date ever since.

“Percy Jackson.” She mutters, making sure to fixate her eyes on Victor Krum. The effect of her words is no less than she predicted. Piper squeals and drops her Tostitos and Reyna raises both eyebrows, instead of just one.

“Like, Jupiter’s Percy Jackson? Thalia’s cousin? If so, congratulations- he’s like seven different levels of fine.” Piper proclaims  “I prefer blonds, though.” Reyna glances back at the number and frowns.

“I hate people from Jupiter. They’re like mini-Kardashians. No offense Piper.” Piper tugs thoughtfully at her braid. It was true that students that went to Jupiter were generally more wealthy than the ones at Pine with the exception of the Mcleans, but it didn’t seem like Percy was airheaded or conceited.

“So! Are you going to- CEDRIC NO!” Piper shrieks and covers her eyes with her hands. Annabeth mentally thanks Voldemort for the distraction as Reyna shoots her a meaningful look. She glances back down at the post-it note in her hand and smiles, thinking about what Piper was about to ask. Maybe she would.

AN: so this is the first thing I’ve written ever?? and I threw it together pretty quickly and I would beyond grateful for any criticism and ideas and hopefully I’ll be able to build on this and improve it to a point where it’ll be acceptable. I’m serious. I will personally buy you the moon if you give me writing advice go ahead and PLEASE tear this apart.

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Can you do a beauty and the beast au w Dan Smith?

5 Weeks of AUs || Week 4: Fairy Tail AU || 5 Weeks of AUs Masterlist

“Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter’s night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose which would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope for who could ever learn to love a beast?”

-Beauty and the Beast introductory monologue (1991)

He’s a monster. There’s no other way to describe it. He has the appearance of one and, as he has come to realize after years of remaining in this form, he has always been a monster.

He wouldn’t dare leave the safety of the castle, he isn’t naive enough to forget that his appearance wouldn’t be widely accepted among the villagers.

The others in the castle have tried to reassure him that someone - the one that will break the spell - will come along and he will instantly know that she is the one.

He’s lost faith, but the others are still hopeful that they can be turned back into their human form.

They all know it’s a stretch. No one comes out into this part of the woods, much less a girl. It’s usually hunters or men on a trip to London.

Decades have passed and he’s recently realized that he only has months until this is permanent. Only months until his temporary punishment isn’t exactly temporary anymore.

But he’s already accepted his fate.

“It’s only dinner, darling, you must be hungry.”

“I am not having dinner with him. I’d…I’d rather starve!”

Mrs. Potts sighs, staring at you with what you assume would be a slouched, defeated posture if she were human.

“He really is kinder then he seems-”

He took my father away from me,” you spit, not being able to hold back despite being aware that she didn’t have anything to do with your imprisonment. “He took him away and I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again. That doesn’t sound kind to me.”

Another sigh comes through the spout of the talking teapot and you turn away from her, wiping the tears brimming in the corners of your eyes, making sure they don’t fall.

“I’m truly sorry, my dear. Truly.”

She sounds genuine, but you have still feel bitter despite her kind words. Words can’t change anything.

Before you can respond, which you were going to, the door creaks open, Lumiere sauntering in, unfazed by the screaming match that had recently occurred in the room.

“Ah, here you are, my dear,” he announces, “we’ve got a wonderful evening planned for you, truly wonderful evening.”

“Lumiere, this is a horrible idea-”

“Hush hush, Cogsworth, this beautiful young woman is our guest, we need to treat her as such,” he responds to the clock, who had waddled in behind Lumiere. “Come, come, my dear, we have a meal prepared and music ready.”

“This is a horrible idea, Lumiere.”

“Be quiet, Cogsworth.”

Tale as old as time

You hadn’t meant for any of it to happen. You hadn’t meant to fall in love with the music and the castle and everyone within it’s walls.

You certainly hadn’t meant to fall in love with a beast. Or, maybe not. Not a beast, but a man trapped in his own demons.

True as it can be

You don’t know when it started, not exactly, but it never should have happened. You should be trying to escape, trying to get back to your father and make sure he’s okay.

But you stayed with him, falling into his kind, brown eyes, not bothering to try and climb out.

Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Because despite his outward appearance and despite everything your instincts are telling you, you can’t help but see past the fur and the tusks and the horns and only see his eyes.

You got lost in them when you first realized that you could see past the beast and you’re getting lost in them now, the same way he’s getting lost in yours.


His arm is around your waist, much bigger then it would be if he were human, but you don’t notice as your feet move in sync with his.

Neither of you say anything, but you smile when he lifts you up, spinning you before setting you back on the ground, although you still feel as though you’re flying.

Just a little change

You start to move faster, your feet automatically stepping quicker then before, and you do your best not to step on his paws.

You glance at your hand, your fingers intertwined with his, and squeeze his paw slightly, eliciting the same reaction from him. You smile and look back into his eyes.

Small to say the least

Your dress flows around your ankles as you twirl on your own, his arm catching you once your facing him again, continuing the dance a bit slower.

Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

He had told you his name, or what his name was before he was cursed. You liked it…loved it, actually. Even though you had never seen his face, you think it suits him. It suits his eyes.

Beauty and the Beast


You had never called him by his real name, but it slipped out when you heard a loud roar escape him, his pain becoming unbearable.

You had, unfortunately, seen the first shot coming. His eyes were on you and you hadn’t shouted for him to watch out until it was too late. Gaston had pulled the trigger at the same time you screamed your warning. The first shot was inevitable.

The second shot was a surprise to you both. Dan was in front of you, thinking that he had done it, that everything was okay, but you heard the shot and Dan lurched forward, almost right into you, but ended up falling right next to you with an audible thump.

No,” you mutter, shock making you freeze and stare at his unmoving body. “no, please, no.”

Your body finally reacts after a few seconds of staring at him, your legs giving out from under you. You fall next to him, crawling to his side as tears fall down your cheeks.

“Wake up, please,” you murmur. “C’mon, Dan, I’m here. I’m here, just, please, wake up.”

You barely notice the woman walk through the doors, watching you kneel over the beast’s chest, tears landing on his fur.

Please…I love you…”

There’s an audible gasp behind you, but you don’t turn around. You don’t have the strength to turn around.

You do, however feel Dan’s fur start to get warmer, and you’re suddenly blinded by a bright light emitting from his body.


You move away when he floats up, the light glowing brighter and brighter by the second. It’s only a few moments before he is back on the ground, only…he’s different.

His paws have turned back into hands, his body losing it’s fur and tusks shrinking until he has a full set of human teeth.

The light dulls and you’re finally able to see the man he’s turned into, brown hair  messy, sticking up every-which-way, and darker then his fur was. You walk closer, meeting his eyes.

His eyes. You know he’s the same Dan- your Dan- because those soft brown eyes are exactly the same as they were before.

“Dan? Is it…”

“It’s me, love. I’m…I’m human,” he says with a chuckle, as if he himself can’t believe that the curse is broken.

A laugh escapes your lips and you’re not able stop yourself from launching yourself into his arms, pressing your lips to his in a desperate kiss.

“I love you,” you tell him, over and over, barely taking your lips away from his as you do so. “I love you.”

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast

meant to be

I wrote this quite a while ago but did not like the end result, but rather than waste it I thought it’d be best to post it once I reflected over it. (now published merely because I didn’t have the heart to delete it and it annoyed me in my drafts)

to begin with I have tried something different, it is in third person and I haven’t tried it before so go easy on me. following that it is in dans pov- just to save any confusion! 

There he was again, in the same place that he’d always sees her. Swinging out of sync he is too afraid to speak up and instead they continue to swing listening to the squeaks from the rusty chains. How badly they need oiling, he thinks despite it all being an illusion. Turning his head he focus on her whilst she keeps her head straight on, but tucks the loose strands back behind her ear marginally exposing the face he wishes to meet. 

Opening his mouth to speak to her as he always tries to she stands up and begins to walk up the grass path towards the stars that shine too bright. Trying to force himself off of the swing there’s always something pulling him down; it’s as if the seat is made of cement and his hands melt into the chains. His eyes widen as he tries to call for her, yet no noise follows. She turns her head, for once facing him and all he can do is focus on those eyes, her freckles that sprinkle her face but more on the tears that stain her face. 

Her face turns as she looks around at the empty park, admiring the abandoned laughter that lies in the swings and the zip line. With a few apprehensive steps she walks towards the zip line, perching on the edge of the stand glancing straight at him with a blank expression. “Where are you?” His mind begins to whir as she speaks, her voice echoing around the two of them despite the distance between them. Tilting her head to the side he feels a shiver down his spine, still clung to the swing as his legs move sporadically. 

“I’m, I’m right here.” In desperation he calls out as she stares right at him, clearly unaware of his presence. “Do you know where you are?” All he can think about is the need to help her, to hold her in his arms as he has reflected over for every night these past two months. 

Two months ago was when they started, the dreams. His mates told him it was nothing, some fantasy due to his isolation and lack of relationship. On the first night he sat in the swing and she walked over to him, he’d never thought she would’ve had such an impact on his life but she did. At first she appeared ghostly, placing her soft hand against his cheek felt too real. The more he tried to explain it to his friends the more they laughed and shunned him down, told him to just go out for a few weeks. Yet despite how much he tried, it wasn’t possible. Wherever he went, no matter how often he tried to stay awake she was there. The perplexed sweet expression that he could not avoid, but as he turned around to see her she was never there. 

Her alluring eyes held all the possibilities and optimism that he’d wished for, the smile of innocence under the evening sky. The way she held herself around him, the simple floaty dress as if she had costumed based on a cloud that made her angelic, less ghostly. His sparkling blue eyes glimmer with hope as she jumps down from the ledge, nearing him once again. “Why are we here?” She asks lightly, taking slow steps. 

Attempting to understand it all his eyes blur, his heart beating too fast against his chest. He shuts his eyes tightly, telling himself to wake up. “I wish I knew.” He sighs in response, but he can smell the daisies on her, the ones intertwined in her hair. “Who are you?” 

Now she stands before him, every detail about her clear to register as his eyes scan hers. The bright optimism amongst the opaque form and sad smile. Lifting her ghostly hand up she places it on his cheek and all he can ponder over is how real it feels. “I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.” She cooed, pushing his hair back into the rest of the mess. 

Blinking his vision shifts between focus and distortion, “When will I find you?” His breathing becomes more rapid, suppressed. 

Pulling her hand away she takes small steps backward, her eyes still locked on his. “It’s too late.” She cries to him as he continues to fight the chains that hold him still, his vision struggling to be maintained. “Goodbye, Dan.” Her form continues to fade as he protests, his vision failing him until everything becomes black. 

Sitting upright my breathing remains heavy, my shirt clinging to my chest with all its might. Glancing around the orange hue glides through the blinds covering my window, greeting me with slight warmth and opportunity. I reach for my phone, my hands still shaking and clammy from the dream that my mind is slowly considering to be a nightmare. With every blink I see her, a snippet of her state, the heavy look of misery and being lost. My need to find her, speak to her increasing with every night she greets me with that ghostly form she has yet to explain. 

“It happened again.” I explain down the quiet line receiving a half hearted groan in response. “I, I know we aren’t booked until Tuesday but I really need to talk now.” Fidgeting I pick at the skin around my nails, a distraction from my shaking. “Look it is only getting worse, a lot more vivid. I just, I” Sighing I run out of words, my reasons are the same every time now. 

She mumbles something incoherent down the line. “Dan, it’s five in the morning. Be at my office at seven twenty, I can see you for a half hour before my clients arrive.” With the blunt statement she refuses to listen to my gratitude as I am left with an empty line, only hearing my heavy breaths instead.

Getting out of the top that refuses to part with me the memories linger like the sweat does to my skin. All I can hear is her angelic voice echo in the peace of my room, the buildup of pressure in my ears from her laughter turning to screams. With some force I push the blinds back, exposing myself to the morning light. It feels as if the blended orange into the low blues and pastel pinks burn into my soul, I can feel them inside of me working away at replenishing my heart, healing the pain it goes through with every nights sleep. 

Pulling at my hair I head down the stairs, phone in hand as it continues to ping, bleep and make various noises from strangers attempts of grabbing a hold of my attention. Of late I spend my evenings scrolling through different social media platforms trying to grasp onto someone who looks like her, but no one ever does. She is never found, she is my mystery. The one I fear is never meant to be solved. 

As I near her office with every glance at my reflection I see her following, walking alongside me. Yet whenever I turn my head I’m alone, she is the ghost that haunts my dreams and lurks in my reality. Around me life picks up, the early morning bringing out those in a hurry to hide in their own shame amongst those who wish to be exposed to life as opposed to cowering away from it. In my mind she is the one who wishes to be exposed, sometimes I can picture the two of us in the dead of night, driving around aimlessly but living in the moment. Of late I live somewhere else, in this unknown park with childrens paintings on a brick wall where it is one continuous field of grass spotted with swings, zip lines, climbing frames, see saws.  Everything is so pristine yet old, slowly rusting with each dream. 

Standing outside of her office my foot continues to tap until she arrives, her heels clicking against the marble flooring. “Hi Dan, come on in.” Before she used to be upbeat, but now I am becoming more of a burden to her which I know and so does she. 

We go through the dream, each time her length of notes and the rushing of her pen increases with concern mixed with curiosity. I feel like a mouse in an experiment, being closely observed except I am not forced here, the only reason I come is to find her. She goes through the usual questions and I provide the same responses, how life is becoming harder to seperate from the dream, that I do not know of this place where we exist. That with each passing day I feel closer to her yet I’ve never felt so far away. 

Leaving her office I’m left with the same hole in my chest, the one that is unfulfilled as neither of us are any closer to figuring it out. “I’ll be in touch Dan, if I find anything.” She speaks up as I shut the door behind me. 

The city is in full business now, lights are on as the street lamps fade. People with purpose stride by whilst those who lack need wither into the background. My eyes remain down, focusing on my footing rather than observing the variety of life before me. I feel a few knocks, some more forceful due to the rush than others. 

One knock sends me back, I trip over my own feet but I don’t fall. Immediately someone places a hand on my arm, a small spark spreads through me, I can feel the hole closing. Lifting my head up my mouth goes dry as her eyes go wide, staring back at me. “I, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going and my friend is waiting for me and are you hurt?” She rambles on but I zone out of it all, it’s her. 

“Do you, do you know me?” I ask sincerely as a small smile begins to form on my face, but her face only becomes more perplexed. 

She glances around us, everyone continuing but it feels slower. Everyone moves but in a slow blur, allowing me to focus solely on her. “I, I don’t. Should I?” The hole in my soul becomes bigger, the moment I’ve been waiting months for only to find she doesn’t know me. 

Releasing her arm from me she backs away cautiously. “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong person.” I mutter and walk away without another word. Tears fill my eyes as I walk, vision blurring along the streets as all I can hear is her confusion. I expected something, I thought she’d feel it too. 

As I reach the corner I dial the number, “I found her.” I choke back a sob as I hear him sigh. 

“Don’t tell me you scared her off?” Kyle retorts and I shake my head, pushing my hair back.

With the cuff of my jacket I wipe my face forcefully, keeping my head low. “She didn’t know me. She hasn’t a clue who I am Kyle. I, I don’t know what to do.” I lean against the wall, a mixture of fury and sadness lurking through me. 

“I’m afraid you can’t do anything mate, there will be someone out there. She just isn’t the one.” Accepting his statement I go about my day, wallowing back home and wanting nothing but to sleep, to face her. 

Lying down my face has become raw from the forceful fabric I have wiped across it too many times. I didn’t want to cry over her, she wasn’t worth it despite everything. All I wanted was to experience her love, to actually meet her and after all this time, it was just an illusion. 

Closing my eyes they open again, the park around us has turned to rubble, the grass entirely dead beneath my feet. Searching the area around me I see her, sat on the top of the small hill with her hair flowing behind her. Except she no longer wears the angelic dress, the smell of daisies has passed and is replaced by cruelty. 

She turns to face me, a sickening smile plastered across her face. Her eyes no longer hold optimism, instead they turn dark and deadly. “Where are we, Dan?” The voice is not hers, it is too afraid to fit her form. “Why can’t I see you?” She continues to cry towards me as I near the hill, taking hesitant steps up, enticed by her words. 

Standing before her she blinks, her eyes turning back to what triggered my heart. “What, what is going on?” I bluntly ask as she stands up, her hand reaching towards my face which I bat away. 

“Why, we’re playing a game.” She giggles and my heart plummets. Moving away from me she wanders by what would’ve once been the children’s paintings, now only snippets of the bright colours are still etched. “It is me vs your mind. You are letting your mind win too often, and because of this you lost me.” Glancing down to her left arm it begins to fade. 

Confused I walk towards her, my eyes turning hard. “I don’t understand you. Why is this happening.” Gripping onto her right arm she shakes her head, a smile forming on her face again. “Why me.” I sigh. 

“We were simply not meant to be. And this is your mind’s way of showing you what could’ve been if you took the chance to.” Behind her someone appears, a broad man with blonde hair. 

He takes her arm from me, she willingly walks away with him as I stand still, something preventing me from moving. “Goodbye Dan, do not let her fall out of your grasp.” Her whisper wraps around my ears as I fall to my knees. 

Shutting my eyes as they open I’m in bed with something pressing against me. Blinking rapidly she lies fast asleep by my side, a small smile on her face. “This isn’t real, it’s all a dream.” I clutch my head and try to make sense of it, it feels too real. Why won’t it end? 

“Mmmh.” She stretches out against me, her eyes lazily opening. “Mornin’“ Yawning as she speaks she reaches up and kisses my neck, moving up to my mouth. It feels too real. “Don’t worry Dan, I won’t let you lose next time.” 

The FAHC think themselves kings, call themselves rulers, act like they built the city, like they did anything but burn it to the ground. They are a blight upon Los Santos, they are a plague. There’s a darkness in them, one no one can ignore, a corruption that runs deep and irredeemable. It must have started somewhere, come from something, but outsiders can only wonder if it was born from the crew, spreading out across their domain or if it sunk into them from the city itself. Some are perceptive enough to blame the leader, to recognise the way he created this, the way he revels in the wickedness of his domain, but even they will never know the answer, never hear the true story of Ramsey’s decent.

Geoff grew up on the worst kind of stories of heaven and hell, of sin and punishment and purgatory. Where glory is sacrifice and pain, obedience and punishment. Where holy is the carrot you never quite reach, the stick that reminds you of your place. He grew up making sacrifice without reward, practicing obedience and still being punished, looking up for answers and hearing nothing but his own voice railing against broken promises.

Something has to give, and give it does; first patience, then forgiveness, then faith. Then glass bottles and abandoned houses, then Geoff’s knuckles, someone’s jaw. Someone’s skull. It’s not like Geoff was looking to be a killer, he didn’t mean to keep crushing the life out of people, but he couldn’t live in limbo forever and surely there was no greater test. Surely this was as bad as anyone could be, this of all things would blacken his soul, and still nothing struck him down. Still nothing stood in his way. And that was that, really. Because if you’re going to be bad you may as well be the worst. If you’re going to fall you might as well plummet. There’s apathy and then there’s anarchy, and when push comes to shove Geoff has never been an underachiever.

So he plummets, into the darkest corners of the city, into the bloodiest jobs and nastiest gangs, into the kind of sin that is never forgiven. The kind that no longer seeks forgiveness. Even when he takes a turn, cleans up his act and stops rolling around with the lowest of the low Geoff doesn’t look back. Doesn’t regret. He pulls himself together but he doesn’t pull himself out, doesn’t even try, just thinks bigger. Thinks about kingdoms, about empires, about the kind of power that inspires awe. That inspires fear and respect. Obedience.

Darkness, like misery, is always after company, always on the lookout for similar minds, for those who can be dragged in, dragged down. Geoff wasn’t exactly collecting angels, but an argument could be made that the members of the FAHC are worlds worse together than any were apart. That the monstrous parts of them came from somewhere. Came from someone. Maybe it was inevitable regardless, maybe not, Geoff doesn’t care either way; they’re his now and he’s never letting them go.

What he does let go of, somewhere along the line, are some of his sharper edges; splits who he has to be when he’s at work from who he is with his crew, packs the nasty ruthlessness of Ramsey away and brings back the more mellow aspects of Geoff. He learns to seperate fear from respect, recognises that there are greater things than obedience, that there are things worthy of sacrifice. Geoff stopped looking up for answers a long time ago, stopped waiting for something to come along and save him. Now he looks down at his own kingdom, dark and dirty but entirely his own, and maybe it will never be holy but it’s more salvation than he’d ever dreamed of.


yellow - coldplay // heal - tom odell // bones - lewis watson // cold skin - to kill a king // get home - bastille // rollercoaster - bleachers  // dog days are over - florence + the machine // wake me up when september ends - green day // bleeding out - imagine dragons // stolen dance - milky chance // hot venom - miniature tigers // sweater weather - the neighbourhood // your bones - of monsters and men // savannah - relient k // riptide - vance joy // robbers - the 1975 // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg //

Walking Out Into The Dark (1/5?)

Another spec fic for the S4 Finale! Where everyone gets their lives reversed. This was what initially came out when I started writing Pirate!Emma (Cutting Out A Different Path). It’s a bit rough but I kind of love the idea so I decided to share. My first (and only?) Dark!Emma fic. Captain Cobra and Naval!Killian. 2k ish words below. 

NOTE: This is not a companion to Pirate!Emma (that is coming later) this is it’s own story. 


It wasn’t Henry’s first trip through a portal but it was still a surprise when the swirling vortex abruptly ended and he felt himself falling through normal air. Amidst surprised shouts he landed hard on a coil of rope and wooden planks.

“Ugh!” He moaned as he tried to get his bearings.

“Captain!” came a shout from his left  

He turned toward the voice but before he could get a proper look at the person or where he had landed he was grabbed by his arms and pulled roughly to his feet. Vaguely he recognized the mast and sails of a ship before they spun him around. He had the sensation that he had been on this ship before but hadn’t the time to gather his thoughts. Then suddenly he was face to face with the Captain.

Henry’s mouth dropped open “Killian?”

The old Apprentice had told him that everyone would be very different in this new world the Author had created but Henry still couldn’t believe his eyes. The man looked so much like his mother’s pirate boyfriend and yet completely different. 

He stood tall in white trousers, high black boots and a starched blue jacket with gold trim. Instead of an open shirt and  generous amounts of chest hair his vest was buttoned up to his neck; a black scarf intricately tied round his throat. The beard and eyeliner were also gone lending a younger, naive look to his otherwise stern face.

“That’s Captain Jones to you boy. Have we met before?” Killian clasped his hands behind his back and looked critically at Henry’s jeans and sweater.

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Bastille//Hogwarts AU   → Dan Smith

House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Willow, 11 1/2 inches, swishy, excellent for charms

Top classes: Charms and transfiguration

Notable achievements during Hogwarts: Prefect, Creator and head of the Music Club (04-06), produced a full-bodied Patronus at age 14 (a wolfhound), received Outstanding in all of his NEWTS

Notable achievements after graduation: Author of Muggles and The Magic World (now part of the Hogwarts curriculum) and Charms for The Musical Witch or Wizard, successful musician

Occupation: Musician, author

Due to the return of Voldemort, the infiltration of the Ministry, and the eventual battle at Hogwarts, Muggle born children who turned eleven in 1997 were accepted to Hogwarts one year late. Dan entered the magical world as a first year student at the age of twelve. He almost did not attend, but because of a home visit and the urging of Headmistress Mcgonagall, his parents gave in and allowed him to attend.

Dan was a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hatstall, taking longer to place than any of his fellow first year students, and though he was proud of his house, he was friends with everyone and he didn’t care much for the separation of students. He walked a very delicate line between the magic and non-magic world from the moment he received his acceptance letter, smuggling in Muggle books, magazines, and records with the help of his Tawny owl. This eventually led to him establishing the Music Club, which helped unite students from all four houses with a common interest.

Dan’s exceptional talent for Charms proved helpful when he managed to sneak a half a dozen or so instruments from home and bewitch them to play. He would practice in his room throughout the night (much to the annoyance of his dorm mates), sing and perform at club meetings with the help of his Gryffindor friend Woody, and eventually, for small crowds at the Three Broomsticks. In his seventh year, he met the two Slytherin boys who would complete his quartet.

After graduating from Hogwarts, he continued performing, wrote articles for the Daily Prophet, and eventually released his award winning books. He is one of Hogwarts most well-known Hufflepuff students, alongside the likes of Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks, and Newt Scamander,

He’s currently traveling and performing with his band, whose music is enjoyed by both Muggles and Non-Muggles all over the world.

(2009dansmith will be posting two of these, and also thanks to vampiremondays for inspiring the idea)