submergingdespondent asked:

Taking a deep breath, Bastien knocked on the tent beam. He was terrified, certainly- but it only showed through his eyes.

“Come in,” came a muffled yell. Oliver was face down on his bed, groaning; why did he have to mess up earlier? It’s not like he didn’t know how to talk to someone, yet it was just so difficult…

He heard shuffling, then looked up, “oh- Bastien?”

((literally everyone else i follow got serious ones for that ask meme and my inbox rn is 90% BASTIEN WOULD YOU RATHER FUCK A SLIME OR A DEAD SAHAGIN – i think that means i can consider my elf blog a rousing success ))

The Penny Dropped musicvideo starring our beloved up and coming actress Audrey Bastien. You better check her out.

photo credit : Emilien Fresson