A Mansion In Louisiana || Closed RP

Gracie stood vigil at the foot of the bed, silent as ever as she watched the young blond slumber. Bastien was sadly gone, called down to help with breakfast.

Little had happened during the night. Very few people came up to this floor, since most if not all of the family slept in the second story bedrooms, and it had still been early evening when they’d gotten into bed. Shortly after, most of the kids were sent off to bed to leave the adults to continue working until late into the night. Eventually all the adults slipped off to bed, ‘til only the household’s ghosts and spirits wandered the rooms and hallways.

At least until a short time after dawn, when one of Bastien’s sisters came up to wake him to let him know it was his turn to help out with breakfast. He had been very reluctant to leave Arthur alone, but since his siblings had all taken a turn at least once while he and the crew had been gone on their case, he couldn’t argue against family duties.

Thank the gods for Gracie though. She assured that she’d remain to keep watch, and would find him if anything suddenly happened. She’d explain what was going on to him when he eventually awoke. So now she watched and waited, still as a statue perched on the foot-board of the bed, yet relaxed and calm. She could sense the activity in the rest of the house, the floors below alive with movement and noise.


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photo credit : Emilien Fresson