“I’m loving the new hair, Tianna,” smirked Bastion, eyeing Tianna’s wild curls.
“Well, look who’s back!” said Tianna, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “As much as I would LOVE to shoot the breeze with you, I have work to do.” Before Bastion could say another word, the young bartender shoved past him and disappeared into the crowd. 

So, before I could even stop myself, my hands accidentally Bastianna’d

I, and probably everyone else, imagine that Tianna is hardworking bartender on the docks and Bastion is a pirate. He frequents the bar when he comes back from sea. Tianna is hardworking, snarky, sassy, and a bit tsundere while Bastion is a laidback, easy going, adventure loving fellow who frequently tries to get Tianna to take breaks and loosen up a bit, even though he fails almost every time.  YEAH I’M SOOOOO ORIGINAL HURRR DUUUURRR.

But yeah, I imagine these two having epic sass-offs to the enjoyment of all the bar patrons. ALSO, flirt fighting. LOTS of flirt fighting. Maybe unintentional for Tianna lol

Please excuse the crappiness of the drawing I drew it really quickly and roughly, but most of my work looks like crraaaaap and the image quality, the scanner is busted so I can only do webcam pics.

“Bastion, sweetie… I REALLY don’t care…”

I dunno. I imagined it’s a normal evening at the bar and Bastion has returned and is trying to impress Tianna with stories of adventure. Tianna’s actually captivated and interested and then he gets into a make believe story about how he wooed a princess of a far off land and Tianna just goes “Bullshit detector going off. Nope….”



Ring Of Fire

AN: Written for the lovely Luiza @itsnotacrimetoloveyou for Klaroline Vacay Exchange. Canon till Kol’s death but Caroline has never lived in Mystic Falls.

Mates AU.

Hope you like :)

“And I fell into the ring of fire”

(Johnny Cash ‘Ring Of Fire’)

[Mystic Falls]

He was staring at his body for hours. Days. Locked in that damn living room.

Over the centuries, Klaus had studied and perfected a great number of torture methods - invented quite a few of them himself - and yet, burning had never been among his favourites.

The tang of burnt human flesh was quite…unbearable. That acrid, sickly-sweet smell that invaded nostrils and stuck to your tongue, lingering there forever.

Honestly, there were techniques far superior for obliterating someone, for breaking their spirit.

And in that house, it reeked so fucking bad that, had it not been for the fact vampires didn’t get sick, he would surely hurtle his guts all over the floor.

Especially given it was his little brother’s body that gave off that smell. It was his smell that stuck to Klaus’ skin.

Kol, lying dead on that mundane tasteless floor, his body ashen, and his face, for the first time in millennium, blank. No sign of amusement carving his features or a vicious smirk that would curl his lips, eyes vibrant, laughing, flashing with spark.

Memories of thousand years rose in his throat like bile, bitter, burning, bellowing bells that resounded in his head, leaving such…blankness in their wake.

Blankness and then, as if from the ashes that covered Kol’s body - rage, flames rising higher and higher, licking at his insides, like sharp teeth gnawing at the festering wound.

Shadows and screaming wraiths, flashing through his mind - Kol’s reckless laugh, biting voice, sinister smile.

Slowly, ever so slowly, his eyes shifted away, scanning the room until they landed on photographs perched up on the drawer.

Two young faces, looking right back at him, laughter in their eyes that seemed like a blatant mockery of his loss.

Oh, but the rage.

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▼The Originals Songlist | 1x13 - Crescent City

Scene: Genevieve walks into Rousseau’s while Camille’s bartending; Father Kieran talks to Camille about his current condition

Scene: Sophie and Monique talk in the bar about her mother, Marcel interrupts them

Scene: Hayley and Jackson talk

Scene: The wolves walk out of the forest and onto the plantation taking the clothes Hayley left out for them; at the party, Oliver asks Rebekah to dance

Scene: Sophie tries to convince Monique to live the city with her but Monique refuses and attacks her; Monique walks away and joins Celeste, Genevieve and Bastianna