“I’m loving the new hair, Tianna,” smirked Bastion, eyeing Tianna’s wild curls.
“Well, look who’s back!” said Tianna, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “As much as I would LOVE to shoot the breeze with you, I have work to do.” Before Bastion could say another word, the young bartender shoved past him and disappeared into the crowd. 

So, before I could even stop myself, my hands accidentally Bastianna’d

I, and probably everyone else, imagine that Tianna is hardworking bartender on the docks and Bastion is a pirate. He frequents the bar when he comes back from sea. Tianna is hardworking, snarky, sassy, and a bit tsundere while Bastion is a laidback, easy going, adventure loving fellow who frequently tries to get Tianna to take breaks and loosen up a bit, even though he fails almost every time.  YEAH I’M SOOOOO ORIGINAL HURRR DUUUURRR.

But yeah, I imagine these two having epic sass-offs to the enjoyment of all the bar patrons. ALSO, flirt fighting. LOTS of flirt fighting. Maybe unintentional for Tianna lol

Please excuse the crappiness of the drawing I drew it really quickly and roughly, but most of my work looks like crraaaaap and the image quality, the scanner is busted so I can only do webcam pics.

“Bastion, sweetie… I REALLY don’t care…”

I dunno. I imagined it’s a normal evening at the bar and Bastion has returned and is trying to impress Tianna with stories of adventure. Tianna’s actually captivated and interested and then he gets into a make believe story about how he wooed a princess of a far off land and Tianna just goes “Bullshit detector going off. Nope….”