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tragic-black  asked:

Happy birthday, darling one! You're the soul of our amazing vampire fandom. Keep being awesome. Love you ~ <333

Thank u! What a lovely message to get! I’m deeply touched.

Look, full disclosure: this was a message from last year, but I felt guilty last year bc I didn’t want to spam ppl’s dash but I did anyway, and then this one… 

In light of this past year, and various public and private discussions about what my role is in the VC fandom, I’m glad I saved the message for now, even though I’m very sorry to @tragic-black for holding onto it for so long, but… I couldn’t answer it in good faith a year ago., and now I’m ready. 

I’m not the soul of the fandom. I’m a cheerleader. I just want us to get along, and I want more fanworks, and even the ones I don’t personally relate to, bc if there’s one thing I know to be true of our fandom after all these years: there’s something for everyone! Lots of different and equally valid ways to engage with canon and other fans.

As a birthday gift from me, I would just ask that you all take a moment to realize that YOU are the soul of our amazing vampire fandom. Everyone. 

  • the ppl who lurk and just watch quietly, 
  • the people who edit the music videos, 
  • the people who make music playlists,
  • the people who make aesthetic posts,
  • the people who make photo manipulations, 
  • the people who make casting suggestions,
  • the people who make and/or wear cosplays, 
  • the people who read the fanfic and/or leave kudos/comments, 
  • the people who write the fanfic, 
  • the people who draw the fanart, 
  • the people who commission it or just Like/Reblog any of the fanworks, 
  • the people who share their headcanons with us publicly or privately and make canon richer w/ their ideas, 
  • the role-players who take on the challenge of BEING the characters, 
  • the muns who write OCs to interact with canon characters,
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting someone… :-P
  • You get the idea.

You are all the soul of the fandom, bc what is a fandom, except a group of… fans… who love a thing… together… in their own ways! 


ten caps meme [5/10] → Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Direct. by Quentin Tarantino;
Cinematography by Robert Richardson.