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I'm watching the X files. Mulder just told Scully 'morning sunshine' and then spent the whole episode pining for her because she was away and I just.... *combusts in destiel*

I hear ya. Tbh literally any time there’s a romantic trope in any tv show or movie it can be paralleled with these guys, they’re so keen on using ALL the tropes… so I generally just always feel like I’m flailing in the fire of Destiel!

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Something to consider...

“You’re nothing.”

This is the stone cold barb Francis lobbed at Bash right before he got a well-earned fist in his pretty face.  I think its fairly safe to say that Francis actually considers Bash to be nothing.  How crazy is this?  They are both sons of the king of France but one has all the power and wealth and was basically believed to be preordained by God to rule and the other very literally has nothing.  No land. No title. Nothing.  He is worse off than any peasant or merchant.  He’s the son of the king and yet to everyone else, his brother included, he’s worthless.

BUT NOW…Lola is pregnant and Olivia may also be pregnant.  I’m kinda going to work on the assumption that she is, but it doesn’t really change the argument if there’s one baby in play or two.

That makes these babies bastards just like Bash. (They may or may not be actually born in the show…miscarriages and abortions are both looming possibilities, though I hope they don’t make it too easy on Francis and go that way.) They will be Francis’ own bastard children.  If he views his own brother, a bastard, as nothing, how will he treat these children?  Because he cannot acknowledge their value without also acknowledging Bash’s, and I have a feeling that is something he just will not do.  

I don’t really know what to expect here.  Francis has shown compassion in the past, but he’s stubborn and vengeful when he feels like he’s been wronged and especially when you pair it with his being jealous.  (I mean, he must have a really hard time that Mary valued Bash on any level, worthless bastard that he is, right?) The only thing I can say is that I expect Francis’ treatment of his babies and their mothers to give us further insight to his character…IE is he 100% a gutless POS or only 60-80%?

The outcome possibilities are:

1. Thinks his own bastard children have value but Bash doesn’t, showing hypocrisy and narcissism (my children have value because they are MY children)

2.Thinks neither Bash nor his own children have any value, showing his spitefulness and conceit (this would be the supreme showing of douchebaggery. God must not have loved you to allow you to be born this way, so I don’t have to either)

3. Acknowledges that both his children and Bash have value, having to admit that he was wrong and that his own life/position do not indicate a higher inherent value than his brother. (Do not see this happening)

Mary’s own opinions about Francis may see some shifting here as well.  She knows and has previously acknowledged how unfair things are for a woman at court, and to see Francis champion this misogyny to alleviate himself of any responsibility…that will be telling.  I want to see her openly question his principles here.  I want her to see the impossibility and cruelty of Bash’s lot in a new light.

We shall see.

Thoughts?  How do you all think Francis will treat the prospect of having his own bastard children?