dark & creepy characters in literature halloween edition.

kaz brekker, six of crows

“He knew exactly what he intended to leave behind when he was gone. Damage.”  


Police confiscated vinegar used to neutralize pepper spray and claimed it was a chemical used against them, they faked an injury (that is obviously paint, and the officer would have been in riot gear, not a uniform)
Released personal info on the people arrested, arrested journalists and legal observers, and broke a restaurant window and blamed protesters…

She's Never Called Him A Bastard

I just wanted to observe that throughout Jon and Dany’s time together this season the topic of Jon being a bastard never came up. This is something Jon has had to deal with his whole life, with friends, with family, even with his former lover but not with Dany. She never called him that or referred to him as such when he wasn’t around.  

For Dany, even though her own family name is extremely important to her, the family name of other people or lack thereof is not. The man she loved the most before meeting Jon didn’t have a family name, nor does her close advisor and friend Missandei. She didn’t care about Tyrion being a Lannister and allowed him to prove himself. Nor her Unsullied or her Dothraki have family names and Dany doesn’t seem to mind at all.

For Jon, this must be a strange experience. People just bring up the fact that he’s a bastard all the time, he’s accustomed to it. But Dany hasn’t even acknowledged it and even though it hasn’t been addressed I think a part of Jon must feel appreciative that Dany respects him as a person and hasn’t defined him by the circumstances of his birth. This can be another component of his attraction to her, that she sees him for who he is not what society defines him as.

Some Goretober Prompts

Made a list for @mushroomminded but if you fancy any of these, go for it. Interpret them however you want. I threw a couple of extra at the end in case you didn’t like the ones I listed or were just cool ideas I didn’t fit in the list.

1. Jack-o-lantern
2. On pins and needles
3. Fear of Spiders
4. Medieval devices
5. Baby doll / Everyone loves puppets
6. Contortion
7. Hardware store
8. Let’s go to the circus
9. Glitched out
10. Melting / goo
11. Barbed wire isn’t a toy
12. Multiple limb growth
13. Excessive dentistry
14. Insects inside
15. The machines take over
16. Crushed
17. Nightmare hospital
18. Crystal growth
19. Mushroom minded
20. You can do a lot with 28ft (the combined length of your intestines)
21. What’s wrong with your eyes?
22. Patchwork
23. Smile like you mean it
24. You weren’t using it/them anyway
25. Mouths in places they shouldn’t be
26. Spineless
27. Meat hooks
28. It hurts so good
29. Forced fusion
30. Silence is golden
31. Halloween feast

- The chosen sacrifice
- Sticks and stones may break my bones…
- Dinner preparations 
- Mount Massive Asylum