Switched, Epilogue

Author’s Note: You had questions… I had answers… Enjoy the last chapter guys. 

On to new and bigger things! Someone suggested a fic expanding on Alex’s disownment by his father… I have an idea for that one that I’d like to explore. ;) No doubt it will not be nearly as long as Switched though. Have a suggestion for me to write about? Drop it in my inbox! =D 




Brian stood in front of Jesse Cox’s “office” (which equated to little more than a somewhat hidden room in his home), holding a piece of paper in his hand.

A note with his handwriting. Only he wasn’t the one who had written it.

He took a deep breath.

It had been over a month since Arin and Dan had come home from the Good Game universe and Alex and Ryland had gone back. Why the note asked him to wait this long before coming to Jesse was anyone’s guess. Well, Brian’s guess specifically, since he hadn’t told anyone about what the note he held said.

Thankfully Dan and Arin had stopped asking about it a long time ago.

Things were practically back to normal. Although Brian was always mildly preoccupied with the contents of the note written to him by his… assassin counterpart.

God, that was weird.

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Another observation from The Return.

I want to just go back to before the bucket, to note this interaction:

Among the many accusations aimed at Athos by the anti-Athos crowd, is to point out how nastily he treats poor Milady towards the end of Season 3.

What’s notable is how very unusual that scene it. In fact, there are just two situations where Athos manhandles any woman at all - when he is chasing down Theresa in ‘Fool’s Gold’, and that infamous scene where he chokes Milady who has just apparently threatened Sylvie’s life. I leave it to you to consider just how worked up and worried Athos was at that point for him to overcome his innate determination to treat women with exquisite care at all time.

For example, Jehan has been one of the main individuals who have drugged, abducted, and bound a drunk Athos, who wakes up woozy, headachey, and subsequently pissed as all fuck. He stands to walk out of the barn, and she goes to help him, which very clearly makes him even more cranky.

This is how he stops her. Not with angry words. Not with violence. He just puts his hand on her arm, with no force, no emotion, nothing. And waits until she lets go.

If anyone who liked to belt woman could be provoked, surely Athos would be within his lights to at least push Jehan away. Yet, he doesn’t.

Athos is not a habitual bully or abuser of anyone, let alone women.


‘so that translation stuff i decided to double check last night because i did it in A State and didn’t bother to write down my steps… it was wrong, because i was translating a later form of the word….but it ends up being spelled with the same symbols, so i… accidentally did it right?”

some áss who shall not be named:

i’ve seen posts talking about how this man with coran

isn’t alfor, but a husband. now, stay with me

we know coran and lance are really good friends, right? and coran already tried to cheer him up when he was homesick. now, what if this — the knowledge of coran’s husband - is what starts lance’s bisexuality arc?

they’re all chilling and one of them asks coran if he had a wife, back in altea 10,000 years ago, and coran is more than happy to answer ‘a wife? no! but i had a lovely husband’ and tells some crazy coran-like stories from their adventures, and while everyone is enjoying, the camera focus on lance’s longing expression, and then he looks down, saddened

later, lance goes to coran to ask him for more stories and asks if back in altea it was unusual, two men together; coran notices his puzzled expression but says nothing, so he happily obliges and tell him some stories (maybe flashbacks?!) and he doesn’t know what lance meant by unusual, since in every planet he’s been, it wasn’t unusual, even mentions some alien races. lance hears everything with a smile on his lips, and when he’s about to leave, coran calls him out and says ‘i don’t know how it is in your planet, but know that we will love you regardless anything, right?’ and lance nods happily and leaves.

“Just spill the truth, dumbass.”