🌠 THE NEKOMATSUS ARE OUT 🌠

 It’s been a very little few hours since the newest set (sets ??) and unit came out yet they’re already doing very strong thanks to their campaign (unless you are me and literally have no diamonds, RIP) !!

So whar did we get ??  The newest unit involving the Matsuno Sextuplets and the Chess (both black and white) set based on the most recent pieces of merch.

What about their campaign tho’ ??

  • A post-maintenance 50-diamond reward
    Both the 3-Star Strategy Stages and the Coin Stages will be retired on the 25th so we’ll be getting 50 diamonds as a compensation once that maintenance is over.

  • The Chess Set’s (6-diamond) Gatcha
    That’s right, for the fair price of 6 diamonds you can make get one of these brand new Chess!Matsus (that or be super unlucky and get the Hijirisawa card).  You can only roll this gatcha once, though.

  • The Black/White Chess’ 100% Golden Gatchas
    (Boy, they’re really going to milk these guys.png)  If you are new to this game and haven’t gone through our most recent set of 100% Golden Gatchas here’s the drill: for 600 diamonds (a maximum of 3 10-rolls) you can get yourself 10 golden cards.  If you are very lucky you’ll get a huge amount of new cards, both from older and newer sets (plus the Nekomatsu Box in both of them).

    Here’s the trick, though, depending of the Chess set’s color you’ll roll from different sets:
    • White Chess set: White Chess set, Independent set, Virgin Hero set, Calming Detective set, Popular Episode set, Sweets set, White Day Prince set and Knight (with horse) set.
    • Black Chess set: Black Chess set, Senbatsu set, Prince set, NEEtland set, Parade set, F6 set, Akuma Rider set and Youkaimatsu Awakening set.

  • Diamond rewards with ANY of your purchases
    Yes, by purchasing ANY quantity of diamonds (with a maximum of three purchases) you will get EXTRA DIAMONDS as a reward.  so for the fair prize of a dollar you kids can earn yourselves a total of 50 diamonds and so on and so forth (with $35 you can have 700 diamonds).

End of the Campaign • June 30th

So are you cursed like me and have no diamonds or are you excited to roll in this gatchas ??  Is it your first time rolling in a 100% Golden Gatcha ??  Have fun with these while they’re around, guys, make sure you take advantage of such a golden chance !!


**Please watch in HD for epicness!!

“A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness.”
-Daenerys [A Song of Ice & Fire : A Clash of Kings]

Because HBO totally deprived us from any Jonerys scenes in the trailers i decided to take matters into my own hands and make this video lol
and coz there was this fanart I stumbled on that inspired me [and left me dyin’ LOL]
Am I the only one who thinks the song is like totally GOT material if it was a lovestory?? haha.


**I do not own anything except the editing and was made purely for fun.


“I used to have to work in boiling hot rooms all the time, so I don’t see why anyone else should be comfortable now!”

Kaz x inej wip!! I’m so sorry the anatomy’s so bad also I’m imagining inej is standing on smth that’s why she’s so tall :)