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Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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The bus incident

Fandom: Hamilton

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Gender of the reader: Male (ftm) 

Summary: One day you get home really angry and tell your boyfriends why you’re so pissed. – This was inspired by @itsacaseclosed’s answer to one of my posts. Thank you!

Word count: 834

Warnings: language, transphobic language, mention of aggression.

“Fuck that motherfucker, fuck the fucking passengers, fuck the policeman, fuck the entire human motherfucking race and fuck my fucking life!” You entered the apartment you shared with your boyfriends, fuming, and went directly to your bedroom, not even saying ‘hi’. You slammed the door and kicked your desk so hard you hurt yourself in the process. “FUCK!”

Meanwhile, Alexander, John, Lafayette and Hercules looked at each other with utterly confused and worried faces. They were about to go check on you, when you emerged from your room, much more calm and a tight smile on your face. Now you looked scary.

“How are you, guys?” You greeted them kissing every guy.

“We’re fine, amour… but you seem rather upset?” Ventured Lafayette.

“I’m not upset. I’m furious.” You replied, still smiling.

“What happened (Y/N)? You’re scaring us, man.” Said Hercules.

You sighed. It would have been a good day if you hadn’t met that transphobic piece of shit on the way home.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… Alexander, wanna be my lawyer?” You laughed bitterly.

“Holy shit (Y/N) why do you need a lawyer?” Alexander asked back.

“You know I have to ride the bus back home every single afternoon right? Well, a couple days ago there was this asshole that wouldn’t stop staring at me. I try to ignore him, I swear I do, but he keeps staring at me so I say ‘sorry, do you need anything?’ and the guy answers with a ‘what are you?’. Obviously I wasn’t expecting that, so I ask him ‘what do you mean?’ and the motherfucker says ‘are you a boy or a girl?’ as if he were the fucking professor Oak you know? By now I know that things aren’t going to end well. Needless to say the whole bus has their attention on us. ‘I’m a boy’ I say as calmly as I can and he- he scoffs! He fucking scoffs! ‘You sure as hell don’t look as one… oh wait, are you one of those freaks? I’m sure you have tits and all that shit. Gross.’ I was mortified, the whole bus went quiet but they were fucking cowards so no one said shit. I was officially pissed and I wasn’t going to let that pass. ‘You being a rude, ignorant bastard won’t make me less of a man. Also I suggest you stop being a major dick, or do you act like one because you’re trying to compensate? But go on, make fun of me for being brave enough to be myself and not step as low as you, miserable fucker.’”

“Damn, (Y/N).” Mutters Hercules.

“And that’s not all. Looks like I’ve pissed him off, nice, but then he gets up from his seat, jabs his finger on my chest and starts to say something, but I grab his finger and twist it really hard until it cracks and the asshole starts screaming at me while cradling his finger. I get off at the next stop which is four stops too early and decide to walk the rest of the way in an attempt to calm down completely. I think everything’s over now, but when I’m almost here I receive a call. Turns out the bastard had reported me to the police for assault.” You breathe deeply. “Well, the policeman asks me for my version and I tell him what I’ve told you now. Then he asks me if I want to report a hate crime and of-fucking-course I do. And now I’ve got to face the fucker in court.”

The guys, who had been mostly silent until now except for a few gasps and comments here and there, start to furiously curse the guy from the bus and reassure you at the same time. The scene is quite a funny one: Lafayette cursing in French and holding back Laurens who is asking for the guy’s name to go and find him and promises to ‘make him learn a thing or two about assault’, Hercules telling you how proud he is of you and how glad he is you broke the guy’s finger and Alexander already writing down all the ways he can not only win the case but also destroy the guy and his poor lawyer, all the while muttering curses under his breath.

Despite everything, right now you felt really loved.

“Guys,” you said, making them stop and wait for your next words “I know we get weird looks when we go out because of me and I know that you don’t care and that you love me for me, but seeing you like this really makes me realize just how much you love me and how much I need you in my life. I love you all with my whole heart.”

Teary-eyed and smiling, your boyfriends hugged you for a while, forgetting all the anger and feeling how it was replaced with love for you.

Going to trial would suck, but you’d have the best lovers ever by your side.

MCL|Eldarya: jealous headcanons

It’s 1am, I have to get up in 6 hours omg………….


Nathaniel: Actually, Nathaniel is pretty calm in these things. But sometimes he becomes too aggressive, which then regrets. He takes this feeling for granted and just tries to behave adequately. But he will kick ass to anyone who will covet you (and if you do it yourself, he will just stand for a couple of minutes in silent admiration).

Castiel: Angry as hell. No seriously?! Who are you anyway, what the hell are you looking at her like a piece of meat? He will wildly want to hit a man, but he will understand that extra hype will bring you discomfort. Then he will simply take your hand firmly and lead you somewhere far away. If this guy continues to pester, then Castiel will obviously break, well, oops. Castiel hates admitting his jealousy, let’s be honest.

Lysander: I already said in my headcanons that Lysander is a calm face and in the background lightning and explosions. One look at him is enough to make guy understand.Just don’t go near his angel, he’ll burn a hole in you with one glance only. If the guy continues to stand on his own, Lysander, like Castiel, immediately takes you far away. Then he will not be in high spirits for a while, but it will pass. He’s probably the most jealous of all the guys, but he tries not to show it.

Kentin: Actually, to him, strangely enough, absolutely no business to other people’s views. He somehow recognizes a potential abuser, so in normal situations he’s a almost calm. But if you are being harassed by some guy…. in general, Kentin becomes like Castiel, only once in 10 is more aggressive. He hates when you take offense at his jealousy and he try to earn your forgiveness with all his strength omg.

Armin: The type of guys who do not care about these things at all. You calmly hang out with the boys in the company, sometimes you can be the center of attention…He just somehow sincerely trusts you and tries not to touch your private space. If some asshole is going to fuck you up, he’ll just laugh, kiss you in the forehead and take you somewhere far away, everything’s fine.


Ezarel: I think he’s the most jealous bitch of all the guys. But he will never admit it. He’s just “I don’t fucking care with whom you hang out there, but throw him off the cliff next time, please. nope, it’s not jealousy,it’s just….funny….”. He will curse any one who will disturb you (poor Nevra…). He. really. never. acknowledges. jealousy.

Nevra: Well, he clearly will abuse his position. Anyone who will pester you will be sent on assignment, even if he is not from his guard. He, in fact, is quite calm and self-assured, so everything is in order.

Valkyon: He’s like Nevra. He is calm and will take off for you any bastard. Yes, and one of its kind inspires fear, so that no one in their right mind will not pester you. Valkyon generally doesn’t feel jealousy at all, he completely trusts you.

I want to say I love you but...

Inspired by @pearlidab  (If anyone is interested in proofreading this message me please)

*Warning of sexual and mature content*

*Beware of memes*

“I like you Dazai, please go out with me.” The words echoed in Dazai’s ears. He swore he heard wrong for a second but he couldn’t deny that he did with his subordinate standing in front of him looking like his face was going to erupt at any second like an active volcano. 

He wanted to just save Atsushi the heartbreak and just reject him right there. He wouldn’t be the first to confess and he probably won’t be the last. Whether he rejects or accepts it depends on his mood but one thing that never changes is that they never stay. No one really stays. He can’t meet their expectations, male or female. “I’ll be in your care,” He should feel guilty from the amount of hope and happiness on Atsushi’s face that brings tears to the boy’s eyes. If only he knew that he was doing this so, he would learn how bad of an idea it was. He’ll fall out of love. He’ll let go.

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✰ * º ❛ beverly hills 90210 ask meme. ❜

‘  but something happened… i fell in love with you or something.  ’
‘  please shut up.  ’
‘  i feel like i don’t have a friend in the world.  ’
‘  i better find a rich guy to marry.  ’
‘  it doesn’t matter what you say about somebody once they’re gone. what matters is how you treat them when they’re still here.  ’
‘  to be a bitch or not to be a bitch?  ’
‘  you just keep dissing me.  what’s with that?  ’
‘  you think i’m proud of myself? i’m not.  ’
‘  i wanna do something meaningful.  ’
‘  i’ve made my choice… and i choose me.  ’
‘  just because someone knocks doesn’t mean you have to open the door.  ’
‘  hey, you always gotta be a little suspicious of perfection.  ’
‘  she wanted to know if you had any hobbies or anything, so i told her how much you like to knit.  ’
‘  i just don’t believe in winning through intimidation… unless, of course, i’m doing the intimidating.  ’
‘  i think we’re supposed to kiss a few different people before we settle down with one person for the rest of our lives.  ’
‘  if that’s her idea of a platonic relationship, i would love to see what happens when she decides to get physical.  ’
‘  i love you, man, but if you were any dumber, you’d require fertilizer.  ’
‘  i just have one question: are we having fun yet?  ’
‘  do you want to know what sexy is? sexy is a guy who can go three weeks without being unfaithful to his girlfriend.  ’
‘  you’re just some kind of soft drink sippin’, hockey puck hair cut havin’, bart simpson lookalike without a place to live.  ’
‘  friendship, loyalty, and love, which will not be diminished just because we may not end up together.  ’
‘  the memories we have shared will not go away simply because we do.  ’
‘  girls mature faster than guys.  ’
‘  i like your butt… i mean, your bike.  ’
‘  what do i look like, an atm?  ’
‘  i loved you more than i ever thought i could love anybody. maybe that was the problem.  ’
‘  it’s after midnight!  ’
‘  personally, i hate to dance.  ’
‘  why is everybody staring at me? i mean, what– what’s wrong?  ’
‘  didn’t you forget something?  ’
‘  no, i– oh my god! i forgot my clothes!  ’
‘  and what am i, chopped liver?  ’
‘  funny me. i thought what we had was personal.  ’
‘  look, i feel like a fool for coming out, but i don’t care.  ’
‘  all i know is, i don’t want to turn into an axe murderer.  ’
‘  you don’t have to flash that fake i.d. every time you come in here.  ’
‘  it doesn’t seem like your brain’s been totally fried by the sun out here.  ’
‘  hey dude, like let’s go catch some totally fun, gnarly, radical waves.  ’
‘  admit you’re a horses ass.  ’
‘  actually, i’d say you’re doing just find.  ’
‘  so i like guys, so guys like me. what’s wrong with that?  ’
‘  gum is not food.  ’
‘  you better step back because i’m pissed!  ’
‘  we’re going to make this work.  ’
‘  if something goes wrong, it’s my fault?  ’
‘  it’s been a long time. i forgot what your priorities are.  ’
‘  i want us to be together.  ’
‘  i know i mad a thousand mistakes.  ’
‘  he’s going into the witness protection program.  ’
‘  we’d never see each other again.  ’
‘  i hated you for a long time.  ’
‘  you don’t know what it’s like to hate you. it ruins everything. but i don’t hate you anymore.  ’
‘  i don’t hate you anymore.  ’
‘  i was thinking of an even bigger commitment.  ’
‘  i was thinking of getting married.  ’
‘  marry me.  ’
‘  that wasn’t a question and you are not down on one knee.  ’
‘  well, you got a point.  ’
‘  i do love you. will you marry me?  ’
‘  in all the beaches, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.  ’
‘  what, you don’t knock?  ’
‘  always a dangerous trend!  ’
‘  why is it the two woman i ever loved are running around with total dirt bags?  ’
‘  get him out of here!  ’
‘  just ask, politely, and i’ll leave, but i won’t go away.  ’
‘  do you know how psyched we all were when you came back?  ’
‘  dude, what are you waiting for?  ’
‘  well, she turned me down once. part of me thinks i should just leave it at that.  ’
‘  without my lip gloss?  ’
‘  i’ll never be able to fake this!  ’
‘  that’s not gonna work at all. you’re horrible!  ’
‘  do you mind telling me what it is you have against the telephone?  ’
‘  i would rather you tell me what it is you have against me.  ’
‘  what i did to that guy was wrong… i was wrong.  ’
‘  get dressed, i’ll take you home.  ’
‘  i said we’re leaving.  ’
‘  i heard what you said.  ’
‘  and frankly, i think you have a moral responsibility here as well.  ’
‘  do you have any idea how really serious this is?  ’
‘  i do understand a desperate situation when i see one.  ’
‘  my life flashed before my eyes, but your lectures went by a lot quicker.  ’
‘  you want to know what happened? life’s a bitch, that’s what happened.  ’
‘  the joke’s on you, kid.  ’
‘  don’t you love hotels? of all the kinky things that go on in this place, it’s inspiring.  ’
‘  most people would live like this if they could.  ’
‘  is that a cue stick, or are you just happy to see me?  ’
‘  well, the last time i saw you, you were running away.  ’
‘  why? you need a lube job?  ’
‘  how long are you staying?  ’
‘  i’m still waiting for my hug.  ’
‘  she needs sleep.  ’
‘  you lost a shoe!  ’
‘  if he doesn’t like fire, he shouldn’t be playing with matches.  ’
‘  listen to you! you are truly a bad girl!  ’
‘  if the audience is not standing on their feet at the end of tomorrow night, i will personally kick their asses.  ’
‘  i want you to tell me everything.  ’
‘  i think he has a crush on you.  ’
‘  how long has it been since our last altercation?  ’
‘  now are we dating?  ’
‘  look, if you think i’m some stupid lovesick teenager making a fool of myself, then why don’t you just tell me, okay?  ’
‘  i don’t care what anyone thinks about us and i don’t know why you do either.  ’
‘  i’m just trying to do what’s right.  ’
‘  i’m a spring princess!  ’
‘  don’t you think we’d make a great couple?  ’
‘  i’d probably be in love with you.  ’
‘  that’s probably the ugliest thing anyone has ever said to me.  ’
‘  plan b is… to think about plan be.  ’
‘  your footprints and any traces you were here get wiped away as if you weren never here.  ’
‘  i hate to break it to you, but we’re adults. we are going to have to grow up sometime.  ’
‘  he still is damn irresistible.  ’
‘  can someone take me home?  ’
‘  when you told me that new evolution could help him open up, i thought you meant his soul, not his checkbook.  ’
‘  don’t you think you should slow down? this is your third glass.  ’
‘  tell me… who do i have?  ’
‘  he totaled his car. he’s in the hospital on life support.  ’
‘  you bastard!  ’
‘  you said he could go out with whoever he wanted.  ’
‘  i am not a bimbo.  ’
‘  i always thought that if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…  ’
‘  you said you were my best friend. what a joke.  ’
‘  you know, if you’re trying to make me jealous, it won’t work.  ’
‘  hey, you broke up with me, alright? and don’t you ever forget it!  ’
‘  you know, if you’re trying to lose your bimbo image, i honestly don’t think this will help.  ’
‘  i don’t know, it’s sort of degrading to be treated as a sex object.  ’
‘  i thought i lost you.  ’
‘  i’ve been calling you all day.  ’
‘  i know it’s stupid and dangerous. you can start bitching any time.  ’
‘  thank god you’re okay.  ’
‘  let her go. she’ll be alright.  ’
‘  you made your choice and i have to live with that.  ’
‘  i don’t want to hear it! i’ve heard enough!  ’
‘  i thought you guys were my friends. i loved you. i trusted you both!  ’
‘  neither of us wanted to hurt you.  ’
‘  you didn’t seem to care about how i felt!  ’
‘  did you really say that i was intelligent and one of a kind?  ’
‘  the only thing worse than having an addiction is denying that you have one.  ’
‘  one night in jail is definitely enough for me to realize that i don’t want to go back.  ’
‘  what? i’m sorry, i just don’t know what you expect from me.  ’
‘  you are crazy, but thank you.  ’
‘  i can’t go with you. not this time.  ’
‘  you always understand me. you believe in me, don’t you?  ’
‘  i love you. i’ve never stopped loving you and i know i never will.  ’
‘  i won’t be gone forever. give me something to come back to.  ’
‘  everyone here looks like they stepped out of a music video.  ’
‘  nobody knows me here. i could be anybody. i could be somebody!  ’
‘  i didn’t like my classes, i didn’t like the dorms, i didn’t like the people. i didn’t like anything.  ’
‘  but no matter how bad things got, you were so understanding. we were able to put it behind us – even laugh about it. we always ended up having a great time.  ’
‘  you ever want something so bad and then you finally get it and it turns into a complete nightmare?  ’
‘  do you think they saw us?  ’
‘  you better have a damn good story ready!  ’

Weigh Me Down

[Inspired by Lorn’s ‘Weigh Me Down’, I decided to come to terms with how bad my PTSD has gotten lately with the help of that scene in Tales ep 5 where Rhys terminates Jack. 

Trigger warning for: Depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, blood and general violence.]

Reasonable arguments are out of the question at this particular point of his life, he has long given up on trying to put some sense into the other man. He’s obstinate, deaf to opinions, and basically a condescending bastard. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how unbearable he is, to be quite honest.

Rhys is so done with the sorry excuse of a Handsome Jack knockoff he allowed to reside so shamelessly in his head.

Their minds have been connected up to some point, so the young man is quite sure the rotten little bundle of codes has felt his frustration and eventually, the utmost feeling of lethargy. He’s not sure the man’s capable of feeling the tiniest piece of empathy, though, so nothing really matters.

There’s one thing that matters, however. He keeps repeating the words in his head, it’s been a while since he started doing that; ever since he made the grave mistake of trusting Jack, to be exact (I mean, trusting the CEO who is notorious for his kill streak and narcissism over a bunch of Pandoran scum is the right thing to do, right?)

Right. Jack’s started yammering about something again and Rhys is in no mood to put up with the man. He starts with the words that have become his mantra as of late, basically talking to himself, “You weigh me down…” He doesn’t care if he’s going mad, he gave up on telling himself he’s a sane person long time ago.

As he sifts through the glorious wreckage that was once the mighty Helios, he ignores the glitching face appearing on the broken screens. He’s talking about betrayal like he has any right to after betraying Rhys himself.

Rhys has no one to blame but himself about that, really. He knew what Jack was like from the very start, but was too blinded by his fascination with the man that he chose to ignore the thorns the AI so happily stuck in his side for the sake of worshipping him like a god.

“You weigh me down.” he mutters, jumping over and ducking under the broken mess. And Jack. Still. Talks.

Breaking things down to build them anew is a thing Jack’s into now, apparently. Even though he doesn’t reside in his head anymore, Rhys can feel Jack’s booming, albeit stuttering voice in his body. Wasn’t that his goal anyway? Take over Helios, take over Rhys’s body, take over Hyperion, take over the universe. Right?

Right. “You weigh me…” Rhys is so damn tired, of running, of trying, of simply existing. He can feel depression tugging at the corners of his mind. “You weigh me down.” Maybe he should just give up. He raises his head, eyeing Jack’s colossal figure looking down at him.

He looks so pained, so vulnerable. He looks so sympathetic, so interested in Rhys.

He looks like the god damn liar he is, and he. Still. Tries. 

Unbelievable as the whole situation that’s been dominating his life is, haggardness is what guides Rhys and not Jack’s spiel. “Give me a drug and I’ll take it.” he speaks up, his emotionless voice cracking. Jack actually shuts up for a moment to regard Rhys with a surprised expression. He makes a comment about not wanting to hurt Rhys, so what the hell are you talking about, cupcake?

The grim smile darkening the host’s face is the only reply the persistent virus gets. He returns to his monologue, not fazed by the sudden mood change.

Rhys is simply feeling suicidal, looking for a way to stop existing; he has no goal in life anymore, nothing to be proud of. Hyperion is gone, so are the con artists and his friends; Jack continues to subsist and there’s seemingly nothing Rhys can do about any of this. No hope, no thrill, no trust. “Watching you sharpen knives.”

Then he hears it: a gentle whir from behind him. He turns around sluggishly to see the USB drive from before, the one connected to that dumb golden wheeled office chair, heading mercilessly for his head (Huh. Funny pun, Rhys knows).

He may want to give up with this shitty life, but welcoming Jack back into his mind is the last thing he needs-

But he’s too slow. 

The thin long device lodged easily into his port, he thinks maybe he’s being punished for his sins. He lets out a yelp that borders on a scream when he feels Jack being transferred into his head, forcing himself onto Rhys and abusing his host with his arrogant greed.

The man himself now stands before him like he did for so long, an evil smile gracing his sharp features. Rhys thinks “Handsome” Jack must be a name chosen sarcastically, because the sneer on this man’s face, the way his brows furrow, the way he squints his eyes… He’s just so damn ugly, inside and out.

Screw dying.

…oookay, maybe not. Jack making him strangle himself with his own arm has become an old trick he’s very bored of at this point, but the AI seems like he actually plans to kill Rhys this time. Well, shit. He flails and fights as the corners of his vision start to get darker. He yearns for oxygen, wheezing pathetically for air- then he notices a piece of metal that went through the wall after the fall of the space station. Perfect opportunity, unlike Jack’s shitty city.

He jams his arm onto the metal, almost gurgling in pain and lack of air in the process. He pushes and he pulls.

You weigh me down.

The arm goes offline and Rhys can breathe again. Jack’s back to his monologue.

“You give me hell but I’ll make it.” Rhys interrupts, forcing pressure on his arm to tear it off like one tears a piece of paper into two. If there wasn’t so much blood, he’d give himself a mental pat on the back for being such a badass. Naturally, he simply ends up letting out an agonized whine.

He falls down and sits on his ass, watching Jack saunter close like a lion and loom over him menacingly. The AI threatens him, boasting that he’ll never go away; he might rip off an arm (“Big deal, Rhysie!”) but what is a metal arm to a god, to Hyperion himself? Jack does not receive the terrified reaction he was waiting for, as Rhys is too distracted by his ECHO eye malfunctioning at this point to understand the words spilling from the other’s mouth.

…his ECHO implements.

He looks at Jack, stupefied and mouth slightly agape. The AI opens his arms in a welcoming gesture, assuming Rhys has finally seen how much of a raw power he has. They smile simultaneously, but the reasons behind Jack’s gloating grin and Rhys’s sour smirk are completely different.

You weigh me…

His remaining hand gropes at the floor, coming back with a piece of glass secured snugly between his fingers. Jack does not notice, too busy with his ideals and dreams.

You weigh me down.

He experimentally presses the glass to his port, and finally, finally Jack notices what’s going on. He looks scared, good. Rhys gives him a watery leer as he tears the ECHOport from his temple with the help of the glass shard. He screams, and Jack yells; his hand comes down on his lap, bloodied. His eyes have not left Jack’s, not even for a moment. Now, though, he feels like he’s watching his body move from afar, like he’s not a part of it anymore. He wonders if he’s dissociating or it’s the pain and blood loss. Maybe it’s Jack taking control, who knows? He certainly doesn’t.

He stands up with great effort, he won’t let this pathetic man look down on him while they scream at each other.

Why won’t he go away anyway? God, Rhys is so done with Jack.


Still feeling the disconnection between his mind and his body, he moves the bloodied glass shard closer to his ECHOeye; both men watch each other with wide eyes and quickened breaths.

“I’ve still got one good eye…” The shard picks at the bright blue eye. Jack falls to his knees, his form flickering in the ECHOeye’s malfunctioning vision. Rhys smiles sardonically as Jack begs. “Blind as a fool, I can fake it, telling the truth with lies.” The eye is off the socket, held by an assembly of wires connecting his sight to his brain. It’s gonna be painful as hell, he knows, but it’ll be worth it. 

He pulls. Jack lunges at him. “It won’t be long ‘til I break it.”

The pain is blinding.

Jack is gone.

He can hear the fires going off in various places, smell blood and feel the dust. The Pandoran night welcomes the remains of Helios along with Rhys in a dangerous embrace.

Silence engulfs the existence, gracing Rhys’s trembling figure with a moment to take it all in; a terrified sigh escapes him in the next moment as feelings return to his body in full force.

'Cause you know, you know… 

He’s gone. For real. Forever. Despite the pain, Rhys can feel a dumb smile tugging at his lips.

You weigh me down.

His body hits the ground, but he doesn’t feel the impact. He tries to keep his head up, still smiling, the perfect mockery of the condescending Hyperion smile.

Darkness welcomes him, with no Jack this time.

A Dreadful Mission (Cassian Andor x Reader)

A/N: thanks to @buckys-fossil for inspiring me to write my own Cassian Andor fanfic!!!!!

Summary: You’re put on a mission with Cassian who you’re not very fond of.


“No. No way.” you crossed your arms.

“And why not?” Mon Mothma gracefully raised an eyebrow.

“Because I have a bad feeling about him.” you looked everywhere except into Mon Mothma’s eyes. A sigh escaped your lips, “Can’t you just get someone else to do it? A guy maybe?”

“The point is to seduce the gangster, not scare him off. If he has any information about the Empire, you’d be able to get it. Besides, you’re the only spy who has advanced combat skills and you happen to be a woman.” Mon Mothma simply stated, not looking to argue with you.

You frowned, “And if I don’t take this mission?”

Mon Mothma practically floated towards you, every movement she made seemed so graceful. Her blue-green eyes looked right through you. “I’m not asking you to take this mission. I’m commanding you.”

You scoffed, “Touché.”

Mon Mothma smiled sweetly, “Cassian and K-2 will be waiting for you in their ship. Good luck, Y/N.”

You waved a hand dismissively as you made your way out, “Keep your ‘good lucks’, I don’t need them.”

Mon Mothma chuckled.


You wearily searched for Cassian’s ship. All you wanted to do was complete the mission without uttering a word to him or his stupid droid.

‘What makes you so annoyed by him anyway?’ A part of you asked. The other part of you answered, ‘How about the way he presents himself? Or the way he distances himself from everybody? The way he always has a cocky look on his face? ESPECIALLY WHEN MON MOTHMA PRAISES HIM. Not to mention his undeniably sexy accent, I mean-’

“Excuse me, trainees are not allowed on this ship.” A gigantic black robot stood in your way. K-2SO. You hadn’t even realized you had made it to Cassian’s ship.

“I’m Y/N L/N. Cassian and I have a mission together.” you explained simply, your dreams of a silent mission being shattered. You tried getting past K-2 but he wouldn’t budge.

“You’re the woman with advanced combat skills? I don’t believe it. You’re a fragile little thing.” K-2’s comment made you bite your tongue. ‘To reply with a snarky comment or to not.’ you wondered.

Before you could reply with the best clapback in the galaxy, Cassian Andor appeared from behind the droid. “K-2, leave the poor girl alone.”

You stepped up to both Cassian and K-2. “Excuse you! I’m a grown woman whose more than capable of handling the both of you.”

Cassian raised an eyebrow and his lips spread into a smirk, “If you’re going to handle me, at least invite me to dinner first.”

Realizing the innuendo in the word ‘handling’, you’re cheeks became a pink color. Before they could see your face get even redder, you shoved your way past them and into the ship.

You sat in the pilot seat, getting ready to take off. A loud ‘ahem’ came from Cassian who stood next to you, “What do you think you’re doing?”

You rolled your eyes, “Getting ready to take off, what does it look like I’m doing?”

Cassian chucked, “That’s cute. My ship makes me Captain, which means I’m piloting. Now, please get out of my seat.”

You looked long and hard to see if he was joking. His stern look remained. Obviously not. You stood up and moved to the passenger seat.

“That’s K-2’s seat.” Cassian mentioned.

This was going to be a dreadful mission.


“So the plan is to-” Cassian started as he got out of his seat, but you intervened.

“Might I remind you, Mon Mothma went over the plan with me.” you got up and grabbed the weapons from your bag.

“You don’t need weapons. You have to lure him outside and I’m supposed to kill him.” Cassian walked behind you, suppressing a chuckle. “Now put them back.”

“Uh, you’re not telling me what to do.” you looked him up and down, “I need weapons if you or your droid decide to try something funny.”

“Fine. Have it your way.” He smiled sarcastically.

“And you’re supposed to lure him in that horrendous outfit?” K-2 said, referring to your burgundy long sleeve and black cargo pants. Boy, these two knew how to push your buttons.

“Of course not,” you rolled your eyes as you took out a raspberry colored toga out from your bag. “I’m just saying that males don’t care what I wear as long as I’ve got tits and an ass.”

Cassian was obviously uncomfortable by your blunt statement. He shifted awkwardly as if to avoid the subject considering that he was male, but you weren’t going to let him off the hook so easily.

“Ohhhh, Cassian knows what I’m talking about.” you raised an eyebrow suggestively. “Now, kindly exit the ship so I can change.” you extended a toned arm, signaling the two to exit. With no hesitation they walked out.

As soon as the Captain and the droid were out, you pulled your black cargo pants down and pulled your shirt off. Delicate hands ran through your soft, H/C locks and put them into a loose bun. The raspberry colored toga was easy to slip into and incredibly loose. It was a good thing you brought another piece of fabric to tie around your waist. Thankfully your toga was long enough so you didn’t even bother changing shoes.

“Cassian.” you called out, a brilliant plan forming in your head.

“Yes?” He poked his head in the ship.

“Would you mind?” you turned to look back at him as you held the ends of the fabric on your waist.

He hesitantly walked towards you and grabbed the ends of the fabric to tie. Suddenly your faced reddened when you felt his hot breath tickle your neck. Surely the bastard was doing this on purpose!

You turned around only to meet a pair of brown eyes. “Thank you,” you muttered and walked right past him.


“Stay close,” Cassian glanced at you as K-2, Cassian, and you moved through the crowded streets in Tatoonie.

“I’m Cassian Andor and I can boss others around because I have a sexy accent.” you mocked Cassian silently but not silently enough.

“Oh, that’s hilarious.” K-2 sarcastically commented.

Cassian looked at you with a smirk, “You think my accent is sexy? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re warming up to me.”

A light blush adorned your cheeks. “Stay close,” You mocked Cassian and walked ahead of them.

“I like her,” K-2 stated simply, “Her personality is much like my own.”

“No, K-2,” Cassian laughed, “Her’s is much worse.”


You nodded at Cassian as the two of you split ways entering Mos Eisley Cantina. The mission was simple, simple enough for one person to complete. It didn’t bother you as much anymore that Cassian and K-2 were on this mission. To be truly honest, being around Cassian was actually exciting. Perhaps you were getting ahead of yourself.

As soon as you spotted your target at the bar, you confidently made your way to sit next to him. “I’ll have what he’s having.” you told the waiter in Huttese and smiled at your target. He-or rather it- was some sort of alien creature with a regular body and the head of some sort of insect simply having a drink.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing here?” The vile looking creature scooted closer towards you. You realized Cassian was sitting on the opposite side of your target watching you with a clenched jaw. You’d be lying if that didn’t make your heart flutter.

“I’m just looking for a strong man to take me home.” you looked right at Cassian when these words escaped your mouth. If only you knew that those words made his heart heavy and his pants a little tight.

“Well I’d say today’s your lucky day.” The creature responded, eager to see where this would lead.

You downed the shot the waiter had left on the counter moments before. Cassian’s eyes widened at this. You got up from your chair and neared yourself to the creature. “Meet me in five in the alley behind this Cantina,” you whispered in a low voice and you hurriedly walked out. Cassian had been just behind you.

“Impressive,” Cassian spoke up as the two of you waited in the alley behind the Cantina.

“Shut up and go hide somewhere.” You ordered, too busy to comment back. Cassian did as told and hid behind the dumpster. To up the seduction factor, you removed your toga and now you stood in the alley in a semi-transparent slip.

The creature walked into the alley and grabbed you by the waist. “I simply can’t wait to pleasure you, pretty lady.”

“Neither can I.” you responded in a low tone as you backed the creature into the wall. “Now tell me, is it true the Empire is building a weapon of mass destruction?”


You grabbed the creatures neck tight enough to where he could respond, “I will not ask again.”

“You’ll be dead before you can spread the news about this!” The creature suddenly grew two pairs of arms and pushed you off. He tried running away but thankfully Cassian jumped out from behind the dumpster and blasted him dead before he could get away.

Cassian grabbed your toga and hastily helped you up. “We must move quickly!”

“Where’s K-2?” You groaned holding your side. You were positive you didn’t break anything but your ribs hurt like hell.

“Not important!”


“K-2!” Cassian barged into the ship with you behind him, “I need you to take off! Y/N got injured.”

“Injured? Oh goody, I thought Mon Mothma said she had advanced combat skills.” K-2 began to power up the ship.

“Injured or not I can still kick your ass!” Cassian sat you down and went looking for the first aid kit. When he came back, he realized he was faced with a dilema. How was he going to bandage you without seeing you naked?

“Um….” Cassian pondered for a moment on how to go about this situation.

You sighed overdramatically and turned your front away from him. Then you lifted up your slip just below your breasts. Cassian wrapped the bandaging around your abdomen and every now and then his fingertips would brush over your stomach. As much as you hated to admit it, you enjoyed it.

When Cassian was down you turned to him, “I know I’ve been rude to you since the beginning of this mission and I’d like to apologize.”

“It’s fine. Women express their attraction to me in different ways, I get it.” He laughed when you rolled your eyes.

“And here I thought I could tolerate you a little more,” you joked. “Anyway, thank you for bandaging me,” you smiled slightly and kissed his cheek as a sign of gratitude.

“You’re welcome.” Cassian smiled back and returned to his seat next to K-2. K-2 obviously noticed how wide Cassian was smiling and boy did that irk him.

“I was joking when I said I liked her, Captain.” K-2 whispered.

“Shut up, K-2.”

My Right Hand - Part 1

FF Link.


This is a fanfic I wanted to write for quite some time now… I guess now, with Sasaki-NH drawing this wonderful piece of artwork for me, and Entou drawing this adorable little doujin, it is as good time as any to finally do it!

It doesn’t rain very often in Konoha, but when it rains, it pours.

Naruto looked at the young woman that was currently holding an umbrella over his head. Her clothes were slowly getting more soaked and her long black hair were slowly getting more wet as she did her very best to weather him from the storm. She carefully held the umbrella against the wind’s direction, making sure that most of the rain didn’t reach him. For some strange reason it seemed that her priority was to protect him rather than keep herself dry.

She had a bright smile on her lips. As if she didn’t mind getting wet. As if she didn’t mind the droplets of rain that were slowly accumulating on her face.  As if being with him like this was something she genuinely cherished.

Naruto thought it was the most beautiful thing he had even seen….

It was like a small piece of sunshine, warming his heart, and easing his worries…

Come to think of it, “Hinata”, her name, meant “Sunshine” didn’t it?

Sunshine under the rain… For some reason this seemed to describe her perfectly.

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Crooked (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 1

This is a scenario I’ve had in my head for a very long time. Way before I even considered putting the stuff I wrote on here. Wrote it down on my phone all those months ago, deleted it and now I really felt that I wanted to give it a go in turning it into a series here on tumblr, since I remember most of it. I hope you like it! :)

Got inspiration from G-Dragon’s song “Crooked”. Well, more specifically: From the scene where he’s on the floor crying in the MV.


Summary: He broke your heart two years ago and you left him. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, so will you take him back?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

You rummaged around in your bag, trying to find the key to unlock your apartment door. Pretty much the second you’d found it and had unlocked the door, your phone started to ring. You sighed to yourself, silently cursing the fact that your bag was a complete mess at the moment. After opening the door, quickly closing it and successfully finding your phone, you answered it - with a smile on your face when you saw the caller ID. ‘Tabi Oppa’.

“Oppa, do you realize how perfect you timing is? I literally just walked through the front-”

“I need you to get here now”, he interrupted you, sounding stressed and annoyed.

“What? Why?” you asked, confused, “Where is here, Oppa? And why does it sound like you’re at a club?”

"He finally snapped”, was all Seung Hyun said.

It was all he had to say, as well, for you to fully understand what was going on. You knew who he was talking about and could clearly imagine what state he was in at the moment. At the thought of him, it felt as if someone stabbed you in the chest. You’d been back six months now and had successfully managed to stay away from him. You’d begged Seung Hyun and Youngbae to not say anything about you returning, a request you were extremely happy they’d listened to.

“How?” you asked.

“We were at a friends’ house”, Seung Hyun started, “I was talking to this friend and he asked how you were doing… I told him that you were good, that you’d been back for six months now and…”


“I didn’t realize it until it was too late… He’d been standing behind me the whole time”, Seung Hyun sounded very frustrated.

Normally, you were simply just thankful about the fact that neither Seung Hyun nor Yongbae would mention his name with you around. Now, that thankful feeling was intensified. Not hearing his name kept your heart from feeling the pain over the memories it brought.

“I need you to get here now, angel”, he repeated, “you’re the only one who can snap him out of it enough to get him home”

“…”, you contemplated it for a few moments, an uncomfortable feeling racing through your body. Did you really want to see him?

“Please”, Seung Hyun pleaded, something very unusual for him.

“… Fine”, you finally said, “where are you?”

Seung Hyun sounded relieved as he told you what part of Seoul they were in and the address to the club. They were in a somewhat notorious part of town, a part that parents normally warned their kids to stay away from.

Sighing heavily, you gathered all your things again and walked out the door. After locking it and getting a cab, memories and worries filled your head. They were all memories and worries concerning him.

Kwon Ji Yong. Your ex-boyfriend.

The two of you met four years ago, through Youngbae. You’d just become a university student and coincidentally became Youngbae’s neighbor when you managed to find an apartment. The two of you became fast friends, sharing a mutual love for dance. He was an amazing dancer and inspired you a lot. You had been dancing since you were about four years old and couldn’t think of anything that could make you happier.

Naturally, befriending Youngbae meant that you eventually met Ji Yong and got to know him. He was from a very wealthy family and was to take over his father’s company once the time came. Having no prior experience with that kind of world, it scared you a little. You developed an attraction and a crush on the handsome heir pretty much right away, but were scared of doing anything about it. Ji Yong managed to charm you completely, though, and within a single month; you were his new girlfriend.

He really was an extremely charming man, who treated you like the most special girl in the world and worshiped you like there was no tomorrow. You didn’t really care much for expensive gifts – but quickly learned that you had no say in it. If Ji Yong wanted to buy you a necklace worth so much it made you dizzy, he would. The two of you were pretty much inseparable from day one; you did almost everything together and practically lived together after the first six months. He was so funny, loving, caring and attentive. He was perfect and he was all yours. Through you boyfriend and his childhood friend, you met Mr Choi Seung Hyun, who became like an older brother to you – just like Youngbae.

For a year and a half, you were the perfect couple and were pretty much envied by all your friends. Sadly, that started to change after a tragic accident that took the life of Ji Yong’s mother. He was heartbroken and, even though you tried as hard as you could to support him, he started to change and push you away in the process. He started to party, which at first you didn’t even think much about since he usually did that – mostly with his closest friends and you. However, as time went on, the partying increased and got worse.

Since you practically lived at his place by then, you often found yourself waiting up until 3 AM most nights, worrying about him and wondering when he was coming home. This went on for a few months and as time went by, the nights where he went out partying in a week outnumbered the nights he didn’t. Many times, he didn’t come home until it was past 6 AM and you were already up and ready to go to school. Time and time again, you tried to talk to him and have him at least decrease the times he partied per week. He didn’t listen to you and soon even started treating you like crap at times; only when he was drunk, though. Eventually, you started to give up. If he couldn’t listen to the one girl he claimed to love over every single human being on earth, then what more could you do? After six whole months of trying to talk some sense into him, you simply just accepted the fact that your Ji Yong was gone and you also made up your mind that you’d be go as well. The last time you’d seen him was one you remembered like it was yesterday.

It had been three whole weeks since you’d last been in his apartment, since you didn’t have the energy or patience to deal with your asshole of a boyfriend. It still stung to have to refer to him as that now.

Youngbae had informed you that Ji Yong was at home this particular night, which was very rare, but it was only because the night before had been so wild. He needed one night to rest before he could go at it again. The fact that he’d become that kind of a person both angered you and saddened you.

Since you had a key to his apartment, you simply just unlocked the door and stepped inside. You found him on the couch in his living room – a glass of whiskey in his hand. The bastard called it his “hangover cure”, which you found ridiculous. He barely glanced up at you as you entered the living room, but simply just stared at the TV – which wasn’t even on. You told him that you needed to tell him something. He asked you what it was, in a rude tone. However, before you could even begin to tell him, the two of you started to fight for some unknown reason – which wasn’t rare, since that was pretty much the only thing that happened nowadays.

This particular night, though, the fight got more heated than normal and the two of you were eventually standing up, shouting at each other. Before either of you could react, the glass of whiskey flew out of Ji Yong’s hand and flew right past your face at lightning speed. It hit the wall next to you and shattered in a million tiny pieces. One of those pieces aimed for your cheek and left a very small cut that quickly started to sting. You were shocked and, honestly, kind of scared. Did that really just happen?

“… B-Baby?” soon came as a whisper from Ji Yong, fear and worry very evident in his voice. As you looked at him, the fear and worry was also very evident on his face.

This somehow calmed you down a bit, despite the chaos that had just erupted. The fact that he was capable of showing emotions like that towards you meant that your Ji Yong was in there somewhere, even if it was deep down by this point. There still was some hope that he could go back to his old self. You wouldn’t be sticking around to see if he would, though. About three weeks ago, you’d made up your mind; you were leaving. Not just Ji Yong, but Seoul and even Korea. You were going to take time off from school, like most Korean university students did, and would be moving to Europe for an undecided amount of time – to Paris to be exact, since you have friends who lived there.

“No, I’m not fine”, you told Ji Yong, “though, I haven’t really been fine for the last six months”


“It’s over, Oppa”


“I can’t take it anymore, it’s over”

“Baby, don’t say that! Please, don’t-“

“Don’t try to change my mind, Oppa!” you said, “I’ve been trying to get the old you back for the last six months and I’m fed up! I can’t take it anymore and if you’re not going to change for the girl you claim is the love of your life, then who the hell will you change for?”


“Good bye, Oppa”

With those three last words, you turned around and walked out of the living room. Before exiting the apartment, you placed your key on a small table. He was no longer a part of your life and you were no longer a part of his.

After saying good bye to him, you had gone home only to get your already packed suitcase. Two hours later, you were on a plane – on your way to Paris and your new life without Ji Yong. It wasn’t until the plane had taken of that you’d realized what had just happened. After that, you’d spent the majority of the plane ride crying. Before you’d left, you’d made both Seung Hyun and Youngbae promise not to tell Ji Yong where you were going.

The first few months had been hard for you, but eventually, you bounced back and became your usual happy self. Paris was amazing and you met a lot of really awesome people. Your (biological) older brother came to live with you after your first eight months and you were really happy to have family next to you. Nine months after he came to Paris, though, he got the job offer of his dreams and went back to Korea. Since you didn’t want to be alone again, you decided to go back with him and start school again.

You were snapped out of your trip down memory lane as the cab driver informed you that you’d arrived at your destination. After quickly paying him and thanking him, you exited the cab and walked towards the club where Seung Hyun would be waiting for you. As you rounded the corner of a building, the club came into view and you spotted Seung Hyun at once where he stood by the door, waiting for you.

As soon as you reached him, he put a protective arm around your shoulder and led you inside the club. The music was loud as you got inside and most of the people in there were very drunk.

Seung Hyun led you through the crowd of people, keeping you safe in his arms, and finally stopped when you were outside the doors to the male and female bathroom. When you’d quickly studies the doors, you glanced up at the tall and handsome man beside you with arched eyebrows – silently asking him why the hell you were there.

He simply just told you to wait there as he entered the male bathroom. A few moments later, about three other guys exited before Seung Hyun returned to your side. He then told you that it was safe for you to go inside and you instantly understood what was going on at that moment. Ji Yong was in there.

Breathing in once, you walked inside the dirty and semi-destroyed bathroom when Seung Hyun opened the door for you. The bathroom really did look like the rest of the club; it was a mess. Graffiti, broken stall-doors, the mirrors were dirty and some even had cracks in them. It made you really uncomfortable, but you still felt safe knowing that Seung Hyun was waiting outside. No one’d be able to get through him, especially not when his ‘little sister’ was in the bathroom.

At first, you saw no one and the only thing you heard was the music from outside the door. However, as you walked further in, small whimpers could soon be heard and when you walked past the middle stall – you found what you were looking for.

On the floor, looking like a complete mess, was your former boyfriend. He seemed to be completely drunk out of his skull and he looked kind of pathetic in your eyes. His appearance shocked you a little, since the last time you’d seen him – his hair had been dark brown. It’d made him look classy, composed and like he was worth a million bucks. Now, his hair was a white shade of blonde and he looked like shit. It wasn’t so much the fact that his hair was blonde – that you actually didn’t mind. It was the fact that he looked like he’d either not slept for a week or like he’d had a little too much fun during the night, with pills and other things involved. You couldn’t help but feel a sting of worry as the last thought crossed your mind. He was once the most important person in your life, so worry was to be expected, right?

“… Oppa”, you finally spoke. Calling him that again felt odd, but there was no other name that felt right.

He looked up at the sound of your voice and stared at you in shock for what felt like an eternity. His intense gaze set your body on fire and you had to look away in the end.

“______-ah?” he whispered, appearing to not believe what he was seeing. His next statement confirmed just that, “I’ve seriously gotten to the point where I’m imagining you next to me?”

His speech was slurred. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall of the bathroom stall. Looking at his drunk and pathetic state, memories of your last six months together as a couple came flooding back to you. He’d been such an ass and had hurt you time and time again. Even after two years, he hadn’t changed?

“No, you idiot”, you told him in a harsh tone, “It’s not an imagination”

He looked back up at you as your words sunk in, a completely stunned expression on his face.

“… Y-You’re really here?” he mumbled, “so you really are back”

“Get up, Oppa”, you told him, ignoring his words.

Walking closer, you reluctantly held out your hand so that you could help him up. All you wanted was to get him out of the damn club so that Seung Hyun could take him home. After that, you’d be able to go back to your own life again and not see him ever again, since he’d most likely not remember anything in the morning.

After a few moments of Ji Yong just staring up at you in amazement, your patience with the man disappeared.

“If you don’t want my help, then forget it”, you said and turned around and were about to walk out the door. You didn’t even manage to take two steps before a hand grabbed yours. The familiar feeling sent shivers down your spine. You didn’t turn back to look at him as he spoke.

“I can’t believe you’re back”

As you turned around, he started to stand up and you helped him somewhat. You were still uncomfortable with being close to him after such a long time and after the way your relationship so harshly ended. However, deep down, there was still a soft spot for him in your heart, especially when he looked as vulnerable as he did.

When you started to walk out of the bathroom, he stopped you yet again. This time it wasn’t by grasping your hand, but by giving you a back-hug that made your heart start racing. The moment very quickly ended, though, when you realized he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. This was not what you wanted right now. After pushing him off you and walking out of the bathroom with him in tow, you made your way out of the club with Seung Hyun supporting an increasingly drowsy Ji Yong.

You got a cab and, to both yours and Seung Hyun’s surprise, the address that you gave the cab driver was your own. Why? You had no idea, but simply just went with it. The night was weird enough as it was, so it wouldn’t do to start questioning things.

When you finally got to your place, Seung Hyun helped you get – a now practically sleeping – Ji Yong through the door and onto the couch in your living room, where he passed out completely. Seung Hyun left you alone with Ji Yong for a short while as he went over to the drunk man’s apartment to get some new clothes for the next day.

When Seung Hyun had come and gone for a second time, the things that had transpired tonight finally started to sink in for you. What the hell had just happened? And what the flying fuck had you just done? You ex-boyfriend, whom you’d tried your hardest to stay away from for two years was passed out drunk on you couch. What?!

MHA dub commentary ep 6

  • it’s been a week or so since i watched the dub and i’m remembering how much i loved Izuku’s dub voice
  • and how much i loved Aizawa’s voice
  • last time on MHA: Izuku only broke one finger this time
  • Uraraka’s voice i’m still kinda getting used to
  • lmao Aoyama what would a pretty throw look like??
  • meanwhile Bakugou is having an existential crisis
  • Bakugou. attacking a fellow student in the middle of class with the teacher right there isn’t exactly the smartest……
  • ………………… then again it seems like none of his teachers prior to this ever tried to stop him so i can’t exactly. blame him for trying. since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of precedent against it before now
  • either way that was dumb and you should really stop that, my child
  • thank god Aizawa is an actual competent adult and teacher, probably the first Izuku and Bakugou have had in their lives
  • thank god
  • i’m starting to really love Mic’s dub voice
  • it’s so dorky
  • oooohh gosh little Izuku sounds so cute ohhhhh my sweet child
  • it’s kinda funny how deep Bakugou’s kid voice sounds in comparison to Izuku’s
  • Izuku collapses from basic physical fitness tests
  • same
  • tho he also has a broken finger, so… not same, i guess
  • ok during the crowd scene where Aizawa is pulling up the test results, Bakugou is making this really hilariously petulant look at Izuku who’s in the back an cradling his poor broken finger
  • he’s just pouting so hard i’m skag;ashk
  • also what the fuck kinda fancy-ass hologram tech is that
  • Izuku’s having a mini breakdown and Aizawa’s like ‘lol just kidding’
  • Aizawa no
  • “That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it all on your tests.”
  • Aizawa you liar
  • Iida freaks out so hard from this that his glasses break
  • Izuku is no longer in this plain of existence
  • holy shit Momo is Riza
  • oh Momo you think it was just a joke but it wasn’t. it wasn’t. he really was gonna send one of y’all home oh my sweet child you have so much faith and trust
  • i like Sero and Kirishima’s voices
  • Momo sounds a bit old but i’m sure i’ll get used to her voice
  • “And go have the old lady fix you up.” 
  • Aizawa
  • Aizawa at least call her Recovery Girl omfg
  • how rude
  • Dad Might’s pride in his son gave away their connection to Aizawa
  • oh he’s so proud. and sucks at subtly
  • Aizawa just. fucking messes with him. he’s like “Oooh, it’s almost like you’ve been in his corner this whole time, huh?” and All Might is like “…FUCK”
  • what a dork
  • “It’s cruel to let a kid keep dreaming of something that’ll never come true.” i always found this aspect of Aizawa’s character super fascinating
  • “In your own strange way, you’re a kind man, Aizawa.” yes, yes he is Toshi
  • Recovery Girl’s office: *gross kissing sound* *horrified screeching*
  • i love the little Kamui Woods pez dispenser 
  • “YOU MEAN THIS COULD KILL ME?!” i just enjoy how horrified Izuku sounds here
  • oh Iida you think a bit of white lying is immoral. you pure soul you
  • “And yours is…. Deku Midoriya?” “DEKU?!”
  • i enjoy Uraraka’s nonchalantly cute mental image of Bakugou screaming “DEKU, YOU BASTARD!!!” as he prepares to run and blow Izuku up
  • “Plus, I think it sounds kinda cute!!”
  • oh Izuku my boy
  • Iida is so confused as to why Izuku would suddenly accept an insulting nickname b/c a cute girl called it cute
  • i love my square son
  • Uraraka is so confused right now
  • “I survived my first day at UA… even tho I kinda failed.” college in a nutshell 
  • i’m remembering how much i enjoyed All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god wha ta d or k
  • Izuku’s gonna cry just from getting lunch from that one chef hero lmao what an adorable nerd
  • “I. AM. HEEEEEREE!!!! ….. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!!” wha t a f ucking dork 
  • Kaminari has a pretty good voice
  • i enjoy how Tsuyu noticed that All Might was wearing his old costume
  • “I’m getting goosebumps, it’s so retro!!” omfg Ojirou you dork
  • i also like his voice
  • also what the fuck All Might why are you walking like that. why. just. just walk normally. are you trying to strut your stuff or what
  • jksa;ghka; All Might is so hammy i have a hard time not just. bursting into laughter with every scene he’s in
  • “Clothes make the pros!!”
  • he is just. so full of hammy lines
  • “THIS IS GETTING ME ALL RAMPED UP!! YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL!!” god he reminds me so much of those teachers who try so hard to relate to their students but just come off as really dorky and kinda desperate
  • please pause at the moment where they show the kid’s sketches and bask in Bakugou’s amazingly average drawing skills. also Iida’s really good sketches
  • i enjoy Toshi’s casual voice. i just. really enjoy it, especially compared to his over-the-top hammy All Might hero voice
  • Inko for best mom
  •  o h gm yd o they ga ve Mineta a l is p
  • he sounds like one of those creepy pervy nerds
  • All Might is struggling not to combust from noticing the similarities between Izuku’s costume and him
  • Tsuyu’s voice reminds me of something
  • i think i like it tho
  • “How much can we hurt the other team?” Bakugou no
  • everyone has actual questions relating to the situation at hand and Aoyama only cares about how awesome his cape looks
  • “NNGH…. I… WASN’T FINISHED TALKING!!!” same All Might i hate when people interrupt me before i finish talking
  • All Might’s reading from a fucking script b/c he’s such a newbie at being a teacher what a dork
  • also that fucking script is tiny in his hands. it looks like it was made for children. lmao
  • i enjoy the obvious video game style and references here
  • Izuku is freaking out so much at the idea of working with a cute girl what a dork
  • ohhh poor Izuku. Bakugou is just itching to kick his ass and he knows it
  • i like this scene. Izuku feels anxious but steadies himself and meets Bakugou’s glare and it surprises/pisses off Bakugou
  • the nerd is fighting back
  • the perspective of the top of the buildings seems off to me somehow
  • it’s kinda funny how All Might tells them that the success for this trial is to embody villainy, and (spoiler) Bakugou fails
  • hah, foreshadowing
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” aaannnd here comes the first inkling of Bakugou’s superiority/inferiority complex when it comes to Izuku
  • Iida is curious and kinda concerned about Bakugou, it seems
  • Bakugou why do you care about being rich
  • i always found it interesting how, despite Bakugou’s shitty behavior, his positive points inspire Izuku to do his best
  • “So it’s a fated battle between rivals?” Uraraka knows her shit. also i enjoy her just. randomly understanding MANLINESS stuff that shows up from time to time
  • Aaaaaand here comes Bakugou. boy has no chill
  • “Sneak attack, Bakugou? What kinda man pulls cheap crap like that?” Oh Kirishima if only you knew
  • whoa Mina’s voice is. weird
  • she’s like. not hyper-peppy enough for me
  • awww Izuku taking agency over the insult he’d been called for most of his life
  • it’s kinda funny looking back on these eps b/c i remember just how little sympathy i had for Bakugou when i first saw them
  • how the times have changed
  • ugh i love this music
  • so much about these two in that sentence 
  • oh these children
  • every time i see this ending theme i think ‘just grab a fucking bike Izuku”
  • “Hold on, I didn’t know Uraraka was a baseball player?!” i’m sorry but this like out of context is hilarious

aaannnnd that’s episode 6!!

Kirin Jindosh - an unexpected analysis.

bifryeguy replied to your post “Jindosh is the biggest pile of “how many evil villain slash mad…”

I really really liked him and what was found outside of what’s face value. A lot of that you don’t have to read into. Based on things you learn about him, just watching him and exploring, and like from the Outsider himself, I really admire the guy? Like it doesn’t sound like he was born to a rich family (that’s the impression I got anyway) and he made amazing things. He gets to the top but he doesn’t even quit or get lazy. I kind of admire seeing that. He was the least villainous to me at least

Hey, I am kind of glad you replied to this post! I generally love making fun of Jindosh and being playfully hateful, but in truth he is one of the characters I love the most from Dishonored. I usually tend to make a sort of love-hate relationship with villain characters and often exaggerate them for humorous effect.

I had no idea I’ll get inspired for something with this length, so I’ll put this under a cut for length and SPOILERS. 

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18. Who’s she? (JokerXReader!)

So guys, I’m sorry that I wasn’t really active yesterday but I was out with my friends and I finally saw the Squad on the big screen and I came home really late. But it was totaly amazing, the movie was great and I loved every second of it. <3 I will write on the next requests and the next part of the JokerXReader Drug Dealer one today, but I don’t know when it will be up here, ‘cause after the movie yesterday I got hit with a huge inspiration for a little fic that’s based on my own idea. It’s named: Who’s she? That’s the one I got for you now. :) I’m really excited about this one and I think I will work on a few more parts, tell me what you guys are thinking about it. I hope you will like it. <3  

Who’s she? Part 1.

It was a normal day at the Arkham Asylum as Dr Grace Warner was on her way to met her next patient.

Her day had been pretty stressful and she didn’t thought that it would get any better, as soon as she entered the session room (her office), where the man sat whom she treated since a month now.

Dr Warner was new at the Asylum, she had been working here since only two months, therefore she was psychiatrist at a clinic in Washington DC, but there was a reason that she moved to the Asylum.

And the reason sat now in here office.

The Joker.

He was back in Arkham since about half a year now and he was more against any kind of therapy than ever.

There wasn’t any doctor left that hadn’t been, attacked, killed, or just had sucked at trying to help him with his insanity, in so far this was possible.

He was sick of everything, he just wanted to get outta here and murder as many people as possible again, and that was the moment the director of the Arkham Asylum decided to contact Dr Warner.

She was an experienced psychiatrist in her mid fourtys and she never had had a single failure on her patient list since she was practicing.

This woman may be the only solution to calm the Joker down, so that they can finally give therapy to him.

„You’re late, doctor“, the Joker said impatient as Dr Warner sat down on her desk in front of his lounger, where he was laid down with his straitjacket on.

„I know, I’m sorry about that. My last session lasted a little longer than expected. Anyways, how do we feel today?“, she asked immediately.

The Joker sighed annoyed.

„Everyday the same lame questions … Maybe you should buy a new questionnaire, doctor. They told me you are the best in your subject, but I don’t see that. You’re exactly like those other bastards. You’re just boring me to death, with all your stupid little questions. Don’t you get it? I’m telling you lies, whenever you ask me something. I just want one single thing. Get out of this hellhole and come back into business“, he said with this eerie look in his eyes.

But Dr Warner just shook her haid and rolled her eyes.

She was too old and too smart for this kind of mind games and threats.

The Joker wasn’t the first patient, that talked to her like that.

„Fine, then let’s turn around the thing. Ask me something, whatever you want“, she said calm, ready to write everything down that he would say.

The questions that he would ask, could also help her, to finally give therapy to this psychopath.

She didn’t moved into Gotham City just to let this clown play with her, like all the others before.

The Joker suddenly gave the woman a wicked grin.

„Are you sure, you want me to ask you something?“, he said.

„Yes, I’m sure“, Dr Warner replied harsh.

She wasn’t patient anymore with this man, if he wanted to play mind games with her, she wouldn’t give in until she had what she wanted.

„Well, then let me think about it … Let’s begin with something easy“, the Joker said and stood up from his lounger to walk around in the doctors office.

She knew what he would do.

Find something that would make her weak in front of him, something he could extort her with, but she already made sure that she has nothing in her office that this man could use against her.

Well, she thought she took care of that …

„Oooh … let’s take this one“, the Joker said.

His voice now low and amused, he was ready for playing.

„Who’s that?“, he asked and showed her a picture of a young tall man with dark brown hair.

„My brother, but don’t even think about to tell me how you would kill him, he’s already dead“, Dr Warner said.

The Joker raised a brow.

„What happened?“, he asked now grinning.

He wanted to see the pain in her eyes, something that would be very enjoyable for him, but there was nothing, she was cold as she looked at him, not even a bit interested.

„He died in a car crash, three days after this photo was recorded, he was twenty one, next question“, she said.

The Joker clenched his teeth.

This wasn’t funny, when he couldn’t watch her get hurt on the inside or something like that, but suddenly something on the doctors writing desk took his full attention.

He walked behind her and looked at the photo in the gold frame, which stood directly in front of her.

There was a girl on it, a very, very pretty girl.

It couldn’t be the doctor, she was old and not even as pretty as the girl on the picture.

She looked young and innocent with her bright (e/c) eyes and the (h/c) long hair, that framed her beautiful delicate face, she looked like a doll, a pretty, pretty porcelaine doll.

„Who’s this?“, the Joker asked, his voice now gravelly with a tad of desire behind it.

Something what Dr Warner didn’t wanted to hear, but she couldn’t lie to him, he was insane but not an idiot, he was smart, he would know that she was lying to him, if she tried.

„My daughter“, she said scarce.

„Pretty, really pretty, doctor. How old?“, the Joker asked walking around, but sill kept his eyes glued to the photo of the girl.

„Nineteen“, the doctor answered.

She didn’t wanted to talk about her daughter, the only thing the Joker could possibly make her weak with, and he already knew that.

„Nineteen …“, the Joker said long-drawn out.

„Their so innocent when they’re at that age … What’s her name?“


„(Y/N), that’s pure innocence …“

The Joker closed his eyes and inhaled loudly, so pretty …

Dr Warner felt from second to second more uncomfortable about this situation, yes she wanted to be succesful with giving therapy to the Joker, but she never wanted her own daughter get involved into this.

Especially when the Joker seemed to be interested in her.

„I think that was enough for today“, Dr Warner suddenly said, what made the Joker smirk.

„Oh, but we got still fifteen minutes left“, he said with a look on the clock at the wall in front of him.

He began to smile, as Dr Warner had to give in, with an agonized look in her eyes.

The time was strictly regulated, she couldn’t let him go fifteen minutes earlier.

„So where have we been again …? Oh yes, now. Tell me about her. She’s nineteen, that means she has to go to college. What is she studying?“, Joker asked.

„She isn’t really studying she just occupied a few courses“, Dr Warner said.

„So she wants to take her time, before she decides what she really wants? Smart girl. Maybe something’s waiting for her out there, or someone“, Joker smiled widely now.

Don’t you dare to ever lay your hand on my daughter, Dr Warner thought in anger and in fear.

„Tell me, doctor. What about the boys? She surely got a boyfriend, doesn’t she?“

„Yes, she-“

Joker wagged his finger and suddenly his facial expression turned sirious.

„Don’t do that“, he said now sounding dangerous.

And for the first time, Dr Warner was really scared of the clown.

„What?“, she asked, still trying to keep her cool veneer.

„Don’t lie to me. Don’t ever lie to me, about your daughter“, he growled into her ear.

„Again. And now you better tell me the truth“, he said.

„Does she have a boyfriend?“

„No“, Dr Warner said, while her hands began to tremble.

„That’s better. Has she ever had a boyfriend?“


„What was his name?“


„Good, go on. We still have five minutes. Did she“, Jokers face was plotted with a dirty grin.

„Did she ever had sex with him?“

„I don’t know“, Dr Warner said and turned her head away from the Clown Prince.

She was disgusted, how could he talk about her daughter like that?

„Of course you know it. You’re her mum, mummys always knew what their daughters did. All the naughty things, all the dirty little secrets, does she liked it? Getting fucked, by a scumbag when she could’ve had something way better?“, Joker purred.

„Time is up“, Dr Warner said with cold eyes, as she looked at him again.

„The guards aren’t here yet. Answer my question. Come on. You said I can ask you everything I want, and I wanna know, whether she liked it, or not“, he said through squinted eyes.

„Tell me, or I will find it out by myself.“

„Dr Warner, are you ready?“, the security guards had come into her office right now.

„Don’t you dare to ever lay your dirty hands on my daughter“, she hissed at Joker, before she turned around to the guards.

„Yes, bring him back into his cell“, she said, as if nothing ever happened.

„Wrong move, doctor“, Joker smirked devilish, before the guards led him out of her office.

i love this prompt, anon. i really, really do.


It’ll come as no surprise to anybody who’s ever met him that Dorian likes gifts, likes to be pampered, likes to be shown he’s special. A cream puff from Agnes in the kitchen puts a small smile on his face that lasts far after he’s wiped the filling from his lips. Josephine finds him a book he didn’t request specifically but hinted around and even that makes him pleased as fucking punch. It’s adorable, really – and it’s even better right now, Bull’s having a hard time keeping his amusement to himself –  because Dorian’s opened up a nondescript box delivered to him via messenger to uncover three delicate-looking chocolates, of all things, and he’s fishmouthing down at them.

“You don’t suppose they’re poisoned,” he says after a while, and Bull swallows a snort of laughter.

“Want me to try one for you? Find out?”

“/No/,” Dorian snaps, and pulls the box closer to his chest as though Bull could grab them from him from where he’s sitting, on the bed across the room.

“Then guess you’ll just have to hope,” Bull says.

Dorian glares half-heartedly at him, his attention clearly wrapped up in the present, and when he deigns to lift one to his mouth and take a dainty little taste, he bites his bottom lip and closes his eyes. “Sweet Maker.”

For half a second Bull thinks he might be jealous of the chocolate, fuck.

The presents pick up after that.

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as most people may know, yesterday a fancam from jonghyun’s concert vcr went up, a part of which showed him doing a “bollywood” style dance to impress a girl he likes. after fans pointed out to him that the segment was, unintentionally or not, essentially mocking south asian culture, jonghyun tweeted an apology and said it would be removed from the upcoming concerts. he was really prompt with his apology, which people like me, who are indian, really appreciated. 

because i had a very strong reaction to the vcr, a few people messaged me asking why exactly i found it so offensive. there were several things in it that i could not condone, or pretend were not based off harmful stereotypes about my culture. this post is an explanation of different elements of the vcr that made it a problematic, and a reductive parody of south asian culture. 

this post is not a discussion of jonghyun’s character, or personality, or intent. we raised a point. he acknowledged it. he apologized, and we acknowledge that. the segment will be removed. let’s call it a day. 

this post is not a discussion of my reaction. this post is not me trying to stir up shit, or a discussion that is over and a matter that has been respectfully resolved. and this post is not me justifying my reaction, i feel no need to do so. it is only for the benefit of the people who reached out to me, and anyone who else may be interested to learn why that part of the vcr had to go. 

if that is alright with you, please go ahead and read more. if it’s not or you feel like you’d like to question my motives for it or my reaction to the incident, feel free to scroll on.

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Lighten Up

Request: Hi! Can you do a Dean X reader where the reader acts like she hates Dean and Dean does the same? And they are always arguing with each other cause they want to hide their feelings for each other? And one day the reader or Dean shouts in the middle of an argument “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” and it’s just fluffy and adorable and a kissing part? Thank you!

A/N: Hey guys!  I know I haven’t written in a while.  A few weeks I think.  Sorry, it’s been busy and complicated and just far too adult and blah to go into.  But I’m hoping to go back to updating and writing at least once a week.  I do still have a bunch of requests to address which are being done (in no particular order other than what I feel inspired to write each night).  Sorry again!

Words: 1452

 Five months.  It had been five months since I had met the Winchester’s.  Five months, three days, sixteen hours and some odd minutes since I had run into the brother’s who had annoyingly saved my life.  Though I’d never admit it to them and I’d deny it if anyone asked, I would have been dead if they hadn’t shown up that night. Sure, I could have taken the Vetala down on my own.  I already had one down for the night.  But the first fight had done a decent amount of damage and I’d already lost more than my fair share of blood by the time the second came into my sights.  If Dean hadn’t shown up when he did, I would’ve been snake food within seconds.  

  The problem was that he knew it.  He knew he’d saved my hide and held that fact over me whenever he could.  The cocky bastard.  I’d pitch a case, eager to go after it on my own, and within seconds, he’d be reminding me that I’d needed help at least once and that going it alone wasn’t in my best interests.  He’d wink, call me sweetheart, give me a smirk, and I’d begin picturing the various ways that I was going to kick his ass.  I’d fantasize about decking him.  About wrapping my hands around his far too muscular throat, taking him down to his knees, and showing him what I was capable of.  Granted, for the last three months, the things that I was capable of doing to him in my dreams were X-Rated and lascivious and entirely secret.  

  Sam was telling us about a ghost a couple of states over.  A simple salt and burn that I was aggressively wanting to take care of on my own.  “Oh, come on now, Y/N.”  Dean said, each word dripping with condescension and insult.  “We wouldn’t want you to break a nail.” He winked at me as he always did and I glared at him in return.

  “Hey,” I took a step forward, uncrossing my arms and opening them out to the sides, inviting him to challenge me. “I may break a nail, but at least I won’t break one of Lucifer’s seals.”  His eyes turned instantly cold, all traces of joking gone.  

  “That’s enough,” Sam exclaimed, slamming his hands down on the table in front of him.  His eyes darted back and forth between his brother and I as his jaw clenched and his irritation visibly grow.  “You two bicker more than old men.  Stow your shit for once and let’s just get the job done.”  Sam stood up abruptly, putting an end to any and all discussion as he slammed his laptop shut and walked out of the room.  I folded my arms across my chest and glared at the floor, determined not to look up at Dean.

  “You’re staying here,” Dean decreed as he pushed his chair back, his hands still firmly set on the table as he got to his feet.  He stood there, leaning over, his eyes boring holes into the wood finish and his jaw set as if it were stone.

  “Not a chance,” I retorted with a hint of a laugh.  His eyes darted up to my own then, locking me in his sites.

  “Maybe you didn’t hear me,” he spat out the words, laced with the same arrogance as usual.  “You’re staying here.”  He enunciated each word as if I were hard of hearing and slow to boot.

  “No, I heard you just find, Dean.  I’m just not going to listen to you.”  I could almost see the flames flickering in his eyes as he shot daggers at me.  

  “Damnit, Y/N,” he breathed out as he dropped his head.  “Just stay here.”  His voice took on a gravely and raspy baritone as he yelled. I continued glaring at him.  “You’re an idiot, Dean,” I muttered as I shook my head and turned to walk away.  

  I heard his fist contact the hard surface of the table as expletives began pouring from his lips. “Why can’t you just let me protect you,” he paused.  “Just once?”  

  Spinning around, my eyes locked on his and bulged, surprised by his statement and utterly taken aback by his declaration.  “Protect me?  Dean, you haven’t been trying to protect me!  You’ve been trying to one up me and prove that you’re a better hunter than me at every turn! Insulting me and protecting me are not at all the same thing.”  I could hear and feel my voice raising in pitch as I became more and more incredulous with each word that was said.

  “Oh come on,” he began.

  “Stuff it, Dean.  Don’t pretend to care now.  Don’t try to make this any more than it is.  It’s a freaking pissing contest only I’m not playing!” My temper had begun to get the best of me as I was now gesticulating wildly.

  He laughed sarcastically shaking his head and rubbing his cheeks and mouth with his hands in frustration.  “And you say I’m an idiot,” he chuckled.

  “What’s so funny, Winchester?” I asked, all anger and indignation.

  “You,” he answered quickly and matter-of-factly.

  “Me? I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where this was all a big joke.  Care to clue me in?”

  “Oh sweetheart,” he said with that same cocky kink in his smile.  “You just don’t get it, do you?”  He pushed himself away from the table and took a few steps closer to me.  I remained quiet, keeping my eyes glared at him as I held my ground, squaring my stance.  He leaned in close to me until his lips were blowing warm and scintillating breaths against my cheek.  “Even if you were in this contest,” he began.  “You’d still be losing.”

  My emotions got the better of me.  My fantasies began to overwhelm me and even though, at the moment, I wanted nothing more than to rear back and punch him in his perfect and chiseled jaw, I found myself reaching for the nape of his neck, pulling his face closer to mine as I crashed my lips into his.  Within moments, he was responding in kind and his strong, capable arms were wrapping around me, pulling me closer to him.  His lips were hurried and hungry and I nibbled at his bottom lip with a wanton ferocity that I hadn’t ever dreamed of actually exploring.  

  I dropped my hands to his hips, hooking my fingers through his belt loops as I pulled him towards me.  His hands were in my hair now, yanking at the roots as I moaned in satisfaction.  My fingers traced the outline of his hips, dipping below the waistline of his jeans as I angrily began tugging them downwards.  Our breathing was rapid and charged.  I felt the back of my knees bump against the table as he steered me through the room, pushing at my t-shirt hem as he went.  His lips stayed on my mouth as if we had been glued together.  My breathing was erratic and the air seemed to be charging as it hummed around us, fueling the raging passion.

  Doing my best to reengage my brain, I pushed him abruptly away from me, finding my feet again and stepping away from the table.  I pulled my hair back into a neat ponytail as I smoothed my fingers down my face, attempting to pull my concentration back to the job.  I sighed, hazarding a glance back up at him.  He seemed overwhelmed and yet very visibly aroused.  “You’re an idiot,” I laughed, turning away again.  I heard him catch his breath quickly.  “Remind me how that is?” Anger threatened its return again his voice as I paced.

  “Because I love you!” I screamed the words at him as if they were obvious.  He stared at me bewildered for a moment before adapting that same old smile.  The one that made me crazy in both good and bad ways.  I glared at him again.  “Don’t you dare,” I threatened.

   “Of course you do, sweetheart.  But you’re still staying here.”  I rolled my eyes, sighing dramatically as I turned around and walked back towards my bedroom.  I stopped just before turning the corner and looked back over my shoulder towards him.  “Come on.”  

  I could almost hear him smiling.  “Sam can probably handle this one on his own, I think.”

  I rolled my eyes yet again.  “Are you coming or not?” I asked him, exasperated.

  I felt his hands grab me sternly around the waist.  “Not yet,” he whispered in my ear as shivers made their way down my back and I walked determinedly to my bedroom with Dean in tow.  

Blinded By Love


Yo fandom people! So Deadpool was freaking awesome, and I was super inspired by it. I feel like Vanessa will eventually leave Wade, but I feel like someone super sweet would win the Merc with a mouth over.

Warning: Swearing (obviously because Wade just can`t contain himself)

Originally posted by thirdstrike

“Motherfucker!” Wade yelled as he slammed the front door.

“Wade!” came a yell from the kitchen.

The merc tore off his mask, and headed to the kitchen.

“Y/N, where`s Al?” he asked as his second roommate came into view.

“Out. Playing darts or something. I think she was fucking with me” a chuckled escaped.

Wade laughed at the new roommate. She was a friend of Al`s from the community center who was blinded by a mutant gone rouge- fucking X-Men bullshit- when Al met her a few months ago, Y/N was homeless, and Al offered her a place to stay.

It turns out that she’s pretty damn hilarious, and super fucking hot.

Wade had refrained from any inappropriate thoughts because him and Vanessa were forever…like Careless Whisper forever.

“Probably was messing” Wade replied, grabbed a soda from the fridge, and groaned as he tried to regrow his pinky finger.

“What limb is missing today?” Y/N sighed. 

“Pinky finger. Bastard was slicing his sword like fucking Inigo Montoya” 

“What a prick! Did you murder his father? How`s Dopinder?” she inquired, but stumbled slightly because she hit the kitchen counter.

Wade moved to help steady her, his hands brushing her waist, “woah you good?” he asked.

“Yeah I`m fine. I don`t need babying” she growled, stepping away from the anti-hero. Y/N was still getting used to navigating the apartment, and she hated being dependent on others- she longed for her sight back, but it was an impossibility.

“Okay, I will leave you to it. Dopinder is fine bt-dubs. I told him to kidnap Bantu, but I think he might just try and murder him off the bat” Deadpool left the kitchen and sighed.

Y/N was funny, hot as fuck, smart, and caring, yet all she saw was her blindness- he wished she knew how great she was.

He walked through the living room, and grabbed his stuffed unicorn.

Oh look another Ikea disaster 

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- Possible USUKUS plots to Pottertalia fanfictions with all the combinations of houses.

Since it came to my attention that the fic that wonderful miss Snowy made with my idea became pretty popular, I thought that I should give my other suggestions of plots here because there’s a lot of elements and house combinations that could be better explored in Pottertalia. It was a bit hard to write all these plots in english - “Lufa-lufa” is way easier to say than Hufflepuff let’s be honest - so be patient about any mistakes you may find here.

I know that I’m never going to write all these stories - also if write some of those, I will write it in brazilian portuguese - so I thought “Let the fandom handle it!=D” and there you go.

I have a suggestion of a plot for all the combinatons of houses between Arthur and Alfred. Also, I tried to explore the diversity of HP’s elements in a interesting way and you will see plots of fluffy, angst and even some sexy plots here. Make a good use of it.

I’m already putting the link of the fic of miss Snowy here, over it’s respective combination. If you also write a fanfic based on one of my ideas, I only ask two things:

01. Please give me the credit for the idea. Making this post was harder than you may think. Just tell my name or give the link of this post but, please, give me the credit for the idea.

02. Please, send me the link for your fanfic if you make one based in one my plots! I will put the link here in the part of your chosen combination! It would be really nice if this list ended up completely filled one day!^_^

All that said, let’s get down to business! Have fun! =D

Images by Haku.


01. Slytherin!Alfred x Slytherin!Arthur. - Alfred and Arthur were correspondents during their early childhood days, therefore it’s wonderful that Alfred is also entering in Hogwarts and moving from USA. However, Arthur gets horrified when he sees Alfred, whose both parents are muggles, entering in the Slytherin house because he knows that Alfred - due to cultural differences between the continents - isn’t conscient about the prejudices that he could suffer in that house. Worried, he decides that even if he’s going to be the first Kirkland to enter in Slytherin, he’s going to be there for his friend. His family is a pain about it though which is annoying and kinda embarassing sometimes.

02. Slytherin!Alfred x Gryffindor!Arthur. - Alfred and Arthur are best friends since their first year in Hogwarts and Alfred is pretty happy about it, even if he feels that Arthur is acting a bit weird lately. However, one day, they see their boogarts in the Defense against the Dark Arts class and while Alfred’s is something really innocent like spiders, Arthur’s boogart it’s Alfred! That makes Alfred really angry and offended and he thinks that Arthur feel this way about him because he’s a slytherin, which is a total bullshit. Alfred doesn’t knows that, actually, the reason why Alfred is the main fear of Arthur is because he’s completly in love with him and completly sure that Alfred would never return his feelings so he’s scared all the time about the possibility of Alfred figuring it out and breaking their friendship.

03. Slytherin!Alfred x Ravenclaw!Arthur. - Prankster-student-Alfred is the one who knows all the secret passages of Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Arthur is a excelent student but he keeps getting late at his classes – and even missing some! - because he gets lost all the time. So Alfred offer his services, of course, but he always demands something in exchange.

04. Slytherin!Alfred x Hufflepuff!Arthur. - Based in my favorite scene of the Harry Potter books. Alfred is the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard Tournament and he’s very, very arrogant about that, which makes his friend, Arthur, angry at him. Still, Arthur tries to be patient and to keep helping him with his tasks, even if Alfred acts like he did it all by himself after overcoming them. Until one day, after hearing Alfred saying that he should accompany him at the Yulle ball because he’s a Hufflepuff-nobody that probably wouldn’t catch a partner otherwhise and that he was also making a retribution because of all the favors that Arthur did for him, he has enough. Rightfully pissed-off, Arthur says he doesn’t need and that Alfred can fuck himself in a broomstick or something like that. Alfred doesn’t really expect him to have partner but Arthur shows up with amazing Durmstrang student Gilbert Beilschmidt who isn’t the champion but it’s pretty popular due to his contributions to the society with magical inventions. Then, we have a lovely-jealous-Alfred-that-slowly-realizes-that-he-was-being-a-douche-all-the-time-and-feeling-hurt-about-many-things-and-angry-at-himself.

05. Slytherin!Arthur x Gryffindor!Alfred. - In a period full of tensions right after the reconstruction of Hogwarts, trying to make the bitter relationships between their houses become better, Arthur, the most popular Slytherin student, and Alfred, the most popular Gryffindor student, make a deal and pretend to date to influence the other students to give a chance about the guys at the rival house. But they have two problems in their little scheme.

One: they actually are always fighting with each other when nobody is looking and it’s hard to play the lovey-dovey couple because they’re always teasing each other.

Two: they actually have A LOT of UST between them so that whole thing of “pretending to be a couple” makes both of them very impatient and horny.

06. Slytherin!Arthur x Ravenclaw!Alfred. - Arthur is a deaf-mute student who is pretty isolated, since the witches and wizards don’t know the signal language(because they use another methodes to communicate). Also, since Arthur is muggle-born and a newbie in the magical world, that means that he doesn’t knows their methodes either. Nyotalia!Alfred, however, is determined to change that and she uses her intelligence and the help of her clever and muggle-born house-fellows to learn about the signal language. She also wants to teach Arthur about the magical methodes of silent communication but he’s a bit resistent of her company at first, until he finally falls in her charms(no pun intended), after noticing that she is not doing that only for pitying him but for having a genuine interest in knowing more about him.

07. Slytherin!Arthur x Hufflepuff!Alfred. - Everyone thinks that a slytherin bastard is cheating his lovely and inoccent girlfriend Hufflepuff with a lovely and innocent Hufflepuff guy. However, true is that Arthur is dating a genderfluid!Alfred/Amelia who is a metamorphmagus and he really loves the person he’s dating as a whole, no matter if this person is Alfred or Amelia for the day.

08. Gryffindor!Alfred x Gryffindor!Arthur. - Alfred is a quidditch star who has a massive crush about Arthur that couldn’t care less about quidditch or about him because he spend the whole day at the library by himself. Alfred tries to impress him in many ridiculous ways that never work. Until someday he finally lose it and just says(quite loud) his feelings in a very open and awkward way, which finally makes Arthur interested about him enough to accept his invitation to a date because Alfred looks cute when he’s being honest and awkward.

09. Gryffindor!Alfred x Ravenclaw!Arthur. - Quidditch-player-Arthur and the Qudditch-commentator-who-can’t-stop-flirting-with-him-in-the-middle-of-the-game-even-if-they’re-not-together-yet-Alfred.

10. Gryffindor!Alfred x Hufflepuff!Arthur. - For being the monitor of a house that it’s not taken seriously by the others, Arthur decides to be the scariest of them. He’s specially impatient with the loud Gyffindor’s students that always sneak out in the kitchen. One day Arthur, who is a animagus, ends up stuck in his form – that is somehow ridiculous and embarassing – and the only one that he can count for help, it’s the annoyingly lazy gryffindor monitor, Alfred, because he doesn’t wants to risk his reputation and Alfred is the only person who already knows his secret. While Alfred investigates a solution to their problems, he carrys Arthur with him all the time.

11. Gryffindor!Arthur x Ravenclaw!Alfred. - Arthur needs the help of a Ravenclaw student for his flying classes(because Alfred is amazing at this class) and the student asks for his help in potions in return(because Arthur is amazing at this class). The funny thing is the fact that one would expect that a Gryffindor-student wouldn’t be afraid to be in a broomstick but Arthur is. In the same way, one would expect that a Ravenclaw-student would be patient enough to read the materials about potions to understand it but Alfred isn’t.

12. Gryffindor!Arthur x Hufflepuff!Alfred. Nyotalia!Alfred couldn’t get a permission to go to Hogsmead because she has a hard relationship with her parents but her amazing girlfriend(by that, I mean lover not friend)Nyotalia!Arthur, who is usually very found of the rules, decides that she’s going to take her anyway and elaborate a plan to make her escape from Hogwarts to be there with her. They have some drinks, not too much, have a lot of fun and as a “thank-you” for the help, Amelia gives her girlfriend a bit of special service, since they’re not in the dorms or in the other places with no privacity at all of Hogwarts and this opportunity is gold.

13. Raveclaw!Alfred x Ravenclaw!Arthur. - Due to a fight that they had in the middle of the school, Alfred and Arthur receives punishments and each one have to spend the day writing something in separated rooms. Okay, no biggie. The problem is… Due to their punishment, it’s already super-late when they arrive in front of their common room and the riddle to enter there is so freaking hard that they have to work together to solve it, since no-one else is getting in or out of the Ravenclaw dorms at this hour.

- Riddle Me This. - Inspired by this plot!=D

14. Ravenclaw!Alfred x Hufflepuff!Arthur. - Alfred has a secret admireer. How does he knows it? Well, this admireer is sending him a lot of riddles to give clues about his identity and to talk about his romantic feelings. However, despite of being a Ravenclaw student, Alfred can’t figure out some of these riddles that are related to literature instead of magic so he asks for the help of Arthur Kirkland, a hufflepuff that is in his herbology classes and who has a visible passion about literature, to figure them out. He can’t understand why Arthur seems so frustrated and impatient about his difficult to solve the riddles, therefore he decides that his idea of asking how he could reject his admireer (since he already has a crush on Arthur) wasn’t very good at all. The thing is: Arthur is his damn secret admireer! They’re both two idiots with crushes and not a hint about the other’s feelings.

15. Ravenclaw!Arthur x Hufflepuff!Alfred. - Nyotalia!Alfred was simply a normal student with few worries in her life until she discovered - during a punishment in the Forbidden Forest for sleeping at the charms class - that Nyotalia!Arthur, a Ravenclaw student, is illegaly taking care of a rare magical creature and she can’t help herself of not only keeping this secret but also helping the Ravenclaw girl because she’s fucking hot and beautiful and amazing. Even if Nyotalia!Alfred knows that she’s probably pretty screwed thanks to this decision.

16. Hufflepuff!Alfred x Hufflepuff!Arhur. - Hufflepuff students are particulary good finders! That’s why Alfred convinced his best friend to search with him for the legendary rooms and objects hidden in Hogwarts. Each room and each object suggest they may have romantic-but-still-not-realized feelings for each other and that they’re destined to be together but they don’t understand it and keep getting frustrated with these stranges results.  

That’s it! Thanks for the attention and bye, bye!=D


Better Than Sparks

Pairing: MarkOfCain!Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Swearing, blood & gore, ANGST, *SPOILER* Major Character Death (Let me know if there’s anything else)

Word Count: 3315

Prompt: Hunting; Cupid; Dean

A/N: This is my submission for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Creatures Challenge! At first it was going to be humorous because it’s a cupid but then I decided to add a little twist and ended up writing the ANGSTIEST thing I have ever written in my life.  Hope I didn’t make it too cheesy by accident.  Would love feedback! Special thanks to @supernatural-jackles for all her support!
(SPOILER: Also, I’m sure Mr. Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful person but for the sake of the fic, I had to portray him otherwise.  Sorry Mr. Sparks!)


Your name: submit What is this?

“So, people killing their loved ones out of nowhere? My money’s on rogue cupid,” You said, cracking open a beer as you sat next to your fiancé, Dean, on the motel bed.

“Well, that’s what we thought last time,” Sam said over his laptop, seated at the table. “But then it turned out to be Famine.”

“Well, I think we can knock the possibility of him out since you wasted him,” You responded. Sam and Dean both winced at the memory of Sam, high off demon blood, ripping demons out of Famine’s body.

Sam shook it off and continued, “Well the husband who killed his wife by throwing her in the fireplace claimed he doesn’t remember a thing. Just pure rage.”

“And did you see the girlfriend’s eyes before we shot her and saved the poor bastard she was about to beat with a candlestick? Red, bloodshot, just plain ferocious looking,” Dean added.

“Sounds a lot like Rowena’s spell,” You wondered. “Think she has something to do with it?”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t see what this would gain for her. Maybe it’s another witch?”

Dean groaned, “I hate witches…”

You gave his back a sympathetic rub and he leaned into you, relaxing at your touch. He took your hand and began rubbing the ring he gave you, a slight smile forming at his lips.

Sam coughed, interrupting your and Dean’s moment. “Maybe you two should sit this hunt out,” Sam suggested.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do SS taking Shaun w them, but tratung him horribly due to him not being SS real son. Like when Shaun tries being nice SS is just a dick and glares at him.

*Spoilers regarding Danse*

Cait: smacks Sole round the back of the head for being such a bastard, drags them aside “The fuck is wrong wit’ ye’… he’s only a kid you piece a shit… you want him to end up like how I did? I can’t fuckin’ look at ye’ right now” Cait had never been this fucked off with Sole before, seeing Sole act in such a callous and abusive way reminded her of her own parents, and she’d damned if she’d let another innocent kid be corrupted by an abusive parent

Codsworth: “SIR/MUM!! I’m appalled you would treat young Shaun in such a way, he may be a synth, but he’s still your son…” Codsworth was disgusted Sole could be so monstrous to not only a child, but Shaun, who, even as a synth, thought of Sole as their parent and hero

Curie: “How dare you!… Shaun is but a child!” Curie took a crying Shaun in her arms as Sole looked on without care “I can’t believe you would do somesing… Somesing so… UGHH!!!” Curie could not process her own thoughts due to the immense anger she felt towards Sole, she kept a still tongue to try and prevent further upset to an already distraught Shaun

Danse: (Before Danse knows he’s a synth ) “Fucking synth, I don’t even see why you brought it with us soldier, you should’ve left it to burn back in the Institute” Danse’s hate was very much alive at this point
(Danse knows he’s a synth) “What the hells wrong with you? Shaun may be a synth, but let me remind you soldier… so am I, and I don’t think you’d fucking dare treat me like you’re treating him” Danse and Sole are directly glaring at each other, but inches from each other’s faces, an immense anger and hatred resonated between the two, a pin dropping would’ve set them off at each other

Deacon: “so after everything with the railroad this is how you treat synths now? Oh no and not just a regular synth, your fucking son?? You know what I’m fucking done with you man, and I’m taking Shaun, at least with the railroad he won’t be treated like fucking scum by those around him!” Deacon reached out a hand to a crying Shaun, picked him up as cradled him in his arms as he left Sole for good.

Dogmeat: Sees what Sole is doing to Shaun and immediately starts growling with a flared, demon like anger at Sole, he may only be a dog, but he understood what the situation was and would not have any of it

Hancock: “What happened to you man? He’s just a kid for christs sake… you either chill the fuck out and sort your shit out or I’m walking, and I’ll be taking Shaun as far away from you as possible…” Hancock never got angry like this but he refused to let an innocent kid be abused by anyone, let alone Sole, he was so pissed no amount of chems could calm him down at this point

MacCready: “ You know what? I can’t fucking believe you… after everything we’ve gone through to get Shaun and this is how you’re treating him?” Mac’s anger stemmed from his love of Duncan, anyone who dared abuse him Mac would go ape on, so to see Sole be an abusive asshole to Shaun it struck a nerve for definite, a parent abiding a child on his watch? Not a chance

Nick: seeing Sole abuse not just a child but Shaun, the person that had brought them together rooted a deep anger in the usually cool and calm Nick “If you think I’m gonna let you abuse this kid you got another thing coming… Now if you ain’t the right person to care for him, let me make it clear I’ll find someone who will you total scumbag” Nicks rage at Sole had his usually golden eyes bore a underlying ominous red glow, he was seriously pissed off with Sole.

Piper: “What fuck Blue?!?” She had to whisper as she dragged Sole aside, away from Shaun, “You think this is funny?? He’s just a kid you asshole, even if he is a synth… he doesn’t fucking know that, I honestly thought you were better than this” Tearing up slightly at her friend and lover Piper struggled to finish at Sole “I… I guess I was wrong… about you Blue… you’re not better than anyone else in this goddam wasteland.” Witnessing Sole abuse Shaun the way they did had completely demoralised Piper, what could she do when people couldn’t even show love and decency to their own kids?

Preston: Almost punched Sole for his actions, Preston was so mad at Sole he couldn’t even speak, no parent should abuse their child and Preston held that value close to his heart, so to see his general and his friend/lover abuse Shaun for not being what they wanted, pushed Preston over the edge, he simply took Shaun’s hand as Sole stood with a death glare aimed at Preston, then walked away, he wasn’t letting an innocent kid be abused for just existing

Strong: could only give advice to Shaun “little human learn that world cruel, hostile world, must be tough” that was all strong could say after having to literally thrown Sole away from Shaun as it looked like Sole was going to seriously harm him. “Little human learn from Strong, Strong knows how survive out here”

X6-88: crushed Sole’s hand when they raised it to Shaun, with Sole’s crushed hand firmly held in his own fist X6 gritted through his teeth “May I remind you who you raise a hand to, scum. Do not make me hurt you even more you piece of shit” Shaun being a direct creation inspired by father, X6 would destroy anything or anyone that posed a threat, including Sole


Maxson: After being sent away as a boy to be raised at the Citadel, Maxson had yearned for his parents all the way through his training but alas with his father’s death being the reason for his re location and his mother never being heard from, Maxson never had any real parents. So when he saw Sole abusing Shaun, it enraged him. However as Sole told Maxson the boy was a synth he was no longer so sympathetic to “it,” disgusted at Sole for brining a synth aboard the Prydwen Maxson shot the kid himself, then had Sole flown back to the ground. For bringing a synth aboard the Prydwen, Maxson would no longer entertain Sole’s presence in the Brotherhood. (Maxsons has been edited since the original Maxson edit)

Bit of a deep one to be honest, as always I hope you enjoy it guys!

Exo Reaction to a Younger Idol or Trainee Hanging Around Their Girlfriend

I am not going to name any idols because that feels really cheesy for some reason and I’m going to throw some trainees in too because that feels more realistic to me. I feel its more likely for them to bring you to work or you both work there and to meet a trainee who is fond of you. 

I would also like to thank Juju for inspiring me to do another reaction tonight when I was feeling lethargic and unmotivated. By trying to motivate her out of her unmotivation I kicked my own ass into gear. Thanks Juju. :3


He watched as the trainee talked to his girlfriend in an animated voice, calling her noona and being very forward with her. Baekhyun did not show the small tinge of jealousy he felt outwardly, he just acted a little more affectionate while the trainee was around. He’d hold her hand or lean on her shoulder just to make their relationship clear. 


Chanyeol refused to show that he was jealous of the way she shared her smile with anyone else, but especially him. He was from another group completely, though still under the same label, but he was always surprising her with gifts or texting her. Chanyeol did not like it, though his brain knew that his girlfriend only saw him as a friend. 

He still made an effort to show that he was her boyfriend around the other person though. He did small things when he was around like hold her close or play with her hair. That day he had taken her into the empty practice studio like while he was on break just for them to spend some time alone. Out the window he saw the guy watching them and then spun his girlfriend around. She giggled and then Chanyeol looked back towards the window to see his reaction to the situation and felt very satisfied when he walked away.  


“That’s cute,” Chen said to himself as he watched the kid blush as he gave her a gif and stutter out the word ‘noona’. “He doesn’t stand a chance.” 


The three of them ate lunch together, but for the most part they were talking. He listened quietly and ate his chicken, not threatened or bothered by the younger male trying to make an impression on his girlfriend. 


They were talking again and his girlfriend looked just as uncomfortable with it again. This had been happening frequently with one of the new trainees who had a crush on her, but he was so young that he made her feel uncomfortable with his gifts and affection. Kris walked up to the trainee and tapped the younger guy’s shoulder with his index finger while he rolled his eyes. 

“Can’t you see that you’re bothering her?” he asked him as his voice gave away how little patience he had. “Constantly?” 


He smiled as he saw her interacting with other idols under the same label and she had even became close to one. It was good that she made some friends outside Exo. Kyungsoo just wanted her to be happy. 


Lay noticed she had been hanging out with two other trainees in the company so he decided to make friends with them too. They ended up making a choreography together and showing her. 


Luhan tried to hide his jealousy that she was tolerating this punk constantly calling her noona and snuggling up close to her. The little bastard knew she was in a relationship and yet still acted inappropriately with her. Luhan just tried to ignore it, knowing his girlfriend didn’t feel anything for him and that she was being polite. 


“It’s funny because she said he looks like a little girl.” 


He tried not to laugh to himself about how cute this seventeen year old’s pickup line was that he used on his twenty-three year old girlfriend. This kid following her around like a puppy was adorable and he did not feel threatened in the least. His girlfriend called him her little brother. 


Tao watched them closely, trying to judge if there was anything going on that shouldn’t be. For the most part, it seemed like his girlfriend was being friendly and the little shit was bothering her. Currently, he was rapping about how cute he thought she was and Tao kind of was laughing at how unimpressed her expression was and the way she sent him side glances begging for him to come rescue her. 


When he saw them together and Luhan pointed it out, he shrugged. “I’m not worried. She can have friends without me having to get uptight about it.”

Luhan looked at the way the kid smiled at her. “But he clearly likes her.”

“So?” Xiumin asked him as he shrugged again. “It doesn’t mean she likes him back.”