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okay but now I want Mad's missing tooth written into S4. How did he get it? Did Will smack him in the mouth? was the sex overenthusiastic? did the food fight back?

AU where Bryan changes his mind about the season 4 episode titles and decides to name them all after various human tooth groups. Season 4, Episode 1 is titled Bicuspid and revolves around the mysterious case of Hannibal’s missing tooth. Possible scenarios include all of the above, and also:

  • Hannibal literally just got cold-cocked by a rock after their fall and lost it to the sea.
  • He slipped trying to transport his new harpsichord upstairs and whacked his mouth on the keys.
  • Bella rose from the dead just to slap him one last time.
  • Disastrous collision of mouths during Will and Hannibal’s first drunken kiss.
  • Immediately after dragging himself and Will from the ocean a seagull swooped down and plucked it right out of his gums.
  • An old woman at the market mistook him for her ex-husband who was a cheating bastard and her shopping basket maybe made contact with his face several times before Will managed to restrain her.
  • Too much wine + dancing on the dining room table in nothing but his socks and underwear. You do the math.
  • It’s never explained and Bryan concludes it’s just funny to take one of Hannibal’s teeth and leave him stranded without any hope of proper dental care for an entire season.
  • Will’s just like??? I’m gonna take your tooth while you’re unconscious post-fall? It seems like a reasonable thing to do at the time.
  • The tooth is a metaphor.
  • Honestly taking a cannibal’s tooth would be a really great metaphor.
  • Blood + murder suit = a very slippery situation.
  • Maybe a lobster took it.

If Akashi got his looks from his mom, then does he get his personality from his father? Since his father was an asshole to him and Akashi was an asshole to Kuroko once… is that their resemblance? maybe ??

Not Another Loss - Jon Snow

(Baratheon Reader, 3rd person)

Jon watched the Baratheons and Lannisters enter his home, King Robert greeted his father in, what looked like, a bone crushing hug. He then introduced his children. (Y/n), Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella. The two men walked off into the crypts and the queen was led by her brother into the castle.

The crowd at the gate separated and went back to doing their chores or back into the castle. Sansa and Arya took Myrcella and (Y/n) into the castle, but (Y/n) snuck away and stayed in the court yards. Jon was sweeping the castle floors when (Y/n) approached him.

“Why are you sweeping the floors? Aren’t you a Stark?” The girl asked him. He glanced in her direction, she looked different than the other Baratheon children. She had long curly black hair, instead of long blonde curls. “I see, the quiet type.” She hopped onto a barrel and watched the boy sweep.

“Why aren’t you with my sisters?” He had a timid tone in his voice, he didn’t look at her.

“I prefer to talk with the people around the castle instead of tending to my needs as a lady.” Her hands rested in her lap and looked at the people around them.

“Well, a lady like you shouldn’t be talking to a bastard like me.” He put the broom away and grabbed a basket of hay, walking to the stables.

“Why not? You’re still a human, doesn’t make you different than anybody.” She got off the barrel and followed him. A little white wolf ran passed her and to Jon. “Is that yours?” He put the hay down in front of the horse stables and looked to the white wolf.

“Yes, Ghost is his name. You ask a lot of questions you know that.” Ghost walked silently over to (Y/n) and she knelt down to greet him.

“How else am I suppose to learn who I can trust and who would kill me?” Ghost licked her palm and she scratched his chin then between the ears. “He’s cute.” She laughed as he scratched his own face and licked hers. Jon looked down at the two.

“He likes you.” He smiled a small bit watching her smile. Two boys walked up to the two and put their arms around Jon.

“So the bastard has found himself a sweet heart.” One stuck his hand out and introduced himself. “Theon Greyjoy my lady. This is Robb Stark.” (Y/n) stared at the hand, she looked at Jon and he himself had a look of annoyance. Robb instead bowed and kissed her hand, (Y/n) never liked formalities. She took her hand and placed it back by her side, straightened out her dress, and cleared her throat.

“So what if he has a sweetheart? ‘Theon Greyjoy’ you clearly can’t stand the thought of Jon having a lover while you sit there and fuck around with whores that don’t love you, they only are having sex with you for the money.” She crossed her arms over her chest, never breaking eye contact with the Greyjoy. Both the boys looked shocked at, not only the language but how she stood up for the poor bastard. “He is perfectly capable of having a lover, he’s handsome, charming, and kind. I’m surprised he hasn’t blown me off yet because I have been talking too much.” Jon was smiling at the girl, Theon’s arm was removed from Jon and (Y/n) took Jon’s arm in hers. “Now if you’ll excuse us.”

With that, the two walked off to the castle, they both smiled at each other and laughed a little. The two were getting odd looks but (Y/n) didn’t care. They walked arm in arm until they reached the end of the hallway and to the Godswood. They walked to the river flowing through the middle of the forest, the two stopped and (Y/n) sat down in the dirt and watched the water flow.

Jon watched with fascination as the girl looked around the forest, shadows played on the ground from the sun hanging low in the sky. “I might marry your brother.” (Y/n) looked at Jon, “I heard my father talking about merging houses with another great house, I figure that’s why we are here.”

“He isn’t bad, that greeting with Theon and him was a bad example on his part.”

“It’s not about marrying him, I’m sure he’s great. I want to choose who I marry, not let my father choose. I want to know the person I’m going to marry before I commit to something like that.” She sighed and laid on the ground, not caring if she got dirty. “I always dreamt of having children in a small village outside of a castle, seeing them run around not having a care in the world. I don’t want them going through pressure into being someone that they don’t want to be.” Jon liked how different she was than the other girls he had met. He liked the way she thought about things, how she cared for the people, she was selfless.

“She loved you.” Jon heard Sansa from behind him. He had (favorite flower) in his hands, he turned to look at Sansa. “Throughout the whole time I was with Ramsey, I never once saw her frown. She was strong. She told me about a promise you two made.” He knelt down to the grave in front of him.

“Which one?”

Sansa knelt down to the grave as well. “She said that you promised to marry her if something were to happen to Robb, that you would help her live her dream.” Jon smiled, remembering the talks they would have about the most random things. They made many promises, one of them was to bury the other in their favorite place if they were to die before the other. And Jon did that. Her favorite place was the Godswood where they made their first promise. “I remember, she would sneak out at night just to come here.” Sansa was looking around at the trees and leaves on the ground. “She said it reminded her of you.”

“When we first met, I brought her here after she yelled at Theon. We would meet here at night until I left for the Wall and looked at the stars. She wanted to name her daughter Luna and her son after Benjen.” The memories that once brought Jon to happiness now brought him to sadness knowing that he would never be able to see the woman he loved again.

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Ok umm this question might be a little personal but, are u and ur hubby planning on having kids any time​ soon?

Hey Nonny Chan!

It’s okay- I get asked all time by strangers at work- I can be asked by you ^_^
Yes! Once the house we’re building is finished and we’re all settled- I hope to be well on the way to trying to conceive hahah ^_^ You poor bastards will see my growing belly and swollen feet and baskets of weird foods I crave! 

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[In one of Akashi’s multiple satanic rituals]

Akashi: Now, the two ladies shall kiss.

Satsuki and Riko: [Sigh].

Satsuki and Riko: [Kiss].

Akashi: And now, the gentlemen.

Kise: Oh, come on!

Aomine: Bro!




Aomine and Kise: [Kiss].

Akashi: I was going to say “and now the gentlemen shall bump fists”. How long have you been holding back that one?

Chapter1: Valentine's Day

Shirayuki’s right forearm was burning. She stirred the thick cookie dough in the bowl like it had insulted her. But she was determined to a fault. The recipe said stir until smooth, and she wasn’t going to be defeated by semi-sweet chocolate chips, thank you very much. Shirayuki exhaled in exasperation.

“Maybe I should’ve bought the instant mix,” she said, slowing down her circles and relaxing her grip on the wooden spoon. Yuzuri chuckled, tearing off a sheet of parchment paper and lining a flat metal tray. “You said scratch,” Yuzuri teased, winking at her red-haired friend. “Maybe Obi will gift you a KitchenAid mixer for White Day.”

Shirayuki broke out in a giggling fit. Thinking about Obi shopping for anything besides scarves and black T-shirts made her heart flutter. Obi was her best friend and as cliché as it sounded, he meant the whole world to her.

Homemade cookies, Shirayuki agreed. Yes, he would like that.

Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day. Shirayuki grimaced as last year’s memory crept into her thoughts.

She was dating Zen, the most popular guy in Clarines. Even though he didn’t go to Lyrias High School, all the girls knew him. Hell, all the boys knew him, and was even good friends with Obi at one point. Zen couldn’t help receiving gifts from other girls, and he couldn’t reject them because being a prince was his reputation. When Shirayuki gave him homemade chocolate cupcakes—a gift she spent all night making—he was less enthusiastic than she hoped for. “Oh,” Zen gasped, giving Shirayuki a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.  There was a flash of disappointment. Shirayuki apologized, even though she had no idea why she was sorry. She was always apologizing. And although Zen thanked her repeatedly, she realized she wasn’t going to be making him anything again.

Then she called him less and less. He canceled dates as much as they made plans for them. And like the end of a song, their relationship faded slowly.

And Obi was there the whole time, sitting on her shoulders—sometimes playing the devil, teasing and tempting her to live dangerously, but mostly an angel encouraging her to be herself.

“Do you want me to rough him up, Miss?” Obi asked, tossing the baseball to her like it was a ball of socks. “No, it’s fine,” she answered, catching the ball with ease and throwing the ball back with a bit of oomph in it. “Ow,” Obi groaned, fanning his right hand, shaking the pain away. “He’s a dumbass for dumping you, by the way,” Obi huffed out, but he continued to throw the ball delicately like it was made of yarn. And it landed in her hands softly. Shirayuki felt a tinge of anger rise to her cheeks as she stared at the ball in her hands. Geez, I’m not that fragile, she thought.

“No, I think we ghosted each other,” she retorted, throwing the ball over his head, on purpose.

Obi glared at her, sighing with annoyance. Shirayuki shrugged, giving him a smirk. “Now throw it to me normally, okay?”

Their hangouts soon became more like dates, changing little details of their behavior.

“I don’t have cooties, you know,” Obi said, unsheathing a straw. Obi’s lips curled into a smile and his tongue peeked out as he lowered his head to take a sip of cherry Coke. “I know,” Shirayuki said shyly, throwing an unwrapped straw at Obi’s face. She leaned across the table, and Obi watched her, gripping the cup tightly, as Shirayuki slowly drank from the same straw, never leaving her eyes on him. He turned away, a tint of pink on his cheeks, and Shirayuki heard him mumble, “Lucky, lucky straw.”

When they went to go see a movie, they both reached for the arm rest that separated the two seats between them—lifting it up together. Shirayuki scooted past her seat and Obi lifted his arm, resting it on her shoulders. She laid her head on his chest, his long breathes soothing her. Dammit, why couldn’t they have picked a longer movie?

And during one of their study sessions, the silence was unbearable. Shirayuki stretched her legs under the table, her bare feet accidentally grazing Obi’s knees. Obi looked up from his book, meeting her gaze. Shirayuki’s eyes went wide, embarrassed. But before she could retract her legs, Obi grabbed them and pulled her closer, laying them on top of his thighs. “Relax,” he said, squeezing one of her ankles. She flushed red, lowering her eyes, forgetting how to breathe. She was far from relaxed. “D-Do you know what formula you—“ Shirayuki’s breath hitched. Obi’s fingers climbed up her left shin, and his palm rested on her knee. Her body was on fire, knots forming at the bottom of her stomach.

She watched Obi turn a page slowly, golden eyes blazing into her green. Her whole body melted, softening as Obi massaged the back of her knees.  Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing to her. Algebra test be damned.

Two can play that game, she thought. Shirayuki flexed her left foot, curling her toes against the inside of Obi’s thighs. “What did you use to solve question twenty-three?” she asked, feeling a twitch against her foot. Obi turned his head quickly, and Shirayuki caught a glimpse of red on his cheeks. “I…” Obi’s voice trailed off. Shirayuki flexed her foot again, and Obi’s hands gripped the table like he was almost knocked out of his chair.

It was Yuzuri’s idea to bake chocolate cookies for the boys. And when she meant bake, she meant buying all the ingredients while Shirayuki mixed the batter. Suzu deserved the best, she said, even if it wasn’t made by her.

“What the hell are you two, anyway?” Yuzuri asked, lifting an eyebrow and grinning. Shirayuki squeaked, surprised by such an invasive question. “Me and who?” Shirayuki retorted, her voice unconvincing.

“You and Suzu,” she said, deadpan. Her eyes narrowed at Shirayuki.

Shirayuki’s body froze from the slight chill in the air. “Oh. Uh…”

“Oh, my God, dum-dum,” Yuzuri huffed with a teasing smile. “Of course you and Obi.”

 Friends. Friends would be the right answer, of course, but Shirayuki just couldn’t bring herself to label their relationship that way. He was so much more to her.

She stopped stirring. Her eyes fluttered closed as her mind drifted back in time.

 It was Obi who caught her when she almost fell that one time she carried books twice her weight. It was Obi who took a punch in the face when she was being harassed by three dudes who liked her red hair. It was Obi who stayed with her for hours when Zen stood her up. It was always Obi.

“Earth to Shirayuki,” Yuzuri’s voice echoed in her ears.

Shirayuki’s eyes snapped open. She shook her head like she just woke up.

“I don’t know what I am to Obi, but I know what he is to me.”

She looked at the bowl of batter in her arms and handed it to Yuzuri.

 “No, this isn’t right,” she said, shaking her head. Yuzuri looked at her, narrowing her eyes. “I am not mixing another batch, Shirayuki,” Yuzuri said, scooping a ball of cookie dough from the bowl.

Shirayuki continued to shake her head. “Obi deserves better.”

Suzu was inhaling the cookies, crumbs falling out of his mouth as he moaned in delight. Obi stared at his younger friend, eyes darting at the nearly empty basket in his hands. The bastard didn’t even offer me some, he thought. He was not a jealous-type of guy, but he couldn’t remember the last time he had chocolate cookies. And Suzu ate them like it was his last meal.

“So are those from…” Obi’s voice trailed, wishing the words never came out. Today was not the day he wanted to wear his heart on his sleeve.

“Yeah, Yuzuri and Shirayuki made them last night,” Suzu bragged. He placed the basket back inside the plastic wrapper, saving three cookies, and tied it with the red ribbon it came with.

“That’s cool,” Obi said as his eyes wandered aimlessly in the cafeteria. They were searching for someone. Maybe someone with a basket of cookies, too. A stinging pain shot into his chest.

Lunch was almost over and Obi’s heart dropped further down to his stomach as the minutes passed by. He told himself last night not to expect anything—it was just like any other day.

Obi left gym class ten minutes early, heading straight to the chemistry lab. He was going to walk her home today, dammit—just like any other day. The last school bell rang, and Obi stood underneath the tree where he usually waits for Shirayuki.

He watched a few students trickled out of the room. His body tensed when he finally caught a glimpse of bright red coming out. “Miss!” he yelled, waving an arm at her.

Shirayuki met his gaze, eyes bright, and smiled her usual smile at him.

“Ready to go home, Miss?” Obi asked shyly, his hands tucked inside the front pockets of his pants. He could barely look at her, fighting back feelings that were clawing their way out.

“Um, sure, Obi,” she said, the words dragging out slowly. “But I need to stop by the greenhouse on our way out.”

They walked side-by-side, their hands brushing against each other with each step. He couldn’t remember whose hand reached out to the other, but their fingers were finally intertwined.

“How was your lunch?” He knew it was a punk-ass question. He wanted to ask where the hell she was. But like his mother always said, “Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to.”

And he was afraid to confirm doubts that swirled in his head the last couple of months.

He didn’t know what he was to her, but one thing he knew for sure—he liked Shirayuki, a lot.

He liked her since the first time he met her when she almost fell, hauling books like she lifted weights on the regular. He dedicated his mind, body and soul to her the day he was blindsided by a jerk and his two friends harassing her. And he gave his heart to Shirayuki, replacing the one Zen broke when he stood her up at the festival last year.

“I went home for lunch,” Shirayuki answered, squeezing his hand. “I forgot your present and went home to get it.”

Obi’s knees buckled. He stopped walking like his legs forgot how to work. “P-P-Present?” he stuttered. So much for playing it cool.

Shirayuki held his hand tighter, pulling his arm to move him forward. “Come on. I’ll give it to you in the greenhouse.”

They ran.

“It smells nice in here,” Obi muttered, dramatically inhaling so she knew he was sniffing the air. God, the anticipation was killing him. His heart was pounding in his chest.

The greenhouse was like a labyrinth with rows and rows of different plants. Obi had no idea where they were heading, but as president of the Garden Club, Shirayuki knew exactly where to take him.

They finally reached the back corner with a bench surrounded by tall bushy hedges that hid it from the glass walls. It was discrete. Private. Intimate.

Shirayuki sat down, dragging Obi right next to her.

“Is this where you kill me?” Obi teased, letting out a small nervous chuckle. There was enough light for Obi to catch her flash of a smile. There was a sense of danger on her lips.

“I arranged this spot last year. The leaves catch more sun, so they’re healthier,” she explained, looking up above them. “They grew so big that they formed into an awning. It’s a good place to be alone.”

Alone. Obi swallowed hard as they locked eyes.  She moved in closer, her face so close Obi could feel the heat of her breath. He wasn’t sure if he was still breathing.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

Obi’s eyes went wide, waiting for her to take back what she just said. But she didn’t. She cupped his face this time, and repeated, “Kiss me.” Yeah, she said it loud and clear.

He closed his eyes, tilted his head and parted his lips over hers. Their lips moved slowly, savoring each time they met. He flicked his tongue and slid it against her bottom lip. His taste buds sparked, tasting a familiar flavor. His eyes shot open and he pulled back.

“Is that… chocolate?”

Shirayuki slowly smiled, her eyes half-lidded. “Yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day,” she panted, still trying to catch her breath. She reached into the pocket of her jacket and took out a lip balm.

Obi grinned when it finally dawned on him what her present was. Chocolate kisses.

She pecked him, and he felt her smile against his lips.

He slid his hands into her hair, pulled her closer and rested his forehead on hers.

“Thank you,” he exhaled, his eyes closing softly. Obi tasted the chocolate again.

And they continued to kiss, dragging their lips and tongue until the flavor faded away.

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Kasamatsu + Miyaji's girlfriends comforting them after their loss to Jabberwock (fluff)

fck that match rekt me. and hmm why haven’t i gotten anything on nash gold jr (◉౪◉)

KASAMATSU: “Forget about it, guys.” He patted the back of his teammates. “Let’s head back. We’ve got more practice tomorrow or the coach will kill us.” Kasamatsu couldn’t deny the frustration bottled up inside of him but he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t just show his emotions to everyone else. It wouldn’t be right.

You stepped up to him afterwards only to have him offer up a shaky smile. “Hey, you were watching?” You were dumbfounded. You knew your boyfriend well and he was a strong man and responsible and oh so stubborn. But at that moment, you felt the hopelessness settle deep in your gut. “Sorry you had to see that, baby.” He wrapped you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

But you knew better. His fingers were trembling and his breathing uneven. You looked up and kissed his jaw. “You don’t have to fake it in front of me, Yukio. Just let it out. I don’t want you trapping everything inside of you.”

Kasamatsu gulped, looking guiltily with a smile at you. “I’m sorry. Could you lend me your shoulder?” His forehead landed on your shoulder as the tears of frustration fell from his eyes. He thought that nothing could compare to his final loss in last year’s Winter Cup but this one came close. Fuck. To be looked down like that. To be proven wrong. To be humiliated. To have let down his team. My God.

You stroked his hair lovingly, kissing him softly. “Those guys were assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re a great guy and a great player. Keep working hard, Yukio. The others will crush them.”

MIYAJI: Miyaji could feel his blood boil with every word that spewed out of those assholes’ mouths. He was this close, this fucking close, to actually throwing a damn pineapple at them. Kasamatsu held him back, telling him that it was okay, that the next match would probably be better.

But he knew it wouldn’t be. The Jabberwock team was insane, full of bastards gifted with natural talent that only fueled their arrogance. Miyaji held back with gritted teeth. God, he wanted to smack some respect into their dense heads so badly but he couldn’t do that, not if he wanted to save his and his team’s pride.

You jogged up to him and cupped his face. “Kiyoshi.” You whispered, only to see his darkened, angered eyes. “Baby, look at me.” He didn’t and you stepped back. Space. Give him some space. So you did. For a while, as you drove back to his house, you let him have his space.

Miyaji was quiet and he was never quiet so you grew more worried by the second. In the end, you decided that you needed to call an intervention. He sat blankly in front of the television, staring silently at the moving images but not completely processing it. You straddled him and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his jaw and finally his lips. “Kiyoshi, if you need to let it out, please do. I don’t want you to hold it all back.”

He pressed his lips together before he dropped his head onto your chest. He felt the tears begin to fall. He hated showing weakness in front of you but he was a jumbled mess at that moment. Anger, sadness, disappointment. All those emotions consumed him completely. All you could do was whisper soothingly in his ear and waited for him to release all his pent up feelings. “It’s okay, baby. Let it all out. I’m here. Forget about all of them. Forget about those bastards. Forget all of it.”




Some things I want to like really point in this end card is how Mukkun and Kuro-hime are beside each other. Don’t think that’s weird? Okay. They are portrayed to hate each other. Do they really? Would two people who hate each other really sleep beside each other? This just really confirms my hunch that they are the duo outside basketball. Aomine might be Kuroko’s basketball partner, but Murasakibara is Kuroko’s best friend. These two are just so silly. Teehee~

Aomine doesn’t even try to separate the two of them, while Kise lies his head across Kuroko~ and that pillow tease to make it seem like they are the same height… pffft… Kise you bastard