bastard ghazal

bastard ghazal #2 (anxiety)

Mid-sentence death washes over me, or, 
like kelp, yanks. I leave the pub early

Gauze curtains dial a green sundial,
illuminating smoke-bruised walls

Foundation frays me: what’s my
psycho-history? LeGuin, too, gets oppressive

You know it’s gotten serious 
when you’ve not even the passion to wank

I hit my contact list at 2am, hoping to find
which friend of mine’s a guru

At the grocery check-out unreachable minds 
seem to swarm like fire-ants

During meditation the bleep of Facebook 
doesn’t faze me: I’m surely enlightened

The snow melts, but reveals only
the paving-slabs buried before

I’m still grandiosely in love with the world:
hoping to find how to sever the Beloved

(note: original order under the jump)

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bastard ghazal #5 (generated #2)

between androids and “living” creatures
there is an Other-theft: identity exortion

distorted form of human sexuality
opens only our selves to our depravity

our symbolic alter ego–a manifestation
of our inability to exist still without flippant denial

the one exception to the absence
which fills us secretly. we love life’s forgery

those who would refuse and rebel 
endlessly stagger up against dread

acceptance of the world as it is
pleases us. but solve no crisis

seed text: Futurecop: The Neutralization of Revolt in “Blade Runner,” by Peter Fitting in Science Fiction Studies 14:3

generated by putting the last word of each found phrase through the ‘side view generator’