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DICKIDS facts:


  • Leader of Dickids Crew and member of the xxyxnaf crew.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He was known before as Baddie Homie.
  • He won Street Rap Shit 2015.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 5, although he didn’t pass the first round.
  • He lives in his own studio/appartment.
  • The other members crash often at his place.
  • He participated in School Rapper.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Swings.
  • He was born on April 13th 1998.
  • His real name is 이수린 (Lee SooRin).


  • She is the only female in the crew.
  • She is a rapper.
  • She is the oldest member.
  • She has her own place and studio.
  • She speaks English.
  • She is dating Panda Gomms.
  • She was born on February 26th 1998.
  • Her real name is 최란 (Choi Ran).


  • He speaks English.
  • He lives in his own place in Seoul.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He was born on May 13th 1998.
  • His real name is 유태현 (Yoo TaeHyeon).


  • He is a rapper.
  • He participated in Show Me The Money 4. During the cypher Seo ChoolGoo yielded the mic so he could rap, even though that meant that ChoolGoo himself wouldn’t have time to freestyle.
  • He participated in Show Me The Moeny 5, but was eliminated during the 1vs1 battle.
  • He is friend with NO:EL.
  • He is from Seoul.
  • He lives alone in a studio apartment, although his dog lives with his parents.
  • He attended Shindongshin Information Industry School.
  • According to B-NOM, he refers to Bumby as “Yaah Yoo TaeHyun!”.
  • He participated in School Rapper and he is the winner of the season.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Giriboy and Xitsuh.
  • He signed with Indigo Music, a label created by Swings.
  • He is going to participate in Show Me The Money 6.
  • He was born on January 12th 1999.
  • His real name is 양홍원 (Yang HongWon).


  • He speaks a little English.
  • He is a rapper.
  • His hometown is in Daegu.
  • He has a younger sister.
  • When he told his parents that he wanted to quit school, his mom got really upset and tried to get him to reconsider his choice, but now she is more accepting about it.
  • He lives alone in an apartment in Seoul.
  • He likes shopping.
  • He was born on February 3rd 1999.
  • His real name is 박준희 (Park JoonHui).


  • He is dating 다인 (DaIn).
  • He is a graphic designer.
  • He can speak a bit of English.
  • His nickname can be written in different ways: 333, ButtButtButt, Buttx3.
  • He is from Daejeon, but he currently lives in Yongin.
  • He was born on February 18th 1999.
  • His real name is 조현진 (Cho HyeonJin).


  • He is featured in Ulala Session’s “Beautiful(아름다운 한컷)”. He appeared in their M!Countdown stage for the song.
  • He is a producer/beat maker.
  • He is from Seongnam, but currently lives in his own place in Gwangju (Gyeonggi).
  • He is a member of xxyxnaf crew as well.
  • He was born on April 6th 1999.
  • His real name is 이상훈 (Lee SangHoon).


  • He does a lot of Instagram lives.
  • He still goes to school.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He speaks English, almost fluently.
  • He loves X-Japan.
  • After SMTM4, SooRin asked him to join the Dickids, but since he was really arrogant at that time, he said “no” several times. After this, SooRin told him that he would buy him chicken if he joined and so he agreed. He never bought the chicken though. xD
  • He thinks GeonAh is the visual in Dickids and says that he is the nicest.
  • He likes Kendrick Lamar.
  • He thinks Bumby is cool.
  • He has a sister.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • He was born on May 11th 1999.
  • His real name is 김세령 (Kim SeRyeong).


  • He was born on October 16th 1999.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • His real name is 김진우 (Kim JinWoo).


  • He is part of Tokyo Emoji (도쿄이모지) with 210.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He has a girlfriend. Her name is 정혜원 (Jeong HyeWon; @one_mid_night)
  • He is from Seongnam.
  • He was born on June 18th 1999.
  • His real name is 김준호 (Kim JoonHo/JunHo).


  • He is also a member of Sahara crew.
  • He is a producer/beat maker for Dickids and Sahara crew.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • He was born on September 7th 1999.
  • His real name is 민경태 (Min KyeongTae).


  • He is a rapper.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 4, although he didn’t pass the first round.
  • He participated in School Rapper.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Swings.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 6, but he was disqualified because he posted on his Facebook that he passed the audition. 
  • He is 183-185 cm tall.
  • He trains boxing and likes UFC.
  • His mom is really sweet and he speaks really gently to her.
  • His ideal type is a nice girl who likes working out and is pretty, but not too thin (he’s said that he likes somebody like HyunAh).
  • He talked about how his life got better after he dropped out from school.
  • He used to be bullied when he was younger and no one helped him. That’s why he held grudges at school and to the teachers.
  • He had a depression disorder when he was younger.
  • He almost committed suicide.
  • He said he was always alone and he listened to rap when he felt scared.
  • He thought everyone hated him except for Luda.
  • He used to have a lot of fights with the teachers, they never helped him and always talked down at him for rapping saying that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it and that it was a waste of time.
  • One day he called his bullies out and stood up against them after taking self defense classes for a while. He started acting really tough after that, like someone who didn’t give a fuck because he didn’t want to become a victim again.
  • He went through a lot so he still acts tough even though he is a total soft heart.
  • Bully used to be called “The Bomb” because no one knew when he was angry and when he was going to break everything around him because of his frustration.
  • He dropped out of school around December 2015 after performing a diss rap in front of his entire school.
  • Luda said that ByeongHo is a total softie and that he’s a very loyal friend and fragile, even though he always acts so tough.
  • He went to School Rapper because he wanted to let his parents see him on TV, since that’s every parents dream, to see their child doing well.
  • ByeongHo tries to be good towards his parents since he feels he hasn’t been the best son in the past, because he didn’t listen to their advice and forcefully said that he was going to rap.
  • It is not sure wether he lives or not with his parents, but he doesn’t go home often, and he crashes at the studio or at another member’s house.
  • His former rapper name was Playboi.
  • He is learning how to speak English.
  • He loves food, specially pizza and hamburgers.
  • He is from 경기도 안산시 (Ansan, Gyeonggi).
  • He was born on April 27th 2000.
  • His real name is 윤병호 (Yoon ByeongHo).


  • He used to be known as Odinn, but recently changed his nickname to Hatts.
  • He is a singer.
  • He studies at SOPA.
  • He is from 안동시, 경상북도 (Andong, North Gyeongsang Province), but live in Seoul.
  • He still lives with his parents and attends high school.
  • He was born on April 14th 2000.
  • His real name is 경민 (KyeongMin).


  • He is the youngest member.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 6.
  • He uses 반말 (banmal) with the other Dickids even though he is the maknae.
  • He has an older brother.
  • He lives with his parents, but they are really chill and give him lots of freedom, so he stays overnight at the studio or with his friends whenever he wants.
  • He has an interest in fashion and likes to fix his hair and style it.
  • He was born on April 12th 2001.
  • His real name is 김건아 (Kim GeonAh)
  • He has his mother saved as “마미” (mami = mommy) on his phone.

crds: IG@dickids_fp for some of the facts.

Facts in italics are most likely true, but I haven’t heard any confirmation from the members.

On one memorable Valentines day Ryan gives the whole crew hearts. Not chocolate hearts or candy hearts or even heart-shaped balloons, oh no. Fresh, hand-picked, unequivocally human hearts. More thoughtful than any store-bought gift if he does say so himself.

They’re carefully thought out, each presented differently; If Ryan’s going to do something then he’s going to do it right, wasn’t about to just throw slabs of bleeding meat down on the table and call it a day - he’s not an animal.

While it took the longest to obtain, Geoff’s is the  most simple. Sitting in a basic cooler, nothing fancy, easy to identify and not meant to last. For Geoff the gift is not the organ itself but the inevitable demise of the man it came from, the involuntary donor who’s crew will no longer be trying to push their way into Los Santos.

For Jack there is a necklace, long and elegantly simple, the tapered rose-gold vial engraved with a small heart that makes her smile. Its unassuming, decorative and fashionable, perfectly belying the way the lid is sealed shut to preserve the ash within.

Ryan has never stuffed a heart with explosives before, hadn’t quite anticipated the difficulty of it, but his efforts are instantly rewarded by the involuntary way Michael snorts into laughter at the sight of the fuse snaking out of an artery. Its impossible not to join in when it goes off, humour infectious as Michael’s eyes light up, bellowing his amusement as gore rains down around them.

Ray receives what another might consider a serial killer’s love letter. A dismembered hand left in his favourite spot points him in the direction of a warehouse containing carefully arranged entrails which in turn lead to a breadcrumb trail of teeth. Thoroughly entertained Ray follows blood and gore all around the city before finding himself on the roof of an open-air parking garage, a giant blood red heart painted across the floor with the real deal placed carefully at its centre.

Gavin’s heart is in a ornamental jar, carefully preserved, bloodless and somewhat alien in appearance. It’s an almost shocking display of thoughtfulness, concession to the fact that Gavin, of all of them, would be the most disgusted, yet also somehow the one most likely to want to keep his gift. When he doesn’t have to smell it, feel the muscle gone cold in his hands, deal with the red stain of someone else’s life, Gavin is really quite delighted with the whole deal. Absolutely horrified, sure, but in that squirmy gleeful kind of way he gets, amused by his own revulsion, calling Ryan disturbing and lovely in the same breath.

Jeremy, who knows he definitely hasn’t been with them long enough to warrant a heart of his own (thank god?) watches it all play out with a bizarre mixture of amusement, horror and the tiniest pang of longing that comes along with feeling left out. At least until Ryan appears before him, as silent and terrifying as always, and thrusts a black plastic bag into his hands before ghosting away. The moment of shocked dread (whereupon Jeremy instantly realises that yeah nope warm-fuzzies of being included aside he did not need a human heart in his life actually thanks) is instantly washed away by helpless laughter when he opens the bag and catches sight of the anatomically-correct toy heart smiling cheerfully back at him. 

Crazy For You

Anon: Hi!!!!! Can I request a really fluffy scenario w Bully? Thanks!! (I love your work so much 😭😭💖💖)

Byeongho x Reader - fluff

You were over at Byeonghos house lounging around, it was too hot to go outside so you both decided to stay in. His mum was in the kitchen making you both lunch, you were sitting on the floor thinking about how Byeongho never initiated skinship, how it was always you, you furrowed our eyebrows as you were deep in thought.

His mum called out from the kitchen pulling you out from your mind, you went to where she was as lunch was made, Byeongho soon followed and sat across from you, you both ate silently as you went back to thinking. 

“Whats on your mind?” you looked up at him your mouth full of food, good timing Byeongho, you quickly chewed and swallowed your food “I was just thinking” he looked at you curiously “About what?”

You both made eye contact for a split second, you looked down at your plate contemplating whether or not you should tell him, thinking you should you took in a deep breath before you spoke

“I was just thinking about how you never initiate skinship and how it’s always me, I mean sometimes when I hold your hand or something you always pull away” you looked up at him making eye contact “Are you embarrassed being around me?”

Byeongho choked on his food shocked that you thought that way, you quickly poured him a glass of water and handed it to him “Are you okay?” he nodded his head, calming down from the rough coughs, he looked at you but you avoided eye contact, you both sat in silence finishing your meals.

Byeongho left to go to the living room thinking you'd follow suit, but you didn’t you decided you didn't want to sit in silence again so you cleared the table for his mum and started washing the dishes. Byeongho went back into the kitchen confused at why you didn’t leave, he smiled as he watched you wash the dishes, thinking about what you said earlier made his eyebrows furrow, was it true? Shaking his head he came behind you and rested his arms on your stomach, causing you to freeze at his sudden affection.

“Byeongho, what are you doing?” he rested his head on your shoulder and smiled “Showing my girlfriend how much I love her” your cheeks turned bright red and your heart started beating at an abnormal pace.

“You’re not an embarrassment” he continued “I don't initiate skinship because you make my heart race as if it’ll explode, I get shy and my face turns red! I’m sorry you thought otherwise” you smiled at his explanation and turned around in his arms you cupped his cheeks and pecked his lips “You’re crazy Byeongho” he gave you a soft smile and pecked your lips.

“Crazy for you”

Lame Confession

Person: Yoon Byeongho(Bully Da Bastard)


Word count: 450

requested by anon

You have noticed for a while that it has been seriously weird lately. You and Byeongho were best friends until last few weeks ago. He started becoming too distant with you. He was much more meaner than before. You had recently just lost your paycheck and have been trying to find it all morning so that you could go shopping with Bryn. You had told all the crew that you needed help finding the check. With you being a person who gets really anxious, you started getting a panic attack. You had worked so hard to earn that money. You scrambled through your bed, drawer, bathroom, living room, basically every inch of your place but still there was no hope to finding it.


Luda: hey y/n I think I know where you paycheck is. Why don’t you come over right now.

Y/n: yeah alright see ya soon then.

You hurriedly changed into a more casual outfit, not even caring about your looks or hair, you left the house grabbing your keys and closing he door behind. You ran through blocks of the neighborhood finally leading yourself to Soorin’s place. Running up the stairs, you tripped on a step and hurt your tibia but that was no matter.

As you were went face to face with the door, you heard shouting coming from inside, sound like Soorin. You knocked and the door and silence rises. Bumby had opened the door for you,“ hey guys, what going on? I heard shouting.” Only silence was in the room until Luda spoke up, “Yoon Byeongho if you—” you saw Soorin giving an intense stare at Byeongho, giving off a hint that the suspect was Byeongho. 

 "I like y/n okay!!“ He turned around feeling embarrassed, he had his head tilting downward, and was swaying from side to side a bit, “I just couldn’t get myself to believe that I liked you.  You get it right y/n, we’ve only been bestfriend and it’s so weird of me to like you.”

“I don’t think it’s weird,” You said putting your hands on both side of his shoulder and turning him around then looking straight in his eye,“ Just don’t play tricks like this to me, okay lover boy”

You grabbed your paycheck out of his pocket which you had seen while Byeongho was confessing. Not too bad you thought, you could probably give him a chance. You then linked you arms with Bryn and trailed to the door.

“Wait what is that suppose to mean?” You heard Byeongho.

Without turning around you told him, pointing at your brain,“ Why don’t you use your mind smartass. Oh you should’ve came up with a better way to confess, this makes you lame.“

Note: Yes I really used paychecks. Money man Money💰💰💰gotta be hustling like Dok2.

Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout (Breckenridge)
Brewery : Breckenridge
Beer : Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout
Style : Stout / Imperial Stout
Variance : Brewed with Sweet-Sour Montmorency Tart Cherries from Washington State and Aged in 50% Whiskey and 50% Port Wine Barrels

9 / 10

Ok, ok, ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Ever since selling to InBev I haven’t really sought out any of Breckenridge’s beers but now I just feel like a huge fucking asshole that I ever doubted them because this beer is killer. I really didn’t think it was possible to barrel age a beer especially in 2 separate barrels and still have it be smoother than Emma Robert’s butthole but somehow these guys pulled it off like a used condom. Unless some of you readers leave it on afterwards which makes you really friggin’ weird. A super silky chocolate covered cherry flavor starts things off with a very light alcohol flavor with more milk chocolate mixing in quickly after with a mix of sweetness and a slight tartness from the cherries before ending with a mix of whiskey and wine flavor with more of those chocolate covered cherries joining in to wrap things up. Breckenridge straight up knocked this one out of the park and regardless whatever your feelings might be about breweries that are purchased from the axis of evil, this is still 100% worth your time and is absolutely fucking delicious. If this is your first in the style consider yourself the luckiest bastard alive because this is an incredible intro into barrel aged beers and imperial stouts in general so make sure you pick this beauty in the Brewery Lane Series up ASAP. As for you members of the bastard drinking crew, get off of your fucking high horse and pick this up because it absolutely kicks ass.

Written by: Steve B.