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I know the actual quote from it’s always sunny is ‘science is a liar. sometimes’ but my brain has chosen to bastardized that with the liberal use of science making famous scientists it’s bitches in that episode into ‘science makes bitches of us all…sometimes’ which is actually my predominant emotion right now, because science has presented me with a weird and ultimately trivial mystery to solve before I can move on with my work and dammit, if science isn’t making a bitch of me right now I don’t even know what it’s doing

That AU Where Lightning is the Chosen Kin—Queen.
  • Claire “Lightning” Lucis Caelum is the eldest daughter of King Ardyn Lucis Caelum C and Crown Princess of Lucis. 
  • Serah is the younger daughter, and she is the Oracle chosen by the Six to aid the Chosen Queen.
  • Tiamat is a feathered dragon known for his five human heads and is the personal messenger of Bahamut. He was sent to watch over the Astrals’ chosen one, and they are to keep her moving toward her destiny, much like Gentiana. 
    • There is a main head and four secondary heads that make up Tiamat:
      • Noctis—the main and who must be slain for Tiamat to truly die.
      • Prompto—the secondary to Noctis’s right.
      • Ignis—the secondary to Noctis’s left.
      • Gladio—the secondary to the far right.
      • and Nyx—the secondary to the far left. 
    • He can split up into five human forms, each with their own unique personality and thought process, though all of them must answer to Noctis.
    • Serah is actually the one who named them all because she was uncomfortable with calling each head the same name, especially when they weren’t “together” as Tiamat.
  • As the Oracle, Serah is the only person who can speak to Tiamat in his true form. Everyone else has to speak to one of his human forms, including Lightning and Ardyn. 
  • Serah spends most of her time with the energetic and upbeat Prompto, easily the most relaxed of the five heads, though she likes to bother Ignis, too. Because of her never-ending thirst for knowledge, she always tries to drag him into intellectual conversations and learn something new from him every day. She’s particularly interested in astrology. 
  • Lightning is constantly hounded by Ignis when he’s not being held up by Serah. She skips her lessons with him in favor of training with a sword, often accompanied by the overeager crownsguard called Snow, who immigrated to Lucis from Tenebrae. Both Nyx and Gladio are happy to indulge her, but they’re not willing to stick their necks out when Iggy finds them and drags Lightning back to her studies.
  • Noctis was both Serah and Lightning’s primary caretaker—they’re nanny, if you prefer. Like Regis, Ardyn was constantly swamped with royal duties and couldn’t take much time out of his schedule to be with his kids. When he chose Noctis to be their nanny, the infamously lazy head of Tiamat, it was understandable that everyone questioned his decision. “Give the job to Ignis!” they said, but the one-hundredth king wouldn’t listen. He wanted someone who’d let his daughters grow at their own pace to raise them and not groom them like mere dolls at all hours of the day. Noctis was laissez faire enough to do that.  
    • (Noctis being a good but sleepy mommy, though?)
    • (Ignis may be the Mom friend, but Noctis is the Mom.)
    • Noctis while feeding baby!Claire: “One day, you will understand the superiority of sleep over food.” 

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hiii pls write a fluffy af stozier fic pls

The Card- Stanley Uris x Richie Tozier

AN: Wasn’t sure if this was in reference to platonic or romantic stozier but I wrote platonic bc I feel that shit in my soul

I am so bad at writing dialogue so sorry the ending is so messy


TW: child abuse/neglect, verbal abuse, domestic violence

Word Count: 1.3k

The echoes of screams bounced off the wall in Richie’s bedroom, as his stepdad shoved his mother, for what he could only guess had been the 10th time tonight. She had been drinking again, Richie knew that, he had stopped trying to wake his mother in the mornings to take him to school, knowing that if he did, her eyes would be glassed-over and dismissive, like she wasn’t even there at all. Richie tried to drown out the noise with a ‘The Cure’ record spinning in the background. It was one of the albums Bill had told him to check out, just as he was leaving for his winter trip…

“GET HIM THE FUCK OUT.” His attention was suddenly snapped back to the screaming occurring downstairs. Richie knew all too well what this meant, his mother had yet again blamed him for her drinking, just to keep that cocksucker around. Richie jolted upwards, looking at the drainpipe outside his window wondering if the pain of climbing down it would hurt more or less than his stepdad slapping him across the cheek. Over the past year, Richie had realised that each slap got more painful, each one reminded him that his mother had chosen this bastard over her only son. Richie grabbed his backpack swiftly, stuffed in a few dirty clothes that he had lying on the ground and climbed out the window, just as he heard the sounds of pounding footsteps coming up the stairs.


It wasn’t the first time that Richie had run away from home, but it was the first time he truly felt he had nowhere to go:

Bill was away on holidays. Beverly never let anyone come over. Ben was busy studying for the SAT’s even though they were more than 6 months away. Mike had scored an internship at a museum in Portland. He couldn’t go to Eddie because… he was afraid of what could come out, if he was that emotionally vulnerable in front of Eddie Kaspbrak, his best friend, that was all he was… Richie constantly tried to remind himself of this.

Then there was Stan, the only one of the Losers who noticed the bruises appearing on Richie’s face about a year ago. He pulled him away quietly and told him that his home was always open, if he needed it. Even though Richie played it off as a joke, telling Stan “I don’t wanna come over and fucking worship the Torah with you”, he appreciated Stanley Uris more than he could ever know.

But he couldn’t go there. The last time he did, Richie stupidly was himself and let out an F-bomb in front of Stan’s mother. Stan hurriedly shushed him as his mother beckoned him to the kitchen. Stan spoke in a hushed voice but Andrea Uris’ voice was as clear as day.

“Do I raise you to hang out with people like… him? His mother drinks herself silly and you can’t walk past that house without hearing yelling, no wonder his father left them. I’m just trying to protect you Stanley, I don’t want you hanging around the wrong sort” Andrea sounded disgusted, which Richie completely understood, his family disgusted him just as much. Richie snuck out of the house while Stan was trying to plead his case to his mother, vowing never to visit Stan’s house again, because the thought of causing an uprising in the Uris household was far too much for him to bear.

Richie came to a stop in the middle of an intersection, realising his train of thought had brought him to the street just before Stanley’s. He cursed his subconscious for dragging him to the one place he promised to never go, but he supposed he needed somewhere to stay and maybe it would be okay, because Stan’s parents would be asleep. He could be gone by morning and his presence wouldn’t bring destruction as it did to every other place he went.

He knocked tentatively on Stan’s door, fearing that Stan wouldn’t want to see him either, after the last incident at his house. Stan swung open the door and immediately pulled him into a hug. Richie hadn’t realised that his cheeks were stained with tears, Stan had always been the most observant of each of the Losers emotions. Richie hadn’t been hugged by Stan since they were in preschool, when they had had a fight over the toys in the sandpit and the teacher demanded they mended it by physical contact. The feeling of Stan’s arms around his tiny body (Stan had an incredible growth spurt over the last year, much to the rest of the Losers’ dismay) caused him to completely break down and sob into his best friend’s chest.

“Oh fuck, Richie,” Stan said, his arms tightening around the boy who called himself trashmouth, watching him empty his soul onto his pyjama shirt.  

“I’m sorry,” Richie sniffed. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come here, I’m such a fuck up Stan, nobody wants me, I’m going to go, I’m sorry.”

“Richie there’s no way I’m letting you stay outside in the cold, you better come inside or…” Stan paused, trying to think of a way to coax Richie inside. “…or I’ll get all the Losers here to help me comfort you,” he finished, knowing that Richie would rather die than have the rest of the Losers worry about him.

Stan took Richie inside and brought him up to his room, set up a mattress beside his bed and once Richie was comfortable, sat beside him and gave him the cup of hot cocoa he had just made for himself. He tentatively wrapped his arms around his best friend, not knowing what to say just yet. He wanted to be there for him more than anything, but he had been learning something about triggers in his psychology class, and he was feeling more cautious around Richie than he ever had been.

“Am I a bad person Stan?” Richie asked emotionlessly. “I feel like I’m a bad person. All the bad things that happen to me, they must happen for a reason, they must happen because I’m a terrible person, right?”

Stan felt his heart sink. He always prided himself on being the caring friend, the one who people could turn to when they were feeling down, but with Richie, he felt completely lost for words.

“Rich…” Stan paused. “I’ve looked up to you since we were in preschool, when you stood up to Belch Huggins and told him off for stealing my sandwich. You’ve always been the strongest one out of all of us Losers. You don’t always have to be strong, you know that right?”

Stan got up and grabbed a small card from the corner of his dresser.

‘Dear Stan, Thank u for being my bestest friend in the world. I like u because u make me laugh and even though u r a nerd its ok’

Richie laughed, “God, how old was I when I wrote this shit, it’s terrible.”

Stan smiled, “I think it was just before 2nd grade, anyways, I kept it here in my room because I love being your best friend Rich. You can stay here as long as you want okay, it’ll be like an all year sleepover, we can play video games and shit, everything is going to be okay.”

Richie nodded. “Thanks Stanley, you fucking Jew,” he teased.

Stanley rolled his eyes at his trashmouth friend. “Please go to sleep Richie, you look exhausted.”

Stan hopped into bed and looked down at his sleeping friend below him and he noticed that for the first time in a long time, Richie looked at ease. Stan hoped he had given him a place where he was truly wanted.  

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an: apparently my muse is still alive and kicking, it just likes to spend almost an entire year dormant before doing me a solid. this is heavily inspired by ‘uprooted’ my naomi novik, but it’s completely unnecessary to know anything at all about it, though you should definitely read it and cry about it with me.

Summary: Killian Jones has no desire to return to Misthaven, but his captain and his crew are tied to the kingdom in a way he has never understood, and they consider it a duty to be there for the Choosing. Once every fifteen years, the witch in her high tower chooses a man or woman among them and whisks them away, in payment for all she has done to save this kingdom, and to most it is considered a blessing to be chosen. All Killian wants is for the Choosing to be finished and The Jewel to return to sea, and to forget once again all that Misthaven has taken from him.

The Price: Chapter One

There was a hum of quiet anticipation hanging over the bay when The Jewel of the Realm docked in port, despite the teeming masses of ships, boats and dingys all huddled in together - and Killian sighed as he surveyed the place. He’d been too young to really remember the last Choosing, but Liam had woven him grand stories of it - of the mass of people who returned to their homeland, of the ceremony and the excitement bubbling among the residents of this land, of the tense wonder of the people as they waited to see who would be chosen from their ranks. Killian, for his part, didn’t understand it. He’d spent so little time ashore in this kingdom, he could hardly understand why this day, this day that happened once every fifteen years, was so important to the people of Misthaven.

Liam, for all his stories of the land they’d been born in, had no way of explaining the importance of this day. His own memories of growing up amidst the sailors and pirates who frequented their mothers inn while on land were more emotion than anything else, and no matter the tales Liam spun of the place he remembered so fondly, Killian had never quite understood what he meant when he called the place home.

To Killian it was nothing more than a place to resupply.

It was meant to be an honor, being chosen, the greatest honor a man or woman of Misthaven could receive, but for himself, it seemed more like imprisonment.

“Who d’you think it’ll be, this time?”

Killian bit out a sigh, turning to give their quartermaster an unimpressed look. They’d only returned for fear the crew might mutiny if not given the chance to be among those the Swan could choose from - despite an understanding among the crew that of anyone in Misthaven, these merchant sailors were some of the least likely to be chosen in the entire realm, there was a feeling among most of them that even the dream of a chance would be enough. At the very least, they wanted a story to tell, desired that bit of genuine truth to the tales they spun in taverns and whorehouses across the world. The Choosing, they imagined, would make for a larger than life story.

“I’d just as soon cut off my own hand as make idle speculations about what sort of person an immortal sorceress prefers for a servant, Turk. The sooner it’s done and we’re on our way, the better, I say.”

Turk, for his own part, seemed scandalized by the insinuation that the Chosen were merely servants, but Killian had never been led to believe otherwise. Those few who spent their years with the Swan rarely ever spoke of them, and though they never said a single derogatory thing about the witch in her high tower, they never spoke a kind word, either.

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Quick thought about Symbiosis

Dude, now that I have slept and am much calmer (although juuust a little), I think I can write an English post that is coherent in terms of sentence structure. (I think… LOL)

This film is already my favourite so far!! I mean to break it down in the future, but let me put this here as a quick reaction: this honestly has everything I wanted and it even surprised me in the sense that even the parts I thought I would honestly dislike are my easy my favourite of the whole movie now!

I have to admit the rewatch I’ve done recently has helped a lot in that department. This series is by no means something that I could understand just by watching and rewatching a couple of times, because every single time I do it something new  - some new revelant detail - comes up. It’s just that kind of experience. Pretty much the same kind of relationship I’ve had with the classic series and 02 for the past 16 years I never left this fandom. If you are a casual watcher, I can see why you would be confused. But this being a 15th-digimon-anniversary commemoration project and a huge “thank you” from Toei for everybody who has supported the franchise all these years, this is exactly the kind of product I hoped, I honestly couldn’t expect more from them.

As to the theories I’ve had that I wanted answered they are as following:

- Theory that Meicoomon was related to Apocalymon somehow - CHECK! Her funny design so far has left me and some many I talk to on twitter (including @firstagent) intrigued and it feels DAMN GOOD to have that confirmed! Those helix patterns on her fur and her destructive power couldn’t have been just dumb coincidence.

- Dark Ocean and Demon theory - not check yet BUT THE DARK OCEAN IS OFFICALLY HERE oh my God, I am so scared for Himekawa now, she is officially in deep depression just like Ken was once and omg is she going to be possessed?! Is Demon the secret behind the 02 children getting attacked first?! We don’t know yet now with the Lovecraftian vibes around we’re SO CLOSE.

- Theory that the whole fighting between Taichi and Yamato was building up to something bad happening to Taichi - MOTHERFUCKING CHECK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIT SINCE REUNION, I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT, SEE @cyclone5000 THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO WORK FOR TOEI AND WRITE THEIR CRAP! I am officially deceased, my inner TaiYama fan purrs just seeing Yamato with the goggles around his neck *sobs*

- Hikari standing up to the Homeostasis and REPELLING THEM LIKE A BOSS - CHECK, holy shit, it happened!! IT REALLY HAPPENED! Hikari told those damn selfish bastards that THE CHOSEN CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO GET TO DECIDE THEIR DESTINIES and this happened EXACTLY AS I WANTED SLDKÇFN (@50cyg Remember our conversation on private!?!? It happened exactly like that!!! I can’t wait for the next film, oh my God, Hikari’s trial has just began holy crap, the next film is going to be wild)

- Hikari going dark and unleashing a dark evolution - FUCK YES CHECK!! I’m not going to lie, I was very affraid that they would make her OOC just to answer to that whim of seeing her going “evil” but, oh my God, ADD TAICHI GETTING INJURED TO THE EQUATION AND IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE (shit son, Me and @yesyoshiposts and @dejitarugeeto02 have been talking about this before tri even existed. How Hikari would flip if something like this happened to Taichi and this is hell of satisfying!! Not only that, if the poster of the next film is any clue, it seems the Wizarmon topic will be brought up next film and oh my God, after what happened to Hikari AND TAILMON, damn! They’re going to slay us hard next time!! GET READY)

- Meiko’s redemption arc which is something I was impatiently waiting for - HELL YEEESSS, CHECK!!! Digimon Adventure tri is Meiko’s story, that has been obvious right and left from the very beginning and I question how much in denial you have to be to not have that figured out by now (lol). I mean, Digimon has a very long tradition of introducing news characters and new stories instead of just recycling old ones, is it really that surprising that tri has decided to walk the same path? Or that it develops the older characters, instead of making them static and boring? But I digress. I think Meiko’s voice actor was incredible in the sense that it really conveyed the growth of the character; Meiko sounds so so honest in this film! After all the secrets the character kept hiding, it’s honestly refreshing to see her open up and being herself around the group of Chosen Children at last. I had some fun listening to her speaking “Tottori dialect” around Taichi, albeit by accident - it really makes me realise how far she has gone to adjust to life in Tokyo. 

I’m SO RELIEVED that I can now say I actually like Meiko, because two films ago I honestly didn’t even like her. This reminds me…back in the day I used to sort of hate Yamato’s attitudes and I couldn’t stand Mimi or Jou for the most various reasons. These characters used to get on my nerves in general, but as the story progressed, as I grew up, after many rewatches too, I started to understand them and to put myself in their shoes. Before I knew - after many rewatches and over the years - I learnt to actually love Yamato, Jou, and Mimi for various reasons. Just like all these Adventure characters, Meiko started with flaws and used to get on my nerves - he has just now started to grown on me, but I honestly feel like her charisma has improved over time, and she is now a solid Adventure character

I respect her a lot for deciding to kill Meicoomon too. Wow! If you think about it, it all comes down to this, and Digimon Adventure tri is basically a serious version of episodes 10 and 11 of Digimon Adventure 02 all over again, except it’s a very long saga of it for the adult audience of fans. Instead of “waking up” with Yamato’s punch to the face like Taichi did (which forced him to realise Agumon would rather die than stay controled by the Kaiser in 02), Meiko had to realise it herself that it was better to kill Meicoomon than to let her live and being nothing but a source of sadness to the ones Meicoomon herself loves the most!

And… damn son, this puts Yamato’s reactions in a rather funny place too. It proves this idea I get that he puts everybody’s feelings ahead of his own and  that he deeply cares for literally everybody, BUT when it comes to Taichi IN PARTICULAR his reactions are almost always harsher, and most times he just takes his frustration out on his best friend even when Taichi isn’t the reason he is frustrated at all LOL. Not that this is news to me but it’s mindblowing to see it applied even to a big picture of this caliber! Taichi and Yamato’s relationship is one of a kind, I’m telling you!

AND I’m so GLAD to see Hikari and Taichi reaching to the same conclusions I did during my rewatch of Confessions recently, oh my God! That we don’t trully understand things before we go through them ourselves and that is the overall message of tri as well!! Like… damn, I’m not always prepared to see the characters I love the most this self-conscious, and it tells a lot about the direction of tri. Staff knows exactly what they are doing!

And by the way, I thought I would hate the whole shipping tease of Taichi and Meiko? But I actually liked it?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME LOL. I mean, had they intriduced this earlier, I am positive I would hate it to death, but now Meiko has gotten the treatment she deserved I’m SHOCKED THAT I LIKE IT. (Taichi and Yamato are still number one in my heart; so who the fuck cares) BUT I LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT THE DIGIMON WHEN TAICHI TALKED TO MEIKO.

Let’s move on to other things I was hoping to see that this film has also covered:

- Human World VS Digital World situation with Chosen Children targeted by BOTH - HELL YES CHECK!! This is one of those situations that absolutely NEEDED to be there so the epilogue of 02 can finally happen in a manner that actually makes sense!!! The idea that digimon and humans started to live together 25 years later is laughable without problems happening first! It cannot possibly happen without a very difficult period of time where both sides clash and have troubles accepting each other! Both Human and Digimon worlds needed to clash first before it even remotely developed to that sort of scenario. And that’s not all: all of this will beautifully explain Taichi’s profession in the future once he decides to work hard for the relationship between humans and digimon to get better! THAT’S what a diplomat does!

And you know what’s fucking genius? It’s that they created Daigo and put him there especifically to allow us to imagine how will an adult Taichi be like!! It helps us understand that an adult version of a goggle-head attending to meetings isn’t necessarily detrimental to his personality or his charisma - it’s actually the other way around! It means Taichi will NEVER let go of the digital world even as an adult, and that it will heavily impact his future life! Just like it does with Daigo even to his days!! <3 It’s brilliant!

- AMBIGUITY IN GENERAL not just some Dark VS Light shit - CHEEEEEEEEECK, this is obviously related to Hikari and Taichi’s attitude towards the Homeostasis and Yggdrasil!! They decided to stop receiving orders and give less shits about them. Now they decided to do what THEY think is the right think to do! I fucking love Daigo yelling and telling the Homeostasis “These children are NOT your pawns to get rid of when they are no longer useful” It’s a topic I have always hoped for this series to bring up, and I’m pleasantly surprised that they have finally decided to! The Chosen Children are now officially ADULTS WHO DO WHAT THEY THINK IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO instead of just being little kids who do what adults tell them to. lol Now, our grown up children are the ones who get to decide what is right! It’s what they honestly want to do that matters. An important step into adulthood.

- MAKI WITH GUNS which honestly I didn’t even know I needed so it wasn’t originally in this list but - CHECK!!!! (LOL) It’s funny because I thought the topic about especial guns created to fight digimon had been forgotten - I can see that Himekawa has been carrying them around. This shit demands MORE FANART of the kids with weapons istg lol It actually reminds me of some fanart I saw many years ago,  where each chosen child carried a different weapon. I wonder if they got this idea from those???? XD

- I wasn’t expecting TAICHI scenes AT ALL but hell if I don’t welcome them, holy crap!! - CHECK, and oh my God they have been lacking so much, to such a degree I was starting to wonder WHEN Taichi would get the spotlight he needed. I mean THE USUAL TAICHI, the protagonist of this series! My precious son that takes a while to overcome his fears and insecurities but when he does he’s so nice to follow on screen. ;.;   He’s been missed so much, and it’s stunning how they even took advantage of him to develop Hikari, holy crap. Now I am certain that Hikari’s moment has just begun and that it’s the next film that will focus on her and Tailmon, holy crap I will even forgive the poster teasing the focus on her for now lçdjfa THE NEXT POSTER HAS WIZARMON’S HAT. We all theorized about Wizarmon showing up this movie, it never crossed my mind that he could only show up the next one instead. LOL

AAAAND and I think I’m going to stop here, even though I have much more things to say and to think about. but I have only watched this ONCE and I need to rewatch before I talk about other things. 


Ray out!

Look, honestly…

Kudos to all those amazing bastards who have chosen to open and maintain custom game servers that let players actually play Junkenstein’s Revenge with all the heroes. That’s really all I was hoping for if they were going to recycle the event.

You the real… PotG?

we never did have a chance

because if ron and hermione got a moment during the battle at hogwarts so did harry and draco

Everywhere Harry looked there was complete and utter chaos. Pieces of ceiling were falling down, spells were flying left and right, people were scrambling back and forth. It was hard to tell who was fighting for who. 

“Potter,” Draco grabbed onto his arm tightly; so tightly Harry thought he might lose blood flow. “How in Merlin’s name do you suggest we get out of here?”

“We’re not getting out of here,” Harry turned to look at him. His glasses were cracked and dust covered the lenses. It was hard to make out Draco’s features, but he was sure he looked just as scared as Harry felt. His heart pounded away in his chest and he could feel blood on his temple. Whether it was his or someone else’s he didn’t know. “We have to fight.”

“He’s going to kill me,” Draco’s voice cracked. “I’m dead if I go out there. I can’t do this.”

“Draco I do not have time for-” 

“Listen to me!” Draco yelled, moving his hand up to Harry’s shoulder. Harry was suddenly standing in Dumbledore’s office begging for people to just fucking listen to him. “For once forget everything else and just fucking listen to me!”

Draco’s eyes were wild and his chest moved rapidly due to his heavy breathing. Harry took off his glasses and repaired them while Draco watched, his agitation rising. 

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Turn Down the Heat - 21 (Leonard Snart Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine Part Ten  Part Eleven Part Twelve  Part Thirteen Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen  Part Seventeen Part Eighteen  Part Nineteen  Part Twenty

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One week and no answers, but you were still here. Then things got exciting. Distress signals that lead to the moment of now being in a space battle, “Gideon report!”

“We have a haul breach.” She rattled off the deck area as you cursed turning to go fix it.

“Stay…put.” Len looked down at you, “Sara and I can handle it. You need to try and not get stressed.”

It was one of the theories that the more stressed you got the more you ‘jumped’, “Len are you serious? We’re in a fire fight!”

“Just stay…we got it.” He pointed at you taking off with Sara.

You rolled your eyes looking back to Ray, “Please tell me you got this.”

“Oh I got this…I think.” He muttered the last part.

“Dammit…” You held onto the center console looking at the damage reports, “Rip is going to get us killed…”

Kendra looked at you concerned, “Are you serious?”

“I hope not.” You looked at her before starting out of the bridge, “I really hope not…Gideon…status on the breach.”

“What Mr. Snart is doing is working, but it will not be a permanent fix.”

“Will it buy us the time we need?” You started to run.

“Calculations indicated a substantial amount of time.”

“Good.” You could see the room where the breach was at ahead of you. The light of the cold gun reflected off the walls. You sighed knowing you were going to get an ear full from Len when he saw you.

Then the door shut.

“No…” You rushed forward slamming your hands on the door, “No no! Gideon open the door.”

“There is a still a breach…safety measures won’t allow me to do so.”

“Len…” You looked inside as his face appeared in the window, “I’m going to get you out.”

“Y/N…” He looked at you, “You can’t worry about me…you have to relax.”

“Shut up!” You hit the door shaking your head, “I’m tired of losing you…I’m not…”

“Hey…” Looked at him through the window, “You’re not going to lose me. I’m too stubborn for that.”

“He’s right.” Sara smirked a little, “He’s an asshole. He doesn’t just disappear from people’s lives.”

Len glanced back at the assassin, “Gee…thanks.”

“I can’t get the door open.” You told him when he looked back at you, “The breach needs to be fixed.”

You watched him visibly shiver, “I know you and the others will figure it out.”

You stared up at him nodding, “I’m gonna get you out of there.”

He leaned his head against the window watching you run down the hall, “It’s going get a lot colder in here.”

“Don’t worry Snart.” Sara smirked at him, “I’ll keep you warm.”

Once the ship was at a safe distance you helped Ray with his suit. It wasn’t made for space, but it would do in a pinch, “You’re not going to have a lot of time.”

“I know. I’ll work efficiently.” He smiled at you glancing at Kendra, “Can you give us a minute?”

You smiled and nodded, “Please hurry back.”

You walked down the hall quickly to the bridge. This was all going to hell. All you could do was wait now. You weren’t good at that game, “Gideon…anything from the other ship?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Has Ray launched?” You put your hands on a chair and leaned forward.

“Yes…he’s approaching the breach now.”

“Good…good.” You moved around the chair and sat down. You shut your eyes as Kendra walked in. You listened to her talk to Ray keeping him motivated. You tried to go back down to talk to Len and Sara, but Len shooed you away.

You knew what he was doing…if he died…he didn’t want you to be there for it.

Your eyes snapped open when you heard Kendra calling to Ray getting no answer back. You were on her heels running toward the loading Bay. You stopped in the doorway watching her shake Ray’s body. It was awful to watch.

You felt his hands on your arms first as Rays gasped back to life. You turned into burying your face into Len’s chest. He was freezing, “Len…”

“We’re fine.” He whispered looking over at Kendra and Ray, “You kids need a moment?”

You smiled glancing at Sara walking into the room. A quick once over and the small victory was pushed aside. There was work to do.

“I’ve just received a message from the shuttle. It seems Mr. Rory as escaped capture and is on his way back to the Waverider now.”

Len smirked looking over at Sara, “Told you. Those pirates picked the wrong guy to mess with.”

As they walked down the hall everyone started asking questions. Valid questions. Questions that started to get you thinking, “Len…”

He looked at you and frowned, “I know…but I trust him.”

You nodded slowly as everyone stopped when Gideon announced that Mick was boarding now. You could feel the tension ripple over everyone as Mick entered the ship alone.

Len took a step forward toward his beaten friend, “You okay Mick?”

Mick stared at them all for a moment before turning his head slightly, “Boys! The ships all yours.”

Your stomached flipped as armed men boarded the Waverider. Len stared at him taking a protective stance in front of you, “What are you doing Mick?”

“Getting us home.” He responded roughly, “Are you in?”

“Len…” You whispered as he took a few steps forward pulling out his cold gun

“Yeah…” He glanced back at you “Time to choose a side, I guess”

His head swiveled back to Mick as he smirked raising the gun, “Chosen.”

“Bastard!” Mick shouted as everyone scrambled out of the way of his heat blast, “I’ll get the time drive!”

You managed to catch that and looked at Len, “I have to get to the engine room.”

“Y/N…you need to get some place-”

“Len…if he rips out the drive he could strand us for good or worse.” You told him.

He stared at you his eyes saying that he didn’t want you to be part of this at all, “Go…we’ll hold them off.”

You took off running. You knew this ship better than anyone and could get anywhere quickly. You skidded into the engine room breathing hard. You had to take the time drive offline before Mick got there.

“Shit…” You froze hearing him behind you. You looked back at him, “Move.”

“Mick…” You looked at him shaking your head, “You don’t want…”

“You don’t know what I want!” He shouted at you, “You’re part of the problem.”

You felt your fear creeping up on you as he got closer. You stood your ground pushing it down, “Mick, I can’t…let you do this.”

“Then I’ll remove you.” He raised his gun up toward.

“Hey!” Sara shouted from behind him, “Leave her alone.”

“Sara…” He looked back at her, “I like you…you got a lot of guts…So I’m only going to…”

The fight erupted and you turned toward the drive shutting the panel. With them dancing around you knew you wouldn’t be able to get it out slowly. You felt grab you by the hair yanking you back.

You struggled and felt him buckle sending your forward into the wall. You saw a flash in front of your eyes before you hit the ground. The burning sensation on your leg started to grow.

As your eyes snapped open you saw Mick and Sara fade away into a blur leaving you laying on the ground alone surrounded by the dark.

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Touchdown Kiss

Summary: AU. Football star and Head Cheerleader go together like peanut butter and jelly. But Natsu refuses to admit his feelings for Lucy. After seeing her kiss someone else, does he finally decide to make a move on Homecoming week?

New year, new one-shot :) hope you all had a great new years day!

I hope you enjoy this :) I’m sorry if you don’t understand the terminology. I love football, hah. Also, the school events are what my high school was like!

“Yosh!” Natsu barreled into the head cheerleaders back, “What’s up, Lucy?!”

“Natsu,” Lucy groaned, “You smell!”

“I just got out of practice! You want me to smell like strawberries or something?” he grinned, pulling er closer, keeping his arm around her shoulder.

“They have showers, dummy,” Lucy sighed, accepting her fate.

“If I took a shower I wouldn’t be able to walk you home,” he stealthily took her book bag off her shoulder and onto his.

“Hey!” she reached for it but he got a few steps ahead of her, “give it back!”

“Ya gotta catch me first!” he took off down the sidewalk, turning around at the stop sign he watched her run towards him, “come on, slowpoke!”

When she reached him she slapped him across the chest, “Idiot.”

He laughed, but still didn’t give her her bag back. It was too much fun ruffling her feathers.

“No flirting,children,” Natsu’s teammate-slash-best friend-slash-rival met up with them.

“We are not flirting!” They both yelled, taking secret glances at each other.

“OK, I believe you,” Gray’s smirk told them he really didn’t.

“Tell Narsu that he needs to shower after every practice!” Lucy stomped her foot when Gray was next to her, she rubbed her hands up her arms. She left her jacekt in her locker and she was in her gym clothes.

“That’s disgusting man,” Gray pinched his nose.

“Tch, it’s not that bad,” he grumbled. He noticed that Lucy was shivering, “Geez, here Lucy.”

Natsu wrapped his scarf around the cheerleader. Lucy smiled and snuggled her face into the warmth it kept from him. Gray watched in silent shock, Natsu let someone where his scarf?

The trio made it to Lucy’s house first, which was more like a mansion in this small town, she exchanged his scarf for her bag, finally, “See ya later guys!”

“Bye!” Natsu called, even though he would probably see her that night when he snuck in her window.

Gray narrowed his eyes, Natsu was oblivious to his scrutiny as they crossed the next street. He buried his nose in the scarf that now smelled pleasantly of Lucy.

“Would you just ask her out already?”

“Huh?” Natsu jerked his head to the side, “Why would I do that?”

“Because you like her, moron,” Gray punched Natsu in the head.

“Ow!” he rubbed the spot, making his hair even more messy, “I do not!”

“You’re always flirting with her.”

“She’s my best friend so I mess around with her a lot, big deal! It ain’t flirting, "Natsu’s cheeks betrayed his words.

"You let her wear your scarf.”

“She was cold.”

“You’ve had that scarf since kindergarten and as long as I’ve known you and you’ve never let anyone wear in, no matter how cold they were,” they stopped in front of Gray’s home, which was two houses down from Natsu’s. Poor Jellal was in the middle.

“She’s my best friend! She means more to me than anyone else so no duh I’m gonna let her wear it!”

Gray smirked, “What if that’s all she was wearing?”

“Damn, that would be- NO!” he slammed his eyes shut as if to get rid of the image.

“See! You like her, ask her out!”

“She’s just my friend!”

“I don’t buy it!”

“Well buy this!” Natsu threw the first fist. Gray quickly retaliated.

One bloody nose, a black eye, bruises, and 5 minutes of yelling like children is all it took for Jellal to come and break them up.

“Would you mind telling me what you’re fighting about,” he sat them down on his lawn a foot apart, “this time.”

Natsu was going to answer with something about school when Gray said, “Natsu is an idiot and needs to ask Lucy out already.”

Jellal crossed his arms and sighed, “What else is new?”

“What?!” Natsu stood and sputtered, “I don’t like Lucy!”

“You let her wear your scarf!” Gray stood as well and pointed to the white cloth.

“You did?” Jellal turned to Natsu, surprise on his face.

“What’s the big deal?! She was cold!”

Gray smirk and ‘whispered’ to Jellal, “He even said he wouldn’t mind seeing her in only his scarf.”

“She’s hot!” his face flushed in anger in embarrassment, “Everyone knows that! Who wouldn’t mind that..” he quickly sobered up and yelled, “BUT DON’T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT OR I’LL POUND YOU INTO THE GROUND AND BURN YOUR DICK OFF!”

“See? You like her,” Gray chuckled, unfazed by the outburst.

“I have to agree,” Jellal laughed.

“GAHHH! Forget you guys!” he ran inside his house and into his room.

Slamming the door, Natsu scared poor little Happy.

“As if I like Lucy..” he mumbled, pulling his scarf above his nose to smell the lingering scent of strawberries.

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All my life, I’ve been the overweight child. I tried everything to lose weight to stop the bullying, even developing an eating disorder that I still fight to this day. The bullies beat me, called me names, ripped at my clothes and hair, told me that no one would ever want to marry a “fat fuck” like myself, made me afraid of cameras with their bullying, and even turned my own brother and sister against me until they realized what was happening. By the time I was 14, I was ready to do something terrible to escape from everything since enduring it wasn’t helping.

But the very day I planned on doing it, I met Tom. He was one of the first people to treat me like, well, a person and not a lump of fat. And the rest was history after that. With him, I had moments where I felt like I was pretty or worth acknowledging. We dated for a few years and it just felt right. And when he proposed, I couldn’t stop crying. It took me most of that night to fully grasp that it had happened. That I was sitting there with the love of my life, surrounded by friends, and we were all having a fantastic time and that every single one of those people cared about me for being me, not for the number I was on a scale. 

While preparing for the wedding, I was under a lot of stress and didn’t lose much weight for the dress. I was nervous, terrified even, about the possibilities of cameras and how many pictures would be taken, and simply being seen in something that didn’t cover my arms completely. I was having panic attacks up to the wedding day, up to the moment my dad saw me for the first time.

I had only seen Dad cry once in my life up to that point, and that was when his father passed. But he smiled and he cried and he hugged me close and told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world and that Tom was “one lucky bastard” to have been chosen by me. He said it again when I hid behind him while the procession was lining up. He told me how proud he was during our dance together.

I spent the rest of the night virtually unafraid of having my picture taken.

Since the wedding, my weight has been going down a little, if slowly, but because I no longer really stress about what I eat and I get exercise in whenever I have the chance.  

My father died in January 2015 after a long battle with terminal cancer and I regained a  lot of what I had lost previously due to the shock and stress, but I have been holding onto one of the last things he told me before the disease attacked his brain. 

He told me that my weight never defined me, and that he was proud of my strength to pull through so many things even with the bullying. That I was worth loving and the family, my friends, and Tom were living proof of it. That he was so proud to have two beautiful daughters with two different, but equally amazing beauty: My sister with her radiant beauty, the kind that you notice the second she walks in, the kind that’s like a roaring bright red flame. And myself, with a beauty more like a gentle, blue flame. It may not burn as brightly, but it has the same intensity, and has its own wonderful qualities. He told me he was happy that Tom would get to see me burn even brighter in the years to come, and that he knew that any child we had would be brilliant, kind, and beautiful beyond measure.

I think if it weren’t for Dad and for #fatattack, I would have never even considered uploading a picture of myself. But… Things are different now, I’ve grown. And I want to make my Dad proud. I’ve come a long way from the scared, meek 14 year old I once was. I dont want to lose weight to make others happy and think better of me anymore. The people that matter love me for me, and anybody who tries to bring me down isn’t worth even the time of day. 

I’ve been making slow progress, but I wear short sleeves more often. I wear better fitting clothes too. I’m still afraid of cameras, but I’ve been getting better. And I’ve been losing weight to simply improve myself. I don’t know when I’ll stop, but I know that I will once I’m content with myself, not when people say I should be. I’ve come a long, long way and I still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it and I know that I’m doing it for the right reasons now.

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All I want is an angsty Bellarke argument in the pouring rain where they finally open up to each other about how they've been feeling. You know, Bellamy's like: "Every time you walk out of that gate, it breaks my heart! Every time you walk out of the gate I'm afraid I'm never going to see you again. I'm terrified that you've either been killed by some sick bastard, or just chosen not to come home." And Clarke's speechless....


i am so here for this


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