let it go

We continued to help the vines to let go of our house over the weekend. They are tough bastages!

Here’s where we started, more or less (actually more, as this is a photo from several years ago, courtesy of the real estate listing):

And then after we removed the bulk of the vines:

Although most of the vines came down pretty easily, there were some areas that were grown very thick with roots…

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The Jackalope LOVES clicker training, mostly because I’m so bad at it.

I give him treats just for being adorable. (Basically, for existing) So even when he gets the command completely wrong, often on purpose, I still ruffle his fur, kiss his nose, and give him a kibble.

Spoiled rotten little brat. He has SUUUUUUUCH a hard life.

Little bastage is lucky he’s so damn cute.