bast movie to watch in the new year

I had an amazing time in Pittsburgh celebrating Wep Ronpet with some of my fellow KO members!  We watched movies, did beading, made oil blends, celebrated and prayed and rejoiced in the new year!

I created my own oil blend during our little workshop (thank you Tabau!) and purchased big sizes, one for an oil diffuser for home senut and one as a roll on for my travel senut.  I used a pendulum to ask Bast-Mut about it and she wants me to use it in place of incense and she loves the smell.  It actually wound up spelling like a nice spicy chai, very invigorating.  

I also made a bracelet (thank you Tenu!) that wraps around my wrist three times and has a row for Bast-Mut, Mafdet, and Heru-sa-Aset.  I love that I made this and they love it too I feel.

Overall it was an amazing adventure and my soul was so filled to the brim from my first retreat.  Everyone made it so special and I can’t thank them enough.