Two pieces carved from scrap from another piece. I try not to waste wood. Both Basswood. One is a canoe that honestly looks more like half of a green bean pod and the second is a toy car. Tried my best on both of these, unfortunately when it comes to finer detailing i have neither the skill or the tools to make it cleaner and neater. Hopefully ill give in and buy those engraving tools but until then ill just stick to my pocket knife



So, first off, I have finally decided to use this tumblr as my “art” blog or whatever people do. I will be updating it as frequently as I can. Mostly progresss photos I guess but idk it could be fun.

I have finally made an etsy ( and will be posting some listings within the next few days. Just gotta get organizeddddddddd.

It would be super cool to hear what people think! aka please tell me why it sucks so it can stop


Learning to Hand-carve Utensils

Couple weeks ago, the Hubs and I tried our hands at wood carving. We made bread boards with a decorative acanthus scroll design. It was such a wonderful experience, we decided to level up to carving kitchen utensils!

These are not 100% handcarved; we used bandsaws and drum sanders to speed up the process for a two day course. The detailed shaping and gouging still took many man hours and frustrated groans. This shit is hard! How often is one made to think about the engineering of a spoon in 3D space? You break one little thing and all those hours can go to hell.

I think we did a decent job for first timers. They’re not perfectly smooth, balanced, or symmetrical, but they are usable and in the zombie apocalypse, you’d want me around…making you spoons.



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Top Honey Plants for Producing the Best Honey

Novice beekeepers are often confused as to what honey plants and flowers they should plant in order to provide bee forage for their bees. Too often they have the idea that a few extra pots of geraniums or a couple of hollyhocks will make a difference in the honey crop. They fail to realize that plants suitable for bee pasturage must be planted in high numbers before any noticeable results are seen in the amount of honey that is stored in the hive, and that not all flowers are worked by bees. 

So why don’t bees work certain flowers? Well, for a start, it is no use planting red geraniums and hoping to attract bees to your garden because bees cannot see red. On the other hand, bees are attracted to blue, white, yellow, and purple colored flowers.

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I figured I would leave this here, being that it is April Fool’s Day. I created this polymer clay sculpture on the inside of a 9" x 12" basswood canvas as a meditation of the Thoth tarot deck April 2013 and this is the first time I’m showing it! I’m currently in the process of painting the Magus card and hope to complete the 22 trumps eventually. “Pure folly is the Key to Initiation.”