What instrument should you play?????
  • Violin: do you hate being ignored? Want to be a child prodigy and have all the solos and love to back stab people for that first chair?? Want nothing but melodies and egos??? The violin is just for you!!
  • Viola: if you were bad at the violin, fear not! The viola is waiting with open arms!
  • Cello: if you have expressive facial expressions, like to rock back and forth, and if you have been called "overly dramatic" in the last five days, the cello is for you!
  • Double Bass: want to do nothing but play tonic and dominant notes all through the piece????? LOOK NO FURTHER!!!
  • Harp: never want to be heard?? Do you have an extra $30,000 to spare???? The harp is for you, my friend!
  • Bassoon: If you excelled at oboe, level up to bassoon! If not, stay there.... In the oboe section,.Please
  • Flute: want to make grown men cry and shriek with terror at your high notes?? flute gives you all the power you could ever want!
  • Clarinet: do you like hardly ever being heard in the orchestra??? But you want a lot of solos?? Is cappricio espagnol your dream clarinet-orchestra piece?? Make that dream a REALITY!!!1!1!
  • Bass clarinet: Clarinet.... But with more OOMPF AMIRITE YES!?,,??2!
  • Trumpet: play as loud as you can, whenever you can!! Want your lips to fall off as well??? Come join the trumpet cult!
  • Trombone: If you like long slidy things that go woo-OOO then this if for you. Or if you like alcohol. If not, don't think about it.
  • French horn: Silent, yet do you secretly judge everybody??? Play this, and you can judge everybody WHILE PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT!!! 10/10 IMPROVEMENT!!
  • Tuba: If you are a double bassist wanting to expand your notes that you play by three more, come to the tuba section!
  • Percussion: want killer biceps??? (Jk not really) join the perc section!
  • Piano: are you lonely and melodramatic at heart? Then the piano is perfect for YOU!

there was a character introduced in the guitar hero game where they started having drums and vocals playable that was meant to represent bass guitar and her entire thing was that she hated being a bassist and wanted to be anything but a bassist and just always got stuck that way

thats hilarious to me because i have to fight tooth and nail to get the other ppl in any project i get involved in to let me be the bassist because i can actually play bass worth shit in a group setting unlike guitar which is what ppl keep putting me on and the results are consistently disastrous

In sygkrimeno album starts using new instruments and electronic effects of different musical groups. Features tracks on the disc is the Voodoo Child and unrecognizable cover of All Along The Watchtower of Bob Dylan . He even characterized the music of the “earth” for blues, jazz and funk roots and “space” for psychedelic sounds that create the electric guitar. The band continues its journey until its final dissolution in June 1968, and a bassist Noel Redding wanted to devote himself to the guitar, forming a group the Fat Mattress which often opened his concerts Hendrix. But Hendrix and he in turn creates the Gypsy Sun AFP and Rainbows to only change the entry to the old band’s familiar from the army, Billy Cox, on bass.


You were talking to Andy, a guy who worked at the town hall in which you worked, and you got on the subject of bands. You told him you were previously in a band where you were the bassist and his face lit up.

“No way!” he exclaimed. “Mouse Rat needs a bassist! Do you want to join?”

“Oh my gosh, yes!” you agreed.

“Okay, you are in! But don’t be surprised if our name changes at any point.”

my take on the marauders band au:

  • james on piano/keyboard. he’s got these really long fingers that are perfect for pleasuring lily playing any piece of music that you can throw in front of him. growing up as a wealthy gentleman, he was classically trained for composers like mozart and beethoven but he’s since learned how to play songs by rock bands like the cure and the beatles and pink floyd by ear. he can play anything that he’s spent a moment listening to and he’s excellent at improvising. has a bunch of party tricks like his famous jerry lee lewis impression and he loves billy joel so his friends have dubbed him as “the piano man.” loves to show off how fast he can play and the level of difficulty he’s capable of, but also enjoys quietly sitting in front of the piano and making up silly songs about love and random objects in the room. he’s an artist but also jokester, able to switch from one to another in seconds. he can’t stop playing whenever sat in front of a piano - sometimes he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. lily sits next to him on the bench, rests her head on his shoulder, and closes her eyes while he taps out his rendition of “something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover…”
  • sirius on drums. he has so much energy and he puts every thought and feeling into his playing, which he usually does shirtless and with his long hair tied back. he’s a wild man, banging his heart out, but there’s somehow a precision and elegance to his movements; he’s not sloppy and nothing is an accident or mistake. he’s expressive but he knows what he’s doing. and he’s very interactive with his bandmates, seeking eye contact with them during songs and sets - particularly attempting to catch james’ eye so that they can share a smile. he’s very indulgent during his solos and his rhythm is present throughout his entire body; he’s very in control and has an excellent stage presence that draws people’s attention to him. his knowledge of different types of drums and playing styles is extensive and he enjoys playing any kind of music. he plays too loudly in the house just to piss off his parents. he loves to carry around drum sticks pretty much everywhere where he will turn any and every surface into a drum; he can twirl them like batons, showing off all sorts of tricks. he’s good and he knows it. and he looks good while doing it.
  • remus is the guitarist. prefers to play rhythm and acoustic (the latter is more reserved for playing quietly in his room because this is rock and roll and you go big or you go home). regular george harrison. he looks down when he plays, very concentrated on his fingers and their movements. pretends to be modest and humble but he knows he’s good. a little shy when it comes to singing but he has a sweet, soft voice. couldn’t afford lessons so he taught himself to play with a acoustic guitar that he found cheap at a secondhand shop since he wouldn’t let his friends buy him one. the guitar is used and a little beaten up but it’s plays gorgeously and he wouldn’t trade it in for anything. but when the band decided that they were going electric he let james buy him something a little more flashy for practice and shows but his acoustic is his pride and joy. he plays impressively - especially for someone self-taught - and isn’t above subtly showing off during sets and solos. all the girls think he’s mysterious and tortured and they aren’t too far off the mark; music is his outlet and in the end it’s what saved him.
  • peter is the bassist even though he wanted to play guitar but they needed a bassist so, well. he struggled while learning to play because being a bassist is hard and he didn’t expect that. learning required a lot of patience - from his friends and from himself - but he disciplined himself to keep time as well as listen to and follow those around him. he began with simple bass lines but as his skill increased so did his confidence and he tackled more difficult music with his friends’ help and encouragement. he idolizes paul mccartney and was able to find and buy a rickenbacker 4001 that was just like paul’s. while he had been reluctant to play initially, he gains love and respect for his instrument. but he gets nervous during sets; it’s hard for him to maintain his level of confidence from practice once put in front of a crowd. he hits a few clunkers but it isn’t a disaster. he always survives, somehow.
  • lily is the singer/songwriter, plays a bit of ukulele in her spare time. she writes when she’s happy, when she’s hurt, when she’s at peace, and when she’s ablaze with rage. her lyrics are so full of passion and raw and personal and she puts her all into each performance. she’s real and she can possess and mesmerize simply with the sound of her voice. this is her art; this is her craft. she’s the wailing woman and she cries out about justice and equality and she’s never afraid - to speak her mind or to sing about it. she demands attention and respect. she commands the stage with hair flips and words that always ring true. she bought that ukelele on a whim after falling in love in the music shop. she teaches herself how to play at remus’ house where they strum and hum along to their instruments. and then she surprises james with a song she wrote, one that will never make it to the stage because it’s for his ears and his only and she doesn’t play the ukelele during sets anyway. it’s fun and it’s cheesy and hardly her best but it’s one of the most real things she’s ever written. she is a front woman and they are all her boys but james and that ukelele will always belong to her alone. the only parts of herself she doesn’t share with an audience.

I’ve been looking for a decent broken in P Bass forever but being a pretty occasional bassist didn’t want to spend real money. Learning on an original ‘58 precision as a teenager made me extra picky so it was super tough. Then today I finally found this MIJ 86/87 “PB-62” for $250 and it is so dreamy!
It was covered in so much pawn shop grime and the original tort guard was broken at the jack, missing all its screws, and the whole thing was just glued on. It also had an old bass lines quarter pound pickup which might be fine for some but it’s huge mid scoop is the exact opposite of what I want from a Precision Bass and sounded so muddy through any dirt pedal.
So I spent the day getting this going:
- Clean, clean, clean - probably spent 2 hours getting grime off.
- New black guard - because I have too many sunburst/tort guitars.
- Dimarzio Model P - nice blend of vintage and modern P bass tone and it grinds so hard with some dirt.
- new wiring harness
- thumb rest and ashtray pickup cover because they rule.
- lighter strings for big bass bends
- quick and easy setup
- forget to take before shots. Believe me it was gross.

This thing rules so hard and it’s nice to have a “normal bass” for certain things that the Bass VI just can’t quite handle. I do miss pickup options and the strangle switch a bit. Should I throw a strangle toggle in there?

All Imagine (Best Friend!5sos) - Say Cheese!

Requested: Ya

Author: Brittany


  • Just a short little imagine about being the boys’ photographer and also their best friend :)

Say Cheese! – All (Best Friend!5sos)

“Yeah! Gimme more of that, Hemmings!” You whooped and hollered. You furiously clicked your camera, going a thousand miles per hour. The boys were doing sound check and it was the best time for you to get photos. Whenever you tried during the actual show, your hair would get pulled or your back would get scratched. The fans could be ruthless, but you understood and were used to it by now. You were focused on Luke for the time being, but he was extremely weary of your hoots.

The singer stopped singing and turned to the rest of the boys. “I can’t do this with her yelling,” He groaned with a smile, trying to hide the inevitable love all the boys shared for you. Luke faced you again, “Get that thing out of my face, Y/N,” He joked and playfully smacked your arm away.

You laughed and stuck your tongue out at him, “The camera loves you, Lukey.”

“Not as much as I love you,” He ruffled your hair and started playing again.


It was a quiet day on the tour bus. You were sitting in your bunk, going through the photos from that week, and editing them to perfection. You were having a nice conversation over the phone and were just about ready to publish the pictures. Suddenly, you heard Calum calling your name. “Not now, Cal, I’m on the phone with Jeremy,” You shouted back. You heard a chorus of groaning in response. Jeremy was your boyfriend of about a year and the guys absolutely despised him. You said a quick goodbye to Jeremy and went to go see what the bassist wanted.

You went out into the common area of the bus and saw no one. “Calum, what did you need?” You asked loudly.

“I need you to take my picture for a new twitter icon,” You heard his voice coming from the bathroom, “I’m just finishing up my hair.”

“Alright, just come out when you’re ready,” You replied, breaking out your handy dandy camera. Under 30 seconds later, you heard the bathroom door slide open. “Ok, are you rea-, Calum, oh my god!” You shrieked.

Standing in front of you, was a very naked Calum. “Should I strike a pose or just stand here?” He said, laughing hysterically.

You scowled and mumbled, “I hate you so much. Put on some damn pants.”


Everyone was up and awake on the bus. Well, almost everyone. Luke and Michael were left sleeping and you had an itch to bother one of them. You decided your best bet would be Michael because you didn’t want to wake the dragon.

You whipped out your camera and crept over to his bunk. You stuck the lens right in his face. Michael’s plump lips hung open and slight drool poured over the edge of the bottom. He cuddling Luke’s stuffed penguin and you just had to take the opportunity. You snapped a picture, waking him up. His bright green eyes fluttered open and he moaned when he saw you. “Fuck off, Y/N,” Michael muttered as he rolled over onto his side.

“This is gold,” You shook your head, smiling, “I wonder what the Michael girls would do to get this picture. Unspeakable things, I’m sure.”

“Oh please, more than just Michael girls would want that,” He grumbled, “Luke girls, Ashton girls, and Calum girls. I’m beautifu-, wait.” He sat up with a fright, “That picture doesn’t go anywhere.”

You threw your head back, cackling. “Alright, Mikey,” You squeezed his cheek, “Just give Luke back his penguin before he starts crying.”


“Alright, Ash,” You clapped your hands together, “This will be your headshot for the magazine spread so make it good.”

Ashton winked, “Got it, Y/N.”

As soon as you hit the button on the top of your camera, the drummer pulled the ugliest face he could possibly make. “Ashton!” You scolded. He started giggling like a four-year-old and you rolled your eyes. “Do it for real this time or else,” You threatened.

“Ok, ok, sorry,” He threw his hands up in defeat.

Another click, another horrifying face. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin!” You slapped his knee, “Why did you do that?”

“Well,” Ash said slowly, “You didn’t actually threaten me with anything so I didn’t have anything to lose!”

“Hmm, that’s right,” You scratched your chin sarcastically, “I guess one of these ugly shots will have to go in the magazine.”

“Whatever. I have no shame!”

You shrugged and started packing up. “Oh!” You exclaimed, “Did you know Hayley Williams reads this magazine?”

A look of pure terror spread across the drummer’s face. “Please take one more!” Ash pleaded, “I promise I’ll be good!”


You stormed in after a “nice” day out. You threw your bag on one of the bus chairs and retreated to your bunk, fuming. You shut the curtain so no one would bother you. You buried your head in your pillow and plugged you headphones in, blasting angry music. The music blocked out any outside sound, so you didn’t hear your name being called. You felt someone tapping your foot so you sat up and pulled the curtain open. Standing below you were four very concerned boys.

“Are you ok?” Michael asked.

You scoffed and sniffed, “No.”

Luke bit his lip nervously, “Do you want to tell us what happened?”

“Jeremy broke up with me,” You spat, feeling hot, angry tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t want to cry over some asshole, but you couldn’t help it.

The boys, even though they were happy the boyfriend was gone, saw how upset you were. After a moment of silence, Calum spoke, “Would you say you need cheering up?” You nodded. They all exchanged suspicious glances. You raised an eyebrow. All four of them dashed out of the room in the same direction, leaving you confused as could be.

“Guys?” You called out. Honestly, you were kind of annoyed that they left you like this. “Fuck you,” You whispered and crawled back into your bed.

Minutes later, the boys ran back in, arguing and shoving each other. “I wanna give it to her!” Luke whined.

“Shut up, Luke!” Michael snarled, “No one cares what you think.”

You didn’t feel like breaking up the fighting, so you stayed still. Before you knew it, all four of them were crawling in with you. “What’s going on?” You asked tiredly, “I’m really not in the mood. Also, how can all five of us fit in here? I’m pretty sure this thing is gonna collapse.”

“We made you something,” Calum explained.

Ashton was holding a giant scrapbook. On the front was a picture of the five of you at the AMAs. “We put this together on a day off,” Ash blushed, “We wanted to save it for when you needed cheering up or Christmas or something.”

You opened the book to see the first Selfie the five of you ever took together. You saw pictures from the camping trip Ashton forced you all to go on. There was a picture of you taking a picture of the boys. There was the Christmas that you all had together because none of you were home that year. You saw the picture that Liz took of you all when the five of you got sick with fevers that one February. There were so many great memories documenting every step you’d ever taken with the boys.

“You just mean a lot to us, Y/N,” Luke smiled.

“Yeah,” Michael piggybacked off of the blonde, “We love you lots.”

You brought them into a giant group hug and whispered, “I love you more.” They were your family.

requests are closed currently, working on stuff! :)


:::ATTENTION::: Please share this!!

Any bassists looking to be a part of something big? Jet Set Gypsies is in need of a bassist and is now taking auditions for the position. Auditions can be in person, in video, in audio clip, doesn’t matter. Just show your passion and skills and thats all thats required. Must be familiar with our music so we can all be on the same page. Must have experience, be drug and alcohol free, have own equipment, and be ready and willing for all that comes our way. If interested or curious please blow up my ask box for details.

If you dont play bass but know someone who does, pass this message along. Help spread the love.


The Trap: Flake and Olli

Flake took his time with putting all his cables away and getting his keyboards ready for the weekend when he saw that Olli was still busy pulling new strings to his bass. He waited until all the others had left, then smirked to himself. This was now or never. He wanted the bassist. So badly. He wanted to possess him, to have him as his own. He wanted him to bow to his every will and those hazel eyes to stare up at him. He slowly went over to Olli, trying to act perfectly normal. “Hey, would you be up for a end of week beer over at my house?” He smiled invitingly.

So at the moment Lucid Nation has been playing with two bass players, but one of them I really want switching to utility hitter, he’s just so good on keys, 12 string, and samples it’s a waste I think to chain him to bass, and the other maestro just doesn’t have time to collaborate in a serious way. I want a bass player who will dig in with us on the 13 new songs we have in various stages of development. We’ve got a great place to rehearse In the Hollywood area, and a DIY history on Wikipedia long as your arm replete with #1 college radio records. Anybody out there? Females encouraged, but open to all races and genders~

So I’m most likely not going to finish it before Christmas [workload + flu]. But… buuuuut I want to share, so excuse me and the wall of text.

The idea was simple, I suddenly had craving for Genos and electric guitar, because it would look amazing. And then it spiralled downhill, and went into some weird metalband!AU thing.Like… 

  • Genos has scenic arms, probably several of them even. Some may be rawr pure heavy metal, other more thin, gigersque, bio-mechanical. Everything designed to look cool and/or creepy. Since his arms and black-sclera eyes look already nice enough, I’m toning down details on outfit, to not overdo him… though I could see him wanting to go overboard, until someone told him that all those spikes, chains and absolutely ridiculous corpsepaint is stupid.
  • Sonic on bass, because adhering to the “hot bassist” rule. With some super cool, and probably a bit fanservicey outfit. Tho I’m pretty sure he’s not happy with being a bassist, and wants to take the second guitar, to prove something. And Genos would sabotage all his tries in finding a new bass, because he don’t want to deal with Sonic pushing for some super-speed stuff if he ever gets near that guitar.
  • Tatsumaki with organ/keyboard that’s super complicated, and huge, and baisically floating all around her. She probably don’t even needs to use her hands to play it >_>
  • Mumen Rider on drums, the only one sane man. If there is the heart of the team, that’s most likely him. When everyone are too angry, tired or meh, he always knows how to boost up morale. Also he’s super dedicated, and can adapt to any kind of style and tempo the others chose
  • Saitama on vocal, but I get the feel he could also grab the guitar and rock it. No idea how he manages to even get into it hahaha. Still I have cool idea for his picture.
  • Fubuki… my friend said she could be a manager or something like that… but I’m leaning on perhaps second vocalist? Not sure if permanent diva, or just doing some collaborations from time to time with rest of the time. Or maybe it starts as a collab, and then joins for good later?

And generally, all of them looking fierce and roar on promotional materials, and being total dorks in backstage/interview with derp and tsun faces, Sonic being asshole who pokes people with sharp objects, Genos the comically stoic one, and adorkable Rider.

And I shaaddap I"m sorry lolol. I have way too many ideas on that stupid thing. 

The Only Reason

Pairing: Calum x y/n

“He looks really good there.”

You rolled your eyes at your older sister’s remark on Calum. You were taking a nap after an exhausting training when she barged into your room and insisted that you to watch 5SOS’ music video ‘Hey Everybody’ which she knows you haven’t seen yet.

“I find those dogs cuter tho” You dryly respond 

“Well that’s not what you said years ago”

A blush crept upon your cheeks, remembering something with what your sister revealed.The music video continued with them wearing those fancy faux costumes which earned generous giggles from her.

“He’s gained some meat ohlala” She flexed her biceps and mimicked poses.You tried your best not to laugh at what she’s doing.

“You miss him don’t you?” She inquired but it came out more as a statement that changed the atmosphere.

“Alright, I think you should get going now” You interrupted not wanting to answer her question directly like you always do when Calum is the topic. You let out a deep sigh after you forcibly pushed her out of your room’s door. Now leaning at your door, you had a full view of room which you haven’t decorated and changed in years and it looked frozen in time.The world map on the cork board, the warm series lights around your posters, your cluttered table.  

The only new thing in the room was the letter you received earlier this morning. Your eyes fixed upon the envelope, still debating internally whether to open it or not, you would normally get excited and open letters but for this one you didn’t even have the courage to lift a finger and open it’s fragile seal. It was from Calum and a part of you was afraid.  Afraid that opening that seal would also open the gap in your heart that you long tried to conceal.

“He didn’t even care when he ripped me apart, why should I care about this fucking letter?” You mumbled but every word sent anchors into your heart, sinking it slowly as it overflowed with emotions, seeped and turned into tears. But you did it anyway. You ripped the envelope not caring about the possibility of damaging the letter inside.

It was written on a piece of paper and you could recognize the same scrawny handwriting that wrote songs about you. You read the whole thing again and again, hoping to find answers but instead his number and an address was written at the bottom and a lone sentence:

If I could say what I wanna say, meet me tomorrow

You typed the number on your phone, your finger stuck mid-air when you decided that calling him was a bad idea. So you sent him a message.

I might come-  

But you meant it with the same certainty when he said he might leave.  

 The vibrations of your motor bike’s engine stopped as you halted in front of the address indicated on the letter. It was a small two story building that resembled like a townhouse. You started the engine again and turned to a nearby curve to park and then walked towards the structure’s direction. 

It wasn’t hard to find, the mob of girls made it even easier. but still you wanted to confirm if this was indeed the address and more importantly, if Calum is there; so you went and approached the petite blonde girl nearest to your position.

 "Is Calum in there?“ 

She looked at you like It was very obvious that he was but still she answered. 

 "You mean the bassist?”

 You wanted to say something but you just nodded.

 "Yeah they arrived earlier so I bet he’s there"

 "Are you sure?“

 "Of course, we’ve been camping out here since yesterday" 

Your eyebrows automatically raised at her nonchalant but intriguing reply. Camping out? You knew they where getting attention but it didn’t occur to you that some fans would eventually reach to this point of invading their privacy. You looked around and you where shocked, and at the same time weirded out at the sight of fans that waited patiently at the entrance and around the building.

You scanned the area furthermore and there was no way you could enter without notice or even at the very least, enter the building. Stupid; you thought, he didn’t set an exact time. You wanted to scold Calum for all these hassle and picking up this place to meet up. 

 You scooped your phone out of your varsity jacket to call the number, his number. Your heart thumped upon pressing the call button, it was the first time in years that you actually pressed the green icon on the screen to call him. The first ring was picked up almost instantly and you could hear chatting and guitars on the background. 

“You’re here…” His voice pitched and trailed, although you couldn’t see him, you sensed he was holding his breath.

But you didn’t do any better, you were left speechless upon hearing his voice again, the same one that spoke your name so lovingly. You ended the call and watched the green effects turn red, and rethinked everything. You didn’t even know anymore if you were ready to see him. 

You looked at the direction of the transparent glass door and inside you saw a sprinting tall guy wearing his jacket’s hood and halted just where the muscular bodyguards were standing. You didn’t have to see who it was, because you knew. Just as you were about to turn and leave, a series of chatter began and spur the crowd. 

You heard foreign voices calling you; and within a jiffy, somebody was ushering you to the main entrance. Some were confused at the sudden attention given to you, others were taping ang taking photos. But all you could think about was how surreal all of this was. 

As you stepped inside, the shift of temperature inside the room made you shiver, but that didn’t compare to the feelings you had at the moment. 

You’ve envisioned this happening so many times; you practiced your lines more than you’d like to admit. You imagined yourself to be mad, to furiously inquire him with the real questions. You were certain of these for a long time. But as your eyes laid upon his brown ones, those became myth. 

Your hands automatically lifted and gently caressed his face. You closed your eyes for what felt like centuries. To feel, to make sure that everything was real. When you opened them, his sunken tired eyes that was brimming with emotions greeted you. His lips opened but no words were formed, but it was the best message silence delivered. 

He tenderly wrapped his now muscular arms around you. You didn’t even utter a single word, it wasn’t because you didn’t know what to say at the moment. Maybe it’s what happens when you love someone you don’t need all the eloquent scripts to understand, and to forgive. 

Because love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And love keeps no record of wrongs.