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calling a woman female is not cissexism. trans women are female and saying we are not is misgendering us and is violence. biological sex is a social construct, one that is used to perpetuate all kinds of bullshit that contributes to a culture of transphobia

Yes, absolutely. 

The tag/answer was us trying to check ourselves on this manner. We’ve gotten asks that have asked us to tag posts that equate “female” and “female-bodied” (inferring  specific genitalia and body parts like a uterus and breasts) to “woman”/”womanhood” (instead of recognizing that all women’s bodies are female bodies, regardless of parts) as casual cissexism or casual transphobia. We’ve been told that we’ve reblogged posts that have used female when they should’ve used woman and need to be tagged, so we were trying to be careful with this. 

We’re always trying to check ourselves and our language. So we definitely apologize if we were cissexist ourselves and made this space unsafe. Thank you for reaching out to us. If you (or any followers) have suggestions for how to better look out for and tag our stuff, please let us know.

(in response to this ask)

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hey, cool to hear you're genderfluid! just a minor thing since you asked if you were incorrect on any terminology. because there are nonbinary people who use he/him and she/her pronouns, it's a good idea to say that rather than just calling them male/female pronouns. anyways, glad you felt confident enough to make a post about it and i hope things go well for you!

oops!! i totally knew that it just slipped my mind!! i’ll go edit it now! :0

and thank you very much!!!

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Long ago

The golden boy in the crowd

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

Well, I know a thing about contrition

I wanna be a Starship Ranger

(Helena-My Chemical Romance, Woman Up-Charlene Kaye, A Man’s Gotta Do-Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, House of Wolves-My Chemical Romance, I Wanna Be-Original Cast of Starship)

hi this is altereqos valentine’s day 2k14 follow forever!! ^___^ this is a list of Cool Mutuals who i rly like!! if ur a mutual and ur not on here it ’s either because we haven’t talked or we Have talked and r friends but ur blog type doesnt rly appeal to me , sorry!! if i put the wrong url on here i’m So Sorry as well… 

i basically went thru all my mutuals and picked out the ones i could recognise pce out B)

(also please dont ask me why the picture is so blurry it just Happened like that and im crying inside)


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