I really hope that Dan and Blair get together at some point in the show because if they don’t work out, at least no one will be able to say that Blair didn’t give Dan a chance! I want her to give a chance to everyone so when she finally chooses someone at the end, she’ll be 100% sure that this is the person she belongs with and who truly makes her happy! 


It’s so hurtful to watch this scene again, especially because Blair is still together with this annoying douchebag Louis. Chuck is wonderful here.

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EXACTLY. That’s why I’m pissed off right now. It’s like a slap in the face. Of all places, they chose Chuck’s bedroom. How was the guy supposed to react to that? And of course people are hating on him AGAIN. Poor Serena too though.

and right after the episode where she gave him hope that they might be together someday, on their own terms – if they had kissed anywhere else, it still would have been a slap in the face, but to do it in his bedroom? i thought blair waldorf, despite her hbic and queen bee-ness had more personal tact than that. it doesn’t matter if she didn’t think anyone would ever find out. it’s the principle of the matter, and i would think the self-professed ‘great love’ of her life’s feelings should be treated with more respect, at least by her.

and of course he is. chuck is never allowed to feel upset or hurt or betrayed or any emotion other than suicidal, according to the vast majority of this fandom. all because they want another ship. this is not a generalization of an entire shipping base, but more a commentary on a very specific sect of it, the ones who tag their hate and come after other people in their ask boxes. i don’t like dair (that’s not a secret, but i understand them intellectually) and i don’t hate dan because of that reason. it’s ridiculous and juvenile, and i’m honestly just tired of it, and it’s why i stopped actually watching the show in the first place. chuck is completely justified.

i hope he fucks serena, at this point. and sends blair streaming video.

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Tell me about it. Oh, and they kissed in CHUCK’S bedroom. Serena caught them too. Georgina showed Chuck on her phone and that’s what made him sleep with someone. Next week is gonna be pretty much Dair kisses.

good lord. of all the places in the world they could have kissed? with all of manhattan and new york and fuck it blair has money the entire world at their disposal they chose CHUCK’S BEDROOM?

i don’t fucking blame him.

i hope he sleeps with the whole city i’m sick of this.