Signal Chain:
Bass->MXR Super Comp->DOD Meatbox->EHX Pitchfork->Boss DD-6 (out of frame)->MXR Bass Envelope Filter->Ibanez Modulation Delay III->EQD Rainbow Machine-> Way Huge Swollen Pickle->Montreal Assembly Count to 5->Boss BF-2->TC Electronic Ditto X2->Behringer VD400->Digitech Polara->Hotone Wally->Amp

Submitted by @gorillamystic

This is fire. Definitely a really interesting setup. Not really just fucking with the same ol’ trendy snax everybody’s got and I bet you can get some fucked sounds out of this. Just a sick bass board, my friend. Thanks for sharing! Quality photo too!

The dirt pedals change constantly, but when I was gigging with this band, this was the setup. The big silver box is two independent clean/wet blends I built. 70’s Electra EB3L > boss to-2 > marshall compressor > EQD Sea Machine > Joyo Ultimate Drive (clean/wet blend) > DOD Punkifier (clean/wet blend) > DOD Classic Fuzz > Full Nelson Effects Custom bass creamy dreamer > Idiotbox Blower Box > tech 21 vt preamp > tc electronics hall of fame > Crown XLS1500 power amp > 90’s Sunn 4x10.

Submitted by heyjake666

This is a pretty awesome setup. The clean/wet blends are too solid as well. Must have clean blends on the bass. Bet this rig sounds awesome, man. Thanks for the submission!

Howdy! Hope everyone is doing well.
Just finished putting together an even bigger pedalboard.

Here is the signal chain:
01. JHS Pedals Little Black Buffer >
02. TC Electronic PolyTune Tuner >
03. SansAmp Bass Driver DI >
04. Boss Bass Comp BC-1X >
05. DigiTech Whammy >
06. Boss OC-3 Super Octave >
07. Boss SYB-5 Bass Synth >
08. Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander>
09. Electro-Harmonix Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter >
10. JHS Pedals Muffuletta (Distortion / Fuzz)
this pedal is powered by a Logsdon Audio Fade Box to simulate a 9volt battery (full - almost dead) >
11. Devi Ever FX Super Soda Meiser #77/100 >
12. Saturnworks Bass Double Blender Looper >
13. (right side) ZVEX Fuzz Factory >
14. (left side) Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion (Monte Allums mod) >
15. Boss BF-3 Flanger >
16. DigiTech Luxe Anti-Chorus >
17. Boss Super Shifter PS-5 >
18. MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay >
19. DOD Meatbox Subsynth >
20. Saturn works Kill Switch >
21. Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb >
22. LINE6 DL4 Delay Modeler

Pedals 01-09 on a Pedaltrain 1
Pedals 10-22 on a Pedaltrain 3

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