The dirt pedals change constantly, but when I was gigging with this band, this was the setup. The big silver box is two independent clean/wet blends I built. 70’s Electra EB3L > boss to-2 > marshall compressor > EQD Sea Machine > Joyo Ultimate Drive (clean/wet blend) > DOD Punkifier (clean/wet blend) > DOD Classic Fuzz > Full Nelson Effects Custom bass creamy dreamer > Idiotbox Blower Box > tech 21 vt preamp > tc electronics hall of fame > Crown XLS1500 power amp > 90’s Sunn 4x10.

Submitted by heyjake666

This is a pretty awesome setup. The clean/wet blends are too solid as well. Must have clean blends on the bass. Bet this rig sounds awesome, man. Thanks for the submission!