The Regrettes - Seashore

The Regrettes are a four piece garage rock / indie rock band, from Eagle Rock, CA, USA. The Regrettes are Lydia Night’s latest project with friends Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and drummer Maxx Morando. Video direction was done by Claire Marie Vogel.

Who Are You? (Heechul)

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Request: Hi there. Can I request heechul scenarios where your group had debuted for almost 3 years but still not that popular yet and you guys become guests on knowing brother and heechul take an interest in you. And you and him start going out after that. Thank you so much. Have a nice day 💖

Y/G/N: your group name

You were part of the rather unknown Korean rock group Y/G/N which consisted of four members 3 boys and 1 girl. After three years you all were about to call it quits but your manager had convinced you guys to stay together and try your best to promote the group. He believed you were an amazing group who just needed to be seen or recognized and then boom you could be the next CNBLUE. You weren’t a very well known group not that some of you weren’t known or anything, you had came into the idol world as a child actress who had a huge career ahead of you but you decided you didn’t want to be an actress and went into learning how to play the bass. Your drummer was an actor as well but none of you were not able to get your music career take off. 

“What do we do if we can’t get popular?” Jongkyeol, the lead singer asked as you buttoned up his school shirt “well I can go back to acting. I haven’t been in anything in a long time but I’m sure I could get roles. If that doesn’t work, we can just be normal people” you tell him. “I guess you’re right” he spoke as you smile. 


The door slid open as your guitarist, Geunsuk peaked in and all the cast members of Knowing Brother filled with confusion before the rest of you walked in. “Oh it’s Y/G/N” Kyunghoon called out as you looked surprised “they’re a rock group” he continued. “Are you the singer?” Soogeun asked you as you looked around at the others before pointing to yourself. “Me?” you asked “I’m the bassist. Jongkyeol is the singer” you told as you smiled sweetly. “Jeo Pongwoon” as the conversation shifted to your famous drummer. You felt eyes on you as you glanced over at Heechul who looked at you like he was trying to figure out who you were. “Y/N L/N? Like the child star” he spoke interrupting the current conversation before he was smacked. “Wait are you?” Hodong asked as you nodded lightly feeling embarrassed. “Let Pongwoon talk” you spoke as you were too embarrassed by your child self.

“You were so cute when you were little. What happened?” Sangmin spoke not meaning it as rudely as it came out. “I became ******* beautiful that’s what happened” you spoke your face was just as sassy as your tone as you shot the answer out almost instantly. Knowing it was bleeped out the room filled with laughter and shock that you would even respond like that because of how silent you had been for the past 20 or so minutes while the other members were answering things or getting picked on. “Now if 5 year old you said that” Janghoon spoke “I probably would have been hit on the butt by my mother” you told honestly “I don’t remember if she said she was going to watch this. She’ll call me and lecture me even though I’m 22″ you told them. “She will call Y/N and lecture all of us if we do something inappropriate and she finds out” Soogeun comments “and you always end up feeling like you’re a disappointment when she’s done” Pongwoon finishes. 


As the show went on they learned so much about Y/G/N. You guys could play your instruments and you could play them very well at that. You guys could even play the other members instruments as well if you wanted to switch it up for a song. You guys were honestly an underrated group like many others who got swept up under everyone else’s fame. “You look too cute for a rock band” Heechul comments not really caring as he began getting teased, his eyes were right on you as you gave him a look “she seems like she’s delicate” “these delicate hands can smack you pretty hard” you threaten getting closer and playfully swatting at him. “She’s the toughest member because people underestimate her based on the fact she’s a girl” Jongkyeol spoke. “She didn’t want to be a cute actress-” “I wanted to be a punk princess” you cut off the cute moment your group was giving you and you were hating all the compliments. “I am a punk princess actually” you finish. “I was trying to be nice” Geunsuk whined “I don’t want you to be nice. Tease me. This show is for teasing-” “and romance” Heechul cut you off giving a wink. “All this romance is really getting you even more single isn’t it?” you ask as his demeanor changed as the teasing started again. “She’s not like the others” Hodong spoke to him as Heechul laughed at it all.


“Thank you everybody for having us on. Please check out our new album coming out” Pongwoon told as you all bowed. Soon the cast broke off into small talk with the members as you had invested your self in Kyunghoon. You two were in a conversation before Heechul tapped on your shoulder “I was wondering if you wanted to go out for food later” he spoke as you stood there for a second before realizing his words. Little did you know you would find yourself in a relationship with a member of Super Junior. Your group ended up gaining more popularity from being on the show and of course when your relationship with Heechul was announced it also skyrocketed as people were curious about what you were. But over all your manager was right, all it took was being on Knowing Brother to boost your fame.