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The Bassist’s Deal

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Summary: You can play the bass really well and Calum is like ‘hot damnn i must take this girl out’ 

A/N: Thank v much for all the requests and musichawk who requested this, I hope you like it. Much love xx 

Y/F/N: Your Friends name 

You took in a deep breath before you mounted the podium in the side of the cafe you were performing at, your hands were shaking as you positioned your fingers on the strings of your bass. Your friend gave you a reassuring smile as she pressed down in the keys of the piano and started the song. Your hands moved in rhythm and pretty soon you were absorbed into the music, forgetting your surrounding and your nerves leaving you. 

Calum had just happened to be walking by the cafe looking for a place to eat when he saw you strumming from the window. He glanced at you briefly but stopped and backtracked, he took into count your hair that was falling slightly in your eyes and your red cheeks. His mouth stayed agape as he studied you and was breath taken by how beautiful you looked. Not to mention you both played the same instrument. 

His feet moved before his mind could process and he found himself standing in front of the podium you were on and watch you create a beautiful harmony with your friend. He clapped loudly as your friend and you finished and you blushed, thanking everyone, he almost gushed at how cute you were. He tried to form the words of a greeting but couldn’t soon enough and you left to get in line for a cup of coffee. His gaze followed you and he almost felt compelled to you. 

He quickly ordered some random drink form the cafe and practically followed you to where the sugar and milk were, he soon found himself standing right next to you. 

“Hi…” You heard a voice say as you were pouring sugar into your drink, you turned towards where the voice came from and you were met with warm brown eyes that had your knees buckle a little. 

“Hi.” You’re voice came out weak and you tightened your grip on your bass’s case nervously. 

“You were, uhm,” He cleared his throat and wiped his hands on his tight jeans, “You played very well.” He complimented and you blushed nervously as you picked up a stirrer and began mixing your drink with the added sugar. 

“Thank you so much.” You smiled and your friend called your name but apologized when she saw the handsome guy you were talking with. 

“I have to go to class, I’ll catch you in Lee’s.” She said apprehensively before departing from the cafe. 

“That’s my-uh- friend, Y/F/N. We go to school together.” You nodded and you took a sip from your drink.

“Do you want to sit down…with me?” Calum asked and your face grew hot as you nodded, trying not to look so eager. 

“I’m Y/N by the way.” You smiled to which he copied. 

“Calum.” He said as he pulled your chair out for you and you thanked him before sitting down and placing your bass beside you. 

“So how long have you been playing?” He asked, leaning in slightly. 

“Hmm, it’s been a while.” You let out an amused laugh and tried to remember how many years it had been. 

“You play?” You asked and you grinned with excitement as he nodded. 

“Yeah I’m in this band,” He scratched his neck nervously, “We kinda suck but..” He said and he smiled triumphantly as you let out a laugh and went to cover your mouth as giggles escaped from your lips. 

“I’ll have to check you out.” You said before your face became hot and you stuttered, trying to correct yourself. 

“I meant your band, and your bass skills.” You face palmed yourself and you heard Calum chuckle. 

 “I wouldn’t mind both,” He smirked and you swept your hair behind your ear nervously. You glanced at the time and let out a gasp as you began gathering your things. 

“I’m sorry I have to go! I go to the music academy here and this performance was for school but I forgot I had to be back in fifteen minutes!” You rushed and Calum stood up with you. 

“I’ll walk you,” He insisted despite your protests. 

“So do you like performing?” Calum asked as you both walked across the street towards your school. 

“No, I get awful stage fright, I feel like I’m going to throw up.” You laughed and turned left.

“You must not have that problem though.” You said as you stopped at the crosswalk and waited for it to tell you it was safe to walk. 

“Of course I do! Sometimes when we perform I almost faint, it’s quite intimidating really.” He spoke and you glanced at him while you crossed the street side by side. 

“How do you overcome it?” You asked curiously and stopped in front of your lecture hall. 

“I’ll teach you my tricks if you teach me that cool strumming pattern you do,” He proposed and you nodded in agreement. 

“Alright,” You bit your lips, trying to hold back your smile. 

“But,” Calum interjected, “You have to come to my show and grab dinner afterwards with me.” He grinned and you glanced towards all your classmates that were entering the building then back at him. 

“You got yourself a deal Mr.” You smiled and you both said goodbyes as you rushed into the classroom to Y/F/N who was demanding every detail which you told her with the cheesiest smile on your face. 

anonymous asked:

(for a ship <3) i'm a bisexual female with a shaved head (sort of?? i've grown it out a bit lmao) and i love playing music. i play the trumpet and bass and i also love making art and taking pictures. i do lighting design for theatre and i love working. it will get to a point that i make myself completely sick because i work for too long and forget to take care of myself. i love birds and cats! i'm a theistic satanist and an occultist and i love everything horror.

i ship you with…


  • satanist you say? match made in heaven i suppose
  • murdoc digs the shaved head. he likes the grunge look it gives and also likes to run his hands over it when you’re sleeping because he won’t admit to loving it to your face
  • BASS BATTLES. murdoc finds his own bass playing to be superb, but every now and then he’ll listen to your playing and knows he can learn from you
  • murdoc is a huge dork when it comes to being full of himself and making himself look good. if you do lighting for theater and love taking pictures, he’s going to make you put your skills to the test by making him look like a badass with lightning and take good pictures that he can show off to people and say HEY THEY TOOK LOVELY PICTURES OF ME APPRECIATE THEM
  • finally, someone who will love murdoc’s crow as much as he does
  • HE WILL MAKE YOU RELAX. working too hard? murdoc will make you sit down with him and drink some beer 

chuck and blair positivity challenge day six: favorite scheming moment
“you and i bonded over a mutual love of scheming and burlesque.”