bass the world

They lied, my friend. They injected
their despair beneath your skin
like a parasitic insect laying eggs
in the body of another species.

Nothing they said is true,
everything about you is honorable. Every pore
that opens and closes—a multitude
along the expanse of your body, the
follicles from which hair sprouts
emerging again and again like spiders’ floss
spun from a limitless source.

You wait, huddled. Or carry yourself from
place to place like a burden. As if
you would stash yourself, if you could,
in a bus station locker, or somewhere smaller.
You don’t really hope, but
you can’t give it up completely.

Some stubborn nugget
is lodged like a bullet in bone.
Though each breath stings with the cold
suck of it, you can know the truth.
Every cell of your body vibrates with its own intelligence.
Every atom is pure.”

—  Ellen Bass
If the Mega Man X cast met the Classics
  • Zero: Wow X seems to be having so much fun with his older siblings. Makes me wonder how my older brother's like.
  • Axl: Ha he's probably just like you! Quiet, too serious, cool under pressure-
  • Bass: *breaks down Dr. Light's wall*
  • X and Rock: *screams
  • Zero: ...
  • Axl: *falls on the floor laughing* aMAZING

Painting commissioned by Richard J. Guggenhime, showing SO agent Virginia Hall tapping out a message to London with a British SOE Type 3 Mk II suitcase radio, while French resistance leader Edmond Lebrat provides power with an improvised hand-cranked generator. Hall reported on German troop movements, and directed 400 Maquis fighters who ambushed convoys and sabotaged rail lines; she became the first civilian woman to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. This painting by Jeff Bass currently hangs at CIA Headquarters.

Photo & caption festured in Osprey Elite • 173 Office of Strategic Services 1942-45 The World War II Origins of the CIA by Eugene Liptak