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Meet The Chicken Nuggets: A 10 piece meal of a space punk band that lasted one gloriously explosive show.

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On this day in music history: September 16, 1983 - “Let The Music Play” by Shannon is released. Written by Chris Barbosa and Ed Chisolm, is it the debut single and biggest for the R&B vocalist from Washington DC. Raised in Brooklyn, NY since childhood, by early 1983, twenty five year old Brenda Shannon Greene is a recent graduate of the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and is doing post graduate studies at York University. While still in college, Greene is a vocalist with the New York Jazz Ensemble. It is while she is with the group that Shannon meets producer Quentin Hicks. Impressed with her voice, Hicks sets up an audition for Shannon with Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa, staff songwriters and producers at independent dance label Emergency Records. Liking what they hear, the producers play her a demo of a song written by Barbosa and Ed Chisolm  originally called “Fire And Ice”, which she agrees to record. Liggett and Barbosa take her into the studio the same to day to record her vocals on the track. The lyrics are re-written and the song is re-titled “Let The Music Play”. Recorded at Greene Street Studios in New York City in July of 1983, musician Rob Kilgore (Man Parrish, Xēna (aka Lisa Fischer)) plays all of the instruments on the track including synthesizers and programming the Roland TR-808 drum machine. The 808 is MIDI'ed(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with a Roland TB-303, a rudimentary thirteen key bass synthesizer that gives the song its distinctive and immediately identifiable sound. Emergency releases “Let The Music Play” as a 12" single in mid-September of 1983. The record creates an immediate sensation on the street and on dance floors in New York, and in other major cities around the world. “Let The Music Play” is picked up for wider distribution by Atlantic and re-released on their Mirage Records imprint. That same Fall, Shannon goes back in the studio with Liggett and Barbosa to record a full length album to capitalize on the success of the single. “Let The Music Play” marks a major sea change in the evolution of dance and club oriented music. The records’ acceptance by US Top 40 pop radio, is the first time that dance music receives widespread exposure, since being virtually blackballed from mainstream pop radio after the end of the Disco Era. “Music” goes on to sell more than eight million copies worldwide, also introducing the genre of “Freestyle” into the vernacular of club culture, with its distinctive syncopated Latin and Hip Hop influenced rhythms dominating dance music for the rest of the 1980’s. “Let The Music Play” spends six weeks at number one on the Billboard Club Play chart on October 29, 1983, peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart, #8 on the Hot 100 in February of 1984, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


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Hi! You told that we can send our OCs here, so here they are.
These are all my OCs! And they are music band. My english very bad but i’ll try to describe them shortly.

Tiny fat man’s name is Fred, he’s a weaboo with anger issues. He has very low self esteem and he’s kinda edgy. Guitarist of the group. (he/him)

Tall snow white boy is Ethan, he is lazy, weak-willed and VERY stupid but still friendly and optimistic! He is second guitarist and sometimes vocals. He’s not good at music tbh (he/him)

Girl’s name is Elizabeth, she is very trustworthy and calm, sometimes too much pedantic but anyway she is very good person! Plays synthesizer and sings sometimes. In a In platonic-romantic relationships with Ethan(she/her)

Dude in glasses is Maxwell. He is egoistic pissed off narcissist. He’s talented and insterestic person despite he’s such a badass. Can play guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer a bit. Ladies man somehow. Ex drummer of band. And yeah he hates Fred and Fred hates him. (he/him)

Huge monter’s name is Spoon. He’s an alien who loves humans very strong. He is childish and naive. Spoon is hyperactive as fuck and very smart. New drummer of the band. Also he lives in Fred’s house (he/him or they/them)



On this day in music history: September 13, 1980 - “Give Me The Night” by George Benson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 3 weeks, also peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 on September 27, 1980. Written by Rod Temperton, it is the biggest hit for the veteran jazz guitarist and vocalist from Pittsburgh, PA. Working with Quincy Jones, the producer calls on frequent collaborator Temperton to write some material for Benson’s album. The former Heatwave keyboardist and songwriter goes away and comes back with five songs including “Love X Love”, “Star Of A Story (X)”, Turn Out The Lamplight", the instrumental “Off Broadway” and the title track, which is the last song recorded for the album. The song is completed so late in the recording process that no demo for the song is recorded. Temperton justs sing a guide vocal over the basic track with Patti Austin, Jim Gilstrap, Diva Gray, Tom Bahler and Jocelyn Allen providing the background vocals. The track is recorded at Kendun Recorders in Burbank, CA, and features a virtual who’s who of musicians backing Benson, including John Robinson (drums), Abraham Laboriel (bass), Herbie Hancock (electric piano), Lee Ritenour (guitar), Richard Tee (synthesizer bass), Michael Boddicker (synthesizer), Paulinho Da Costa (percussion) and the Seawind Horns (Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams). Benson comes into the studio and records his lead vocal and guitar parts in one session. The guitarist is reassured of the songs commercial potential when he plays the finished track for his kids who ask him to play it repeatedly. Released as a single in July of 1980, “Give Me The Night” simultaneously rises up the R&B and pop singles charts, driving the “Give Me The Night” album to Platinum status in the US.

What if the Phantom Thieves were a band?

I’ve kind of been thinking about this idea of the Phantom Thieves being a band after seeing a post from @rosesandpersona5imagines where they got an ask about it ( And I kind of wanted to do my own version of it actually. I think a lot about music since I want to become a guitarist and I often think about what band I would love to be apart of. And sometimes, I do think about being in a cosplay band for some reason. And it’s actually kind of fun to envision. I also live to think about what musicians they would be like. So here’s my spin on a Band AU of the main Persona 5 cast.

Warning: Lots of gifs. Like…way too much maybe.

Name: The Phantoms

Genre: Rock music

Members: 8

Akira Kurusu

Role: Lead singer/rhythm guitarist/pianist

  • Ah yes. The sinnamon roll.
  • Absolutely adorable with his bandmates and with the fans.
  • But because he’s extra off the stage, he’s even more extra on stage.
  • Loves using Twitter. He gets a lot of messages from thirsty fans and such.
  • Is obviously the fan favorite of the group.
  • Isn’t the most expressive member of the band but he’s very close.
  • He spends a lot of his time writing music but likes to run it over with some of his other bandmates.
  • The best hybrid of the voice and musical skills of Thom Yorke, the friendliness and energy of Anthony Kiedis, and the extra-ness and stage presence of Damon Albarn.

(Credit for this gif goes to @thmyrk as she makes great Radiohead content)

Ryuji Sakamoto

(Credit goes to @daisataurus for the great gif)

Role: Drummer

He is almost exactly like Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith.

  • He’s basically the dad of the band.
  • First one on the stage, last one off.
  • Doesn’t interact with fans very often, but when he does, it’s always a very touching and nice interaction.
  • Looks like an angry dude and like the “bad boy” of the group but is really chill and cool as fuck and a big goof.
  • May not look like it but he’s an absolute beast on the drums.
  • May or may not have a crush on Haru.
  • Uses it as a coping mechanism from his anger by beating the fuck out of his drum set.
  • Despite using it as a coping mechanism, he never takes his anger out on his bandmates and treats them all with respect.

(Credit goes to @bloodsugarbabysex for the lovely gif)

Yusuke Kitagawa

Occupation: Lead guitarist/keyboards

I can see Yusuke being a hybrid between Jonny Greenwood and John Frusciante.

I see him being like Jonny Greenwood for how much effort he can put into the music. 

  • He knows all these little tricks and techniques in terms of playing that he makes it look effortless. 
  • He has a keen ear for his playing and pays very close attention to how he sounds. 
  • He can play more than just the guitar though. Anything he can make a good rhythm with, he plays. Piano, bass, synthesizer, even drums. Although he really prefers to play the guitar.

I can also see him being like John Frusciante for the passion Yusuke would have and the level of playing that Yusuke would be on.

  • Since he pays very close attention to his playing and knows all these tricks for the guitar, he’s become extremely skilled in terms of his playing.
  • He’s one of the most popular members of the band.
  • Doesn’t jump around much on stage but he’s very expressive.
  • Is heavily involved in the tour and album making process as he’s involved in all of the promotional and official artwork for the band.
  • Paints on the side and often holds art exhibits and visits art museums when him and the band travel.
  • His social media is mostly just art and occasionally music related.
  • Is shipped very frequently with Akira.
  • Shy and anxious in interviews and any run-ins with the media but also very fun and cute to look at.
  • I mean just look at ‘em

What’s even the difference between them? So pure.

Futaba Sakura

Role: Bassist/occasional vocalist

If she were to be a musician, she could be like a combination of Flea and Jenny Lee Lindberg.

  • Futaba would be kind of the quiet but expressive type on stage.
  • She’s very quiet and rarely does interviews and such but likes to interact with fans and loves performing.
  • Instead of being up front on stage, she performs behind Akira and the guitarists and is basically right next to Ryuji.
  • Listens to experimental and electronic stuff and shares it with Haru and Makoto for ideas.
  • An expert on the bass.
  • While you were socializing, she was mastering the rhythm of the bass.
  • While quiet off the stage, it’s a different story on stage and in the studio as she loves to get into the music.
  • Very expressive and free when playing music.
  • Has great chemistry with Akira as they like to fool around. Especially on stage. Sometimes it’s something soft and adorable.

Other times it’s something like this.

Haru Okumura

(Credit once again goes to @daisataurus)

Role: Pianist/occasional singer

  • May or may not have a crush on Ryuji
  • The member of the band that looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll.
  • Doesn’t sing very often but she has the voice of an angel.
  • Has social media but barely uses it, and whenever she does, everyone freaks out.
  • Popular amongst the fans even though she doesn’t really interact very often due to her being very shy.
  • Despite that, she’s the mom behind the group and keeps everybody in order.
  • When she’s not doing anything music related, she works as a gardener and an environmental activist on the side.

Makoto Niijima

(Credit once more goes to @daisataurus)

Role: Percussionist/pianist/backup singer/violinist

  • She’s the professional one of the band. 
  • While everyone is relaxing, music is all she thinks about.
  • The workhorse of the band.Reads up a lot on music history for influences for the band.
  • Plays the violin but only on certain songs. Otherwise she’s the percussionist or plays piano/keyboards with Haru.
  • While Ryuji looks like the hardcore member of the band, Makoto is the actual hardcore one.
  • Helps write some of the music with Akira and Ann.
  • She completes the band and is a major contributor in terms of getting the best out of all of them. While she is mainly a percussionist, if you take away her parts in their songs, the songs feel hollow and incomplete.
  • Does the backup vocals but performs lead vocals sometimes.

Ann Takamaki

Role: Rhythm guitarist/backup vocalist/bassist/violinist

  • Yusuke and her always come up with ideas for band outfits and what their main aesthetic should be and what their concerts look like.
  • Her and Makoto do a majority of the backup vocals.
  • Likes to have her hair flow freely when playing music instead of in pigtails.
  • Kind of annoys the band with how much she takes selfies and pictures of them but eventually they get used to it and start embracing it.
  • Acts as a model on the side and as the poster girl for the band, thus she does the most amount of media in the band.
  • Rarely performs the violin but only if Makoto can’t or if a song needs another violin.
  • Writes most of the songs with Akira. Sometimes Makoto helps out.
  • Some people think the band would be better off without her, even though both her, Haru, and Akira are the masterminds behind the entire band and would fall apart without them.

Goro Akechi

(Credit goes to @daisataurus one last time)

Role: Rhythm guitarist (sometimes lead)/backup vocalist

He’s absolutely a Josh Klinghoffer type of guitarist.

  • Silent but violent.
  • He likes to kind of blend into the background but wants to be heard.
  • Has an entire notebook of songs he wrote but is afraid of showing it to his bandmates. He sings and plays them when he’s alone.
  • When it comes to his performance on stage, he acts even more extra than Akira and is bouncing around or doing something while he’s playing.
  • Thinks about music 24/7.
  • Is always happy to be recognized by a fan.
  • Loves being with his band and loves them all so much.
  • He’s the band member who’s always sharing music within the group and saying they should make music like that.
  • He takes lots of photos when they travel. Loves using Snapchat and Instagram.
  • May not be the most popular but he’s very underrated and underappreciated.
  • Is best friends with the drummer, Ryuji, and even performs near him and tries to interact with him during their shows.

Quick fun facts:

  • They all met in high school but Akechi was the last one to join.
  • As a way of having fun during the shows, despite Akira being the lead singer, all of the band members except for Ryuji do the lead vocals on one song. Sometimes they Yusuke does a song during a show, sometimes Ann does one, Makoto likes to do at least two songs, but sometimes they all end up doing a solo song with the exception of Ryuji. Ryuji will eventually sing a song one day. Maybe.
  • Their first album is called Take Your Heart.
  • Morgana is their manager.
  • They recorded their first album in Akira’s room at Leblanc within the span of three months during their summer break from school.
  • They almost named their first album “Show Me Your True Form” but instead made it the name of their hit single.
  • Sojiro accompanies the band on tour when they’re in Japan and takes care of all of the meals for the band.
  • Their biggest influences are Radiohead, Gorillaz, Oasis, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blur.
  • Akira is a massive Radiohead fan and admires Thom Yorke, he also listens to Muse and Queens of the Stone Age thanks to Ryuji.
  • Akechi listens to bands like Blur and U2 but also listens to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers and a lot of jazz and blues. His favorite band is The Black Keys.
  • Akechi also got the band into Red Hot Chili Peppers and now Futaba knows how to slap bass and now the band performs a cover Give It Away during their live sets from time to time.
  • Yusuke decorates his guitar by painting on it and names his guitars after his favorite artists.
  • Ryuji got his first drum kit when he was about 7 years old. After his leg was broken, he got even more pissed that he can’t play the drums for a while.
  • Ryuji, Akira, and Akechi’s twitter accounts are mostly memes. Especially Akira and Ryuji.
  • Haru has an entire collection of synthesizers and keyboard.
  • Both her and Futaba made electronic/dance music in Haru’s room a few times but they haven’t released it.
  • Haru is the only member of the band that listen to rap music.
  • Makoto regularly reads novels about music while on the road as they help past the time.
  • She also has a keyboard that she got when she was 10 and then a grand piano 17 respectively. She named the keyboard after her father and the piano Johanna.
  • Ann has a fashion line named after the band that she calls Ghostly Worn.
  • She names all of her instruments after animals with the three guitars she own being named Lion, Tiger, and Panther.
  • Futaba regularly attends anime and video game conventions when not performing or doing any media. She always makes sure her face is hidden under elaborate cosplays drags either Yusuke or Akira with her.
  • Futaba unsuccessfully tried to get the first album named Bonafide Monafide.
  • They plan to name their 2nd album “Take Your Time”

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. :)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any quotes or any parts of interviews where John talks about Josh? Thanks :)

“We started hanging out and at one point we were having these conversations - this was at the time of Californication - that I felt like there were a lot of sides to me, musically, that I wasn’t getting a chance to do in the Chili Peppers, amongst them more punk type or more electronic type things. It didn’t seem like either of those things were getting a chance to go anywhere in the Chili Peppers. We’d talk about doing more electronic things or maybe we’d play more punk type things but they’d never make it to the record. I felt like I wanted drummer who played more artistically rather than just bashing the drums all the time. My favourite drummer is Stephen Morris of Joy Division and New Order, and for him a drum part is not just keeping time; it’s a thing that weaves in and out of the music. When I said this to Josh, he said, “Well, I play drums like that.” I didn’t even know he played drums; I thought he was a guitarist. Eventually, we started working on stuff together and I started using him to help me with my demos of my songs, to play drums and to do whatever else he wanted to do on them, any other ideas that he had. He’s really talented on all instruments; bass, drums, guitars, vocals, synthesizers. So I have a lot of fun recording with him because he’s not only my really close friend and a really funny person to be around, he’s really good on every instrument.“ 

“He’s simply a very talented person and has been a very close friend for the past four years. He’s one of the very few people who I really like to spend a lot of time with. In many respects he’s the person who is closest to me and with whom I can speak honestly about everything. His opinion is important to me and I value it a lot.”

My friendship with Josh is something I’m very blessed to have. To have experienced so much closeness through hearing music together as well as playing music together is one of the main things that has given meaning to my life.” 

“There’s no intense verbal communication when I’m working with Josh. He understands my music and knows where it comes from… I like letting him do his own things and then find them out in a mix.” 

“It’s true that Josh Klinghoffer helped me a lot. I met him 5 or 6 years ago (2004). He was 17 and was opening for the Chili Peppers on some dates with his band. We immediately got on well. We listened to some CDs, we spoke a lot about music, and it was great: he saw everything exactly like me. With the Chili Peppers, you come up with an idea or a riff, but once the others have added their stuff, with all the talent that we know they have, the song doesn’t look like what you thought it would be at the beginning! With Josh, we are on the same artistic wavelength. So it’s very pleasant to go to the end of a song with him, because you know that he shoots in the same way as you and that in the end, the song will be exactly like you imagined it.”