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Could you write a lil band au for monsta x?? Like what instruments theyd play and stuff

i didn’t know what kind of band you meant,,,but my instinct was punk band,,,,,,

Shownu plays the drums. Wears those cut up muscle tees, always twirls his sticks in his hands while listening to the set list, if it gets really hot and they’re playing a cramped venue the t-shirt comes off and he plays like that. Probably has a rib tattoo of his favorite lyrics. Doesn’t know how popular he is until someone yells “MARRY ME SHOWNU” at one of their shows during a break. 

Kihyun is the lead vocalist, probably knows how to play the acoustic guitar but pretends he doesn’t like c’mon Kihyun we all saw that video Changkyun posted on instagram. Gets super into it when singing, his face scrunches up and he grabs the mic stand like his life depends on it. Will randomly change up the lyrics depending on his mood. Gets super flirty before the show during setup, throwing hearts and doing cute face at the fans. 

Hyungwon plays the bass, forgets his pick at every show and Wonho has  to carry extras for him. Pushes tuning his bass till the last second and everyone is like Hyungwon hurry up and he’s like don’t rush me. Secretly sleeps during band meetings. Can do the spinning trick where he spins the bass around while jumping, but is too lazy to do it. Winked at a fan once and they had to be sent to the hospital from shock. 

Minhyuk plays the electric guitar and does backing vocals. Tells Kihyun to count his lucky stars everyday because one day he will be the lead. Wears glitter in his hair and paints his nails different colors and just has f u n on stage. Will jump into the crowd if Shownu does not hold him back. Covered his guitar in stickers and fans gift him more stickers to put on it which Minhyuk does willingly, even though there’s literally no space left. 

Wonho plays the keyboard and does the cutest little dance whenever he gets really into a song. Probably doesn’t know the lyrics to the band’s own songs, but it’s cute and the fans will forgive him for anything. Gets the most clothing thrown at him and it gets him really,,,,reALLY shy. Has the most body art and piercings of the group, but is the Softest. 

Jooheon plays the drums and will do it if Shownu is sick, but he composes most of the songs and can play a bit of everything. Isn’t really the manager because he can’t take care of himself let alone others, but writes lyrics along with Kihyun and music for each of the members. Wears their band merch exclusively. Knows every musician from other bands on a first name basis. Came out on stage once to tell Minhyuk something and the fans insisted he stay and sing one of the songs with the band. 

Changkyun plays the electric guitar as well and he’s,,,,,,wild. Breaks his guitar like every other show, but insists he get the same make and model because every other one feels “weird”. Made a bet with fans that he knows more riffs than Minhyuk. Headbangs the most even when it isn’t necessary. Said that the fan that could recite the entire first episode of One Piece from memory would get his hand in marriage. 


Deaf and Blind.

I think about such an JeanMarco AU a lot the past weeks but don´t know how to start. (I have no clue, if there is any, but I consider there is definitive something like that out there) And because I am sick and have time (and my brain is full with slime and can´t think straight…) I just give it a try. I worked with deaf teenagers before and I am so fascinated about their lifestyle… I mean, they are normal teens, but the sign language is so beautiful and I loved to look at it. I learned it a bit myself, but now I only remember a few signs -.-;.

So, if there is a deaf Jean, than there must be a blind Marco! :D He is an art student and has the ability to draw amazingly in his own, blind style! He wars his blind binding and sometimes a sunglass. He don´t like to go out and is a little shut in. But Jean often takes him out of his hole and show him all the pretty things, even without seeing. He is shy and don´t talk much. Jean can hear only extremely high or extremely deep tones. Even if he can´t hear Music, he loves to spin the bass in his ears, therefore the special overear-phones. He is wearing a hearing aid, but it is no a real help. He don´t want a cochlea-implant, because he is deaf since he is a baby and there is a big fear. And he thinks that he has fun even without hearing! Jean “speaks” to Marco over writing in Marcos Hand with his fingers (because Marco can´t see signs… and Jean can´t speak so good). This two are the perfect match, when you ask me ;)

I don´t know if I want to make something more out of this pic… like colors or so. Maybe tomorrow, now my ears are like I can´t hear and my head is like a big slime - balloon xD woohooo~


What I Threw! Spinning addition. 

Got into a bunch of Rockbass, I guess that’s what happens when you bust out the spinning gear for something other than dropshotting! 

Crash Course - Rafe x Sam

Title: Crash Course
Fandom: Uncharted
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Rafe/Sam
Rating: Adult
Words: 5,212 (this chapter)
Overview: On the other side of those prison gates, Rafe is the only thing Sam really recognises anymore. He doesn’t know how to cope with being back in the world, but Rafe needs him, so for now that’s enough - but how long can it possibly last before it all comes crashing down?

Notes: Set after Sam gets out of prison, in the two years before the game. Warnings for this chapter: masturbation, sexual fantasy. Many thanks to @thevaultmessiah and @zer0tucker for beta reading.

My first attempt at an Uncharted fic for my new OTP *___* also posted on my AO3 account here. Be gentle with me..

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TFW you write something about your son, Kent Parson, and you kind of want to die inside and also wrap him in a blanket and tell him it’s okay.

It’s a little embarrassing, but when he was a kid he used to love the incredible hoopla surrounding an NHL game, the lights and music and free shirts and coordinated cheering sections and everything else. It felt exciting and epic, like he was part of something.  Now he sits back and wishes he’d waited somewhere else until after the puck dropped, because the boom of the bass and the spinning light show across the darkened arena sets his teeth on edge with the realization of how silly the whole production is.  Normally he gets to miss the worst of it, waiting in the tunnel; it’s almost all over when he skates out.  Tonight, unfortunately, he gets to spend five minutes with the gut-churning memory of being fifteen, sitting beside Bob and Jack at his first Habs game and bouncing with excitement, seeing both of them look over at him and then just kind of… smirk at each other, as if saying: He’s new.

He goes back for another drink after the national anthem.


Limp Bizkit - Nookie (dir. Fred Durst)

July 30th, 1999

• Between 1998 and 2003, Fred Durst directed 15 videos for his band, Limp Bizkit. The concepts varied, but the central theme was always Durst’s fascination with Fred Durst. Durst was always front and center in his videos, and when one Durst wasn’t enough, he found ways to multiply himself. In Rollin’, he’s accompanied by a group of female dancers dressed in his signature red hat and khaki pants. In Break Stuff, a rotating cast of extras and celebrities act as Durst surrogates while Durst mugs in the background. In N 2 Gether Now, Durst commits blasphemy by dressing guest rapper Method Man as a Durst. Nookie is a touchstone video, because like Woody Allen casting Diane Keaton in Sleeper, it was Durst discovering his muse for the first time.

• Durst’s directing style is aesthetically messy and it’s hard to tell how much of that is intentional. He films his street performance in direct sunlight, which throws harsh shadows across his face and gives him raccoon eyes. You can spot the 2nd unit camera operator in a lot of shots and Durst seems unable to decide whether he wants to tell a story or create a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of a music video. Even the color grade feels sloppy, with inky blue shadows and clay red midtones giving the video a muddy, radioactive hue. You could chalk it all up to Durst’s inexperience (his later videos look far better), but it could also have been a calculated move to subvert the commercial slickness typical of TRL videos. 

Nookie’s edit matches the aggressive rhythm of the song, but some of the shots feel like they were randomly selected from a bight red Yankees hat. At :20, a sequence that introduces the band's guerrilla performance is interrupted by a bizarre upside-down shot of the bass player’s wispy soul patch. In the song’s pre-chorus, the dramatic tension is broken by this eerie close-up of guitarist Wes Borland’s bobbing head, an image that’s been permanently seared into my memory. 

External image

• As a performer, Durst uses Nookie to audition every possible affectation. He tries out aggro-rapper at :38, then paranoid rock star at :44, then cocky ladies man at 1:04. Durst even dusts off the robot at 1:07. 

External image

• On the other end of the spectrum, the rest of Limp Bizkit is wholly committed to a single style of performance- playing their instruments like they’re being attacked by an invisible swarm of bees. The guitarist punctuates each note with a 360 degree spin, the bass player headbangs backwards by arching his spine at an impossible angle, and even the DJ slaps his drum machine like a whac-a-mole (it’s worth mentioning that DJ Lethal makes the most redeemable contribution to the track by sampling the opening drum break from a classic Detroit Emeralds song). 

• The video ends with a staged scene where Durst gets arrested by the NYPD. As the police car drives off, Durst look legitimately sad, which is reasonable considering it’s really his producer’s fault for not getting a simple shooting permit. Instead of rallying to his defense, Durst’s crew looks on with concerned faces that seem to say, “are we getting overtime for this?”

• Earlier this year I sat across the table at a sushi restaurant from a young pop star. We were there to discuss ideas for his music video, but he mostly poked silently at a plate of spicy tuna rolls while his management team discussed shoot dates and locations. When the conversation turned to casting, the pop star perked up. “I want all hot girls. Nothing under a C-cup.” He thought about it for a moment and then added, “No black girls either. That’s not really my thing.” He went back to his sushi and his management team offered the sort of sad, polite laugh that you make when you decide you’d rather cry inside then risk upsetting a 17 year old. Fortunately, I double-booked myself out of having to shoot that job, but I’m reminded of that night every time I see a video where a male artist surrounds himself with sexy women. It’s telling that the most specifically directed-looking detail of Nookie is the casting of the women who trail Durst (Silver lining: At least he included some women of color). Who knows, maybe he was a total gentlemen, but I’m glad I wasn’t at that casting session. 


10) Eminem f/ Dr. Dre “Guilty Conscience”
09) Joey McIntyre “I Love You Came To Late”
08) Smash Mouth “All Star”
03) Britney Spears “Sometimes”
06) TLC “Unpretty”
05) Christina Aguilera “Genie in a Bottle”
04) 98 Degrees “I Do (Cherish You)”
03) Britney Spears “Sometimes”
02) Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”
01) Limp Bizkit “Nookie”



This would be so cute, haha. It’d be cute, though. He’d probably have you in his lap and have your feet over his and have your hands over his clutched fists. You’d try and imitate him by holding his wrists and moving them around the way you thought was effective. He’d laugh and say something like “No, babe. Like this.” and slowly move so that you could understand it.  It’d be the cutest.



Vic would probably get frustrated with you if you repeatedly messed up the simple easy stuff that can be easily forgotten. Like you’d mess up a chord or something, he’d get all worked up and you’d be like “So…are you gonna help me…or nah.” It’d make you both laugh and he’d apologize and kiss you. You’d get the hang of it eventually and he’d be so proud that he’ll cook you dinner.




I literally have no clue as to why this man is so damn funny! Ohkay. He’d probably whip out a double bass. Like the kind in jazz clubs and orchestras. You’d be like “What the fuck?!” And he’d be like “You said you wanted to learn how to play bass, didn’t you?” He’d be hopping around while plucking and or bowing the bass, spinning it and whatnot, being silly. (I know so much because I play double bass. Sorry if I confused you.) So really, that day, you’d learn how to watch Jaime jump with a 75 lb. instrument in his hands.


He’d be super patient and understanding. He wouldn’t let you control your hands alone until you could do it under his own hands. He’d teach you something cute and simple what didn’t require too much skill, but made you feel confident. “That’s good babe. Now try this.” He’d probably inch you further and further until you were playing a full on song. It could be Yankee Doodle, but he’d make it so passionate that you’d feel like you were Jimmy Friggin Hendrix.


When He Smiles Pt. 2 (Calum Imagine)

A/N: Part one can be found here.  Part two requested by anonymous.

You walked towards the bus stop with your little brother, excited to see Calum and share with him the great new song you had heard last night.  You could see his lean frame at the top of the hill, hunched in the cold, and signed.  Could it only have been two months since you met him?  It felt like you had known him forever.  The way he knew exactly what would make you laugh the hardest.  How you always knew just what to say to cheer him up when he was down about being away from his band.  You had clicked with him from the first time you saw his smile, and seeing it every morning was now the best part of your day.

“Hey, Cal.” you shouted when you were still a ways back.  He turned and raised his hand to wave, but didn’t smile.  Where was that smile? You knew that something had to be wrong.  You walked the rest of the way to the bus stop in silence, and felt awkward when you reached it.

Your little brother immediately went over to Calum, eager to speak with the “real life rockstar,” as he put it.  "Calum, I learned a new song- hey, where’s your bass?“ he asked curiously, spinning in a circle to look around the space.  You felt nervous suddenly, as you too noticed he didn’t have his guitar.  

"James, I’ve got a little bit of bad news,” he spoke to your brother.  You felt your heart hammering in your chest.  Then he turned to look at you, and you saw that sadness in his eyes again, like on the day that you first met.  "I’m going to be gone for a while,“ he said.

Your mind raced to keep up as your heart beat still faster, trying to comprehend what he had said.  Going to be gone for a while? What did that even mean? How long? Where was he going? What did this mean for the two of you?

"Where are ya going?” James asked, glum but still curious.

“London, actually,” he responded, and your eyes widened in surprise.  London was so far away.

“To be a rock star?”

Calum laughed a little sadly.  "Something like that.  My band has been invited to go write with some really good songwriters there.“

"I thought you said your band sucks.” you said the words before you could stop yourself.

Now Calum looked at you, surprised you had spoken, before he recovered. “I mean, we do,” he began to explain as the bus rounded the corner and he was drowned out by the loudness of the engine.  You all loaded onto the bus and you took your usual window seat, with Calum right beside you.  You stared straight ahead, suddenly not wanting to talk to him. “Y/N,” he prompted, but you still looked away.  "Look, I know I said we suck, but this is a great opportunity for us.  Can’t you be happy for me?“

You sighed and turned to look at him.  "I am happy for you, Cal.  I’m just sad that you’re leaving.”

“Believe me, not as sad as I am.”

“I thought you hated it here." 

"I did,” he replied. “Until I got to know you.”

You blushed and looked away. How were you supposed to respond to that? “So why are you still going to school today, then? If you’re leaving?”

“I’m going to clean out my locker and tell the administration I’ll be away for a while.  And I kind of just wanted to see you.”

If it was possible, you felt your cheeks get even redder.  "I, uh, I’m gonna miss you a lot, Cal,“ you finally said, meeting his eyes.  "Your smile is still my favorite.”

He grinned and your heart fluttered. “Sounds like you like me or something, Y/N.” he responded.

“Hm, I guess you’ll never know,” you said coolly as the bus pulled to the front of the school and you both rose to your feet. “See you later, Calum,” you said, and walked towards the doors, leaving him standing in shock on the pavement.

“Hey,” he shouted behind you.  You turned to look at him.  "I’m coming over after school,“ he yelled, and other students turned to give you both weird looks.  You rolled your eyes as you turned around and resumed walking.  "This isn’t over!” he shouted, and you laughed as you walked into the building.

More of the Kit Purrson fic, rewrite and continuation of the bit with Grump, containing the bits I posted earlier today; this is the “hockey shit” before Kent gets back to Vegas and consults Twitter about cat aggression.  Contains Martha from Manitoba, Kent’s #1 fan, and Screwy Lewy (they call him that on ESPN), who owns the Aces.  (Also: author’s note speculating on Kent’s childhood trauma)

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Contemplations on the Supernatural Spin Off

So if you don’t already know, at 9x20, there’s going to be an SPN spin off that’s going to use an episode as it’s pilot basically.

What I’m hoping is that the spin off will have this:


Aaron and His Golem,

Charlie and Dorothy,

Maybe Benny,

Maybe resurrected Kevin,

Maybe a not crazy Mrs. Tran,

Maybe Gabriel,

and Maybe the Ghostfacers,

Banding together to become a team,

Fighting ghosts. Garthing monsters. Han Solo-ing a Katniss. Saving Oz. The family business, you know?

I don’t know. Just a thought.

But I hope it become a reality.